An Intense Engagement

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Hello My Beautiful Minx!

I keep having these vivid dreams about You! As soon as I wake up, I look around for a pen and paper so I may write about this wonderful thought of satisfying my hunger for Your body.

It’s the stuff that wet dreams are made of and a good source for my inspiration.

It all began with You in Your bed as I remember it. I’m sure it’s different now in every way, but that’s how I recall the environment which I’ve seen You in. You were wearing a button up top, panties and gray knee high socks, I was there at the foot of the bed. I had requested that You lay there, attentive and patient as I come close to do my thing.

Feel free to listen to the sounds I make or to feel my touches as they come. You can also be free to make as many sounds Yourself, or to move as freely to express the desires of Your body. Although You will be receiving pleasure, this will be a time for us, to enjoy and to remember.

May You please stretch Your legs out so I can see Your soles as they are wrapped in this gray fabric? I love that there is a tiny hole, revealing a tiny bit of my prize. Let me tickle You there just slightly, to see how sensitive You are. Remember what I told You about how I’d approach You? This is how I shall conduct myself today as well.

Let me place my hands over Your toes so I can close my eyes and feel them. I’d sway my palms over them and feel how they curl as I grab them. This is the first instance when You will know how much I want them. How much I want You. By the way I grab these with intention. Let me move my hands down along the edge of Your feet so I may feel how narrow they are, and easy to hold onto my hands.

Would You allow me to remove the first sock? Is this like a child unwrapping that gift he has always desired? Maybe.

I’ll pull off both socks and draw them slow as Your soles are revealed. This is my first glimpse of the softness of Your skin. Oh my! How I’d LOVE to devour these!

There is something about how Your toes move as the fabric of that sock that turns me on, but at the same time, I have a certain degree of haste as my desire to taste You intensifies.

This is when my eyes brighten, as Your toes are bare and becomes available for me. Would You give me a few seconds just to enjoy them? I love staring at Your soles just to contemplate all the ways I may worship them. I love the length of Your toes especially, not too long and not too short. Perhaps You will find out how I appreciate them as they fit in my mouth, very soon.

I’d love to find out how sensitive Your arches are, perhaps I may be able to turn You on with a few sole kisses?

I know You might be ticklish, so I’d start slowly. I’d want to arouse You first. Once Your body begins to crave an orgasm, then Your tickle senses will make way for sensual touches. Then once Your body temperature rises, You won’t be ticklish anymore.

This is when I show You appreciation for this moment, by touching You slowly so Your arousal becomes deep and intense, but not too slow so I may demonstrate how I enjoy every second I have with You.

I’d want to smother soft kisses on Your toes and heels, slowly licking and tasting You I’ll start by suckling on the big toe, absorbing it with my bahis şirketleri lips and drawing them back, tasting You even more.

Would You mind if I look in Your eyes? Would You tell me how good You want to feel? This is when You’ll know how much is want this. Did I mention how I love Your pinkie toe? It curls down and forward as if it is anxious to receive kisses, pointing to my lips.

So that’s where I’ll go next.

I’ll plant soft kisses on the tip. I’ll close my eyes and depend on what my lips are telling me. I’ll give You a hint of what they say: These toes are soft, small, and vulnerable in a way a woman ought to be. It’s as if Your toes were meant to fit into my lips, and it will show once I wrap my lips around Your small toe.

After those kisses, I’ll begin my first suckle onto Your pinkie while also taking in the toe next to it. Two toes at a time. I’ll draw them into my mouth and wrap them tightly with my lips, then pulling away to taste You again. I don’t know how my lips will look at this point, but I do know they will be smiling for sure.

How about You? Will You wait in anticipation as to what I’ll do next? Where I’ll go?

I shall suckle these toes a few times before moving onto Your middle toes. They must not be neglected. Let me draw my lips over them and begin suckling them. I’ll continue a few times until You feel my tongue underneath. Here’s when I’ll suckle on Your big toe again, but this time I’ll have the toe next to it. These are Your longest toes, so these will have my longest suckles. Feel my mouth here as I pause to let my tongue rub against them. I love how slender Your toes are, and I love how hungry I am for You.

I’ll draw my lips out to attempt to suckle all Your toes at once. Will they fit between my lips? Once again, I close my eyes at this moment just to let this sensation of Your feet so close to me.

Let me move onto Your next foot where I’ll move just as I did with the first. After adoring each toe individually, I’d rub my cheek against Your sole just so I can know that this moment is real. This is something I’ve wanted for such a long time, almost divine.

I’d moan just to feel You, but perhaps Your moan may be louder? I just might leak a little cum at this point, but before You get to know how much, I’d want to move my fingers along Your legs. I shall apply soft strokes, caressing around Your calves and then back down along Your soles.

I’ll eventually work my way up between the warmth of Your thighs. Perhaps at this point You may notice how deep my breathing is? Furthermore, You’ll feel how warm my chest is as I rub it against Your foot as I work my way up.

Here’s when You’ll learn, I don’t just do feet, I’d want to do You too!

But as You already know, I’m the type of guy who likes to challenge myself. I want to get You to be moist before I even begin caressing Your legs, but once I get up there and continue kissing Your navel, I’ll want to tease Your sweet pussy first.

A gentleman doesn’t go straight for it, he shall demonstrate appreciation of Your company first. I’ll plant soft and moist kisses around Your pretty little flower, along Your hip bones and across Your waist. Again, not too fast, not too slow.

Perhaps I’ll move bahis firmaları my lips onto Your fingers and begin kissing and suckling on them too, just so I can stare at You and see how much You want this, to see how far You want me to go.

I’ve seen Your cute fingers; these are slender and feminine. No pronounced bone edges and no strong textures. This gives away the condition of Your Youth.

You are still fully clothed. That’s not a problem! I’ll slip my fingers under Your shirt so You can’t see where they’ll wander Just close Your eyes and feel where they go. Let them wander under Your back and along Your sides before they caress the underside of Your breasts. What would You do when I begin to stroke the sensitive area around Your nipples?

At this point, I can feel how warm You are and how deep Your breaths are. I love how close our bodies are! I am loving every second of this!


I want to devour Your breasts with my lips too, but not so fast! I want every second to last as long as I can, so our enjoyment lasts longer! This moment is very precious for me.

Would You shiver if I caress the sides of Your hips?

Would You twitch if I move my lips from Your navel to that spot just a little lower? I’ll have to move my hands to Your sides so I may lift Your shirt up.

Perhaps You can feel my breathing under Your belly button at this point. You’ll know how much I want to go farther by how deep I am breathing.

You will also feel how hot I’m getting as I crawl down and between Your legs, I’ll let my lips wander lower, and my hands slip underneath Your bum. This is when I will feel Your pants and Your panties, just a mere obstacle for what I hunger for. I slip these slowly and away so I may see the splendor of Your naked body!

Oh my! If I wasn’t well mannered, I’d devour You like a starving animal at this point! I just might one day, but not today!

Placing my fingers underneath Your bum, they cradle it so my middle finger can curl under and right at the edge of Your sweet pussy. I know this is when You want to grab me, and I do, but not too hard. Not yet.

I just want to feel the softness of Your bum, and the tenderness of the underside of Your pussy, because that’s where my lips will go as well.

Mmmm! I can already taste You!

I take one look at You before I approach Your pussy with my lips. We both have that same look of lust and intention. Let my other senses simmer in this moment just for a bit.

I love how You smell. Like a woman, ready to receive me, and this orgasm I’m about to provide.

Oh my!

This is when You will need to hold on very tightly…

I will close my eyes so I can plant tender kisses at the upper edge of Your pussy. I will clench onto Your bum just a little tighter, making this heat between us a little more intense.

My kisses will move lower, deeper and longer. You will recognize these kisses from what I provided onto Your feet, but the intensity as to how I plant these will be a little deeper, and the taste I will receive will be much purer and more genuine. I can only taste this from this part of You and it delights me so much that I’ve made it this far.

Let me plant these kisses a little slower as I become more kaçak bahis siteleri attentive to Your movements and the sounds You make. These moans are different as well. I can listen to Your voice express herself in higher pitches, becoming louder with each progressive movement I do. Let me plant my tongue in between each kiss. Let me feel the moisture between Your lips gather.

The combination of my warm breathing and the saliva dripping out of my lips creates this warm and slippery environment on the surface of Your skin, which is more than ideal for me to suckle and kiss freely. It’s as if our bodies were made to prepare things to devour each other.

Judging by the twitching You make with Your legs and the increased moaning You provide; I find it suitable to take us into Your peak.

I slip my tongue gently onto Your clit, I find it easily, I love how small and pliable it feels, and how it seems to control the sounds You make. Would You place Your hands onto my head to guide me to Your pleasure? I feel You clutching my head softly but firmly. Tell me where You want me to go? I’ll keep suckling and kissing and fondling Your pretty little clit. I’ll swallow a bit of You in between as I do and moan at the delight of Your taste.

I can hear You moan louder! I can feel You stretching Your legs as this orgasm begins to intensify.

Feel my hand reach up to Your breast so I may fondle it, further intensifying the sensation of this moment.

Would You begin to sweat from the intensity? Can You take this in as it arrives as fiercely as I want this?

I begin to lose sense of time as I keep suckling…

A little faster…

Faster yet…

Your sounds become more intense!

I grab Your sweet bum a little tighter, maybe as much as Your legs are squeezing my head. I love it!

It’s time! Give me this sweet nectar of Your pleasure, let me have this! Let me suckle until the peak of Your orgasm takes us both!

Suddenly and in the course of time between infinity and a snap of a finger, You tense up every muscle in Your body, every thought in Your head becomes blurred and the nectar of Your Youth is released into my lips.

Let me have this moment too. Let me have this body and every desire in Your mind. I want to take us there multiple times!

I can hear You let out moan in that tone of voice which no one else has ever heard. I moan in the pleasure of experiencing it.

Press my head against Your pussy as I continue suckling, You’re still tense for a few seconds more as You as Your body receives its full pleasure.

Then it subsides. Now it is slowly receding like a tide from a tsunami.

As slowly as I suckled, I also mellow out my kisses to slow puckers. Your body is drenched in sweat and Your muscles become loosened again. We both breathe vigorously after this moment of intensity and Your hands become numb from gripping me so tightly. This is when I will stop and begin kissing You onto Your navel again.

I let You recover as I lift myself up and move beside You. Give me this moment to just look at You, hot bothered and in sheer ecstasy! Just like I enjoy the buildup, I also enjoy the moment afterward where we just simmer into the pleasure we have both experienced.

Let me lay here and hold You tight. Look into me as I see the delight of what you have just been through, but let me stare a little longer and just think of how we can experience pleasure even more, or where we can go next.

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