Kathy’s Confession

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All characters are 18 or older. I don’t condone incest, but if you find it hot, no judgement here.


Kathy glanced at the school as her car came to a halt. It was always more full of life than usual around the end of the year. Her daughter, Eva, was almost bouncing on her seat too. She wasn’t excited to go to class, of course not. But this was the last week of her final year at high school. She was impatient to see her friends and gush over the fact that they’d never have to see this godforsaken place again. And, more in the back of her mind, she knew after this week, there came the last vacation before they all went their separate ways to different colleges.

‘No goodbye kiss for mama?’ Kathy teased her daughter as she got out of the car.

‘What am I, seven?’ Eva complained, dragging her bag out with her. She turned to her mom, and smiled at her. ‘Maybe on the last day of class.’ She teased back.

‘I’ll hold you to that promise.’ Kathy pointed an accusatory finger at her. She watched her daughter go. After all, she had to make sure Eva actually entered the school, and didn’t ditch. Not that she had done anything like that in the past, but… She observed her dirty blonde waves bouncing with every step. Her athletic body, revealed by her t-shirt and skirt, that were as small as they could without breaking the dress code. Eva had always been the sportsy kind. It was a shame that she left the track and field team because her boobs grew too big for her to be comfortable. Wearing two sports bras at the same time barely did anything, and she couldn’t take the teasing anymore, from both girls and boys. Now she only exercised in the privacy of her home, where no one could tell her her breasts were too lewd.

“God, what am I doing…” Kathy pressed her forehead against her steering wheel. Someone honked their horn behind her, so she got going. She used to stare at her daughter, impressed by how alike they looked. It was almost like her father’s genes had no say in what she looked like. All the better, given he left them as soon as she got pregnant. But now, she found herself observing her daughter more like a… Like a…

She went into her home, thinking “I need a drink.” She tried not to rely too much on alcohol, but without a shoulder to lean on, she went and uncorked that white wine. She drank while she switched between daydreaming about her daughter, and scrolling on social media. She was half a bottle into this when a message popped into her Whatsapp.

-Mary: Heya, how you doing?

Meh, you?-

-Mary: Better than you, I guess. Everything okay?

Yea, yea. Nothing life ending.-

-Mary: You’re scaring me.

Sorry. I’m just in a bad mood.-

But everything’s fine.-

Health’s fine. Business is fine. Eva is fine.-

-Mary: Good to know.

-Mary: So how “fine” is your business going?

Don’t tell me you’re going to ask me for money lol-

-Mary: Maybe.

-Mary: Jk. I was wondering if you had the time for vacations.


-Mary: Yea! I came across this awesome promo. It’s for four people, so two mother and daughter duos fit perfectly. It’s to go to Florida. Beach, sun, margaritas… And isn’t your daughter about to finish school?

Yup. This is her last week.-

-Then she deserves this gift. My daughter is barely a year older than her, I bet they’re going to get along just fine.

Kathy considered the proposal. Her business was doing so good, she could afford to take a couple of weeks. Plus the beach… The opportunity to see Eva in a swimsuit… She banged her head against the table. She couldn’t be having this kind of thoughts, OVER HER OWN DAUGHTER. She looked at the bottle of wine with tears in her eyes. It was true that her child deserved a great gift for finishing high school. After all, she was about to enter college. And that’s when they would start straying apart, as she became more of an adult, and more able to stand on her own. Before she knew it, her baby girl wouldn’t need mom anymore.

I’m in. Tell me more.-

Maria, and her daughter Gina, arrived two hours earlier than them. Kathy was ecstatic to see her friend. They had moved states apart decades ago, and every chance they had to see each other in person, they hugged like trying to merge into one single blob. Gina and Eva didn’t know each other, but they were both kind and extroverted, so their introduction wasn’t awkward, and before their mothers were done saying hi to each other, they were already having their own conversation.

They were delighted by the beach house. It was cozy, yet modern, and you could smell the sea from there. The bedrooms were a surprise. There were two of them, with only one queen size bed each. Eva stared at a bed, as Kathy turned to glare at Maria. ‘D-Don’t give me that look.’ Maria raised her hands with an apologetic smile. ‘Truth be told, the promo was aimed at couples. But there’s nothing wrong about a mother and daughter sharing a bed, right?’

Kathy was about to grab her friend by the collar, when Eva spoke hiltonbet yeni giriş up. ‘Does that mean I have to sleep with my mom?’ The remaining three looked at her, and she stared back. ‘That’s good.’ She said, before going into her room to unpack. Kathy blushed furiously, as she tried to stop her mind from conjuring up secret intentions behind her daughter’s words. In reality, Eva thought they’d be grouped by age, and Gina seemed nice, but she didn’t feel comfortable about sleeping next to a total stranger.

While they prepared to go to the beach, Kathy couldn’t help but notice Eva was paying zero attention to her. She sighed. It was only natural. She was eighteen. She must want to spend time with other people her age, not with her mother. Maria and Gina seemed to be super close though. Kathy looked at them with a healthy dose of envy, wishing her daughter would hug her and kiss her so much.

They set up camp on the beach. The older ladies insisted on sunscreen. Kathy’s mouth dried up when Gina untied her bra and asked her mom to lather her back in cream. Eva, instead, asked Gina to do it for her. Kathy gave them space, not wanting to stare at her daughter’s breasts on the verge of being uncovered, or the camel toe her thong gave her, while riding up her ass. The two girls ran to the sea, to play in the water. Their mothers stayed behind, to relax on their beach chairs.

They stayed in silence, enjoying the fresh summer breeze. Kathy drank some juice angrily, when she saw a group of guys approach their daughters. At least one of them had to be interested in Eva, she knew it. Maria leaned back on her chair. ‘Eva has grown up to be a beautiful woman.’

‘Yeah.’ Kathy spoke from behind gritted teeth.

‘Lots of guys must be throwing themselves at her.’

‘Yeah, she has had a few boyfriends.’ She squeezed her bottle.

‘No girlfriends?’

‘None that I know of.’ Kathy’s gaze dropped to the sand. ‘I’d like to think there’s enough trust between us for her to tell me if she’s bi or lesbian.’

Maria sat up, taking off her sunglasses so she could look at her friend eye to eye. ‘How can she trust someone who doesn’t trust her with their secrets?’

Kathy gave her a puzzled look. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Your daughter.’ Maria answered simply. Then she adopted a more serious look. ‘You have to tell her about your feelings. Mother and daughter should be completely transparent with each other.’

Kathy got closer to her friend’s face, her face now serious too. For anyone watching from outside, it looked like they were gossiping. ‘How do you know?’

‘We may live states apart, but we’ve been friends for years. Even if I was blind, I would realize.’

‘So I’m that obvious.’

‘To me, yes. To her, I doubt it. You’re her mom. She doesn’t see you that way. For now.’

Kathy furrowed her eyebrows. ‘What do you mean “for now?’

Maria shrugged, put her sunglasses back on, and leaned back against her chair. ‘I’m just saying, if you’re honest with her, your daughter might surprise you.’

Kathy stared at her bottle of juice, connecting dots in her head. She turned suddenly towards her friend. ‘Wait, don’t tell me–‘ Maria just made a satisfied nod. ‘So that’s why you’re so lovey-dovey with each other? I thought your daughter just didn’t have an edgy “my parents aren’t cool anymore” phase!’

‘That’s why I’m saying, you should be honest with her. She might surprise you.’ They stayed silent for a while. Maria was the one to speak again. ‘So you really never showered together? A bit of mutual masturbation?’


‘In the name of sex education?’

Kathy threw some sand at her friend. This one laughed, Kathy did not. Her cheeks were hot, and her heart was thumping hard against her chest.

The following day, Kathy and Eva woke up way past noon. Maria and Gina had gone out on their own, saying they wanted some mom and daughter bonding time. Kathy cooked them brunch, her eyebrows furrowed. She was sure her friend set this up so she’d have a talk with her own daughter.

She set up the table. Eva was hooked to her cellphone. They started eating in silence. They were almost finished, when Kathy spoke up. ‘So, I see the chatting is interesting. Which of the boys is it?’

Eva gave her a weird look. ‘What?’

‘I saw you yesterday with a bunch of guys. I thought you gave one of them your number.’

‘Huh, no. We sent them away after Gina said she’s not available. I didn’t want to be swarmed by a bunch of guys.’

‘Oh.’ Kathy poked a bit of bacon for a while. ‘Soooo it is one of your girl friends you’re talking to?’

Eva gave her now an even more weirded out look. ‘Yes? What’s with all this questioning all of a sudden?’

‘I was just thinking…’ Kathy was mute for a few seconds, then turned towards her daughter. ‘If you liked girls, I’d be fine with it. I’d just like for you to tell me.’

Eva’s mouth was hanging open. ‘Are you really giving me the “If you were gay, that’d be okay” talk?! Why?’ She finally let go hiltonbet giriş of her cellphone. ‘When did I ever give you any signs of being a lesbian?’

‘Not you! No, I–‘ Kathy gave an exasperated sigh. ‘Do you know that feeling when you’re in love with someone, but they’re out of reach?’

Eva’s expression was now puzzled. ‘…Mom?’ She scooted closer to her. ‘Are you trying to tell me you’re gay?’

‘No! No… Yes…’ Kathy hid her face in the palm of her hand. Tears were forming on the corners of her eyes. She grabbed her daughter’s hands in hers. ‘There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just go ahead and say it. Eva…’ Kathy’s tears started streaming down her face. ‘Eva, my sweet child… I’m in love with you, in a way no mother should ever be.’

‘What?!’ Eva pulled away and skipped several steps behind. Kathy followed after her, but the younger one raised her hands yelling ‘Don’t come near me!’

‘Eva please!’

‘You’re not joking?! Even as a joke, this is terrible!’ She stepped towards the main door. When Kathy moved, she yelled louder. ‘Don’t come near me! Don’t touch me!’ She hurriedly grabbed her purse from the coat hanger, and opened the door. She turned one last time to look at her mother. ‘You’re disgusting.’ She went out the door, and disappeared.

Eva worried everyone, going no contact for the whole day. For obvious reasons, only Maria and Gina went out looking for her, in case they actually found her. They all agreed that, if by the next morning the girl hadn’t shown up, they would call the police.

It wasn’t necessary. Gina came back with Eva near midnight. Everyone acted as if everything was normal, despite Eva not talking to her mom at all, and evading her as much as possible. For a few days Kathy didn’t go to the beach, so the rest could go comfortably.

One night, Maria and Gina went out for some alone time. Eva had been sleeping on the couch, so she took this chance to nap on their bed. She felt a nice, familiar scent on the pillow, and she buried her face in it. She looked at the nightstand and noticed, by the stuff on it, that this was Maria’s side. Her eyes widened when she realized her mom and Maria used the same shampoo, that’s why the smell was so familiar. Startled, and knowing she was alone in the house with her mom, she went out for a stroll, to clear her head.

Or at least, those were her plans. She didn’t get too far before hearing some familiar noises. A couple, lost to ecstasy somewhere in the dense, artificial garden surrounding the beach house. A bit of a voyeuristic stroke awakened in her, and she was curious because she heard no male voice. She made her way through the bushes and palm trees, trying to make no noise so she wouldn’t scare the lovebirds.

She had to throw her hand over her mouth to prevent an audible gasp from escaping her, after seeing who the lovers were. Gina was leaning against a tree, perking up her butt, with her sundress exposing her entire ass. And her mother, Maria, was talking dirty into her hear, while slamming her fingers up her daughter’s cunt. Each time she moved her hand, Gina’s pussy fluids made obscene noises. Eva couldn’t look away. She knew this was wrong on every level. She shouldn’t be spying on people having sex. Mother and daughter shouldn’t be having sex. She should be horrified by the sight. But her eyes were glued to them, and she could feel her nether regions pulsating with arousal.

Finally she managed to go away. She went straight into Gina and Maria’s room again, to evade her mom. Her breathing was heavy, and her heart was pounding in her chest. Before she knew it, her fingers were sliding over her clit, and she had to rub one out, taking advantage of her privacy.

When they came back, Maria went straight to the toilette, so Gina went back to her room alone. There she was ambushed by Eva, who dragged her inside, and locked the door. ‘What were you doing with your mother?! Just– How?! Why?!’

Gina was lowkey scared by this welcoming, and her eyes widened when she realized what her new friend was talking about. Her face reddened, and her hands went to her cheeks. ‘Oh my God, you SAW us?!’ She took a few steps back. She was on the verge of crying. ‘I’m sorry. After what happened with your mom too. You must be so disgusted. I- I’m sorry.’

‘You know about what went down with my mom?’

‘Yea…’ Gina’s gaze dropped to the floor. ‘Your mom knew about my mom and I, so when you escaped, she told us about it.’ She was silent for a moment. ‘I’m sorry. You must be disgusted by all of us.’

‘Actually… No. And I don’t know why.’ Now Eva was blushing too. ‘But I thought… You and your mom– You looked really hot.’ Her face grew even redder. ‘I had to touch myself because I couldn’t get you out of my mind.’

Gina gave her a blank stare. ‘Huh… I’ll… Take that as a compliment.’

‘I swear I’m asking this with no judgement behind it. How can you have sex with your mom? Doesn’t it feel wrong?’

‘It does… A bit. But when you’re a pervert, it makes it more exciting.’ Gina still wasn’t making hiltonbet güvenilirmi eye contact. ‘But what’s important is… If one wants to go have one-night stands, that’s all fine and dandy. I prefer to make love. And really… Who could ever love me more than my own mother?’ She looked at Eva, and shrugged. ‘I know it sounds illogical, but I’ve never felt more loved and experienced more pleasure than with my own mom.’

Eva let another long silence hang between them. At last, she spoke timidly. ‘Would you… Recommend it to other people?’

Gina gasped in surprise. ‘Are you considering accepting your mother’s feelings?’ Eva shrugged in response. ‘I guess not to any people… But you’ve seen me and my mom, and aren’t completely horrified, so… Maybe you should give it a shot. See if you also feel the most loved in your mother’s hands.’

Eva gave her a worried look. ‘How do I even go about it? I haven’t spoken to her in days. She must think I hate her.’

‘Leave it to me.’ Gina reassured her, already making up plans in her mind.

‘It was about time you and me went out together on our own. We haven’t seen each other in years for fuck’s sake, we have so much to catch up on.’ Maria said, getting out of the cab.

‘Agreed. But isn’t an upscale restaurant a bit too much? I’d be fine going to a McDonald’s.’ Kathy commented as she checked herself out at the taxi’s mirror. She wasn’t used to fine dining. It was sheer luck that she thought of bringing an appropriate dress, just in case.

‘Nonsense. We deserve a treat.’ Maria dragged her friend into the restaurant. They announced themselves and went over to their table. Kathy’s heart started racing when she saw it was a table for four, and Eva and Gina were already there. Eva had borrowed a dress from Gina. It was red, with a flowy skirt, but the neckline was deep and more accentuated by her big breasts. She also wore a choker, a delicate chain with butterflies and hearts, that brought one’s eyes to her bare slender neck, since she had her hair up in an up do.

Kathy was dumbstruck, and her friend had to pull her into her seat. Eva was blushing slightly. She was the one to break the silence. ‘H-Hi.’

‘Hi.’ Kathy wondered for a moment if she was in a dream. ‘I thought you never wanted to see me again.’

‘Well… That’s a bit hard. We live together after all.’ Eva let out a nervous chuckle. Then she looked up at her mom. ‘But I’ve been thinking about what you said, and… I don’t know. I guess I… Want to see. I want to give it a try.’ Kathy burst out crying. From relief, happiness, a whole whirlwind of emotions. It took them a while to calm her down, and finally be able to order.

Kathy turned the lights on. Eva stepped into the house. Gina and Maria had wandered off on their own. They both knew that, for once, they weren’t looking for alone time. They were planning on leaving both of their friends alone. They hadn’t drunk too much. Just enough to have some liquid courage. Eva flinched when she felt her mother’s hand on her hip. She looked up at her. Kathy was nervous too, but she was looking down at her with a warm, heartfelt smile. This made Eva feel safe. She let her mother guide her to their bedroom.

They unzipped each other’s dresses, like they did so many times before. But instead of going on their merry ways, they remained together, looking at each other’s bodies in underwear. Kathy was a bit embarrassed to have unmatching and unsexy bra and panties, since she wasn’t expecting to get laid tonight. Her daughter, on the contrary, was wearing a lingerie set her mother wasn’t even aware she had. Kathy bit her lip, knowing now that her daughter had attended that dinner, with this ending in her mind right from the start.

Eva undid her hair, letting it cascade over her shoulders. Her mother put her hands on her back, and lied her down on the bed. They kissed for the first time. It was slow, sensual, but kept them wanting more, since they didn’t venture with their tongues yet. Kathy went down her body, placing kisses all over her skin. She rested for a moment over her tits, and took a deep breath there. ‘You smell just like me when I’m not wearing any perfume.’

‘Don’t make it weird.’ Eva complained, as if the fact that she was sleeping with her mom wasn’t weird enough. ‘I… Didn’t put any perfume on. Because it tastes bad when you lick it.’

Again, knowing her daughter was so prepared for this, turned Kathy on like she had never experienced before. Her kisses turned wet, and she tasted Eva’s skin, getting soft moans out of the other. She went down to her pubis, and left a last kiss right before arriving at her slit, before going up again. Eva shivered at her mother’s teasing. She slipped her hands under her daughter’s back, and undid her bra to take it off. She was straddling the younger one, taking off her own bra, when Eva asked ‘You seem so… On control of everything. Have you ever been with women before?’

‘No.’ Her mother answered simply. Eva’s breath hitched when she saw how large her mom’s tits were. Her whole body was like a bigger, curvier version of Eva. Her thinking was interrupted by her mother lowering to kiss her, this time exploring her mouth with her tongue, inviting her to a prolonged, deep kiss. When they separated for air, she added ‘I’ve just fantasized about this for far too long.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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