Em’s Day Ch. 02

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***If you are a new reader, the main character is caught in a reality where the same day keeps repeating. Each installation is describing the events of a successive same day***

I spent most of the morning watching TV. I know, sounds stupid when you live a life of unlimited possibility. Dr. Phil re-runs and stupid cartoons suddenly seem like a bit of a waste. But really, how wasted is time if you have an unlimited supply?

And truthfully, my time sprawled out across the black leather sofa of my family’s living room held a certain purpose. Short of television being the best distraction I could muster to keep my mind from vomiting up that morning’s unholy breakfast, the lounge room itself was the perfect place to wait for my focus of the day.

My parent’s house was an impressive brown-bricked two-story, with a short, winding driveway and a lawn that was the pride of my dad’s weekend. There, as had been the case for my entire life, lived me, my two parents, and Jen and Sean -my younger twin siblings.

I say younger but at this stage of our life the gap felt as though it was growing smaller. We had been -back in the days when sunsets meant the promise of a different day- like a unified trio, or undivided equals; but for the almost undetectable and seldom used authority I had over them in being just eleven months older.

Sean, my brother, was tall, black haired and handsome. In school he drifted on the fringes of popularity, and was constantly plagued by the affections of many young girls who hoped to understand him. But they never would, not like I did.

Jen, my younger sister, was more of a riddle. She was easy to love, but hard to understand, and from as early as twelve or thirteen, I remember feeling as though she was suffering inside –like she was burdened by some weight that she was too proud, too ashamed, or too frightened to share.

In every way but her eyes, Jen looked like me. The petite frame, the brown puffy nipples -and I guess, perhaps partly for that reason, I’d spared her from being a victim of my exploits.

It’s not that I held no interest in fucking (or trying to fuck) someone that looked almost identical to myself, but more that I felt as though Jen deserved some higher respect, like to try to have sex with her would be to sink to my lowest moral point.

My brother Sean, on the other hand, fell well within the scope of my twisted moral compass. He was simply too hot, and my bond with him was too tight, and in the light of a future with no consequence, so much sexual curiosity arose from my relationship with him that Sean, my little brother, became a person I fucked a lot.

And today, with one sick exception, would be no different. He would come home, he would be coerced, and he would satisfy my twisted desire.

Lying on my back, listening to the drawl of some senseless infomercial, I subdued an ominous burp. Breakfast had not been good. I was beginning to feel it in my gut.

I checked the time. Sean would come home from his friend’s house in forty seconds.

Even having lived through the same day a thousand times, I felt the butterflies in my stomach –the kind that would come whenever I would try something new.

Just then I heard 90’s whir of Sean’s Chevy –his pride and joy- pull up into the drive. I took a deep breath as my stomach rumbled with increasing objection and stood up, going over my plan in my mind one last time…

I heard the scrape of his key in the latch and watched Sean walk through the door. Quickly I turned my expression to one of discomfort and concern.

“What’s wrong?” Sean asked, seeing me in standing there. My acting was clearly a success. He gave me a strange frown as he placed his keys on the side table and moved from the entrance into the living room.

“I don’t know,” I said, as I reached behind and rubbed absently one of my butt cheeks through my tight denim jeans. “I feel like I have a mark, or a scratch on my leg,” I said to him, “but I can’t see it in the mirror.”

Sean just sort of looked at me, neither greatly concerned nor vaguely uncomfortable. But before he could tell me it was probably nothing, I countered him.

“It hurts…” I said, trying to look worried. “Can you look and tell me if you see anything.”

I looked for the pause in his breathing –just the lightest hesitation. If I had blinked, I would have missed it. But I had seen it many times before, his excitement betraying him. I knew to look for it. It made me wet.

“Yeah, OK,” replied Sean, folding his arms and furrowing his brow. He would help his sister out, with a noble determination to remember who she was.

Without a word I undid my fly, still looking quite worried, and dug my thumbs beneath the denim waistline and my skin. Then I turned and, finally able to smile without being seen, pulled my pants –and my underwear- almost down to my knees and bent right over in front of my little brother.

Now, doing this in the living room is admittedly strange, but between the television and kaçak iddaa the kitchen there was a large mirror on the wall, and from where I stood right then I was able to plainly see Sean’s reaction as I bent over and showed him my tiny little vagina, my firm round little butt cheeks, and my tight puckered butthole.

And the look on his face was priceless. His eyes went almost completely round, his mouth fell open, and he allowed himself a full second of staring before his brain caught up and he yelled loudly at me, covering his eyes.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing?” he demanded. I straightened and looked around at him, confusion on my face.

“What?” I asked. But then looked down at the panties by my waist. “Oh my God!” I gasped dramatically, pulling both my panties and jeans back up. “I’m so sorry!”

“Man,” breathed Sean, his face red with embarrassment. I could tell how the glimpse had affected him. But I did not want to give him time to recover.

“I’m sorry!” I repeated.

“What the hell Em!?”

“I’m sorry!!!” I said louder, trying to look embarrassed. “But,” I continued quickly. “Did you see anything on my cheek?”

“What?” asked Sean, still flustered. “No. No –I don’t think so. Why?”

“Are you sure?” I asked, matching his tone, trying to sound like my desperation mattered more than his discomfort. I looked at him, pleadingly. “Can you just take one more look?”

“What?” he asked, shocked that I would want to enlist his help once more. But I knew his answer before he did. “Fine,” he finally breathed. I smiled at him and turned around again.

So it was that I pulled down my jeans again, but as I did, made sure that once more I took my panties with them as well. I bent over before he could warn me of my mistake, and peered up at the mirror.

His expression was so fucking arousing. There was my little brother –the boy I had bathed with as a child- staring right into my tight young womanhood, his mind at the mercy of being by then, a man. On some level beyond comprehension, some primal level, I could see that the color of my little pussy lips was screaming at him ‘GO’. I could see on his face that the tight, new shape of my rounding ass was telling him I could have his children; that I should have his children; that he should restrain me from behind and fuck me until he cums inside me. On some level that he could not describe, explain or acknowledge, he would be able to smell my willingness in the air.

This time there was no cry of objection. His urges has immobilized him; made him forget who he was, where he was, what he was doing. All he saw was a young pussy. And whilst he remained in that state, I knew I was free to advance.

Without a word and still facing toward the mirror, I moved a hand between my legs, and rubbed the entirety of my pussy –not necessarily for enjoyment, but for Sean to see me do it. He had to see me playing with myself before I could do any more; this I knew from experience.

I found my wet hole and dipped in the tip of my middle finger. I massaged up my narrow slit, and separated my little lips for him. Then I found my clit –I couldn’t help it- and rubbed down on it in rapid, circular motions, just for a second.

Looking back in the mirror, I saw that, whilst Sean had not moved, his face had gone from red to white. The blood, it seemed, had rushed elsewhere.

Me being me, I had the real urge for one of my fingers to find my butthole and venture in. But as I bent over, my stomach rumbled like it was warning me seriously to reconsider.

It was entirely possible that I had overdone breakfast. But I would find out soon enough.

My plan was, obviously, to fuck my little brother. As I said before, this was not an unusual thing for me. Incest was a perverse skill I had honed from fucking my mom and my dad and my brother many times. I had it down to such a fine art, that I was even beginning to find ways to stop them from crying afterwards and –especially with my dad- I was finding ways for them to do to me unbelievably terrible things.

What was not usual about today was that I planned to shit on my little brother. This, I had never done before. Well, that’s not entirely true. There had been a time where I had done my morning poo into a breakfast bowl in front of him –to his great distress- and had began to eat some of it at the kitchen table.

There was another time where I shat on him in his sleep, and got his hand masturbated myself with it. But I had never done something like this –something so dirty as shitting on him while he fucked me. I just hoped he would not be grossed out and stop.


Fuck. I just farted. I looked up at the mirror horrified -not because my brother had been looking at my asshole as a tiny sound escaped it, but because it could be a deal-breaker.

Sean blinked. He opened and closed his mouth stupidly. But otherwise, he just continued to stare at my bent over pussy.

‘Thank goodness,’ I thought, as I began to remove my shirt and, still facing kaçak bahis away, unclipped my bra.

I straightened, turned, and dropped the bra on the ground as I approached my little brother with a purely evil look on my face and grabbed at my little teen tits, pulling my puffy brown nipples and looking for the bulge in his pants.

My brother had a nice dick and it was always, always hard for me. Without a word I stepped in close to him and worked with one hand on his fly. My other hand took his, and lifted it up slowly to one of my tits. I squeezed the back of his hand as it was pushed up against my small breast, encouraging him to start feeling my body.

“It’s OK,” I said comfortingly, as finally I conquered his fly and his throbbing seven-inch dick sprung out. I caught the familiar cock in my hand and began immediately massaging it in the way I knew my little brother liked –slow, loose, long movements that started at the base of his thick shaft and went right up to the tip of his sensitive head.

My stomach rumbled and, suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to poo. Taking emergency action, I clenched my asshole as tightly as I could and, after a few seconds, the feeling subsided.

My plan was to get my brother to commit to fucking me, and then take him into my room where I would deliver to his chest this custom-made surprise, and hope against all hope that he would be so horny that he wouldn’t mind. In the absolute best-case scenario, he might even play with it -or possibly taste a little bit. But that was probably just me dreaming.

Before that could happen however, I needed to make him fuck me a bit first, and I could only do that in the living room. So it was that as soon as I felt his hand begin to really get into massaging his sisters little tits and as soon as I saw in his eyes that he had surrendered to do something wholly against his morals, I turned back around and rubbed his penis into the crease of my ass –just a little bit- before kneeling down onto the floor and bending forward with my both holes up, in a way I knew he could not resist.

In an instant my brother was down there –suddenly animated with furious desire. He got his thick dick and guided it into his sisters waiting pussy. I could hear his heavy breathing, feel his cold, sweaty palms gripping both my ass cheeks.

“Just fuck me Sean,” I whispered, knowing the exact words to fend off unexpected moral insight. “Who cares… Just fuck me. I’ve always wanted to fuck you… Fuck me just this one time. I won’t tell anyone.”

That was all Sean needed. Right away, he began smashing me from behind, absolutely drilling my tight little pussy right in on the living room floor.

Then, another wave of pressure in my stomach reared up and pressed downwards. This was one extreme. It was a real warning. I needed to get Sean off me quickly and make it into my bedroom. I couldn’t afford to stay here.

In only a few minutes Jen, my little sister, would be getting home. I couldn’t let her see this. She was too special for my fucked up world.

“Sean,” I called to him. My bowels were getting so heavy. I could feel the dead weight of thick shit pushing out.

“Sean,” I repeated. I needed to stand up. I needed to move.

“Sean!” With all my might I concentrated on keeping my brown little butthole puckered. But my little brother wasn’t listening. He had my ass cheeks tight in his controlling grip, pulling them apart to get a dirty view.

“Sean Sean Sean Sean SEAN!” I screamed, but he only went harder. Releasing his grip on one cheek he gave it a firm slap. And then, my heart stopped, as I felt the absolute tip of Sean’s finger barely penetrate my clenched butthole a millimeter. He had done it now. It was coming. I couldn’t stop it.


Immediately, the sick, dirty aroma wafted all around me. The poo came out as one continuous, loud river of mess, and slapped on to the ground between my spread legs in seven of eight massive hot piles.

Sean stopped thrusting in an instant, as I imagined his entire front was covered in my brown wet shit.

I looked at the ground between my legs. Yep, it was disturbingly epic. There was so much of it that both my knees were drenched in warm brown poo.

Sean’s dick remained inside my now disgustingly dirty pussy, still hard as a rock but not moving.

He was completely silent. But I was not thinking about him. I was thinking about Jen.

“…. Are you OK?” I heard Sean finally ask. At first I didn’t reply. I was thinking of what the hell I was going to do. I knew Jen would be home in barely a minute.

“Yeah,” I said in sad resignation, as in my head I reached the only conclusion I could. What else could I do? There was no time to clean it up, or even get up.

“Did you want to keep fucking me?” I asked, hollowly.

I would just have to face my little sister. Though I knew tomorrow neither Sean or Jen would remember this, I knew that I would never illegal bahis forget, nor would I forgive myself for involving my little sister.

Sean was quiet for a long time, but eventually he began to move his dick in me again very slowly, almost cautiously.

With each pull outward and subsequent push back inside; I felt my warm and lumpy shit get pushed into my vagina. As much as I hated where I was in that moment, I couldn’t help but admit that I absolutely loved the feeling of my own poo going into my vagina. Some days I would just shit onto a footpath and finger it in myself. Knowing that tomorrow I would wake up and be fresh and clean made it easy to savor the feeling, to enjoy the scent of my shit, the feel of it and –even enjoy the shit of others.

It didn’t take long for Sean to become comfortable with fucking my dirty body. I couldn’t see it, but it felt like my entire ass crack was filled with soft shit –shit that fell every so often in damp thuds as Sean began to thrust harder -and shit that I felt Sean begin to play with and move around with his hands.

At least there had been some progress made for today: I had discovered that Sean could handle scat so long as I was fucking him at the time.

But inevitability encroached, and soon through the mirror on the wall I saw the front door open slowly, quietly behind us, and watched as Jen stepped inside and immediately freeze.

Sean had not heard her coming, or seen her enter because she was standing directly behind him. He was too busy fucking the literal shit out of me, pounding his hard dick in and out of me as fast as he could, while running his shit covered hand up and down my back.

My heart in my mouth, I watched as Jen just stared down at us in disbelief. I was waiting to hear a scream, a yell, to see her cry or run outside. But she just stood there.

Then, after perhaps thirty seconds of looking down at us, her eyes caught my gaze in the mirror, and our stares interlocked.

In that moment, as Sean reached around with one hand to feel my soft little tits bouncing about, I was so utterly ashamed, and sorry beyond words that Jen had to see this.

And Jen could tell, I guess, because after a while she gave me what looked like a comforting smile like she understood –though I was sure she could never understand what had led me up to that moment.

But maybe it wasn’t that sort of understanding, I thought. Maybe it was her understanding what it was like to be ashamed, or understanding how it felt perhaps to be helpless to desire.

And then Jen looked suddenly sad, defeated. As quiet as ever, she placed her handbag onto the ground and started taking off her shoes.

‘What was she doing?’ I wondered, as I felt my brothers finger push into my asshole, inducing a slow stream of even more wet shit. He was really getting into scat –more than I had ever imagined he would. But I couldn’t be happy about it. Not then.

Still unseen by her twin brother, Jen pulled down her tight black pants in solemn reservation, as the sticky slaps of Sean’s body against mine broke the silence of the stinking room.

In a moment Jen was completely naked, but still she didn’t look happy. With one last look at me through the mirror and a flicker of a forced smile, she then walked quietly over to where we were fucking on the ground and knelt down next to me so that we came to be on all fours side by side.

With our bodies connected, I felt the jolt of fright go through Sean as his naked twin sister came out of nowhere. He stopped fucking me, and an uncomfortable silence filled the room.

“Well,” I heard Jen say eventually, staring at the tiles in front of her. “Don’t you want to do me too?”

At that point Sean needed no convincing. Without a seconds hesitation he pulled out of me and shuffled behind Jen, rubbing his shit covered cock up and down her hairless vagina.

I leant in close to Jens head. “You don’t have to do this,” I whispered to her, as I felt her body forced forward, and saw her face contort with pain. Sean, with my poo to lubricate, had pushed his way in.

“Jen,” I whispered again into her ear. “You don’t have to do this.”

I felt Jen wince next to me. She let out a short wimper.

“If I have- if I have to… fuck a guy,” she replied, her voice full of discomfort. “Then… I want it to be him.”

Looking at her dumbfounded, I repeated what she said in my mind. ‘If I had to fuck a guy?’ …What did that mean?

I looked at Jen, her resemblance to me in that moment undeniably uncanny, and read her expression like it was my own. And at once it hit me, and I finally understood. And as if to confirm it, she spoke again.

“But,” she whispered, for the first time looking at me next to her. Her expression was vulnerable in a way that I have never seen before. “I wish I was fucking you.”

Tears started to form in my eyes. I smiled at her and, our faces already so close, leant in, and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

Jen returned the kiss passionately, pushing in her tongue to find mine, as her Sean continued fucking her from behind. I pulled back from her with a smile, and ideas of how to remedy the situation began pouring into my mind.

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