Ripe for an Affair

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WARNING: This story is about irreverent attitudes towards adultery. EG

When does a married guy feel it’s time to have an affair? That information ought to be published so women could know, thought Vicky Duvall. Knowing something about guys she thought perhaps a few never entertained such a thought while others perhaps began thinking about it within a year after their wedding. But what about the bulk of men?

Who knows what guys really think? If they were not talking or focused on TV sport then it was a sure bet they were thinking.

Vicky had been unsettled for some time. Frank was drinking too much and often failed to complete in bed and the two kids were no longer dependent on her. So what else did she have left to think about outside of her job and her friends? Her friends were often talking about women they suspected of having affairs.

One mostly involved in that scuttle bug, Bette Sutton, reputedly had a long affair with Freddie Tanner, CEO of the city council before his untimely death when hit between the eyes at close range by a golf ball. Vicky thought perhaps Valerie Tanner had arranged that to happen but that was just an irrational thought because the guy who’d sliced his shot of the tee was in a group of Korean businessmen touring the country. He ran from the course, never to be heard of again until the police confirmed he was back in Korea. He was not pursued because it became clear it was an accidental death, and so ruled later by the coroner.

So do you die if you have an affair? Vicky hoped not because she intended having one.

Okay, but with whom?

Vicky eyed the paper delivery boy cycling towards her.

God no, she’d be run out of town. He was a juvenile.

His father then? Pat Gatlin weighed 200lbs. With all that blubber he’d probably unintentionally asphyxiate her in the middle of her orgasm. Does one know when they’re the middle of an orgasm? Vicky knew she’d never pondered that question before, ever. Well there had to be a middle because an orgasm had a beginning and an end. Now where was she? Oh yeah.

Making coffee Vicky realized it would be difficult having an affair. It had to be someone not known to her family and friends otherwise word would get out. Vicky Duvall is having it off with… she could think of a dozen possibilities. Her friends and family would gape, having assumed she would be the most unlikely fornicator around; that is if people actually make such assumptions. Well they would do so once her name was curdling everyone’s lips. God her mother would go beyond curdling her lips and vomit.

Well Vicky liked to fuck and had the impression she was pretty good at it. Frank’s inability to finish off consistently probably had her a little off-key but a good guy who knew how to use it would soon have her tuned up. Her toes wriggled involuntarily.

She took coffee into Frank who smelt of stale beer. Perhaps she could place him into a health farm for rejuvenation. He’d be dried out, free of beer addiction and would return to waking each morning with an erection. Oooh, could she handle that. Yes she could, with a very ready hand orchestrating her lips.

After careful deliberation, Vicky picked her potential victim, er, potential lover.

Charlie West.

There were seven other people who worked in the office processing small engine-related insurance claims to finality. Stiff-faced Carl who was sixty with negligible sex appeal was the manager. Owen lived with a pasty-faced guy as one would expect a guy named Owen to do and then there was Charlie plus Gloria, Eve and Shirley who didn’t count, unless she planned to have a gal-on-gal encounter, which she didn’t.

So Charlie West it would be.

Vicky took to wearing older bras to work. They were tight on her. A couple of times at the water cooler she managed to draw a breast over the arm of Charlie’s suit jacket. All that did was to draw apologies from him for bumping her. He was such a gentleman.

Charlie was the same age as Vicky, thirty-eight, confirmed when she read his file. He was married to Maria, a part Italian. Well Italian women reputedly went at it well before they became too fat. Maria would have married Charlie after klasbahis yeni giriş testing he could keep his end up. Well as she’d heard Charlie say that Maria was putting on weight and the three kids were tiring her out. Oh hello! Is mommy not much interested in sex Charlie? Perhaps sweet Vicky who’s only just a little chubby could put something under you?

If only friendly adults could converse at that level!

Vicky and Charlie got along just fine, being the two friendliest people in the office. They often lunched together. Three times recently Vicky had managed to get a knee between Charlie’s knees because the tables in the lunchroom were very narrow. Each time he’d looked under the table and had seen Vicky’s dress drawn up over her knees and had said, red-faced, “Oh sorry Vicky. We’ve bumped again.”

God if only he had reason to change the ‘b’ in bumped to an ‘h’. Vicky had to stop kneeing him afraid it would draw attention from people who watch for such things. Besides, if she and Charlie were to fuck she’d prefer him thinking it was his idea.

In desperation Vicky decided on a frontal assault. It bothered her that nothing she’d ever heard or read about people having affairs had indicated it was hard work setting it up.

She prepared to leave for work next morning all fired up. She’d show Charlie! But as soon as she reached her car she hurried back to the bedroom to put on panties. Astonishing as it may seem she’d felt completely naked when opening the car door.


That evening she didn’t put her panties in the wash as usual. Vicky went to work early next day, removed them from her handbag and sniffed. Yea! Some aroma had survived. She placed them in Charlie’s top drawer and slunk back to her desk and waited.

She heard people getting out of the elevator and froze. Ohmigod, what if Charlie came in first and saw she was the only person in the room and then opened his top drawer?

She’d die!

Shirley and Eve walked in grumbling about the price of tomatoes. Behind them came Gloria adjusting her bra to get those heavy-hangers more comfortably seated poor girl. Another elevator stopped at their level and in entered Carl and Charlie talking about business news they’d watched on early morning TV.

Then Owen arrived and said good morning to Charlie. Vicky was glad about that because in the way male minds work Owen would have been Charlie’s prime suspect.

Vicky turned her back on Charlie and using her make-up mirror pretended to be refreshing her lipstick. In the mirror she watched him open the drawer and freeze and then look around. Vicky couldn’t see what other people were doing but obviously Charlie was looking around to see who was looking at him and would thereby give the game away.

But Charlie’s frown suggested no one appeared to be the suspect. He then bunched up the fabric and lifted it to his face and sniffed.

Vicky almost screamed into an orgasm. Oh now excruciatingly sexy. Her head spun and her face burned.

She snapped her bag shut, fluffed up her hair and turned out just in time to see Charlie drop the apparently non-offensive article into his trash bin. She smiled at Charlie to give herself away but then she saw Shirley smile at him and then Gloria the cow chose that moment to walk past him on the way to the photocopier and say, “Off to a good start Charlie?”

God those two cows. Who did they think they were… competition?

Charlie then looked directly at Vicky and she decided to wink but at that very second Carl yelled, “Got a second Charlie?’ and Charlie was turning away as the wink delivered its now impotent sexy message.

Charlie sat facing Gloria at lunch, eying her massive chest more or less discreetly. Vicky groaned and Owen asked kindly was something wrong. Perhaps he could rub her back.

What a fucking disaster Vicky thought. She gritted a no thank you response to Owen who looked rather disappointed. God was he bi?

Carl came in and called for two volunteers to work an hour late doing a mailing.

“Thanks Charlie and Gloria.”

Vicky couldn’t believe it. Charlie had raised his hand but Gloria hadn’t.

Gloria’s protest, “But I didn’t…” klasbahis giriş tailed off because Carl had hurried off.

Vicky delayed her departure that afternoon until Charlie and Gloria were in Carl’s office being briefed. She dug the perfectly good pair of knickers from the bottom of Charlie’s half-filled trash bin and left unnoticed. Why waste money?

The next afternoon during mid-afternoon coffee break Vicky found herself alone with Charlie and said, “I’ll kill you if you breathe a word of this. How was it I found a pair of my panties in your trash bin?”

“Your panties. Ohmigod Vicky, I was hoping they were yours. I couldn’t have…”

That cow Gloria walked in and that was conversation over.

Vicky left the lunchroom seething. She thought, only fleetingly, about poisoning Gloria. She spent a little longer thinking about throwing Charlie over his desk and unzipping him. She then decided to give up. Perhaps she should ask if Gloria were interest in athletics with her, er in the bedroom.

Oh yeah? Gloria probably weighed about 180 and that was only her boobs.

Vicky shook her head. She really ought to refocus and think straight again.

She checked her emails and immediately had a hot-flush, just a one-off. The email from Charlie said, ‘Vikki what about a drink after work Thursday? Just you and me?’

God they had worked together ten years and still he didn’t know how to spell her name. She replied Charlie but changed that to Charly. ‘Charly, a wonderful idea. Silicone your zip.’

Ohmigod, what was she thinking she thought as she erased that last sentence.

Later Charlie looked at her smiling and signaled a ‘thumb up’ from the hip.


Vicky wasn’t particularly productive for the remainder of the day. She spent much of that time wondering about Charlie’s attitude towards extramarital sex… nobody seemed to call it adultery these days. Then she began to fantasize about the size of it, wanting it modest in size but her mind built it up progressively to a rhino’s size, not that she could recall seeing one.

* * *

They both chose Martini’s at the bar. Scratching the back of his neck Charlie drawled, “Are you coming on to me?”

Vicky croaked something and Charlie said that was incomprehensible.

“Yes,” she croaked more clearly.

His brow furrowed. “I’m not sure if I know the ropes. Having sex with someone else’s wife can have dire consequences all round.”

“Rather than have sex with someone else’s wife why not fuck me? I know how to keep my mouth shut.”

Charlie grinned. “You’ve always had humor Vicky. That’s why I’d been hoping those were your panties in my drawer. I’ve always fantasized about sinking a length into you.”

Vicky gurgled.

“Pardon me?”

“I said bring it on.”

“Gee, you really would like me to do it with you wouldn’t you?”

“Well I find your suggestion unavoidably attractive Charlie.”

“My suggestion?”

“You mentioned having sex with someone else’s wife. Clearly you meant me.”

“Well yes. But…”

“Relax Charlie. It’s a brilliant idea and I accept it one hundred percent.”

“You do?”

“Unzip right now Charlie and I’ll give you a taste of things to come.”

“Ah not in here.”

“Then where Charlie? This is your seduction. You are in charge.”

“Er another drink.”

“Yes why not?”

The following weekend, as a result of astute manipulation at both households, Charlie and Vicky had arranged to eat out with ‘friends’ and to stay over till around 9:00 on Sunday morning.

The hotel was a little seedy but then so were they being treacherous to their spouses.

Charlie booked in under his own name and said to the receptionist his companion was a business associate.

“I trust you two will do good business in our hotel sir,” the receptionist smiled. “Pay cash and then you’ll not have to explain credit card spending at home for this, um, business excursion.”

“Oh right, good idea.”

“Shall we go for a drink my love?” Charlie asked as they began walking from the counter.

“No let’s go to the room. You may shaft me in the elevator if you wish.”

“Er, er,” Charlie mumbled. klasbahis güvenilirmi He appeared very relieved that another two couples followed them into the elevator.

Air whistled out of Vicky’s flaring nostrils when suitable worked up by Charlie’s expertise and she opened wide to allow him to ram in. It was a little sudden and he was rather large but as Vicky was to find, it was eminently manageable. Although she couldn’t really be that discernible she thought he’d be touching her at upper limits where no penis had ever touched her before. It was a little scary but once he got his ass moving she was taken on that familiar journey but this time with a few embellishments that added gloss.

He tongued Vicky while pumping until she groaned and groaned signally she was ready to explode so he stopped kissing, allowing her to suck in extra urgently needed air. He then kept her interest up and pinched her nipples and then pulled them outwards until she was almost ready to scream. He must have read her eyes because he gently eased back. She sighed in relief and told him he was wonderful.

Still on his knees in the springy bed Charlie yanked her legs over his shoulders and jammed his dick in as far as it would go, making her eyes feel as if they were spinning. They were certainly dilating. He then pulled right out and without having to steer slammed it back in. Well she was big enough at her age to give a wider target. He did that several times and she was whinnying. It was a wonder hotel security weren’t thumping on the door asking if they had a horse in their room.

Sweat was pouring off them and Charlie began rocking between her legs, sending sensuous shock waves through her vagina and suddenly she just bellowed and convulsed repeatedly, flooding over his dick, balls and her thighs.

“Jesus,” he yelled, pulling out, ripping off the condom and spraying her belly and tits.

It was obscene. They were red-faced, panting with sweat and cum running everywhere amd they looked like two naughty kids who’d wandered off from a Sunday School picnic to discover if they could kill each other simply be having forbidden sex.

“Ohmigod, I’m dying,” she groaned as Charlie handed her one towel and began wiping his undercarriage with the other towel.

“Nah, you’re just a mite out of condition and haven’t had robust sex for quite a while. At least that’s my guess,” he smirked. “Notwithstanding that you were great, fucking great in fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a woman gush like that. You were so in tune with me.”

“Was I?” Vicky yawned. “I had the funny feeling I was fighting for survival.”

Charlie cackled away looking pleased and she was glad she’d allowed Charlie full-on access. God, what would she be like going home tomorrow?”

Also yawning Charlie said, “Come on, into the shower with you young lady and then down to dinner to get your strength back up for tonight’s session. Do you like taking it up the rear?”

“I really don’t know. I’ve heard it hurts.”

Vicky wondered why Charlie was eyeing her with that toothy grin. Did he like her?

Next morning Vicky tried not to walk bandy-legged as she entered the house.

No one was home. She found a note from the kids advising they’d not be home and Frank obviously had not slept at home because the bed was made up and the room tidy.

“Christ what a decadent, dysfunctional family we are.” Vicky yawned and staggered off to bed. She was ever so happy.

Charlie had told her she was perfect for anal fucking, bellowing so much he came within minutes in excitement instead of having to slap-bang for twenty minutes or sometimes much longer, fearing he’d be mutilating his dick if the passage was too tight. She was exactly right for him… a velvet lined tunnel, he’d said. He also said she was succulently ripe for an affair so they must work out how they could rip at least one off a week without going to the expense of taking a hotel room.

She was unable to make a suggestion.

Charlie said his divorced sister wouldn’t mind them using her apartment provided she could join them. Initially Vicky was horrified at the thought of a threesome but already she was getting used to the idea. At least it would provide a venue. The whole purpose of the exercise anyway was to get back into sex. She was wondering how she would meet someone else when Charlie tired of her but felt herself falling asleep without answering that thought.


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