Taking Care of Mommy’s Flower

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After seeing the car leave the driveway, Sue closed the curtain. Even if her husband wasn’t around, she didn’t want any nosy neighbors peeking through her windows. She made her way to the backyard, quietly approaching the door, so she wouldn’t make her presence known, and stared at her gardener from afar.

At the tender age of twenty, Damien was young enough to be her son. His lack of experience wasn’t due to his age though. People were losing their innocence earlier thanks to the internet. But her boy here still had a childish spark on his chocolate eyes, and looked at her with adoration. He was the perfect height for her to rest her head on his shoulder when they hugged, and his frame was the perfect point of athletic, for him to not break if she squeezed a little too hard. He had sun kissed skin from working outside. His button nose and perfectly formed lips completed a face to die for, and Sue could spend hours brushing her fingers through his wavy, brunet hair.

Damien was letting a bee walk on his finger, entertained by it. Only when it flew away, did he notice Sue looking at him. His face lighted up right away. ‘He’s gone?’

‘Yes, for the whole weekend.’ She informed him with a smile. ‘And while work has him away, we get the house all to ourselves, and plenty of time to spend together.’ As she spoke, she closed the distance between them. She gave Damien’s cheek a caress. ‘Though I don’t think there will ever be enough time with you.’

The young man leaned his head towards her touch, with a heartfelt smile. He then stepped back, and looked away, blushing from embarrassment. ‘It was hard, but I did extra homework so I could completely forget about college for the weekend, and focus on spending it with you.’

Sue smiled at him, her heart warm with fuzzy feelings. ‘Good boy. You’re so responsible.’ She said while patting him on the head. He seemed to be glowing, when receiving his headpats. She turned towards her home. ‘You get finished here. I’ll go take a shower.’

‘Yes, m-mommy!’ Damien blushed more furiously. He couldn’t believe they had total freedom for him to call her that out loud. She chuckled, and blew a kiss at him before entering the house. He felt electrified by it, and rushed to do the garden maintenance, so he could join her.

After every plant was watered and tended to, Damien almost ran to the bathroom. Instead of going in right away, he stayed out, as a plan to surprise his mommy took shape in his mind. Taking care in being quiet, he undressed in Sue’s bedroom, that was connected to the bathroom. He tiptoed up to the shower, and opened the curtain trying to look all cool and mature. ‘Need someone to wash your back?’

Sue was staring back at him, her green eyes open wide. Her brown hair, usually with waves, was now wet and sticking to her body, down to the middle of her back. Being taller than her, Damien’s view had full access to her supple breasts, that completely overflowed his hands whenever he held them. Beneath them, Sue wasn’t too overweight, but not being the youngest adult, her belly wasn’t firm anymore; instead it was rounded and soft to the touch. And following the curves of her body, he found a delicious big butt, with thick thighs that made for the best pillows. He took in all of her body, before he saw her face again, and noticed she looked scared. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked, alarmed.

‘You scared the hell out of me.’ She said quickly. They looked at each other for a moment, and then they broke out laughing. She invited him into the shower with her, but still asked ‘Can’t a woman have a moment to herself?’

‘I’m sooorryyyy~ I just couldn’t stand being away from mommy anymore.’ Damien whined, hugging her from behind. He buried his face on the curve of his neck, one arm resting on her belly, under her breasts; his free hand going to massage one of her boobs. Despite him going for all of her lustful bits, it still was a tender embrace. ‘Looking at you from afar, wanting to hold you like this, and not being able to because he is here… It’s torture.’

Sue raised a hand and placed it on the back of Damien’s neck, caressing him softly. ‘I know little one. It’s torture for me too.’ She spoke in a hushed voice. ‘But isn’t it exciting, to meet and talk in front of my husband, knowing what we look like without our clothes, and him being none the wiser? Him thinking that, for once, he found a reliable gardener, when in reality this gardener is romancing his wife behind his back?’

‘Hm, yes.’ He nodded into her neck. ‘Whenever I talk to him, all I can think about is how much I want to make love to his wife.’

Sue smiled. ‘I knew you’d understand.’ She grabbed her back brush, and handed it to Damien. ‘Be a good boy and wash mommy’s back, will you?.’

‘Yes, m-mommy!’ The sudden request got the young man by surprise, but he was eager to please. He put soap on the brush and cleaned her, making sure he wasn’t too harsh on her skin.

After she had washed herself off, she bahis siteleri gestured at him, to lower his head. He bent forward, and she placed a gentle kiss on his nose. ‘Finish your shower, and come find me.’ This simple instruction made his cock twitch in anticipation. He nodded, and stared ahead at the tiles as Sue wrapped a towel around herself. She was barely out of the bathroom, his hands going towards his crotch, when she yelled ‘And don’t you touch yourself!’ Damien closed his fists, and made the water a bit colder. Sue could drive him crazy with a simple gesture, but she didn’t like it when he got off right before making love, because then he took forever to cum.

He washed off the sweat he worked up from gardening using Sue’s products, because he wanted to smell her on his skin. He took in the fragrances, letting them take him on a trip down memory lane. The first time he caught a whiff of her perfume, when they crossed paths on the supermarket, and he realized he was seeing the most beautiful woman to ever walk on earth. Her shampoo, that he noticed when he took this gardening job, and came across her by pure chance… Or maybe destiny. Her body soap, that he smelled directly on her skin when they slept together for the first time, after Sue came out of a shower only to find out that her husband had to leave for a work emergency.

“I should save the memories for when we’re apart. Now I get to enjoy her in person.” He thought. He came out of the shower, and side-eyed a towel. He considered, for a moment, wrapping it around his waist. But at this point, they were already comfortable with each other’s nudity. Judging it wasn’t needed, he went looking for Sue.

Upon entering the bedroom, the sight that greeted him was that of Sue kneeling on the bed, a playful smile on her lips, with a belt tied around her neck. His mind went into short-circuit. Not that he wanted to do that, but if he imagined what use could have a belt in sex, he would guess whipping someone’s back. ‘Uhm… What are we doing with that?’ He was up for whatever Sue wanted to do, but starting with that seemed a bit extreme.

Sue chuckled, amused by his scared yet curious look. ‘Nothing that you’re conjuring in that little mind of yours.’ Damien smiled apologetically, caught by his wiser mommy. She motioned for him to come forward. When he was standing right next to the bed, she placed the other end of the belt in his hand.

He looked down at the thing, then up at her. ‘What’s it for?’

‘Well…’ Sue let her gaze linger over his body, before focusing back on his face and all the emotions it showed, as he explained. ‘You know how my husband wouldn’t do anything for me in bed. Not even let me get toys, because they “emasculated” him. That means I could never buy a proper collar and a leash. And I can’t buy toys for the two of us either, because I risk getting caught.’ The young man furrowed his eyebrows. “Then let him find out.” He thought. He knew there was a myriad of reasons why she couldn’t dissolve her marriage. But damn if he didn’t feel jealous over how that man got to sleep in the same bed as her every night. And he wouldn’t cuddle her, not even give her a good night kiss! That’s why every time he got to make love to her on her bed, he did as if trying to bury them both in it; to leave an imprint that the husband wouldn’t be able to erase. ‘Are you following me?’ Sue interrupted his musings.

He felt clueless. ‘Huh… You want me to… Take you for a walk?’

‘You weren’t even listening to me!’ Sue gave him a soft slap on the leg, and he whined. They laughed at their antics, and then she explained. ‘You’re so silly. I mean, we can walk around the house if you want. But we can also use it here, in bed.’

‘How so?’ He asked, eager to learn.

She pulled from the belt, tensing it a bit. ‘Like this. Use it to guide me into any position you want.’ She looked up at Damien, just as he was swallowing his nervousness. ‘Don’t feel pressured. I’m sure you’ll do fantastic, my boy.’

He made a loop with the belt around his hand. Pulling tentatively, he made Sue lower her head to the bed, lying down. ‘Like this?’ He asked timidly. She nodded, giving him a reassuring smile. So he was supposed to do whatever he wanted with her. He climbed on top of her, coming face to face with her big tits. He gave into his instincts, and buried his face in there. Sue’s breathing turned heavier, as Damien massaged her breasts. He latched onto her nipple, and when it seemed like she wouldn’t get more worked up for that, he started alternating between both nipples, and sucking on the sides and undersides of her tits, making her moan in response.

Sue’s eyes were closed from pleasure, but she forced herself to open them, to look down at her boy. He loved the contrast of his long eyelashes against his cheeks, and seeing his tongue in action. ‘Aren’t you a little old to be suckling on my tit?’ She teased him. He shook his head, getting a moan out of her, as his tongue canlı bahis siteleri slid rapidly over one of her nipples.

‘Hnm… My mommy’s boobies are the best meal, for all ages. I’ll never, ever, EVER get tired of them.’ He said, squeezing her breasts in a possessive manner.

‘The best, really?’ Sue asked, a subtle smirk on her lips. She placed a hand on her belly, and slid it down to her pussy. She let her fingers spread it open. ‘Are you sure of that?’

‘Mommy, that’s so unfair…’ He whined, caressing the side of her body, his head resting on her chest. ‘I can’t pick between both.’

‘Luckily for you…’ Sue cupped Damien’s chin in her hand, and made him look up at her. ‘You might not be able to decide what your favorite meal is, but today my little boy gets to choose what we’ll do.’

Damien perked up at this, remembering today he was in control. Sort of. Being real, his mommy was still pulling the strings. But she was up for educating him, and he loved learning from her. He got up, and pulled from the bed to bring Sue with him. He guided her into a kneeling position, and he sat back, exposing his member. It was erect already, despite him being the one who had been playing with her tits. She was thankful for her younger lover. Her husband, with whom she hadn’t had sex in years anyway, couldn’t get a proper erection unless they were pleasuring his dick directly, and then it wasn’t even that firm. Damien, on the other hand, could get rock hard just from thinking of her. Sue blushed, feeling sexy and desired, as the young man placed a hand on the back of her head, and pushed her towards his crotch.

Sue took him in his mouth, making him sigh. She slid her lips over the tip, and then licked it in circles, to properly coat in saliva before bobbing her head. Damien threw his head back, groaning from pleasure. Then he looked at her, wanting to save the memory of this sight for lonely nights. ‘The last time we were together.’ He spoke. ‘You were sucking my dick, when your husband came back unexpectedly.’

She hummed in affirmation, with his cock still inside her mouth, the vibrations of her throat making him shiver. She took it out for a moment, and she pumped it and caressed the tip, with her hand generously coated in saliva. ‘I remember. We were almost caught that time. I was scared as hell, but also felt such a rush…’

‘Me too.’ He admitted. ‘But after leaving through the backdoor, all I could think about was your mouth, and how you couldn’t blow me until the end. I’ve been dreaming of your blowjobs since then.’

‘An apology is in order, then.’ She gave his cock a wide, slow lick from the base to the tip, enjoying it like it was a decadent treat. ‘But will you really be able to stand it until the end? My boy is so impatient. You always end up flipping me over, and taking me right there out of desperation.’

‘Hey! I’m not impatient.’ He pouted. ‘It’s just– After a while I just need something stronger.’

‘Something stronger, hm?’ Sue gave him a fake, gentle smile. And that’s when he knew he had fucked up. ‘The little boy says he needs something stronger. Well, let’s give him something more intense, shall we?’ She put his cock in her mouth again, squeezing her lips around the edge of the head, and she started moving up and down, way faster than before. She buried her nose on his crotch, his balls hitting her chin, and he could swear he was seeing stars, as his cock entered her actual throat. He had no idea Sue was capable of this. She kept bouncing her head, making slurping sounds as saliva dripped down from her mouth. She took it all out, swirling her tongue fast all over the head, and just as Damien got adjusted to this new move, she would swallow him whole again, pulling high pitched moans out of him.

She let go with a loud pop. ‘How is this? Intense enough?’ Damien was trying to gather his thoughts to put together a coherent response. She lied down on her belly, pushing her tits in front of her so they rested against his crotch. Taking advantage of his dick being super wet, she squeezed it between her breasts, and started moving one of them up, and the other down, masturbating him with her boobs, as she sucked on the head of his cock. Damien lost his mind over how hot this was. So far, he had only seen this in pornos. He knew his mommy was dirty, but seeing her being so sexy, so feral… He shivered, his legs curling up as an orgasm washed over him. He shot his seed directly into Sue’s mouth, and she swallowed it all diligently, only having to lick a stray drop from her licks. She went back to a sitting position, and she caressed Damien’s chest and stomach, who seemed almost passed out on the bed. ‘So my blowjobs aren’t strong enough, hm?’

‘I… Stand… Corrected.’ Damien said between gasps. He rested for a while, enjoying Sue’s gentle caresses. He then looked up at her, with his big puppy eyes. ‘I didn’t mean to say it like that. I actually prefer not cumming from oral. Now I’ll last canlı bahis forever with penetration. I tried to resist, but you’re too good. I’m sorry.’

‘For someone who misspoke so badly, you know how to flatter with your words.’ Sue gave him a tender smile, running her fingers through his hair. ‘Don’t worry about it. I don’t like it when you cum right before sex. But you’re young. You recover super fast. We just need to give you a little time, and you’ll be all ready to go. There are other things we can do in the meantime while we wait.’

Damien placed his hand on top of hers, making her pat him harder, feeling better after her encouragement. He got up on his knees suddenly, beaming with happiness. ‘I want to taste mommy’s pussy now.’

Sue was about to keep on dirty talking, but he surprised her by tugging on the belt, and pushing her onto the bed. He spread her legs using his hands, and she blushed at this sudden streak of control from his part. Damien buried his face in there and inhaled her scent. Right away, he started giving slow, long licks to her labia, avoiding all of her more sensitive spots. She loved seeing him be so diligent, so she let him take his time teasing her. He sucked lightly all over her inner thighs. Only one of his kisses was so harsh as to leave a mark, but Sue didn’t scold him for it. After all, the chances of her husband seeing it were close to zero. She delighted in how young and free having a lover made her feel. She was aware that, by keeping Damien close to her, she was risking her home and her life as she knew it, but somehow, this young man kept persuading her that it was worth it.

Finally he stuck his tongue on the more sensitive parts hidden by her labia. He played with the edges of her entrance, swirling circles around it, and then he went up to the key to her pleasure. She moaned, a hand going to his head, and he sucked lightly on her clit. He placed wet kisses over it, and licked it making sure his tongue was wide and soft at first, then licking it faster and firmer, as Sue got more worked up. She was moaning, thrusting her hips up at him. He placed his hands on them and held them down, swiping his tongue all over it, driving her crazy.

‘…Here… Come here… Little one…’ Sue gasped at him, and Damien looked up, surprised by his mommy not wanting to climax on his mouth. But she kept tugging at him. ‘Please, my sweet, little boy. You’re so good at this, now I only want to feel you inside of me. Please, I’m throbbing. Mommy needs your cock.’

Sue didn’t need to pull out the dirty talking to get Damien all hard and ready for her. But her words had him crawling over her, penetrating her with no further foreplay. The both moaned in unison, and he started thrusting. She crossed her hands behind his neck and her legs behind his back. She hadn’t exaggerated when she said she needed this. Her craving for his boy’s cock felt almost painful, and now that Damien was getting deep inside of her, over and over, she felt pure bliss. Damien was in ecstasy too. Despite not resting his full weight on her, he still could feel her breasts brushing his chest with every thrust. But that wasn’t the best part of it all, nor the delicious wet, velvety feel of her flesh engulfing her member. The best, was seeing the pleasure in her face, and knowing that he was the one making her feel like this. She instructed him to place his hand on the base of her neck. To not squeeze, she didn’t want to be choked, but just feeling his hand there, made it feel like he was being so much more domineering, and she wanted to shape him into an amazing lover. She clawed at her back, and he moaned because it was just so hot. She raised her head so she could suck on his earlobe, and then she whispered ‘Deeper… Deeper…’ in a husky voice.

Damien started thrusting stronger and faster at first, as hearing his mommy like that turned off his brain, switching control over to his dick. Once he got a grasp on himself though, he stopped. She moaned and whined in desperation, but he didn’t hesitate. He moved until he was sitting on the edge of the bed, and he pulled from the belt so she followed him. She couldn’t figure out what he wanted, so he manhandled her until she was sitting on his cock. He started thrusting, making the penetration deeper than before. She moaned his name, bouncing on top of him, shaking is boobs in front of his face. He buried his face in them again, and caught one of them in his mouth, sucking on the nipple like his life depended on it. Sue hugged him, pressing his head against her chest, holding him close.

As her orgasm drew near, Sue grabbed the hair on the back of his head and pulled it back, making it so he was looking up at her. She trapped those lips with hers, kissing him like he wanted to devour him whole. Her tongue explored all inside his mouth, and he moaned into her, feeling owned and engulfed by his mommy. Feeling at her limit, Sue dug her nails into Damien’s back, which he arched, pressing himself more against her. She finished, screaming without breaking the kiss, and the contractions from the powerful climax drove Damien over the edge too. He shot his seed inside of her, overflowing and dripping onto the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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