Decorating Donna Pt. 02

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Decorating Donna., Part 2

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read part 1, first

Donna had learned to live with her jewelry and her public bondage, as her husband required. It seemed a fair, but kinky trade for the good life she lived.

The 1st Anniversary

Months later, Jim came up with the idea of returning to Europe for their first anniversary. He thought it would be wonderfully romantic for them to revisit some of the same places where they had such a great time; such fantastic memories.

Donna went along with the plan, as she was in need of a break. She was still getting grief from old friends and her family was still unconvinced that her jewelry was a nice thing.

She had, as time passed gotten used to her jewelry. In fact, it had become so much a part of her that she hardly even noticed it. The restrictions placed on the dexterity of her hands had become very much normal for her. Like someone with a handicap, she had mastered all activities and could do almost everything without much thought.

The constant jingle of her bells had become like white noise; always there, but just part of the background. Similarly, the complications her facial jewelry caused when she ate or drank had also become incidental, as she learned to work with and around them.

The most annoying aspect remained the attention she got from the people around her. Her friends remained confused and only barely accepting, and strangers’ stares and comments continued to humiliate her despite her best efforts to ignore them. Early on she had assumed that she’d get used to the stares, but it wasn’t the case.

Jim, though, continued to adore her decorations and always made it clear that they would stay as an everlasting part of her.

For their anniversary trip, he planned another lengthy visit to the continent, just as he had done for their honeymoon, mixing in places they had visited and loved with new cities and locales that they thought interesting.

When the time came, they happily boarded their flight, excited to be away from work and the complications of their home town.

It was nice to be back in Europe. As they remembered, the people seemed to be less judgmental and more comfortable with Donna’s unusual facial jewelry.

They arrived in Amsterdam and again spent several relaxing days enjoying that favorite city. They toured the beautiful sites, ate and drank at fun restaurants and made passionate love in their hotel at night. Jim took Donna to a couple of Clubs like the exotic ones they had visited in Berlin.

When they went out to those places, she allowed him to lead her around by her leash. She had never agreed to the leash while back in the States, but here, in this sophisticated and mature city it didn’t seem so perverted. She even found it turned her on, for some reason that she couldn’t quite fathom.

Perhaps it had something to do with what Lena had said when they met up last year in Berlin, that the leash allowed her to just go with the flow, because when she was being led by her husband on the leash, she wasn’t responsible for her actions. She just allowed herself to be completely controlled whenever he clipped the leash in place. And she never touched the chain — something else she had learned in Berlin.

So, when he fastened her leash to her nose ring, after they got into a cab one morning, she wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Donna recognized the clinic where she’d been pierced and decorated when they pulled up in front. As Jim got out of the door, he gently pulled Donna out by the chain connected to her nose ring. She wasn’t happy, but was unable to resist.

“Why are we here, Jim?” she asked hesitantly.

“We have an appointment,” was all he said as he led her straight into the building.

Donna got more nervous with every step. The last time she was here, they’d changed her life forever. She wasn’t ready for anything more. What could Jim want to do here now? Perhaps, she thought hopefully, it’s to remove the jewelry. But as soon as the thought occurred to her, she realized that they weren’t there for anything like that.

Jim continued to lead her by her leash up to the receptionist to check in for their appointment.

They were asked to wait in the chairs, and told that the doctor would be right with them.

Donna was whishing that she knew how the leash’s locking clasp worked, but she had never had a chance to figure it out. Jim had always kept it in his possession. He was the only one who could unleash her. If she could have, she would have gotten up and rushed out! At least she thought bahis siteleri that she would.

Soon though, they were greeted by the doctor Donna remembered from last year.

The woman told Jim that everything was ready and took them back to a treatment room.

Donna was petrified, but for some unfathomable reason was unable to do anything other than follow along.

A nurse was waiting for them in the room. Donna was seated in something like a dentist’s chair and the nurse helped her take off her top, leaving her bra in place.

The doctor and nurse then went to work on her head, while Jim stood in front of her, still controlling her with the leash.

As Donna sat in the chair, they fitted some kind of strappy harness around her head that held her and pulled her up toward the ceiling, stretching her neck. It was uncomfortable, but not particularly painful.

They then began working around Donna’s neck. She couldn’t really see what they were doing, but the two of them were using some sort of device that wrapped all the way around and that extended from her torso to her head.

When they finished, the nurse stepped out with her clip board and returned within a couple of minutes, empty-handed.

While she was gone, the Doctor removed the head harness and allowed Donna to sit back into the chair.

Then the two of them stared on another phase.

They swabbed Donna’s ears, gave her some local anesthetic and proceeded to pierce her there, although this time they ignored her lobes and focused on the main part of her ears, right near the crease where they met with her head. Two holes were pierced through the cartilage in each ear.

The holes were then cauterized and an ointment was liberally applied.

Throughout the whole procedure, Donna just sat there as if in a trance. She was overwhelmed by her emotions. She was scared, confused, and oddly enough curious as to what Jim had in store for her this time.

The anesthesia allowed her to simply sit back and allow the procedure, and at least they were only working on her ears.

When they were done, both the doctor and nurse left, saying that they’d be back in 30 minutes.

“What’s going on this time Jim?” Donna asked, resigned to her fate, but curious.

“You’ll see, lover. Just be patient, and remember how much I love you, and how much we’ve enjoyed your jewelry since our last visit.”

Donna, had to laugh at that last comment. Although Jim had really enjoyed those mods, she had had to suffer for his fetish.

Jim released his grip on her leash, letting it dangle onto her chest, and sat in a chair while they waited quietly, each lost in their own thoughts, for the doctor to return.

Eventually, she and the nurse returned, pushing a cart with several golden items laid out on top. Donna couldn’t quite make them out, but at least a couple of them were sizeable and appeared solid.

First, they had Donna sit up while they worked on her ears. She also felt something being fitted to the back of her head, right where her skull met the top of her neck.

After a lot of fiddling she felt them attaching something to her ears, or more accurately, to the back of her ears.

She was then refitted with the head harness, and it again pulled her up toward the ceiling stretching out her neck.

Sitting there uncomfortably, she felt them fitting some sort of collar around her neck.

It was in two halves, front and back, and was contoured to her body. It followed the curves of her neck, extending down a couple of inches onto her upper chest in front, and down her spine in back.

At the tops of her shoulders it was much narrower, top to bottom.

The collar was contoured at the top too. On the sides, it extended up her neck until it almost hit her ears. In front the top edge dipped down, cupping her throat under her chin, so she could look at the ground. In the back it also dipped down a little, to clear the back of her skull and allow her to look up.

Otherwise the collar seemed to completely cover her neck.

The two of them continued to fiddle with the thing until they were satisfied with the fit.

They manipulated Donna’s head repeatedly to make sure that she had something near full motion.

As part of their testing they asked Donna to swallow and although the thing was tight, she could do that relatively normally.

Throughout the process Donna was getting more and more freaked out, but couldn’t do anything about it.

The doctor then looked at Jim and said, “All set. OK?”

Enthralled by the result, Jim simply nodded.

The Doctor then went back to work and before long Donna got a whiff of some chemical and then heard a series of clicks from the sides of her neck. She was afraid that she knew what had just happened. Another permanent addition to her body.

The doctor then moved to the back of her head and did some more work there, adjusting something that pulled at her head and ears. While he was working, canlı bahis siteleri the nurse removed the head harness.

A few minutes later the doctor stood back and said to Jim, “done, here is the key that locks the rod. It is unique so do not lose it.”

The nurse then handed Jim a mirror and the two of them left the room.

Donna finally snapped out of her little trance and asked “OK, what have you done to me now?”

Jim just handed her the mirror.

Donna saw that she was wearing a solid, golden collar that covered her entire neck. It was smooth and shiny, but included, at its lowest point on her front a large ring on a swivel mounting.

Holding the mirror up, Donna moved her head about, left and right, up and down. The thing was very snug. The earlier measurements the doctor had collected now made sense. The collar was a perfect fit for her.

She found that although the collar tended to hold her head up, she did have almost complete freedom of movement, except that there was some sort of pull at the back, that also seemed to pull on her ears.

She reached back with her free hand and felt around the back of her head. It took her a minute but she figured out that there was a band, or bar, that ran from the back of her ears, and around the base of her skull. It was apparently fastened to her ears at the piercings. From the center, back of the thing a rod descended to a swivel fitting on the collar, her collar. When she moved her head she felt the bar sliding through the swivel a she nodded, ‘yes’, and the swivel turning left or right as shook her head ‘no’.

After a few minutes she looked up at Jim, who was admiring the view. “So, what’s with this thing back here. It’s connected to my ears. What is it for?”

“Let me show you,” he said.

Holding the little key that the doctor had handed him, he went around behind her. He grabbed the top of her head and pulled it back so she was looking at the ceiling. She felt him do something and then he released her head. But she couldn’t move it! She was stuck looking up at the ceiling.

“What the hell!” She said angrily, “let me loose”. Jingling, frantically.

“OK, just wait.”

He then grabbed her head again, made an adjustment, tilted her head down until she was looking fully towards the floor and then locked it there.

“Jim, Stop it! Let me lose.”

“Not yet.” He said growing impatient with her.

He then grabbed her head again and unlocked it, but before he let it go, he made another adjustment at the nape of her neck. He then released her head.

She tested her ability to move and although she found that she could nod her head, up and down, now she couldn’t twist it left or right. She could only look forward.

“Oh, dear God, what have you done to me?” Donna cried as she pushed herself up out of the chair. She had to turn her whole body to look at him. She was really pissed, and worried, too.

“I suppose this is all permanent; just like the jewelry?” She asked, angrily.

Jim nodded, still enthralled by the results of this new modification.

It was yet another unique form of public bondage, and he loved it!

Donna reached back and tried to unlock the device that held her head, but was unable to release it. It hit her that even if she had the key, she wouldn’t be able to see what she was doing so she couldn’t free her head.

“Donna, you look fabulous. The collar is beautiful and your hair covers the band around the back of your neck and the rod that controls the movement of your head. No one will be able to see it.”

She understood what he was saying. The device, at least would be a secret, but it’s effect wouldn’t be.

“But Jim, the collar is so obviously a slave collar, and how can I ever explain why I can’t move my head? Are you only going to secure me when we’re alone at home?”

Jim shook his head, “No, I can’t promise that. What we can do is develop a story about a neck injury, or better yet an unusual ailment that requires the collar and limits your movements.”

Donna started tearing up as she thought about that for a minute, “but why? Why did you do this to me? Why make my life even more difficult, more embarrassing?”

Donna just stood there dejected and crying.

Jim stepped forward and hugged her to his chest, as he often did to comfort her. “Donna you know how much I love you. I adore your jewelry. The jewelry on your face and hands drives me crazy with lust for you every time I see it, or even think about it. I also love the way you’ve handled your mods, and learned to live with them.”

He reached down and kissed her passionately, and she couldn’t help returning his kiss, their lips wrapping around her bell and his tongue exploring it, as was their habit now.

As they broke for a breath, he continued, “Lover, you know how much I love the whole public bondage game. You are just so fantastic with it. The more I thought about it the more I wanted us to explore deeper into this stuff. I did canlı bahis some research and came up with this collar and it’s restrictions as another step for us to take.”

Donna looked up at him, as the collar allowed it. She grunted in frustration, “but this huge collar? Am I now a sex slave? It sure looks like it.”

“I know honey. It may look that way, but you and I both know that you are not my slave. You are very sexy, but not a slave. I don’t treat you like a slave, do I? I don’t keep you locked in a dungeon. I don’t force you to have sex with me, or to scrub the floors with a toothbrush, or anything like that.”

Donna smiled at his words, “no you don’t, and I don’t see myself as a slave. I will never be a slave, but now I’m afraid that’s what everyone will think. It’ll be yet another humiliating thing I’ll have to handle with my friends and the public in general.”

“Well dear, that’s part of the allure. The whole public bondage thing. We’re not into tie-you-up bondage or strap-you-down bondage, or even sex slave fetishes, we are enjoying our games with public bondage.”

With that he gave her another passionate kiss and damn near crushed her in his hug.

She pulled away for a moment and looked him in the eye “I’m living with public bondage. You’re just enjoying it,” before returning to the kiss.

Eventually, Donna screwed up the courage to head out into public with her new hardware.

Jim obliged her by unlocking her neck. She tested her movements again and realized that with every movement she could feel the rod that connected her head band to the collar as it slid through the swivel at the nape of her neck.

The tiny scrape of the rod in the swivel was a minor annoyance, but not nearly as frustrating as the bell on her nose ring always was.

They waited in the lobby for the cab that the clinic had called. Of course, the other people in the room stared at her facial jewelry, and her new collar too.

As they rode back to the hotel, Donna had time to think about this new bondage device. It was so tall that only the tallest turtleneck sweaters would cover it. In winter a big scarf could also do the job, but that would only be good while she was outside.

There was really no way that she could effectively hide the damn thing.

She laughed when she realized that she’d have to polish the gold metal that circled her neck to keep it shiny and pretty. Over the last year she had learned to clean and polish her facial jewelry. Her bell and cheek chains tended to gather food particles and stains from drinks no matter how carefully she tried to eat. Makeup also stuck to the chains, rings and bell. Lipstick was always a problem.

Now she’d have to polish her collar as if it were a decorative pot or candlestick. How shitty was that?

She did like the idea of explaining away both her collar and the restrictions to her neck movement as some medical condition. She made a mental note to work out a plausible story with Jim, so they could be consistent, in their explanation.

She did not want any of their remaining friends to think of it as a sex slave collar. It would be bad enough when strangers automatically assumed that to be the case.

Near the end of the ride she realized that she had completely forgotten that Jim still had her on a leash. Now, with the collar sitting center stage on her mind, the leash seemed less important. Although she couldn’t see why. The leash remained a major humiliation. Damn it if the collar wasn’t an even bigger one.

As the cab pulled up in front of the hotel, Jim started to get out but Donna didn’t move. In stead she grabbed her leash and resisted his tug. When he turned to see what was going on, she just said, “nope.”

Jim got the message, and smiling sheepishly, reached over and unfastened the clip, releasing her. He stuffed the leash in his pocket, before he stepped out and then helped her out.

When they got back to their room, she had to ask, “Jim, exactly how often do you intend to lock my neck?” She was afraid of what he might answer.

“Well dear, we’ll just have to see about that. Now turn around.”

She did as he asked, even though she knew what was coming, and hated the idea.

He locked her head, facing forward, unmovable in any direction, and kept her that way as they went out for a walk and dinner. She absolutely loathed it. She had to move her whole body to look left or right and bend forward at the waist to see what was immediately in front of her. Of course, she drew a lot of curious looks from the people on the street.

He took her into a restaurant for dinner and she suffered through that too. She assumed that people guessed that she had some medical issue, and she was right. Oddly enough, her stiff neck predicament seemed to distract others from her facial decorations.

When they finally returned to their room, Donna was a wreck, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was already sick and tired of her new collar and its infernal control of her head.

Jim could tell that his dear wife was coming unglued. He immediately unlocked her neck and helped her stretch, massaging the exposed portion as best he could, there wasn’t much though with the high collar in place.

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