The Seduction – The Next Step

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This story is the continuation of “The Seduction” which should be read first.

This story may contain: MFM, FF, GROUP, INCEST, MM

All characters are over 18 and clean and safe.


Just as I was going to tell Cass what I wanted her to do, the doorbell rang and I answered it. It was Bob. I welcomed him in.

“What’s up Bob? Gabby was just here. Did she forget something?”

“Hi guys. I know. I told her I had to ask you a favor.”

Cass invited him to have coffee and to tell us what he wanted.

“First, I want to thank you for helping Gabby. I don’t know how you did it, but she is unbelievable in bed now.”

I told him it wasn’t necessary to thank us but we were glad he is enjoying the new Gabby.

He smiled and said, “I know Gabby changed for me and now I want to do something special for her but I don’t know what to do, as far as sexually pleasing her.”

I looked at Cass and I knew what was coming.

Cass said, “Bob, can I be honest?”

“Of course Cass.”

“Well, have you ever thought of doing a threesome with your wife and another man? That is something she will love. I know from personal experience.”

Bob just looked at her as she continued.

“Years ago Nick introduced me to a threesome and I loved it…eventually, I had four men at one time but I do prefer only two. But, you have to love your wife and understand that a threesome is about totally pleasing her, not you. And, the main thing is that you will be watching another man fucking her and you can’t be jealous… that’s the hard part.”

“Wow, I never thought of a threesome. I do love Gabby above all else and want to please her. I don’t think I would be jealous…Tell me more.”

“First, you will want a friend or someone you know and trust who would want to participate. Then it would be all about taking your time with her and pleasing her. She will love having two men giving her so much attention. You can tell her how amazing she is…how beautiful she is.. or even that you love the slut she’s become…whatever gets her excited.”

“I understand. But how would I go about it?”

“Isn’t it her birthday next month?”


“Why not surprise her for her birthday and arrange a threesome as her gift. We can help you pull it off.”

“Hmmm. I guess it could work but there is one thing missing, the second man.”

“Bob, I am sure my husband would be more than willing to help out. He is an expert at threesomes and, you do know he helped Gabby in learning how to deep throat you so he does have a connection with Gabby.”

“Of course…will you do it Nick?”

“Sure, not a problem. Can you come over later tonight to go over the plan. We will have it figured out by then.”

“Sounds good. See you two later tonight. Thanks.”

After he left güvenilir bahis Cass and I discussed a plan that would work and we would tell Bob about it tonight.

Later that evening Bob & Gabby came over. Cass took Gabby out to the pool to relax as I talked to Bob about the plan.

“Now Bob, on Gabby’s birthday, the four of us will go out to dinner. When we get home we will have cake & coffee then we will give Gabby her gift…it will be a sexy, see through black lingerie. We will tell her to try it on for us & she will…then Cass will announce a special gift for her from her & Cass will lead her to our bedroom and give us to her as her gift.”

“That sounds terrific. My cock is hard just thinking about it.”

Laughing, I continued, “Now, before then you will need practice doing a threesome so you will have to tell Gabby that next weekend you have to travel. I will make reservations for the weekend at a motel and you and I can do a threesome with Cass. She already agreed to it. Ok?”

“That sounds super. But you’re ok with me fucking Cass?”

“Of course. Cass & I haven’t had a threesome in awhile and it will be a nice change of pace. Besides, I like watching her taking another guy’s cock and knowing she will be mine later on “

“Ok. I’ll start everything on Monday.”

We then went outside to the pool with the women.

Gabby said, “You guys take care of everything?”

Bob just said everything was taken care of.

On Monday, Bob called me & told me he was set for the weekend. I told him I already made reservations for a nice motel outside of town for us. He sounded excited.

The weekend came & Bob headed out to the motel and later on, Cass & I drove to the motel to meet him. We had told Gabby that we were going to visit my parents and would be back Sunday night.

After awhile, we met at the motel & we checked in as Bob waited in his car. Finally we were all in the room together. We put our stuff away. The place wasn’t bad. It had two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and a large shower for four…perfect. There was even a patio where we sat and discussed the weekend.

Cass started out by saying, “I think you will enjoy this weekend Bob. I know I will. As we proceed, Nick and I will give you some pointers. We brought some warming lotion so you can practice giving me a massage which Gabby will love.”

Nick continued, “Just remember, it’s all about her & pleasing her. Are we all ready?”

We got up and went into the larger bedroom. We all started undressing and soon the three of us were naked and it was the first time we had seen each other naked.

Bob said, “Wow Cass, you are beautiful.”

“Thanks Bob. I see you’re already to go, as is my hubby.”

I said to Bob, “Cass & I are going to walk you through everything first. After you güvenilir bahis siteleri do it, then the two of us will do Cass.”

I told Cass to get on the bed on her stomach and I stood on one side of her & Bob on the other side. I told Bob to put some warming lotion in his hands and start massaging Cass with the liquid.

“That’s it Bob…rub gently…all over her back… move your hands down to her ass and this… that’s it. Don’t touch her asshole or pussy…rub lotion near them but don’t touch them… tease her….good…now do her legs….perfect.”

After quite awhile I asked Cass to roll over.

“Now Bob, do the same thing on her front…massage around her tits and nipples only…then move down to her stomach and further down to above her slit, but don’t touch…just tease her….good.”

“Talk to her…tell her how gorgeous she is…that you think she is the sexiest woman alive…if she likes dirty talk, then say dirty things to her…but just keep massaging her….good….”

“Ok. Now start massaging her tits and her nipples…. that’s it…see her nipples getting erect..keep massaging them…good.”

“Now massage near her pussy… yeah, that’s it….move your hands over her slit…good…now spread her legs…ok, start massaging between her legs…touch her asshole…try slipping a finger in her cunt as you massage her…good…keep massaging…”

After a few minutes Cass started squirming…”That’s it Bob…see her getting hot…. don’t stop…she likes dirty talk…”

Bob said, “You like being my slut, don’t you Gabby?”

“Yes Bob. I like it…fuck your slut of a wife now…stick your cock in me now.”

“That’s it Bob…now mount her and fuck her.”

Bob mounted Cass and slipped his cock into her cunt.

“Fuck me Bob. Shoot your cum into my cunt. Then I want Nick to fuck me as you watch him stick his cock in my cunt and cum in your slut’s cunt.”

Bob started fucking Cass and finally shot his load into her cunt….

Great job Bob…great…

Then Bob said, “How did I do Cass? Was I ok?”

Cass replied, “Pretty fucking good… let’s rest awhile then do the threesome for real.”

We rested and had some wine…we figured on doing the threesome then have dinner then do another threesome that night and one more time in the morning.

Finally, I said, “Ok guys, let’s do it for real…Cass you will be Gabby for real now.”

Gabby got on the bed on her stomach and Bob & I stood on each side of her. We put some warming liquid in the palms of our hands and rubbed them to get the liquid warm then we started massaging Gabby.

“Mmmm. That feels nice guys… don’t stop.” As she spread her legs apart. Bob did very well.

He then said, “Is my slut of a wife enjoying her birthday iddaa siteleri present?”

“Very much so…mmmm.”

As we both started massaging her ass, she said, “That’s it guys, don’t miss anywhere. It feels amazing.”

Bob then told her to turn over and she was now on her back. We started massaging her front and around her tits and nipples. Our cocks were hard and erect and as we massaged her, she took our cocks in her hands and started jerking them.

Now, Bob started massaging her tits and I started massaging her pussy. Her body started squirming. “Mmmm.”

Then she moved her mouth to my cock and started sucking it…then she went to Bob’s cock and did the same.

“Fuck me now.” She said.

Bob said, “Go ahead Nick, fuck my wife and cum in her.”

I mounted her, got my cock in her and fucked her until I came. I pulled out my cock and Bob got on top of her and got his cock in her cunt…he wasted no time in fucking her and cumming in her.

We were all spent and rested.

Then Cass said, “You guys were pretty good but I would have liked you to get your fingers in my cunt and asshole, preferably at the same time. Also, you should have gotten me on all fours and filled both my holes with your cocks.”

She continued, “On the next session, after you massage me, join me on the bed and feel me up forever…I like your four hands all over my body…play more with my nipples too. It’s ok if your tough with them.”

“Hey Bob, does Gabby like her nipples nibbled on?”

“I’m not sure but I can try it before her birthday.” As he laughed.

“Remember guys, it’s all about pleasing Gabby. We’ll do another session after we get back from dinner.”

It was about 8:00 p.m. when we got back to the room. ‘Ok guys, let’s do it again.”

Well, this time we followed everything Cass told us to do and we wound up the threesome at almost midnight, it was so good.

When we finished, we had coffee and did a wrap up. Cass told us that she never enjoyed such a great threesome and said that Gabby will be in heaven if we do the same to her on her birthday.

I was tired and went to bed…Gabby & Bob stayed up…

I don’t remember what time it was when I woke up in the middle of the night but when I did, I heard Cass & Bob in the other bedroom. I walked over to the bedroom and there was Cass on all fours with Bob’s cock deep in my wife’s ass.

“Hey Bob, remember to do that to Gabby on her birthday. Don’t stop. I’m enjoying the show. Hey Cass, once a slut, always a slut.” And I laughed as I walked away.

I know they both joined me in bed before the sun came up and Cass was in the middle and she had both of her hands wrapped around our cocks.

Cass whispered to me, “You know baby, I wouldn’t mind this being a regular thing. Think we can get them to start swinging with us?”

“I’m sure we can. I would love it to be a regular thing too.”

The next morning, we had one more go of it and it was even better. We checked out and headed home…Bob was going to get home later that night.

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