Finishing School Ch. 10

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As usual, I woke to stirring vibrations. I sighed and moved to get out of bed. I hadn’t even made it to the edge before the dildo started thrusting deep inside me. I yelped and sat down, crossing my legs. The thrusting got harder and I grabbed my ankles, arching my back to try and muffle the thrusts. It helped a little, and I sighed in relief. Then my clit was being circled and I whimpered in surprise. I could feel an orgasm building, and then it washed over me, and I collapsed loosely to the bed. This was definitely going to take some getting used to.

After a few moments, I rolled out of bed and rinsed my body off quickly in the shower before getting dressed and heading to the Cafeteria. It was mostly empty, so I sat alone and ate my food quickly before heading to my first class.

Creative Writing was one of my favorite classes, especially since the teacher, Mr. Williams, lets us write whatever we wanted. I was currently working on a story about a princess trapped on an island. I had just decided that I wanted her to be rescued by a roguish pirate rather than a dashing prince, when the vibrating started again, and it was time for my next class.

Horseback riding was another favorite of mine, and I hurried out to the stable where we usually had our lessons. When I arrived, Mr. Milligan handed me a bundle of clothes. “Go get changed into that girl, today you start riding.”

I beamed, I had been so excited the first day, only to find out you had to learn all about caring for a horse and it’s tack before you could actually ride. But the day was finally here I would get to ride a horse again! It had been years since the last time I was allowed on a horse. My parents had sold my pony as a punishment when I was 13, and I hadn’t attended a school that had horses since.

After I got changed into the riding gear, I rushed back to the stables.

Mr. Milligan gave me a stern look, “I know you’re excited, but this is going to be very different than anything you have ever done before. Do you understand?”

I nodded and he led a gorgeous Appaloosa out of her stall. “This is Ava, she’s a great starter horse, and given your propensity for jumping about, she will be the best for you right now.”

I had been bouncing on my toes, but stopped when he said, “jumping.” Since she was already saddled, he let me mount her, and then he began strapping my legs in. “Now these straps are here for your protection, she’s been trained for all kinds of situations, and we don’t want you falling off soon as we get started.”

I nodded in understanding. “Now I need to get you properly attached to the saddle before we go out to the ring. Is that all right?”

I nodded again, and he reached behind me, putting a strap around my hips. He seemed to be fumbling a bit, and I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but than I felt cool air on my bare ass, and I tried to turn, which was made difficult by the straps holding me firmly in place.

“Hold still girl, these riding pants have been made special to open at the crotch, no need to get worried.”

His words only made me more nervous, why would my pants need to open down there?

The answer kaçak iddaa became clear when I heard a click, and felt the lower band of the chastity belt fall away. My vagina felt strangely empty, but not for long, as a new intruder pushed its way into me. It was larger than what I was used to, and I grunted in surprise.

“It will take some getting used to, but it has to be a little bigger than your belt to work properly. It will move in time with the horses steps.”

My eyes widened as he demonstrated by leading us out of the stables and into a round pen. True to what he said, the dildo moved gently up and down in time with Ava’s steps. There were no reins for me to grab onto, so I gripped the saddle horn tightly as he started her walking round and round. I opened my mouth to ask him if it would be like this on every ride, but he clicked his tongue and she lurched into a trot. The movement inside me sped up as well, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. I wanted to shift my hips, but everything below my waist was securely held in place. I leaned forward, gripping the horn tighter as the pace quickened again. I was soon panting right along with Ava as she continued circling. I remembered that I had wanted to ask Mr. Milligan a question, but I was having a hard time thinking, and I couldn’t remember what it was.

Without warning, Ava slowed to a walk, and then stopped altogether.

“I think that’s enough for today, you have good endurance, but your posture needs work.”

I nodded, still too out of it to speak.

Ava started moving again, this time a slow walk. I mewled as the movement resumed in me as well. To my surprise, instead of going back to the stables, we were headed towards a small building with tall, wide doors. Inside was a large space with hoses coming out of the walls, and rings beside each hose. Mr. Milligan tied the lead to the ring, and then started unstrapping me from the saddle. He undid my waist and hips first, gently pushing me forwards until I felt the dildo slide out, I shivered at the cold air that brushed my sensitive flesh in its absence. I was confused when he didn’t immediately put my chastity belt back on, and instead undid the rest of the straps. I moved to get off, but my legs were like jelly, and I started to fall. He caught me and helped me to walk over to the wall.

“We’ve got to get you washed up before I put your belt back on, and since you’re in no condition to do it yourself, I’ve asked the Doctor to give you a hand.”

I looked up to see Dr. Handell standing in front of us. Mr. Milligan helped me sit on a rectangular stool and then he left.

Dr. Handell looked at me and sighed, “I told them you weren’t ready to ride yet.”

I glowered at him and the corners of his mouth twitched upwards briefly. He shook his head and then removed my pants. I was too tired to fight back, and I leaned against the wall. He grabbed the nearest hose, turning it on; and gently spread my legs apart pointing the hose between them. The water was warm, and it felt good against my skin. I closed my eyes, enjoying myself, and then I yelped as he turned the spray directly on my clit.

“You missed your mid-day orgasm, kaçak bahis and it’s important that we follow the schedule Thornton has set for you. So I’m going to have to take care of you before you can go to lunch.”

I gaped at him, and he sighed, “It’s easier this way, and if you get too used to climaxing with the belt, it will be harder for you to feel pleasure with a partner. You’ll want to hold on to the stool, I’m going to start now.”

I did as he said, gripping the edge of the stool on either side as tight as I could. He spread my legs further, hooking my knees over the sides so they wouldn’t fall together. He directed the flow up and down, side to side, never quite reaching where I wanted him to. I groaned opening my eyes to glare at him. He only raised an eyebrow, and gently pushed my head back against the wall. I closed my eyes again, and tried to relax.

I felt my lower lips being spread apart, and then the hose was inside of me. I mewled, and he shifted the hose making the water hit a spot inside me that had me quivering; I couldn’t hold back my moan.

He spoke softly, “It seems I’ve found your G-spot, has it ever been stimulated before?” I shook my head, and he clicked his tongue, “We’ll have to fix that now, won’t we?”

I wasn’t sure what that might entail, but it soon became clear as he removed the hose and inserted a finger. He curled it upwards, hitting that same spot, and I gasped. He pulled back, only to add a second finger, thrusting in and out in a slow rhythm. Every so often he would curl his fingers and hit my G-spot again. Then he added a third finger, and started massaging it continuously. His palm brushed my clit, and I felt my orgasm rising, it built and built, and the next time his palm grazed my clit, I cried out and came, hard. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced, and it lasted such a long time, crashing over me in waves of overwhelming pleasure.

I must had blacked out for a second, and when I came to, my chastity belt was firmly back in place.

“That’s enough for now, if you hurry, you can still make it to the Cafeteria in time for lunch.” He handed me a bundle and left.

I unfolded the bundle quickly, eager to get to lunch. It contained my uniform with a simple set of matching bra and underwear.

I made it to the Cafeteria with a few minutes to spare, so I quickly grabbed some food and sat down to eat. I didn’t see anyone I recognized, so I kept to myself.

My next class was biology with Mr. Ritter. I had never really like biology, especially when we dissected a squid, Chari had been so grossed out that I had to do everything, and I ended up getting ink all over my favorite pair of jeans. I hoped that we wouldn’t be dissecting anything today.

Mr. Ritter was an enthusiastic man, and he was a decent enough teacher, but I was having a hard time paying attention as he talked about human anatomy. I was dozing off when I heard my name called,

“Ms. Warren, I see you don’t find any of this interesting, perhaps a live model would help? Any volunteers ladies?”

Everyone raised their hand aside from me and one other girl in a pale yellow uniform. He picked one illegal bahis of the more eager volunteers, and she walked to the front of the room. I had to admit, I was curious how he was going to use a “live model” to make things more interesting. She removed her uniform folding it neatly and placing it on the raised table behind her, and then Mr. Ritter was removing her chastity belt. She didn’t have a band, just a lacy bralette that quickly joined her uniform. I could feel my cheeks flaming, and I looked around to see if any of the other girls were uncomfortable with the display, they were all very attentive and seemingly unbothered. Mr. Ritter grabbed a pointer stick and used it to gesture at the model’s chest, “Can anyone give another name for breasts?”

He pointed to several girls, and they gave their answers; “Bust, bosom, boobs, tits, orbs, cleavage, and mounds,” were all said.

“Very good, now there aren’t any other terms for the areola, which is this more pigmented part that surrounds the nipple. A few terms commonly used in place of nipples, include, teats, nips, and pearls.”

Each time he said another term, he flicked his pointer on the model’s nipples, making them harden. She seemed delighted by his teasing, and even stuck out her chest further. He removed the pointer, and had her sit on the raised table, spreading her legs wide open.

Again using the pointer, he tapped each place, naming it as he went, “This is the clitoris, also called a clit, button, or bud. Next we have the urethra which is where a female urinates. Then we have the outer and inner labia, also referred to as folds or lower lips. In between these, is the vaginal opening which leads to the vagina.” As he said the last part, he spread her lips open and pushed the pointer inside. “Inside we have the vaginal canal that leads to the cervix. Some women like their cervix being stimulated, but the large majority do not. The next part, however, is found to be highly enjoyable by most if not all, and that is the G-spot.”

He removed his pointer stick, inserting two fingers instead, making the model groan. I could imagine what she was feeling, and for a moment I found myself wishing I was in her place.

He kept his fingers in her, continuously stimulating her as he spoke, Many people refer to the whole female anatomy as the vagina, but that is incorrect. Other names that are more acceptable include, genitalia, pussy, snatch, slit, and cunt.” He inserted the pointer again, not removing his finger as he began to thrust it into her.

“Here in a moment we will observe an orgasm, also known as the Big O, climax, or cumming.” As he said the last word, the model threw back her head and shrieked. After she stopped shaking, Mr. Ritter whispered in her ear for a moment, and then held up his glistening fingers for everyone to see. “This is a crucial part of sexual intercourse with a woman, commonly referred to as cum, it shows that her body is preparing for penetration. It is also a sign that she enjoyed herself if she “squirts” or “gushes” as she reaches her climax. Female ejaculation is not a guarantee, just an added bonus and assurance that you have done your job well in satisfying her.”

I felt the vibrator inside me start up and then he said, “That’s all for today ladies, class dismissed.”

It was time for my least favorite class, physical fitness with Mr. Glisben.

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