At the ABS Again

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I was 18 when I sucked my first cock. A trip to the local adult bookstore had ended with me blowing the owner. This was already told in a previous story, The Book and Video, if you’re interested. After a rather shameful departure on my first visit I did manage to make it back for another round, with much better results.

After those first few visits, I really grew to love sucking cock there. I would try to make it down there whenever the opportunity arose. My parents traveled quite a bit, so I was often left on my own to do as I pleased.

The day started off as usual while my parents were away, me in a pair of pantyhose lifted from the laundry. I was addicted to wearing them, I absolutely loved the way they felt. I woke up excites as I knew I was heading to the ABS that morning, it was 7 am, they didn’t open until 10, so I had a couple hours to kill. I had some breakfast and showered, while I was drying myself off I threw in a porno.

I had built up a small collection of VHS tapes from my previous visits to Charlton Book and Video, all compilation tapes, they were the cheapest ones, perfect for my limited budget. Two guys were fucking on the screen as I toweled off. I thought to myself I should try taking a cock in my ass sometime. I was definitely intrigued by the idea of getting fucked, but, for now I was happy to suck dick.

All dried off, I slipped back into my pantyhose and settled back in bed to watch the fuck scenes artemisbet yeni giriş play out on the television. Scene after scene played out, my hand running over my hose covered cock. I wanted to jerk off so badly, but I knew the shame I felt after cumming would not be conducive to the plans I had for today.

I was getting antsy, the clock could not move fast enough for me, finally 9:30 rolled around. I got out of bed and threw on my street clothes, just a pair of jeans over my pantyhose and a t-shirt. A guy on the TV took a huge blast of cum to his face as I switched it off. That would be me, hopefully, in just a little while. I grabbed a handful of quarters form the change jar, locked everything up and headed out.

I made the short drive over, pulling into the lot and driving around to the back of the building. Even though my parents were out of town, I still knew people and they knew what I drove. I was always cautious of that, so I did my best to keep my car as hidden as possible. As I walked around to the front entrance, the neon “OPEN” sign lit up. I walked in, wondering who was behind the register today. The doorbell chimed softly as I entered.

“Great, gonna be one of those…” The owner started to say, as he turned to see me. “Hey kid. Parents out of town again?”

I wasn’t a big fan of being called kid, I was 18! While we had chatted before, at least enough to know the reason I was down here as artemisbet giriş often as I was, our names had never been said. So “kid” was what it was.

“Yup.” I happily replied.

“Nice. I guess that means I can start this day off right,” the owner said, stepping from behind the counter.

He walked past me, locked the door and switched off the open sign. I found my spot by the counter, the only carpeted area in the store. I kicked my sneakers off and slipped out of my jeans. My hardening cock starting to tent my pantyhose as I pulled my shirt off.

“Love that look kid, you do look like quite the sissy in them hose,” he said as I got to my knees.

“I do what can.” I replied, reaching to unbutton his pants.

I pulled his pants down a bit and fished out his cock. His 5″ cock felt warm in my hand. It was semi hard as I brought my lips to the head. My hand had a hold of the base of his cock and my tongue touched the mushroom head. I had blown him more than a few times now, and I knew what he liked. I ran my tongue around the head a few times, flicking at the piss slit.

With his moan of approval, I took the head in my mouth and swallowed his shaft. He filled my mouth nicely, I cradled his balls softly in my hand as I began my slow bob up and down. I savored every veiny inch, worshipping his cock. I would stop and suck just the head, softly stroking his shaft, before swallowing him again.

After artemisbet güvenilirmi a couple minutes he started to ooze pre-cum, which I greedily licked up. I would stroke him to coax more out, lapping up every drop. By now I was ready for his cum, I had started a steady rhythm of sucking and bobbing, and he was ready to give it to me. His hands held my head steady and he started fucking my mouth, I formed a tight “O” with my lips.

My own cock started to leak with the sound of his sloppy, wet cock as he sawed in and out of my mouth. I gagged a few times, coating his cock with more saliva. He started to buck a little, more frantic with his thrusts. He was close, and so was I. His held my the back of my head with his final thrust, burying his cock in my mouth, my nose nestled tight to his pubes. He tensed and his cum flooded down my throat.

He pulled back a little, releasing my head so I could suck the rest out of him. His thick, slightly bitter seed coated my tongue. I swallowed it and went back to drain every drop from his softening cock. I licked him clean, he jumped a little as I cleaned the sensitive cockhead.

“That’s a good way to start the morning. Thanks kid.” He said as he pulled his pants back up.

“Yes it is. I’ve been craving some dick for awhile now.” I replied.

“You were here the other day,” he laughed.

“Well, that is awhile, isn’t it?” I said, slyly.

He laughed again. I picked up my clothes and sneakers and started to head for the booths.

“Here for a little bit today?” he asked.

“For as long as these last at least.” I said, the quarters in the pocket jingling as I shook my jeans.

With that I walked behind the curtains to my favorite booth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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