Janette Pt. 01

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* I’m not a native English speaker, so sorry if my English si clumsy sometimes 🙂 *

Janette by StarDust

Part 1

‘She must have got tipsy’, I told to myself when I realized Janette’s moves were a bit too abrupt and harsh as she backed herself from the table. She gave wheels of the wheelchair a strong push backward and then, while still rolling back, she pushed hard on the right wheel rim in the opposite way and sent the wheelchair into a somewhat wild spin. Her knees, barely covered by the beautiful red evening dress, swayed and bounced, controlled only by laws of physics. The hem of the skirt flailed to the side a bit, but obviously without any sexual intention.

Janette stopped the spin abruptly, leaned forward more than usual and started to roll the wheelchair on the thick carpet of the hotel restaurant with mighty pushes. I followed her towards the entrance, not even daring to offer a help.

“Mine room or yours?” she asked matter-of-factly when we had passed by the reception desk and found ourselves in the secluded side corridor.

“I think yours would be more appropri-” I started but she interrupted me.

“I can manage in a standard room too, I don’t need anything special,” she exclaimed sternly.

“Absolutely no doubt about that,” I assured her quickly. “I just thought it should be me who will then have to return to his room. You are my boss, after all,” I said with a smile.

“Ok,” she said after another couple of might pushes. I had to hurry to catch up with her, all the time fascinated by the unobvious strength of her arms which still looked very feminine as they protruded from short sleeves of the dress.

“Let’s do it like this,” she continued without even looking at me. “Go to your room… take a shower or whatever… and come to mine in 30 minutes. Alright?”

She started to slow down gently by letting the metal rims of wheels rub against her palms. I stopped and she came to a stand shortly after, using the last bit of the momentum to let the wheelchair spin around expertly. Facing me in her seat, she finally looked up at me.

“You do know where my room is, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” I nodded. “I’ll be there in half an hour. See you then.”

I turned around and headed to my room.

* * *

After 30 minutes (I tried to be as on time as possible) I knocked at my boss’ door. I had to wait maybe 15 seconds before the door started to open. I gently pushed it inside while Janette backed away from it in her wheelchair.

“Come in,” she invited me as she spun around.

She was dressed only in a thick white hotel bath-robe that covered her almost completely. Long sleeves had to be even rolled up to match the length of her arms and the bottom hem ended only couple of inches above her ankles. Bare feet rested on the footplate of the wheelchair with a big gap between them. Flaps of the robe were neatly closed over her front and upper thighs, with belt snuggly tied around the waist.

“Gimme another minute, Jack,” she said and headed to the bathroom. “Make yourself comfortable in the meantime, there’s also a minibar over there.”

She disappeared and I looked around the room. It was fairly bigger than mine with a lot of space around the bed and furniture. It was probably made so for better wheelchair maneuverability and accessibility. I even noticed a long trapeze bar hanging above the king sized bed. There were two thin rails fixed on the ceiling and the bar hung from them on two ropes by each end of it. It seemed to be able to change its position and the height, now hanging just under the ceiling. My eyes searched a bit and then I noticed a small white remote control laying on the night table by the head of the bed.

Having been attracted and intrigued by the interesting device I didn’t notice Janette coming back again. Only when she rolled beside me, wheels muted down by the carpet, I realized she was there. Naked. Naked!!!

She passed by me and I glimpsed her naked lap for a split of second before it disappeared from my view, shielded by the upper body. She headed directly to the bed and I could see her bare, womanly rounded shoulders and muscles as she raised arms behind her, with elbows sticking back before she placed hands on rims again and pushed them strongly forward.

Once by the bed she turned around without a tiniest hint of hesitation or shyness. My heart skipped couple of beats as her naked body came fully on display. She raised her head and stuck out her chin a little in a self-confident gesture. Her eyes were scanning my face as if being able to read my deepest thoughts without any problem.

I gulped. She was absolutely beautiful! Her body looked vulnerable thanks to its shape, obviously crippled and atrophied, but at the same time it looked absolutely confident and undoubtedly capable to offer all kinds of pleasure that only a woman can give a man. Janette showed no embarrassment in displaying herself in front of me and that gave her appearance an unexpected pride, güvenilir bahis power and adorability, despite the fact that she was forced to sit motionlessly in the wheelchair and look up to me from her low position.

The boldly exposed nudity and the posture of Janette’s body that didn’t hide anything of her feminity, radiated such a huge sexuality and lust that my penis immediately engorged. I took a deep breath finally, not able to tear my eyes from the beauty sitting in the wheelchair in front of me.

Janette seemed to be satisfied with the effect her appearance obviously had on me as her gaze slid across my whole body and I noticed a small hint of a smile on her lips. She adjusted the position of the wheelchair beside the bed and then turned her face back to me again.

I had been fascinated by the gentle swaying and jiggling of her fairly big and firm breasts as she leaned to the side to check the position of the wheel.

“I hoped you’d get undressed too,” she said teasingly as she tipped forward, supporting herself with one hand on the wheelchair frame and reached for brakes with the other. “How do you want to perform with all that clothing on you? Or shall we perhaps leave it be?” Wheelchair brakes clicked as she clasped them.

Her breasts hung freely and my heart skipped another beat. I was mesmerized by the picture and the bulge in my pants must have become obvious because I noticed her sight wandered there and stopped. Perhaps that’s why no-one of us realized that one of brakes didn’t snap properly and jumped back to its released position when Janette let it go and pushed herself up to the sitting position again.

“Oh, no, no, sorry,” I said quickly and started to undress myself clumsily in hurry.

Janette moved her bottom on the seat of the wheelchair and brought it more to its edge. The chair bounced a bit. She then leaned and reached for the bed with the hand on that side. I had managed to strip off my shirt by the time.

Janette looked at me with amused smile, obviously having fun of me trying to get rid of my own clothes. She pushed with one arm on the bed and the other on the chair seat to hoist herself nonchalantly onto the bed. I was just jumping out of my pants.

As Janette pushed hard onto the seat, the wheelchair started to move. With only one wheel properly locked the chair started to turn around. Its front moved away from the bed and a gap between them had created.

Janette understood immediately what was happening. She nudged on the seat in an attempt to gain enough momentum and throw herself sideways onto the bed even if not in a lady-like manner. But the moving wheelchair didn’t offer enough of support. Janette’s naked bottom sort of hung over the gap between the bed and the chair seat for a second and then started to fall down. Janette leaned to the side, onto the arm that had still enough of support on the bed while trying to grab the escaping wheelchair with the other and bring it back under her. But all she had been able to manage was to slow her fall and sort-of lower herself to the floor.

I was out of my pants already and wanted to jump to help but then I stopped. I noticed Janette’s face blush from embarrassment and frustration and somehow I understood it was important for her to get over the problem all by herself. So I just resumed undressing myself and kept watching her.

She turned the upper body towards the bed while the lower half of her remained motionless. Her legs laid in front of her in a messy heap, feet bent unnaturally as they just fell off the footrest of the wheelchair uncontrollably. She didn’t make any attempt to re-arrange them, she just focused on getting herself on the bed finally. She didn’t even look at my direction, as if not wanting me to see her face.

She took hold of the bed frame by the edge of the mattress with one hand and with the other she reached far onto the bed where she grabbed the bedcover that laid on it. Then she started to pull herself up slowly. It apparently took a lot of effort as she was in an awkward position and I feared the bedcover might start sliding away and send her back to the floor again. But to my surprise it provided a steady support and she was able to drag herself onto the bed eventually.

She buried her face to the bed cover as she needed to rearrange arms to be able to push herself further. Her naked bottom was hanging limply over the edge of the bed, hips and butt-cheeks visibly atrophied, looking somewhat empty and bony. But their provocative nudity was making them look sexy as hell anyway. Janette’s thighs hung down, skin shaking and undulating, giving away the lack of any muscular tone in her legs. Feet were twisted and curled as they had rolled lifelessly around in the process.

I had to pull down my trousers and free my dick because the growing erection begun to cause me pain.

Janette pulled herself further on the bed and I watched how her limp legs dragged behind her, brushing over the edge of the bed roughly. One foot güvenilir bahis siteleri slapped the hard, metal frame of the wheelchair several times without Janette even noticing.

In the middle of the bed, she rolled over on her back and pushed herself into a sitting position. She had been still avoiding an eye contact with me. She pretended to be fully occupied with rearranging her legs in front of her and the cover around her.

I quickly pulled off my socks and then without hurry (trying to conceal my wobbling erection) I climbed on the bed by Janette’s side. I wrapped one arm around her shoulders and hugged her.

“Why do you do that?” I asked softly.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, still not lifting her head up.

I gently took her head under the chin and turned up, forcing her look at me.

“Why do you put so much effort and attention to present yourself so self-confident and capable?”

“Because I am self-confident and capable!”

“Well, why you shouldn’t be?”

“Because…” her voice trailed off suddenly. “I guess some people may think… that I’m just a poor cripple… unable to do anything…”

“Yeah, that might be true. There are surely stupid people out there who may think exactly that. But why do you do that in front of me? Especially when we are alone…”

“I just don’t want you to think that I am… less abled… well, I don’t want you to see my vulnerability.”

“Janette, we have been working together for several years already, right? I’m damn well aware of what you are able to do and achieve. I have seen you work hard, take the toughest decisions, deal with stress,… I know pretty well how capable and strong you are. And I have seen you take care of yourself in so many situations. I know how ‘abled’ you are and, hey, I know your limits too.” I giggled a little at that, then continued: “You don’t need to prove anything to me. You don’t need to pretend anything in front of me. If there is someone who is deeply convinced about your abilities and powers – it’s me. Ok?”

“Ok,” she nodded like a schoolgirl and I felt her arm around my waist. “I think you are right and it would really be a relief to not always push myself into a role of ‘I-can-do-it-all’ superwoman. After all, as you said, I have some limits and you know them already… so what’s the point in trying to hide them in front of you?”

“Yeah, that’s my smart boss!” I exclaimed with a smile.

She giggled but then turned serious: “Ok, now let’s get to the business.”

“Business?” my eyebrows went high.

“Doesn’t really matter, call it as you wish. I just want you to fuck me so I can see how much of it I could still feel and whether it is worth it.”

I choked at that.

“Hell, that really sounds as a business thing,” I admitted and pushed her upper body backward. Supported on my outstretched arm I lowered her gently to the bed and climbed on top of her. My erected penis brushed across her flaccid thigh and I was happy that she hadn’t noticed how excited I was as her eyes were glued to my face.

I hovered low above her, supported on my elbows. She was so pretty! The auburn hair splashed around the beautiful, elegant face, green eyes watching me thoroughly.

“Is kissing allowed?” I asked, enjoying her facial features from such a close distance.

“Hell, no!” she said quickly. “This is supposed to be just a physical matter, nothing intimate.”

“Well, there need to be some contact, you’ve heard about it, haven’t you?” I said playfully. “It doesn’t work on command.”

“Sure, you’re right,” she admitted. “Since I cannot feel much of my body anyway, I think I should take a good advantage of what has left to me.”

“Err, what has left of me,” she added after a short while. “You can kiss me. But not on mouth!”

“Sure, boss,” I acknowledged and started to kiss the side of her neck.

She helped me by turning the head to the side. I continued up to her ear and nibbled on its lobe. Then I went to her cheek and down to the jaw where I planted a few kisses on the soft bottom of it. Then I continued down the front of her neck.

I could tell she liked it. She felt more relaxed under me and her breath deepened. I lowered myself onto her in such a way that my chest rubbed over those beautiful tits when I moved up to her head again.

“Maybe you can caress me too, I need some stimulation as well,” I whispered in her ear and then raised on my elbows and knees again to look into her eyes. She smiled knowingly and then, out of sudden, she reached between us and took hold of my erected member with her hand.

“No, you don’t,” she stated mischievously and squeezed my dick firmly. It had caught me by such a surprise that I almost came right on the spot. I moaned involuntarily from the sudden wave of strong pleasure.

“Let’s stick to bringing my own excitement high enough,” she exclaimed, then frowned and added: “Oh wait! I think it’s doing something with me too when I play with that toy of iddaa siteleri yours! Let me give it another try…”

With that she started to massage and squeeze my shaft wildly with one hand while she probed her own crotch area with the other!

“I think I’m getting wet down there, just from the playing with your love tool. Wow, interesting…” she exclaimed matter-of-factly and I had to fight hard to not cum like a pre-mature boy. It was clear to me I had to stop her very soon.

I collected all my consciousness and said: “No, no, no, baby, stop that. Stop it right now, please. We don’t want this.”

“I’m not your baby,” she said pretending anger. “I’m your boss!!!”

And she pulled onto my prick mightily once again. I groaned but she let go of me then. (Fortunately!) I quickly slid down, bringing my most sensitive parts out of her reach.

I pushed her legs to the sides to make more room between them. She was still probing her own cunt with fingers. I could see the pinky lips gaping and there were small pearl drops of the love juice. I took her hand away and brought my mouth to the vulva.

She was properly shaved down there, probably for hygienic reasons. I found her bald and smooth skin very likeable. I started to lick all around joyfully.

She had one of the most beautiful cunts I had ever seen. I absolutely enjoyed it and started to eat it with hunger. I licked deep inside her vigorously and the love tunnel began to fill with natural lubricant on its own, despite the fact that the surrounding body was utterly lifeless and numb.

“What are you doing there?” she asked and I felt her feel around with her hands. She found my head in her groin and understood what was going on. “Oh my gosh! You are eating me hard and I cannot even feel it!”

Then she added more to herself: “But I do feel some strange sensation somewhere in the middle of my body. Let me see it, I have to SEE that!”

Hands had disappeared from my head and I only guessed she needed them to push herself up. The lower body that was in my possession didn’t move at all though.

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed. “What a sight!!! Boy, you are definitely having your fun! Ohhhh… yeah, that’s exciting! Tell me, tell me, am I moist down there already?”

I stopped licking her and wetted my face and nose in her body juices. Then I raised my head and looked at her. I saw two orbs of magnificent boobs with nipples fully erected and a pretty, somewhat reddened, face between them.

“What do you think?” I asked, knowing my face must have been glistening from the thick liquid.

“Holly shit! It seems my cunt really loves it! Oh, that’s weird… but exciting too. I think I’m starting to be aroused as well.”

“Let me help you with that,” I suggested and started to kiss and lick my way up her supple lower abdomen, stomach, around the belly button,…

Janette laid back on the bed again and waited for me to reach the level of her feel. Even the waiting itself (knowing I was kissing her unfeeling lower body) must have driven her crazy because I could tell her breath has been quickening with every second.

“There!” she shouted as I licked the first part of the skin that she could feel. “Please, bring me to orgasm! I’m not sure if it is possible but I need it, I desperately need it, please…”

I had been already licking the underneath of one of breasts while I was kneading and squeezing the other. Janette was moaning and caressing the back of my head in the meantime. I moved to the front of the breast I had been licking and circled around the areola and the nipple with the tip of my tongue.

The nipple was hard, full of blood. I sucked it inside my mouth gently and started to lick it as a sweet candy. I sucked and licked and even bit it carefully. Then I switched to the other breast and did the same with the second nipple. Janette was moaning and crying constantly by that time.

“Please, check if I’m still wet down there,” she managed to command between two moans. But she didn’t wait for me to obey and as soon as I raised myself to have a look, she inserted the hand in her own crotch and said in amazement: “Shit, I’m dripping like a little puppy.”

“Yeah, you have made a pretty large puddle under you,” I confirmed when I looked at the huge wet patch on the bed cover.

“Ok, Jack, I think I’m almost ready now, just let me play with your love shaft a bit and then you can fuck me.”

“Yeah, but you cannot play with it too long because it would be all over, even before it starts,” I warned her as I was changing my position.

I moved upward, leaned onto my left elbow and inserted the forearm under Janette’s head. With her head raised on my arm she could watch comfortably what was happening between us. She reached for my rock-hard penis and I grabbed her left breast with my free hand, paying attention to not obstruct her view.

“You are absolutely sexy,” I talked to her softly. “You’ve got so exciting body, so seductive, so appealing… and offering so much in return…”

“That’s great, that’s great, Jack… I’m there… the final stage… hand me my legs…” – I stammered at that, not knowing what she meant. “Hand me my legs, I said! Pick them up and put them in my hands!”

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