Raja, Rani and Others Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: Continuing the story of Raja and Rani and others, mainly focussing on their sexual activity. All of them commit adultery. A bit heavy on the descriptions.

Raja found himself very busy at work. In fact, they made him a permanent employee and gave him more responsibilities. He felt quite uncomfortable at first. He, an uneducated young man, hobnobbing with some people who had a better education and more experience than him. But his superiors were supportive, and recognized Raja more for his skills than his social and educational background. For that Raja was grateful and decided that he would do whatever was necessary.

Of course, the extra money that he pulled in worked out well for him and Rani. He bought her some good clothes and jewelry, but a good wife that Rani was, decided that since Raja was now a regular employee, he needed to be looking smart and good at work. So they spent some on Raja clothes, and he indeed looked slick and handsome in his new clothes. Everyone at work and around his neighborhood noticed it, and were happy for him.

Even after a couple of weeks after coming back, Rani couldn’t get over the fact that she had her sister had discussed so many intimate topics with each other, and the fact that they had talked about their own parents having sex and seen their in-laws’ brutal fucking was still on her mind. Those images, she thought, would never go away. During the day when she had nothing to do and her mind wandered, she wondered if Raja would still be as virile as his father when he grew older. She hoped he’d be and she would do anything to help him, of course. She knew he was working harder these days, and that meant he usually came home later than usual and more tired and exhausted, and she was ready for him.

She threw herself whole-heartedly into housework and into satisfying Raja’s desires. She showed renewed interest in giving Raja oral pleasure, and was patient with him when they had sex. And she did not complain when he started new positions with her. His favorite nowadays was fucking in what he said was “Like dogs!”, and she was self conscious as in this position she couldn’t see him, but he always parted her ass cheeks and looked at her asshole. On some occasions he even thrust his thumb into her asshole, spit on it and massaged it. His pleasure when he did these things were evident from his groans and moans. “Oh! Rani.. you are so beautiful from behind! Your fucking ass is great! Ah! Ah! Ah!!”. And he screamed in a pleasure and agony as he pulled out of her and spurted his semen on her ass.

Her sister had asked if Raja had taken her from behind, fucked her in her ass. Was Raja getting ready to ask her to do it? What would she do? Just say yes and accept it, she guessed. Why is he interested in getting into that hole? She was always clean there as well, but it was just gross to think of something like that, but then she had not experienced it so what was she to know. Meena had told her about female contraception so now she and Raja had sex without condoms and it was so good and satisfying, flesh rubbing against flesh. The heat transferring from Raja’s cock onto the walls of her cunt. Sooo good!

But even during their sessions, the images of her father-in-law ploughing into her mother-in-law, his big, loose balls slamming into her were playing in her mind. She remembered she had even imagined having sex with her father-in-law! “What was that all about? How could she?” she asked herself. There was no answer to that of course. She was hesitant to masturbate at home, afraid that those images will still come back into her head. But Meena was right. She was aware that her father-in-law was leering and ogling her. What was she to do? She just went about her business.

Just like Raja, his brother Ramu’s business was also growing and he was busy trying to maintain and expand it. But on returning from their trip, their baby had fallen sick and Meena was occupied with that and was concerned that the baby was not recovering fast. She had to spend most of the night taking care of the boy and this frustrated both of them no end. But still Ramu had to have his way and he forced himself on Meena almost every morning, and she was in no position to complain. Ramu did not care that she was dry down there. He just spat on her pussy and spread his spit on his cock and rammed it into her cunt, despite her groans of protestations.

But during the day, with Ramu away at work, and the baby finally asleep, she satisfied herself in the only way she knew. At first she slinked away to the bathroom to take care of her lust and desires, but then realized her baby was only a year old and wouldn’t know what was happening anyway, so she saved herself a trip to the bathroom and masturbated on the bed itself.

Sometimes, Meena went at it more than once, fantasizing about getting fucked by multiple men (and boys) simultaneously. She had told Rani that she wanted to have sex with older men, and that was not a lie. Ever since she had seen her father and that other woman going at it in the backyard, she started fantasizing about older men. She knew that any man, old or young for tha matter, would be willing bahis siteleri to fuck her if she offered herself. They wouldn’t care if she was a mother or she was fat and ugly, as long as she gave them her mouth, hands and cunt. “But where are the opportunities?” She asked herself. But for the visits to the markets, she rarely ventured outside. So she fantasized about the men she knew – Ramu’s friends, her neighbour who was already married and had four kids but didn’t stop flirting with her at every opportunity, maybe the vegetable vendor who came daily to their front door. How about her own father-in-law – he would be willing to fuck her brains out, that whore-son, asshole. Some days she wished someone would realize that she was alone at home with her baby and come inside and rape her. Anybody.

Frustrated by the lack of proper attention and response from his wife, Ramu could only be jealous of the folks who did not have the pressures that he was facing. He automatically thought of his brother, Raja and his wife, Rani. “Wow! What a couple! What a situation they are in now. No kids. Just the two of them. I bet they are going at it like rabbits! And that Rani! So young, so sweet and ripe!” He had stolen long glances at Rani when they all were together, without anyone being the wiser. He noticed her tits were small when seen from the side, but he was sure they were round and fabulous when uncovered. And those thick thighs, stretching the cloth of her sari as she walked. Her ankles and shapely calves peeking out as she sat crossed legged drove him wild. He bet she was like a hot bitch and whore in bed. Meena was just like that when they were newly married. Silent in front of others, but burning with a fire more fierce than his own when they were alone. “Fuck. Raja is so lucky!” Ramu imagined fucking Rani as he lay with Meena. All sorts of scenarios were going around in his mind.

So life went on as usual for these two families. But it was not to remain like this for long. A lot of changes were in store!

One day when Raja reached work, he was surprised to see a group of people in the area where he worked. There were mostly young boys, but there were a few girls as well. Raja’s supervisor walked over to him and said, “Hey Raja, these are trainees from the head office here to learn about what we do. So can you please show them around?”

Raja was not ready for this, “Me, sir? What.. what can I…”

“You are one of our best. You know everything around here. Besides, they will be here for only a few days. So just show them some things, they will write their reports and be on their way, OK?”

Ramu agreed, “OK, sir.”

Ramu felt awkward in the midst of these educated folks. He immediately felt their condescending attitude and stares and heard their smirks while he showed them around – this raw, rough, uneducated fellow. But Raja kept his cool and showed them that no one in the company knew the intricate details of the machines and how they worked better than he.

But not all of the people in the group were cold towards him. There was one girl that took a particular interest in him and what he had to say. But he didn’t know if it was him or the work that interested her and prompted her to ask questions and talk to him. Maybe it was a bit of both, he thought. And he began feeling more and more comfortable with her as the day went along. On subsequent days, he just focussed on her, and his work became easier.

There was nothing specific about her in his mind, just the curiosity of seeing a girl in her position among all the other boys and men. Her actions, her words and how she handled herself were all an eye opener for him. He had never worked with a woman or a girl so closely ever before and this was his first chance. He was amazed by her confidence, style, speech and diction. They all showed that she had class.

Her name was Nalini, he came to know. On their breaks, he positioned himself in such a way so as to observe her closely. And she was a beauty, at least in his eyes. She was dark and dusky, with glasses (spectacles) that complemented the color of her skin. She was not too thin, but not too fat either. The clothes she wore accentuated her figure nicely. Like other girls these days, she always wore tight-fitting salwar-kameez.The bottom skin-tight on her calves and legs, there were no wrinkles on the cloth. Her top clung to her chest, waist and hips and around her thighs, and highlighted her real hourglass shape, and left nothing to his imagination. The dress was pressed so close to her backside, that when she walked he could clearly see the outlines of her underwear, her ass cheeks and her ass crack. He wondered what sort of panties she wore. Definitely not like the ones Rani wore, when she wore them.

His eyes went to her tits. The bra she was wearing was clearly outlined, and so were her breasts that they were holding up. Though they were covered, her tits seemed big. He immediately drew a comparison with Rani’s boobs. Nalini’s were definitely much bigger than his wife. He wondered how they would be, their shape and size and the color of her nipples. Was she a virgin? Had she been fucked? Had someone cradled canlı bahis siteleri those magnificent globes with their hands, sucked and bit the nipples.

“Wow!” he realized. “I am getting excited and aroused by this stranger who I have met only a day before! What the fuck!” Truly, he had not thought about any woman or girl (but for his brother’s wife, Meena) other than Rani after their marriage. But here he was, getting an erection, standing about fifty feet from this girl, Nalini. “Fuck! Why was this happening? Is it because she’s the first girl to talk to me, to notice me in a while?”

That night he and Rani had finished their early dinner, and he was watching a late night cricket match, but his mind wandered to Nalini and he got a hard-on. He reached out for Rani’s hand, and she came readily. She fished the front of his shorts with her hand and put it inside and pulled out his slowly hardening cock. “Boy!” she thought. “He is big and hard and ready! Must have missed me!” She fisted his cock and stroked it slowly, watching the purple head start glistening and mushrooming. The bangles on her hand made a steady jingling sound as her fist ran up and down on his dick. She spat on her hand and put the spit on Raja’s dick. She knew he liked it.

But though Raja was intently watching his wife’s actions, his mind was totally on Nalini. She unbuttoned her top and pulled it off her body. She was not wearing any bra and her huge tits flowed out and he sucked them. He cupped her hairy mound and bent down to lick and suck her outer lips, put his tongue inside her cunt hole and lap her juices. When she had enough, she pulled him up by his long, silky hair. He was already naked and when it was her turn, she knelt down and opened her mouth and took his thick cock into her mouth. He involuntarily reached up and pulled Rani’s head down on his cock and was rewarded with the coolness of her mouth and spit on his hot stub.

Raja grabbed Rani’s head and rammed it up and down on his cock. His dick felt so hard and thick and Rani’s spit flowed profusely from her mouth onto his belly, drenching his hair. He tugged and pulled her so hard that it hurt. She complained, with his cock still in her mouth, “Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm!” and put her hand out to stop him. But Raja was caught in a frenzy that day. He stopped for a few seconds, and then held her head steady and rammed up and down from a sitting position into her mouth.

They were still in their sitting room. The TV was on, and the windows were open. Sounds from the street and the other houses were streaming in. But Raja was oblivious to all that. He was fucking Nalini in the mouth. She had her glasses off and was looking straight at him as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. When he reached down and grabbed the head bobbing on his dick, he suddenly realized it was Rani who was sucking his cock. He reached down and pulled her up. He got up and took off his vest and shorts in quick fashion and stood naked, his dick proudly stiff and an angle to his belly. He grabbed Rani and pulled off her nightie. She only had her bra on and was ready for a session of sex. She looked at him and reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Now both of them were totally nude.

He pushed her down and in a single motion, grabbed her legs and lifted them and parted them and plunged his cock into her cunt. Or at least he tried to, and missed. The thick throbbing dick hit Rani somewhere in her crotch area and it hurt! “Aiyoh, amma, careful!” she said, and grabbed his dick with her fingers and guided him inside her hole.

The fuck session did not last long, to Rani’s surprise. Raja ejaculated in her rather quickly and she was disappointed. Raja could not control himself. In his mind, he was fucking Nalini, and somewhere in the process, Nalini had inserted her finger into his ass causing him to loose control. “Fuck!” he screamed, as he spewed his semen into his wife’s womb. “Take it! Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!!” he hissed.

Rani held on for dear life. “He must have had a real stressful day,” she decided. But Raja did make up for this in the session in the morning, which was long and satisfying for both of them. Rani held his biceps and looked up at him, as he had his eyes closed and was concentrating on his cock pistoning in and out of her. Or that’s what she thought. But Raja was really between Nalini’s thick thighs. And Nalini was grunting and moaning as Raja struggled atop her. He took a lot of breaks. He pulled Rani up and fucked her doggy style. He parted her cheeks and imagined doing the same to Nalini. He then had Rani come on top of him and ride his cock. Finally when he came, the release was spectacular. Nalini was on top and riding his cock. Up and down she went, her crotch smacking on his belly, her cunt hairs tickling the bare skin. He held her hips and slammed into her and he came in long spurts. And as she rose off of him, long streams of her white cunt juices and his cum trickled out of her pussy onto his belly. Nalini giggled as both of them saw it.

“Aiyoh, Raja,” Rani said, snapping him out of his dreams. “You took me for a long time today. So long, longer than usual. What got into you? Did you not see canlı bahis the time? Get up and get ready or else you will be late for work!” She got up and took a towel and wiped the secretions from his belly and put the towel on her crotch and wiped her pussy clean with it.

“What? What?” Raja said, slightly disoriented. Then he realized where he was and said, “Oh, ok.. Ok, I will get ready. You get the food….”

That day at work he was absolutely embarrassed to meet Nalini’s eyes. It was not as though Nalini knew his fantasies or what he imagined in his head while fucking his wife. But he was particularly shy that morning, nevertheless. Nalini sensed that something was amiss and asked, “Are you Ok, Raja? You seem different today.”

“No. No. Madam. Nothing. Nothing. Everything is fine. No problem. Let’s go. We have work…”

Nalini was used to this. She knew the effect she had on Men and boys. They just turned to jelly in front of her sooner or later. Raja was in the same boat. It just took him a while. Sad. She wanted to get to know him a little better, but she’d be leaving in a few days. Back, back to the big city and her big city work, and big city friends and big city food and big city stress, and all the rest that came with a big city. What a pity.

++++ Nalini ++++

Nalini sympathized with Raja. After all, her father was just like him. A man from a neighboring village, perhaps the same one that Raja came from, who tried to make it first in a town and then with ambitions to get to the big city some day. Her father and mother worked hard to provide a good education for Nalini and her brother. Her parents lacked basic education but had the foresight to know that education would pave the way to a better life for their children.

But tragedy struck their family when Nalini was in the second year of her college. Her father passed away due to an illness he kept hidden from his children. Bowing to family pressure, Nalini got engaged to her uncle’s son Ravi, who was not supportive of her studies, and was totally against her mixing with her friends, especially boys. He suspected her of sleeping around. And to make sure he was the one to whom she’d give her virginity, forced himself on her one summer evening, just three months from when their wedding was supposed to occur.

In shock, she reported this to her mother, whose cool and calm reaction was, “When a husband does that, it is not rape. You have to satisfy him any way he wants. That’s the secret to a good marriage!”

“But amma, [amma = mother] he raped me! And, we are not married yet! Can’t you do something? After all he is your brother’s son. I will report it to..to..”

“No,” her mother was definite. “You cannot! You will do nothing of that sort. You will not bring shame upon this family. You will keep quiet about it. That’s the way it is going to be. Always been that way! No one ever opens their mouth in this family, especially girls. Keep it quiet, OK. I did, so should you.”

“What? What are you saying? Did ..did…appa

“I don’t want to talk about it! Well, if you want to know…we were going to get married anyway. So what was the harm in…in.., you know?”

So her mother and father had pre-marital sex!

“Did he.. force…rape you..how .. how ..long…before…?” she asked.

“Rape?” her mother laughed. “No…no..that’s not what I call it..Well.. they kept pushing our marriage back because of the drought those years.. So…and..your father was not a patient man, you know….so he asked and.. and..I agreed…maybe a year or so?”

“But amma, Ravi did not wear..wear…..a condom..I may be pregnant!”

“We’ll see. If you are, we will just go to the temple and get you both married. No harm done. See?”

Nalini could not stomach this. She did not understand how her mother could be so cool. But again, her parents had done this so it was not something that bothered her mother.

But Ravi had raped her! That motherfucking, son of a bitch! She was a virgin until then, of course, which made him happy. But that asshole, son of a whore did not wear protection as he continued fucking her repeatedly over a period of two weeks. She had a feeling he knew what he was doing. He must have had sex before. His experience showed in the way he handled her.

He just rushed to finish the first few times, But lately he had started taking his time. Slow and steady, taking breaks, seeing if she was okay. And to her surprise, she was! She was looking forward to the sessions with him! The last time she had even taken off all her clothes, been fully naked in front of him! His eyes bulged as he took in her fantastic hourglass figure, her slim waist, wide hips, round boobs and hairy crotch. His dick was huge, she noticed. When he made her fist his cock, she did it slowly, feeling the throbbing thickness, the vein under it, the skin on the mushroom head, and enjoyed the smell that emanated from it. She parted her legs voluntarily, and hung on to his arms and shoulders and a few moans and groans escaped her lips, involuntarily. They both felt the juices flowing out of her cunt. It was beginning to be pleasurable for her! She became bolder, and she glanced down at their crotches as he plunged into her. His thick black dick sliding easily in and out of her pussy, covered with her creamy juices. She even looked up at him and smiled.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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