Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 92

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 90). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 92 – Comforting a Victim. The New Julie


I held Izzy in my lap for the short trip back to the villa from Pirate’s Point. She alternated between crying and taking huge gulps of air to the point of hyperventilating. She was struggling to get control of her shattered emotions. Her lips and body kept trembling uncontrollably. I heard Cindy call the house on her cell phone alerting whomever she talked to that we were on our way and that all had turned out well, but that Izzy was a mental mess and needed lots of comforting and support.

Izzy was surrounded by a group of loving sisters and brothers when we got to the house. I relinquished her to their arms, but she looked longingly back at me. I had been telling her how much I loved her and would have moved heaven and earth to be sure nothing bad happened to her. It took several more hours for Izzy to calm down and shed some of the anxiety resulting from her kidnapping.

I called Jerry Roberts, the chief counsel for Worthington Industries, described the situation and asked him to follow-up with the police and legal system on St. Croix to be sure the perpetrators received the maximum sentences for their actions. If anything, I wanted the message to go out that if you mess with us, we’ll mess with you in an even worse way. He laughed and assured me that the results would be to my liking.

Although Izzy stopped sobbing, she remained a basket case the rest of the evening. She was often hyperventilating and couldn’t stand to be outside of the arms of someone she loved and trusted. I think every one of us at the villa held her for some period of time, often as she rolled into a small ball in their laps. Not surprisingly, she didn’t eat dinner.

I took Izzy to bed with me much earlier than normal. I thought that if I could get her to sleep that she’d release more of the angst the day had brought her. Although I came to bed in a pair of boxers, she insisted that we be naked as we usually were, although she didn’t seem to want anything overtly sexual.

Izzy spooned her small naked body into mine, even trapping my tumescent cock between her legs as our crotches came together. She also placed the arm I had around her in a position so that I ended up holding one of her breasts with the nipple right at the center of my palm where it made my thinking that much more oriented to erotic sexual feelings. I pushed those aside for the time being since I wasn’t getting any signals from her that we should continue with any kind of lovemaking.

I talked a steady steam of soothing and loving words to Izzy, telling her how brave I thought she’d been with the two men, not breaking down and refusing to answer any of their questions about how much they could milk from me for a ransom. I realized in the process that she had no idea of my net worth other than that it was ‘a lot.’

Izzy soaked up the words of love and consolation from me, and after about an hour I realized that she’d finally fallen asleep, no doubt from emotional exhaustion. Her small body twitched and jerked occasionally in my arms all night long. I drifted off too; aware a little later that Elsa, Cindy, Melanie, Sheila, and a couple of others had joined us in our super-king-size bed. Elsa had taken the spot next to Izzy and gave her a very tender kiss that didn’t wake the troubled girl.

When I awoke, it was dawn and although our bedroom windows faced northwest, there was a generous amount of light finding its way into the room. I blinked several times to remove the cobwebs from my eyes and head, and then became even more aware of my current situation and Izzy’s involvement.

I was cock deep in Izzy’s snug little pussy as she spooned back against me. Somehow, she’d managed to impale herself on my morning wood, and she was slowly writhing around so that she got some stimulation from my penetration. I leaned forward and kissed her nearest ear and neck, and heard a small purr of satisfaction start deep in her chest. I also started to help in her stimulation by making small thrusts with my hips to fuck my young ‘wife,’ thereby sinking the rest of my shaft into her vagina.

Izzy moaned back at me over her shoulder, and when I reached forward to see if I could simultaneously titillate her clitoris as I fucked her from behind, I found Elsa’s hand already there, with two of her fingers güvenilir bahis lightly stroking our dear friend’s little pleasure bud. I looked over Izzy’s body and got a lovely conspiratorial smile from Elsa.

We kept up our subtle assault on Izzy – me pumping my cock into her and Elsa stroking her clit and surrounding area, until she finally started to orgasm. As her pussy started to spasm, I felt her muscular contractions and that was all it took to pull me the last fraction into my own stupendous climax. I came hard, with a dozen shots of my semen deep into the woman’s small body. Even as my orgasmic contractions slowed and stopped, I could feel Izzy’s vaginal muscles milking every last drop from me.

I pulled Izzy to me and whispered, “Izzy, I love you. I was so panicked that you had been taken. I wanted you back in my arms – like this. God, I love you so.”

Izzy turned in my arms so she could kiss me. She didn’t forget about Elsa, reaching back and pulling her naked body tight against hers. She whispered, “I love you both. Thank you for my beautiful wake up fuck. I never tire of this with either of you. This is so special.”

The three of us slid from the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. When we were through we went into the kitchen and started some coffee for breakfast. I saw the presence of several vigilant bodyguards outside in the patio area and further away down on the beach. I guess Lucas had beefed up security despite the horses having already left the barn. At the end of the driveway, I also spotted a St. Croix police car sitting in a prominent position. Two island officers were standing in alert postures next to the car.

Izzy, Elsa, and I went and sat on the patio. It would be another warm day, in contrast to the freezing temperatures then in the city at home. I held Izzy on my lap again, and felt myself harden as her wet pussy rubbed against my flaccid cock. Ella snickered, knowing how I always rose to the occasion whenever any of the naked women sat in my naked lap.

I said, “Izzy, I feel very responsible for what happened to you. My heart boils over with guilt.”

She looked at me like I was mad, and so did Elsa.

I explained, “You were captured because of our lapses in security and because of my money. I knew our security was at a reduced state and had been ever since Myron Tanner shot Elsa, and she and Cindy killed him. We got to thinking there was no further threat. I tolerated those reductions and didn’t think much about it until yesterday. Moreover, I should have known I was a target in someway because of my wealth.”

Izzy kissed me, “We all knew about the reduced security. We didn’t and don’t want to live in an armed encampment, and I want things to go back to how they were before yesterday. This was a fluke; and as for your money, that’s silly. Those two men kept asking me how much money you were worth, and I kept telling them I didn’t know.”

“Do you know?”

“No, but I guess it’s a few million from how we live and all – the airplanes, homes, and your business. They asked me to guess finally, and I said ten million. I think that was instrumental in them deciding they wanted two million as a ransom.”

I chuckled. “Izzy, I’m currently worth about fifty BILLION dollars – that’s five-hundred times what you thought it was. In liquid assets or cash at any one time, I probably have two to five percent of that figure – one to almost three billion dollars. The two million they wanted was not a problem except that they wanted small denomination bills in a short time period.” I explained about how we’d had to have the money flown in from Florida.

Izzy whirled around and looked at me kind of funny. She gave a little whistle almost under her breath. “Wow. I’m pretty lucky then, huh? I want you to know I would love you if you were a pauper.”

“And I want you to know that I would have signed away all my wealth and my share in the company to get you back.”

Izzy looked at Elsa and reached out and held her hand, and then looked back at me. She said, “Can we fuck again? I am feeling very needy right now, and sex is at the top of my list of things that a needy girl needs. I want to eat out Elsa while you fuck me again.”

Elsa smirked, “Right here, or how about the gazebo?”

“Gazebo,” Izzy said as she shifted around in my lap.

Izzy hopped up out of my lap and led Elsa and me to the gazebo at the end of the pool deck. The bougainvillea grew up trellises on three sides of gazebo, and that morning the red blossoms were especially luscious. Inside the open wooden structure were four doublewide chaises. I smiled inwardly because a few days earlier I had been on the same chaise that Izzy chose with Julie, taking her virginity and making love. Kate and I had also made love there only a couple of hours before that.

Elsa pushed Izzy back once she’d sat on the lounger, pulled her legs apart, and plunged tongue first into the imp’s snapping pussy. Izzy let out a güvenilir bahis siteleri long loud moan that I felt sure might have woken up people in the main town six miles away. “Oooooooooh Goddddd!” Izzy exclaimed as an obvious wave of pleasure washed over her.

Izzy grabbed hold of my swollen cock and maneuvered me so I knelt by her head and she could suck on me, and suck on me she did. I remembered the old adage about how good little cocksuckers could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Izzy would qualify. I felt that if I didn’t deliver the goods, she’d go in and suck my insides out until she got what she wanted. She was magnificent, and that was before I locked onto her big dark eyes looking up at me and smiling in their unique way. I knew instantly that she loved me, and that our lust for each other was not only shared, but also an expression of our love.

Izzy orchestrated some changes in position until she was lying on her back as I stood between her legs with my cock deep inside her sweet pussy. By that time my face was covered in her female emissions from the time I spent eating her pussy as she ate out Elsa who carefully straddled Izzy’s body facing me as her pussy gently settled onto the younger girl’s face.

Izzy seemed insatiable and orgasmic. She’d usually had a tendency towards intense multiple orgasms, but that morning she seemed to be in high gear. EVERYTHING we did gave her an orgasm – the usual and the unusual. When I stroked her clit as I fucked her she came. When I angled my cock towards the spongy part of her interior she had back-to-back orgasms. When Elsa sucked on her tits as I ate her swollen labia she climaxed. My fingers in her ass as I speared into her doggie style sent her to the moon. Spanking her cute little tight buns with some love swats elicited several intense climaxes. Eventually, I blasted so much of my own semen into her body I was sure she’d sink into the earth’s core; the result was yet another intense orgasm and a plea for brief rest before we continued. I was done, but Elsa consequently ate my splooge from inside Izzy and delivered one more orgasm that totally wiped out the small girl. In a delirious sexual haze, she fell asleep almost as soon as we stopped trying to please her with sexual favors.

Elsa whispered to me that she’d stay with Izzy until she awoke. She cuddled her adorable sister into her body in a most loving way, and shut her own eyes for a little rest. I covered the pair in a large beach towel since the morning was still a little cool and damp compared to what it would be in a few hours.


After our early morning lovemaking session with Izzy and a rest, Mark and I suggested we start to prepare breakfast. Izzy hadn’t eaten much the day before so seemed ravenous by our standards. She devoured four pieces of French toast covered with butter and floating in maple syrup, three eggs, about ten rashers of bacon, two sausage patties, and two English muffins with strawberry jam. I could have sworn if it wasn’t nailed down, she would have eaten the kitchen counter.

Others drifted into the kitchen and dining area as they came from the bedrooms. Celeste had arrived and joined us as we kept the flow of food to the table until just about everyone had eaten their more reasonable portions.

Izzy decided she needed reassurance, comfort, and passionate feelings of love from each of the other men in our circle. The rest of the day, she led them off one-by-one to a bedroom and proceeded to fuck them until exhaustion set in, not for Izzy but for the subject male. A few times, one of the sisters would join the couple for sapphic clean up duty, an activity that Izzy loved to both give and receive.

In the mid-afternoon Captain Javier Huston of the island’s police department came by unannounced. There was a scramble to add at least a few items of clothing by some of our vacationers. Huston laughed heartily at the mayhem he’d caused.

The Captain talked to Izzy to see how she was feeling, and then to Cindy, Mark, and me. We’d been instrumental in ending the drama and kidnapping attempt.

Huston gestured towards the foyer where the two backpacks of money had been left. “We removed the exploding ink packs without incident. All your money is there. We don’t need it as evidence, so you may redeposit the funds as you see fit. I would have held out, but you were insistent about complying with the kidnapper’s demands.

“The two men who kidnapped Izzy were arraigned this morning pleaded not guilty – on what basis I can’t imagine, and denied bail. They have a public defender, but he has recommended that the men plead out and beg for the court’s mercy in sentencing. The minimum they will get is twenty years. Apparently, there were no accomplices. These two saw your smartly dressed friend taking pictures of flowers along the road in front of this high-priced villa and acted on the spur of the moment. There was no plan and no premeditation to do anything until they saw her iddaa siteleri and made a very bad series of decisions.

“The men were already in trouble with the law. They’d stolen the boat they were using because the only one they had access to had sunk. They were headed out on a fishing expedition in it and said they then intended to return it to the marina. Since the boat wasn’t damaged, the district attorney will probably ignore the theft and go after the men for only the kidnapping.”

After the update on Izzy’s abductors, Captain Huston left. The police car and men at the end of the driveway remained for the rest of our stay.

Izzy immediately came and hugged Mark, then Cindy, and then me. She said, “You saved me. I was sure I was going to die, and then only after I was raped or made a sex slave or something.”

Mark teased “You are our sex slave.”

Izzy grinned, “Except in the family’s case, I submit willingly. I think I even volunteered for that duty. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have a sexual liaison planned with Mike, another one of my slave masters. He’s going to help soothe me and remind me that I am safe and loved. You and the others have made a good start.” She gave a lascivious grin, turned, and strolled off towards the patio area where most of the others were lazing around in the mid-afternoon sun. As she went, she shed the few clothes she’d put on to meet with the police captain.

I rolled my eyes. Izzy was apparently milking this for all it was worth. Sex. That’s what she really wanted. She really did fit in with our hyper-sexual community of nymphomaniacs.

Julie came up about then carrying Philip Emerson. “I believe this bundle of joy is hungry. I just changed him, but I think it’s time for him to tank up from the mother load.” She was bubbly and held my baby out to us. Philip actually smiled at me as he squirmed around in Julie’s steady hands.

I immediately took Philip, pulled off the t-shirt I’d put on to talk to the police captain, and pushed one of my engorged teats into his mouth. He latched on so hard that I jumped. I wondered how I’d do when he started to get teeth.

Mark and Cindy went off in different directions. I sat down in the shade as my baby nursed. Julie sat with me.

I asked her, “You OK? I bet a lot has happened in your life since two days ago when we talked. You arrived here a virgin, and now you’ve had sex with several men and a few women. As you told me, this has all been a big event in your life.”

Julie smiled, “I’m still psyched up. I didn’t sleep much because I was having sex dreams. Well, also Ryan and I made love in the middle of the night, but that was at my instigation. I’d been dreaming about sex and I wanted more; he was right there and was so loving.”

“I don’t want you to become unhinged and rush off and leave us. What I do want is for you to feel empowered and in charge of making your life happen the way you want it to. I know there’s some peer pressure around here because the rest of us seem to hop from bed to bed and cock to cock or pussy to pussy. Just know that you don’t have to do that. YOU control what happens to you; not peer pressure or anything anybody else says to you, including Mark or me. Remember that sex is not a requirement of any kind for the nanny job or even being with us.”

Julie nodded. “I’ve done a lot of thinking about what’s been happening and my life up to now, and then speculating about the future. I have contemplated each of you. You, for instance, are sexy, hot and the most empowered woman in the family. You’re a natural leader and caregiver, but you have both a hard analytical and a soft romantic side to you. I admire that. Cindy’s the same. You’re both super role models for me.

“The others are so competent and accomplished, even the younger women. I feel as though I kind of got to college and then went to sleep at the wheel, at least socially and sexually. I’ve been drifting; waiting for something to happen that would define my life. Well, it happened; only I didn’t know it until now. What happened is that I moved in with all of you.”

I shook my head, “I don’t understand.”

Julie grinned, “Well, several things need explaining. First, by moving in with the family I gained about a dozen role models for non-passive behavior. That made me realize that sitting back and being a ‘watcher’ of my own life is not acceptable. You spoke a moment ago about empowerment. Watchers don’t feel empowered; they’re waiting for things to happen TO them. They aren’t making things happen FOR them. They aren’t taking their own lives in their hands and self-managing.

“Next, I fell in love with some people and I know those feelings will extend and expand over time to everyone – I can already feel it. Maybe I’m a dunce, but I made love with Mark and love him … and then you, and I love you. Kate and Steve were kind of in the mix. Later, Melanie made love to me, along with Ryan, Deke, and then Mike, and now I love them too. In three days I’ve had sex with five men and three women. I worried about how I’d feel, but now I know. I feel wonderful. I am a changed person. The oldest virgin in the state is no more – and by that I mean more than just the physical condition I was in.”

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