Jessica and Katie Ch. 02

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As we talked about what happened, we both agreed that being naked is fun, having sex with each other is awesome, and having someone watching us, makes it even better. So now we both want to show more of ourselves.

We also began to wonder about our fathers. How far did their friendship go. Did my father share what he saw with Katie’s father. We were curious, so tonight when our father’s are sleeping, we are to going to check out their phones.

It was late when Katie texted me and I her. There were no signs of our fathers were talking to each other today. However, my father did have a video and several pictures, which I sent my mobile. In my room, I laid in bed watching the video and looking at the pictures. One picture my father had zoomed in so close on my pussy, you could see the folds of my labia and the little stubs of hair. I was so embarrassed, but I also got very horny knowing my father was looking at my pussy. The video was from today with Katie and I, which I sent a copy to Katie for her enjoyment.

The next day we waited to see if my father would show up again, and he did. This time we just laid about and played around in the pool, naked of course. We thought it would be too much of a coincidence to be having sex the same time everyday. A while later when we came in the house, the sink was wet again, so we know what that meant.

We began to consider how to get Katie’s father involved. There was still a chance my father had talked to Katie’s father or he may be planning to later this week, as they play golf together on Sunday. So we decided to give Katie’s father an experience of his own. That way, he may bring up the subject and get them both talking. So tonight I am going to sleep over at Katie’s house.

After my parents got home from work I went over to Katie’s house. She then asked me to stay the night in front of her parents and as expected, our parents were fine with that. It wasn’t till later that night, that we put our plan in motion. Katie went to the living room with her father, while I was in the shower, it was close to her father’s bed time. I finished in the bathroom and waited with a towel around me. Katie texted me when her father was on his way to his bedroom. I left the bathroom and as I walked to Katie’s room, out of the corner of my eye, I could see him coming. I walked in to her bedroom, leaving the door open.

I pulled the towel off to dry myself with my back to the door. I could hear his footsteps and then they stopped. I ran the towel over myself one last time, then bent over to put on my panties, then a top. I heard his faint footsteps as he tried to creep slowly away. I remained in the room and waited for Katie. She had a big smile on her face and told me she had hid around the corner and watched her father as he watched me. She saw him adjust himself as he walked away.

Katie and I got in bed and brought each other to an orgasm before falling asleep. In the morning, we got up and ate breakfast with Katie’s parents, us in our panties and tank tops. Katie’s father would take at look at me when he thought I was not looking. I also saw him looking at Katie’s ass as she bent over to get milk out of the frig.

As soon as Katie’s parents left the house, Katie stripped and sat in her father’s chair where she brought herself to an orgasm. I then got naked and just being naked gave me a little thrill. Katie asked me to eat her as she laid on the counter where her father eats his meals. Afterwords, Katie told me she imagined it was her father eating her.

But now, Katie wants her father to see her naked.

We waited at Katie’s house to see if my father would come home at lunch. He didn’t and we just assumed that he knows we would be at Katie’s house today.

It was late in the afternoon when we decided to go to my house for a swim. As Katie was putting on her bikini, I mentioned how much panties look like bikini bottoms. Katie agreed and then she suggested we walk to my house in our underwear. The idea thrilled us both. As we left Katie’s house, just the thought of being out in our underwear, had us excited, we both had wet spots on our panties. I began to wonder what it would be like to have a lot of people watching me, which sent a thrill through my body.

As we laid around the pool, Katie brought up again she wanted her father to see her naked. Katie then admitted she often wondered what it would be like to fuck her father. So after a while we both agreed that tonight, we would let our fathers “accidentally” catch us exposed. As we talked, we both like the idea of being watched and letting people think we are not aware they saw us. Also I guess our way of deniability if we get caught. So this evening we were to be naked it in such a way that our fathers thought we were unaware they saw anything. Just knowing what we are going to do gave us both a thrill and I was getting turned-on. We were talking so much we almost forgot we did not have our bikinis to put marsbahis güvenilirmi on and my parents would be coming home shortly.

We both put on a bikini, and then we laid in the sun on our stomachs with our tops untied. We were only there a few minutes before my father came walking out to say hello. I thought to myself that was close, we almost got caught. Then I realized how stupid that thought was as he has already seen us and I want him to see me. I though about how ingrained our minds are programmed to be covered up.

My father stood in front of us as he talked, so I lifted myself up casually as we talked, as if absentmindedly, till I had my arms holding me up, letting my breasts fall free, in direct view of my father. I saw his eyes staring at my breasts, again he did not say anything about covering up. Knowing he was looking caused my pussy to become wet. I then got embarrassed with the thought of him seeing a wet spot on my bottoms and I could feel my face get warm as the embarrassment kicked-in. I thought how would I explain that, but then again he would probably not say anything. I showed my breasts to him until he went back in the house, which seemed to take forever, even though it was only a few minutes. I then began to wonder if he got hard from looking at my breasts.

Katie only saw what I had done after my father left us and was disappointed that she missed the opportunity show herself. I said to Katie well I have completed the task for tonight, however I am going to let him see me again later tonight. I like the feeling I get when he looks at me.

For the rest of the night, I was a good girl, until bedtime where I let my father catch me dressing after a shower. Katie texted me later on, she pulled the same trick on her father that I did the night before. Her pussy was wet till he walked away.

Katie then told me she wants to fuck her father. I was not surprised and then admitted to Katie that since she mentioned it this morning, I have been thinking the same thing about my father.

The next morning, I asked my father for some money as Katie and I were looking to get out of the house and wanted to go to the mall. We both wanted to show ourselves at the mall so neither one of us wore underwear. It was still early morning, so the mall was not busy, in fact the mall almost looked deserted. In the one clothing store, we saw the sales girl, it was a girl who we were familiar with from school whose name is Karen. While we didn’t really know her, we have said hello while passing in the halls. We began to talk with her and she seemed to enjoy our company. I asked about customers and she told us, in the mornings, it is very rare to have any customers. It is only afternoon that we get any business. I told her we were just going to look around and if she wanted to hang out with us she could. She replied that she is so bored it would be nice to waste some time hanging out.

Katie and I began to try-on some revealing bikinis and we got Karen to try on a few also, we were just goofing around. As we were talking and laughing about our bikinis, Katie dared me to get completely naked and walk around the store. I took the challenge. Katie and Karen watched as I stripped and walked a lap around the store. When I got back, I could see Karen’s nipples were poking out in her top. I thought she must be excited and wanted to see how adventurous she might be. I then challenged Katie to walk around naked and she did it. I had remained naked.

When Katie was done, I looked at Karen and dared her to get naked and go for a walk. At first she did not want to, but Katie and I said we would remain naked until she made the lap. Karen relented and Katie and I watched as she stripped off her bikini. She had bigger breasts than Katie and I and they were topped off with big nipples. Karen quickly walked around the store and was so giddy when she returned. Karen said she had never done anything like that before, it was so much fun. We all got dressed and then wondered around the store some more. I found a halter top that I liked. When I said I wanted to try it on, Karen suggested I try it on right here. Katie egged me on. So I change my top right there in the isle. Karen mentioned that I am showing a lot of side boob as the top had rather large arm openings. After wearing it for a while, I told them I liked it and wanted to buy it. Katie made the comment that I should leave it on and wear it home. Karen teamed up with Katie, so I said ok. We talked with Karen some more and then I suggested she come over to my house and hang out with us. Karen thought that would be fun and we made plans for tomorrow.

We left the store and wondered around the mall. We went to another clothing store and as we were looking around, my top would not keep my breast in when I would bend over. Then when I stood up, my breast would remain exposed. At first I was a little annoyed, but then I thought about how I can expose marsbahis yeni giriş myself accidentally and a smile came to my face. I showed Katie what was happening and she laughed. We went in to the mall area and I would let my top uncover my breast at the appropriate time, which was when a man was coming towards us. We then went to the bathroom where Katie and I switched tops so she could flash for a while. After a couple of hours at the mall, we went back to my house and laid in the sun.

The next morning I put on my new halter top and a pair of white cotton panties, then purposely told my father that another friend is coming over to hang out with us by the pool today. He looked interested and I hoped he would take the bait. I was hoping that he will sneak back to the house around lunch again. As soon as my parents left for work, Katie came over in her underwear. We discussed a plan to seduce Karen and waited for her to show.

When Karen got there, she saw how we were dressed. I told her “I forgot to tell you to bring a bikini along as we have a pool, but since we were naked yesterday, I didn’t think it would be big deal today. No one else is home and we have a privacy fence.” With that said, I took off my clothes and so did Katie. Karen did not give it a second thought and willingly took off her clothes, her nipples were already hard. We let our clothes on the floor just inside the front door. I took a mental note of where they laid, I wondered what would happen if my father saw them there.

Out by the pool, I arranged 3 chairs so they were in front of the kitchen window. We all laid there and talked for a while, till Katie suggested we take a dip to cool off. We began to dunk each other and fool around, there was plenty of touching. Then as planned, I complemented Karen on her breasts and then did the same to Katie. Katie replied that she thought my breasts were more firm than hers. This set us up to feel each other’s breasts. We then got Karen involved. As I began to squeeze Karen’s breasts, I could feel her hard nipples, compared to the softness of her skin. I pinched her nipples and she took in a deep breath. I brought her hand up to my breasts and she began to squeeze and pinch my nipples. I leaned in and kissed Karen. She kissed me back and we began making out, while fondling each other.

Katie then joined in. I began to rub Karen’s pussy and then I felt her hand on my pussy. I whispered to Karen, lets get out of the pool. Karen nodded her head and smiled. As we all climbed out of the pool, I took a quick glance towards the kitchen window, where I got a glimpse of my father watching us. Knowing he was watching brought my excitement level to new heights and my pussy began dripping. I could feel my juices running down my legs. I pulled Karen over to the chairs and kissed her, then laid her down. Katie began kissing Karen, while playing with her breasts. I opened Karen’s legs and kissed my way up her thighs to her pussy. I was at her side as I leaned in and began to lick Karen’s pussy. I wanted my father to see me eating a juicy pussy. In only a few minutes, Karen’s body quivered as she had her first orgasm. I look up to Katie and asked if she would like to trade places. Katie began to eat Karen with her ass pointing directly toward my father.

I kissed Karen and she licked her juices off my face. Karen asked if she could taste my pussy. I straddled the chair and backed up so Karen had access to my pussy. She began to lick me slowly at first but then with great vigor. Knowing my father had a clear view of my pussy being eaten, had me very excited and I had an orgasm quickly. I then felt Karen’s tongue on my asshole. Oh my, nobody had ever done that to me before and it felt amazing. Karen was trying to push her tongue in to my ass. She then pinched my clit and I had another huge orgasm, my legs began to buckle and I pulled away from her. We kissed and I caressed her breasts. Karen was on the verge of another orgasm from Katie eating her. Karen began to moan loudly and then she let loose with a primal scream as her body shook. Katie looked up and Karen pulled Katie up with her hands and they kissed. Karen then pulled Katie over her face and began to eat Katie. I straddled the chair and began to lick Katie’s ass. I was hesitant at first, but I enjoyed doing such a dirty act while my father watched. With both of us eating Katie, it was not long till Katie had an orgasm. We all kissed for a few more minutes, then we laid down and began to talk.

I looked at my mobile and the time had flown by. I thought my father had to be gone by now, but I talked loudly enough that he could hear me if he was still in the kitchen as I asked the girls if they wanted something to drink. After a few minutes, I made my way in the house and the sink was wet again, my father was gone. I got the drinks and returned to the pool.

Karen admitted to us that she was so excited to come here today. After what happen marsbahis giriş at the store, she had fantasizing about sex with us, but didn’t think it would actually happen. I began to question Karen about being exposed in the store yesterday, asking her if she liked it. Karen said she like it more than she thought. It stuck with her throughout the day and put a smile on her face every time. I then asked Karen what she would of have done if someone had come in the store and caught her naked. She said yesterday, she would of screamed and been so embarrassed. But last night while she was trying to sleep, she though about how exciting it would be for someone to see her naked. I finally asked Karen, would you like to do more and actually have someone see you naked? Karen immediately said yes with a big smile. I looked at Katie and she gave me a thumbs up. We then told Karen that my father had watched us today. Karen had a look of surprise and disbelief. We told Karen about what had happened earlier in the week and then showed her the video my father took of Katie and I. Although Karen was surprised, she had a grin from ear to ear.

I said, one other thing, lets go check our clothes. Karen asked why? I told her I wanted to see if my father checked out our panties. We all ran in to the house, we could see that our panties had been moved. So now we know my father likes panties also. We went to the pool again and hung out for the rest of the day, talking and just fooling around, having a nice time together. As it was getting close for my parents to arrive home from work, I got a bikini for each of us. Karen’s large breasts were barely covered behind one of my little tops, but she was very excited at showing herself. We waited until my father came home and when he came out to us, I saw Karen blush. We all got up and said lets get changed. We all walked to my bedroom where we left the door ajar, then changed. We kept our backs to the door just in case my father was trying to look. Karen did not bother to put on her underwear to go home, Katie had to borrow my clothes to wear home, I just wore my panties and tank top like I always do.

We all kissed each other and said goodbye as Katie and Karen left. I was a good girl for the rest of the night. After everyone was in bed, I got my fathers phone and found a video he took of us today. He had zoomed in on me while I was eating Karen’s pussy. I sent Karen and Katie a copy and not long after got a message from Karen saying she was so horny and wished I was there with her now. I finally drifted off to sleep, knowing tomorrow was going to be another exciting day.

It’s Saturday morning and just as planned, Katie showed up just after my mother left for her yard sales. We were in the kitchen with my father who was eating his breakfast. I was wearing a pair of white cotton panties again, however this time an old pair that were very worn, small, and tight with my new halter top. I told my father that we were going to lay out for a while. Katie right on cue said she should of brought her swim suit with her. I said “you do not need one, I am just going to wear these panties and a bikini top, you can do the same. I have a top you can borrow.” Katie said,

Oh, ok” and she opened her shorts and pushed them down while my father watched her undress. When she pulled her tight shorts off, her panties pulled down as well, but not completely off. Katie adjusted her panties in the front of my father, just to tease him. Then to my surprise, she took off her top, leaving her in bra and panties.

I told Katie, there are some tops in the laundry room, you can get one for yourself. As she walked past us, I saw she had the back of her panties down so low that the crack of her ass was showing. My father took noticed also. I asked Katie if she had any breakfast yet, I am going to have some cereal. I bent over to get the cereal out of the cabinet with my father now watching me, as I stood up, my top let my breast fall free. I quickly fixed my top, but only after my father had a good look. I sat down and began to eat as Katie came back with a bikini top on and she had a top for me also.

Katie said she liked my top and asked to try it on, handing me a bikini top. I told her as soon as I finish breakfast she can try it on. Katie acted inpatient and asked me to change now so she could wear it for a while, she then asked my father to close his eyes so Jess and I can change tops. Much too easily my father said ok, they are closed. Katie pulled the halter top over my head and then helped me put on a swim top, but only after giving my breasts a few good gropes. I went back to eating my cereal as Katie now changed her top, she took a minute while pretending to figure out how to put the halter top on. When she got it on, she said ok you can open your eyes now. Thing is, without us staring, we could see my father’s eyes were fluttering and he watched everything we did. Katie fiddled with the top while she stood behind me. She then bent over and asked for some of my cereal. I gave her a spoonful and when she stood up, her breast was exposed, but Katie acted like she didn’t notice. She stood there with her breast out while I finished breakfast, carrying on a conversation with my father.

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