Pornoverse Ch. 01 – Paying the Rent

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I don’t know how long it took for the knocking on my front door to wake me up, but it did, eventually, rouse me out of what had been a deep, sodden, slumber.

“Hold on,” I warbled, forcing myself to sit up. “Yeah, hold on, I’m coming!” I stumbled into my living room, where the huge analogue clock over the television told me it was just after 11:30. Still unsteady on my feet, I used to back of the couch for balance getting to the front door. The pounding from outside began again, this time follow by a screeching voice.

“I heard you in there, mister! Rent is due, today, in full, in cash! Open up!”

A month before, that voice, and the skinny, angry, stringy-haired woman it belonged to, had been one of the many crappy things in my mostly crappy life. As the superintendent of my apartment building, Mrs. Bonner had been a constant, lurking presence, her beady eyes marking the comings and goings of tenants and guests. Every interaction with her had been marked by her air of pointed suspicion and distrust, with her shoulders shivering and the semi-comical way she used one hand to pull the collar of one of her innumerable dressing gowns tight around her neck giving the impression that she feared for an assault on her person. The longer your encounter lasted, however, the more a pair of impressive nipples would begin to grow, pushing against the fabric covering Mrs. Bonner’s tiny a-cups, the more she unconsciously pulled her shoulders back and engorged nipples further forward, and the more she darted her tongue out to moisten her slightly parted lips, the more obvious it became that Mrs. Bonner was dying for a fuck. I’d put money down that half of her masturbation fantasies involved her being forced to fuck, and that she was hideously ashamed of her ‘perversion’.

I’d been late on the rent more than once, curdling her general disdain into an active dislike of me, so she had taken to giving me lectures about responsibility and my lack thereof. These were delivered on the walkway in front of my apartment in a voice pitched to include anyone in a one block radius. When other tenants were present, Mrs. Bonner would use them as an example of everything that I wasn’t.

So why wasn’t I worried, even with the harpy on the other side of my door, ready to tear me a new asshole? Why was I even smiling, in the face of a screaming harridan ready to work out her sexual frustrations on my head?

Because things had changed since last month.

Leaning my head against the door and closing my eyes, I concentrated, feeling around with my mind, testing the wall of reality around me, looking for the gap. I found it easily, pointing almost directly to Mrs. Bonner. The wild tsunami of sexual energy surrounding her, held tightly around her by a thick brown wall of responsibility and fear, had pulled the gap wider than usual. ‘Interesting’,I thought as I slid through the gap, moving without moving into a new reality, ‘I gotta remember that.’

As always, the sweet smell and taste of the air rolled over me. Eyes still closed, I inhaled deeply, filling my nose and lungs, shuddering as a wave of pleasure rolled through me. My entire body felt alive and sensitive, nerves thrilling to the suddenly sensual coolness of the door against my forehead and the caress of air moving lightly over my skin.

Three light knocks came from the other side of the door, sending vibrations through my skull. I stepped back and turned the knob.

“Mr. Stone?” Mrs. Bonner said gently as I opened the door. “Oh, Mr. Stone! I thought I heard you in there.”

Standing in front of me was a woman who superficially resembled Mrs. Bonner. If you put them side by side, most people would probably guess this woman was Mrs. Bonner’s younger, much more beautiful sister. Hair that had been flat and dull was now longer, thicker, and had a healthy blond glow to it. The narrow face was fuller, with thick, inviting lips with a smile playing around them, and housed a pair of deep green eyes. Her expression was open and friendly.

From the neck down, the changes were more extreme. Under a short, tight silk robe, a body with an hourglass shape, full but slim, was more showcased than covered by the slick material that encased it. Full breasts of surgically enhanced size pushed out in front of her, with the same inviting nipples outlined by the red silk. Mrs. Bonner had one arm under her impressive rack, lifting them slightly while forcing the top of the robe against her tit flesh like another skin. Her other hand was rubbing lightly over the skin under her collar bone. I actually felt a bit of shock seeing her collar open, not just at her neck, but pulled wide to expose the expanse of her cleavage, wide enough that a small sliver of areola peaked out past the edge of the straining robe.

“Mrs. Bonner! No problem, none at all!” I said, smiling into her pleased face. “I’m sorry it took so long for me to answer the door. Late night last night, you know?” I winked as I said the last, getting a blush from her. Unconsciously, Mrs. Bonner’s hand slid lower on her chest, bonus veren siteler one finger hooked under the hem of the robe, pulling it slightly to reveal a bit more brown areola.

“Does the lady feel as worn out today, do you think?” Her smile had widened into something saucy. “I bet she is. I bet she’s walking funny!” She laughed lightly, her body shifting invitingly. Despite her bold words, the blush had spread down on to her chest.

“Actually, it’s the other way around,” I said, leaning forward conspiratorially. Mrs. Bonner moved forward, leaning against the door frame opposite me. I felt silk rub against my crossed arms. I lowered my voice, causing her to lean her head forward until our foreheads were just barely separated. Up close, Mrs. Bonner smelled fresh and sweet.

My cock, which had started to come to life with the first sight of the new landlady, was now solid, pointing out towards Mrs. Bonner like a compass to the north.

“This girl was more than I could handle, Mrs. Bonner”, I said, my eyes locked onto the ladies green ones. As I spoke, I could see the irises in her eyes widen as the look went on. “She was a machine. No matter what we did, she was ready for more.” She licked her lips. “You know how many times she insisted on getting railed?” Mrs. Bonner shook her head. Her face showed a look of enraptured attention. I noticed that the lady had moved the arm from under her twin globes, her hand now spread over the side of her left tit, with the pointer finger resting on the pillar of the nipple, moving in tiny circles over the sensitive protuberance.

“Five times!” Her eyes widened in surprise and she shivered slightly. Sweat began to appear on her forehead.

“I know!” I said in response to her sound of disbelief. “I didn’t even know I could get it up that many times! And even with all that, she woke me up for one more go before she left this morning.”

“Oh!” She straightened up, causing pleasant bouncing in her chest area. Mrs. Bonner’s robe had slid open, opening down to the knot of the robe’s belt, almost wide enough to expose her crotch. “Was that the tiny lady with the sweet behind I saw leaving this morning?” I nodded, causing her to clap her hands and bounce a bit. “She had a well-fucked look, yes she did.”

“I tried my best.” I said modestly.

“You succeeded!” She poked me in he chest, then rested her hand on my chest. “I know what a satisfied woman looks like. If she doesn’t come back for more, it because she was hit by a bus.”

“I hope so. My daddy always told me that a man who takes care of his lady will never lack for ladies to take care of. Only he used language that’s not appropriate when talking to a lady.” That got me a huge smile.

“Why, Mr. Stone, what a gentleman you are!” She fluttered her eyes coquettishly. “But this lady has heard all the swears you know, and some you haven’t. Being a lady is good, but my mother always told me that, when it’s time to fuck, you fuck like a whore.”

“Your mother is a wise lady.” Our faces were now just a hairs-breadth apart, turned so our lips were almost touching. But it wasn’t quite time yet. I pulled back from the door frame, speaking in a more businesslike tone. “But I don’t want to waste your time, Mrs. Bonner.” I said into an expression of slight confusion.

“What? Why? Uh, you’re not…” She stumbled over the words, nonplussed by my sudden change in tone. “Yes, I came up here, y’know, to talk to you about, uh, something important…”

“OK. What’s up?”

“The rent!” Mrs. Bonner yelled suddenly. “The rent, is what, the rent is what I came to talk about! Your rent, Mr. Stone, your rent is late!” She finished, delightly.

“Oh, good lord,” I said in my best ‘What an idiot I am’ voice. “Of course. I’m so sorry, Mrs. Bonner. I’ve been so busy the last few days…”

She stepped in close. Two points of erect flesh touched my chest, moving back and forth gently as Mrs. Bonner spoke. “It’s fine, Mr. Stone! Everyone is late sometimes!”

“That’s nice of you to say, Mrs. Bonner.” Both of us had moved slightly closer to one another, pressing her tits firmly against my chest and pushing my cock head through the silk covering her groin to rest lightly against one of her thighs. “Please, though, I’ve been meaning to tell you, please, call me Hamilton. Or Ham, since we’re friends.” I pushed the head of my dripping pole harder against her leg. Mrs. Bonner, breathing deeply, turned slightly, letting my rod slip into the gap between her legs, Squeezing her thighs together, her soft flesh held my knob in its soft grip.

“Ham. I like that name, Ham.” She began to move her hips, rubbing her softness against my hardness. “If you’re going to be my friend, Ham, I insist you call me Shelly.”

“Shelly it is, then. Well, Shelly, I hate to say I have a problem with the rent.” I pulled back again, just slightly, looking concerned. “I don’t have all of the rent, is the thing.” I looked at her, concern and embarrassment shining from my face.

“Oh, No! What happened?” The bedava bahis look of worry on her face was untouched by any sort of anger or disappointment. ‘Almost there’, I thought.

“The girl from last night.” I said ruefully, dropping my eyes to the ground. “I was so caught up with her that I didn’t pay attention to how much our date cost.” I met her eyes again, looking apologetically into their deep green. “I let my dick do the thinking. I’m sorry I don’t at least have a better excuse.”

“Oh, Ham, that’s OK!” She pressed herself fully against me, making contact from chest to knees, and engulfing half my shaft between her soft thighs. “I know how it is; sometimes you guys just need it. Need a soft pussy to sink into, need to have a woman to fuck, to give and receive pleasure…”

“Thanks for understanding. A lot of women just don’t get it.” I moved in and planted a quick kiss on Shelly’s lips. “So, yeah, thanks. But I still can’t pay the rent, and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to make you have to throw me out.” I finished on a forlorn note, wile beginning to move my cock in time with her hip movements. “I don’t know how I can pay you.”

I leaned forward and kissed her again, flicking my tongue lightly against Shelly’s.Her armes wrapped around my neck and a soft moan escaped her slack lips.

Her hand found the back of my neck, pushing my face forward into a hard passionate kiss. I cupped her left breast, lifting it and squeezing, feeling its weight and finding it surprisingly soft for an implant.

“Don’t worry,” She moaned softly, “There might be something else we can do.” I moved down her neck, kissing skin covered in goosebumps. I began to pull and kneed her proud nipple.

“What? What can I do that will pay the rent?” I breathed into her neck, causing more goosebumps, then licked the sensitive flesh.

“Fuck Me.” She whispered, burying her crimson face in my shoulder.


“Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Her voice rose to an almost scream as she repeated the phrase. “Give me this!” She nearly screamed, swiveling her hips and freeing my fuck stick from it’s soft prison. She wrapped her hand around it, rubbing up and down my rigid dick from balls to tip, pumping furiously.

“I want this. I want you to fuck me with you hard shaft!” Her voice had lowered to a near whisper as she filled my ear with her sultry voice. “I want you to fuck me hard, like that slut from last night. I want you to fill my holes with your hard cock, drop hot cum into every hole. I wanna be a slut! Make me your slut!”

We kissed then, the hard kiss of people who are about to fuck. Our teeth knocked together as our tongues danced, her moans coming hard now. ‘And now, the fun time.’ I exulted. Both she and I were primed and ready to screw like it’s the end of the world. I said a silent thanks to my Uncle Simon.

Even before the kiss broke, I was pushing her downward. Shelly sank to her knees, and spent a long moment staring at the erect penis in front of her. Almost reverently, she planted a gentle kiss on the head, then licked up the pre-cum bubbling up out of the eye of my shaft. She spent a moment teasing my head, flicking it softly here and there, before suddenly plunging her head down and making the head and about half the shaft disappear into her welcoming mouth. Working the length of the shaft with her talented tongue as she bobbed her head up and down, taking more of the shaft every time it she forced her head down.

This time I moaned, as she slid her mouth down to bury the whole shaft in her throat. She started to alternate taking the full measure of my throat-fucker into her face, and beating my cock with both hands when she was forced to come up for air.

All of the sudden, her whole body tensed and shook, the full moan of her orgasm making my prick, still halfway in her mouth, shiver to almost making me cum. I held it off, though, as I wasn’t ready. As the mental effort of keeping myself from cumming receded, I felt Shelly breathing hard against my hip. She took a moment, gathering herself from the afterglow of her climax. Shelly’s hands were both occupied, moving languorously against her moist hole and up and down my still erect shaft.

“I came,” She said dreamily, rubbing my cock over her face with a look of joy. She took my balls into her mouth, moaning over them as she experienced a series of smaller orgasms that shook her like an earthquakes aftershocks. Eyes closed as the last one finished, she mumbled around my ballsack.

“I’m sorry?” I asked.

“I said,” She said, letting my moist sack fall out of her mouth, “I’ve never cum just from sucking a guy’s dick. I barely touched my Happy Spot, and I came so hard…” She trailed off and licked up my hard flesh.

“Happy Spot?” I repeated, amused. “You have a Happy Spot? Cooool!”

“I love my Happy Spot!” She stated, slipping my now-huge head in and out of her mouth as she spoke. “I love my Happy Spot because it makes me happy, never sad.

Sometimes, though, my Happy Spot doesn’t get deneme bonus the attention it needs. Then, my Happy Spot makes me want to fuck. It makes me want a cock so much that I can’t concentrate. When that happens, I’ll let just about anyone fuck me…”

“Oh, so your Happy Spot hasn’t been getting attention? Is that why you’re making me happy now?” I leaned back slightly, resting my ass against the couch and pulling my cock out of her mouth.

“No!” She exclaimed, a worried expression replacing a quick look of shock on her face. “I’d have fucked you anytime, if you’d asked. “It has been a while since someone else paid attention to it, and masturbation and toys were beginning to lose their appeal. Luckily, there’s a guy I know who fucks well,” She said. Her hands had both gone back to working my shaft, rubbing the full length as she peppered kisses on the head between words.

“So what you need, then,” I opined, pulling her up to press against me again. As I reached between her legs to touch her ‘Happy Spot’, I continued, “Is some serious attention paid to this,” Here I pressed hard on her clitoris for just a moment.

She jumped at the sudden pressure, then started to push her crotch forward against my hand.

“Oh, god,” She moaned, stretching the last syllable out as her body tightened against the power of another orgasm. “Oh, god, yes. I need attention, I need my Happy Spot worked over, please…” She begged, as more climaxes built up, breaking like waves over Shelly’s body. Her moans reached a new peak as I lowered my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I lapped my tongue over the sensitive milk-faucet, biting the giving flesh occasionally. Shelly sagged against me as another huge wave of pleasure made her quiver against me.

My cock was ready to shoot, hovering near the point where shooting my load would become inevitable. The climax would have been amazing, but I knew holding out a bit longer would make it even better.

So, to take the pressure of Shelly off my cock and forestall my first cum, I swung her around. The spinning took up from behind the couch to standing in front of my easy chair. Her look of surprise, intensified by my pushing her backwards onto the chair, gave way to happy anticipation, as I pushed her legs wide and knelt between them. She spread her legs wide, resting them on the arms of the chair, allowing maximum access to the “Happy Spot”.

Shelly’s pussy, already glistening and dripping her juice onto the edge of the chair, smelled lovely and looked just as nice. I got a smile out of her by claiming that eating her out was the real ‘Breakfast of Champions’. Then I turned my attention to her quivering pussy.

At first, I just breathed on it, her moaning increasing as I increased the pressure of each blow. She was excited enough that just touching her clitoris touched off another wave of orgasms. Her body began to buck upwards against my tongue, filling my mouth with her taste. Her moaning turned to a kind of loud keening as the waves of climax grew and joined together into one long, solid beat of pleasure. I licked and probed, sinking my tongue into wet, welcoming hole, while using my nose to rub and press against her throbbing clitoris, each new thing I tried seeming to increase her pleasure. With one hand I began to rub and tug her proud nipples, while the other sank down so I could begin to play with her asshole. When I finally pushed a finger into her anus, her keening went beyond sound. This silent orgasm lasted for minutes, during which my head was vised between her thighs, tongue and nose working the Happy Spot.

A long time later, the flood ebbed, and Shelly loosened her grip on my head. Sweating, barely able to move, Shelly’s face was a picture of tired satisfaction. Her body, limp like a rag doll, looked lovely, and my cock, having lost some of it’s rigidity while I was occupied with the Happy Spot, returned to full, ready-to-fuck hardness.

“Motherfucker.” Shelly breathed tiredly, “That was… Jesus. I knew you had skill, but that was… more than amazing…” Her eyes fluttering, Shelly looked ready for a long nap.

I wasn’t ready for a break, though. I moved forward until my raging hard on was poised just over her waiting fuckhole. Gently, I pushed my cock down until the bottom of my head was just touching Shelly’s inflamed clit. I began to push back and forth, watching the subtle contact wake Shelly up. A smile brightened her worn-out appearance as I moved from rubbing her Happy Spot to running the head of my fuck stick along the line of her pussy.

“Fuck me.” She said, simply. I pressed the swollen head against her lips, forcing them apart slowly, taking time to let her tight pussy adjust to the thick shaft penetrating it. When I got about half of my meat into her tight opening, I pulled back slightly, then thrust the rest of my tool into her. The sudden thrust elicited a yelp from Shelly, causing her to sit up, and making her pussy squeeze my cock tight. As I started to work my meat into and out of her gripping pussy, Shelly wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine, tongue invading my mouth even as I invaded her lower mouth. Both of our hips began to work in rhythm, my meat shaft alternately filling her and using just my drooling cock head to excite the warm opening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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