Are They Dirty? Ch. 04

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Hello, you naughty girls and boys!

Now it’s time for the next, much anticipated chapter of Lacey and Steve! The two are getting closer together and Lacey has invited Steve over. And this time it isn’t the park or an ice cream shop. What could Lacey be planning this time? Steve is eager to find out.


Steve rang the doorbell and waited, if not patiently, for Lacey to answer it. He was eager to see her again and filled with anxious curiosity at what the day might bring. But if it was more time to spend with Lacey, he was sure to enjoy it.

It had only been a week since they had met and so much had already happened. It started with the first day in the park where he had licked her feet. Then a few uneasy days where he thought that was all it would ever be. But she returned to find him there and they had an amazing day.

First it was time spent on the swings. It would have been fine just swinging with her and spending time together, but Lacey was so creative. Their time on the swings was far from ordinary and he spent even more time with her lovely feet. And that ended in their first kiss.

That would have been a great day by itself, but there was more. The stop at the ice cream shop was…well how could he even put it into words? She had made him the happiest man alive by suggesting they should spend more time together. And if he could prove himself, he’d officially be her boyfriend. He was also more than a little happy when she managed to give him a footjob under the table. He never even got his dick out, but he exploded in his shorts all the same.

And that’s when she claimed his dick as her own. And if there was anyone he wanted to give his dick to, it was Lacey. She had even suggested he may really be able to ‘give it to her’ someday; that they would have sex. Having Lacey as his girlfriend and having her feet? It sounded like heaven.

Then suddenly, he heard the doorknob turning. He hadn’t even heard her approach, possibly because he was lost in a daydream about her, but soon the door swung open and there stood Lacey in all her sexy splendor.

“Hey there, Footboy. Glad you could make it.”

He heard her, but sounds were taking a backseat to sight. She stood in the doorway like she was a poster model for teenage boy fantasies. One hand above her head holding the doorframe, and moving down he saw her hair was pulled back and mostly covered by a red bandana. She wore a sexy smile on her face and it felt like at any moment she might give him a wink.

But going lower it got even more interesting. The few times he had seen her she had worn summer tops, basically tank tops, but this was different. Today it was a dark pink tube top, which made her breasts more noticeable, as well as showing off her midriff, giving him his first look at her inviting belly button. That was enough to give him pause, but it didn’t stop there.

She was wearing denim shorts, and Steve had already come to enjoy that she liked wearing rather short shorts. And so it was again, but this time they were indeed cutoffs and they ran even shorter. He tried not to stare at the vee, and instead let his eyes follow her thighs; her bare, smooth, beautiful thighs as they ran down to her knees.

Of course her silky legs didn’t stop there, and he followed them over her knees and down her calves to where she had her ankles crossed; one foot on the floor, the other resting on its toes. And that was the curious bit, since she wasn’t barefoot or wearing her yellow flip-flops. No her feet were actually in soft boots.

Odd as it was it really didn’t detract from the sexy image she was projecting. While he was a little surprised and confused to see her in boots it also worked. He was reminded of images in sex mags where the woman was only wearing heels or heels and stockings. It was like wearing those boots suggested she was wearing nothing else; and that wasn’t far off.

Yeah, Lacey standing in the door like that was an image he’d hold onto for a very long time.


He said it mostly to himself but he knew he said it out loud and he heard Lacey giggle in response; even if under her breath. She then stepped back allowing him to step inside. He took a deep breath and stepped through the doorway. And that’s when he got his second surprise.

He’d barely made it inside when she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him; a deep long kiss. He wasn’t expecting it but it didn’t take him long to wrap his own arms around her nearly naked body; holding her close and returning the kiss.

It wasn’t a short kiss; not some quick peck on the cheek, but Steve was still disappointed when it ended and she stood looking up at him. It was unexpected but fully appreciated.


He knew it sounded silly but he didn’t know what else to say. He’d only been there a minute and yet it was already one of his best days.

“So, have you been taking good care of my dick for me?”

If the kiss was a surprise he was completely shocked when he bahis şirketleri felt her hand rubbing his dick through his shorts. He was already standing tall from seeing her in the doorway and having that kiss. But now he was growing even more.

“Damn! That’s one helluva way to say hello.”

Which is exactly how he felt. Open the door in sexy perfection; greet him with a deep passionate kiss; and then start rubbing his dick through his shorts? How could one be expected to top that? He wanted all their hellos to be like that.

“I suppose. But you need to focus. I asked you a question.”

“What? About my dick?”

” Whose dick?”

She was indeed asking him about his dick. While it was easy to get lost in her eyes, in her body, or in her kiss, he was going to have to pay close attention. She was reminding him about their deal.

“Sorry. It’s your dick.”

“That’s right, it’s mine. And do you share this dick with anyone else?”

She had gone back to rubbing it and now he feared he might poke out above his waistband at any moment.

“No. No one else. This dick is just for you.”

He was breathing deeper now and his response sounded a little raspy.

“Is there anyone besides me who owns this dick?”

She was still working him and he was getting concerned that if she kept going he might blow his load right there in the foyer, whether that was her intention or not. He already told her his dick was hers and he wasn’t sharing it with anyone else. Why the hell would he?

“No, no one else. It’s just for me and you.”

“Well that sounds nice, but it doesn’t belong to you anymore. It only belongs to me! You just carry it for me. And of course you’re also responsible for keeping it clean and healthy. So that brings us back to my question which you still haven’t answered.”

He hoped she would repeat the question, but she didn’t. He had to think back. He had to concentrate and remember what she had said. It was only seconds ago, but with her hand still on his dick, it wasn’t so simple. It took some effort but he pieced together what she had asked him.

“Yes, I’ve been taking good care of your dick.”

He sounded winded, but hearing himself say that to her only got him more excited. He really was in danger of making a mess of his shorts. And just like that; her hand was gone.

“Well that’s good. I know it’s a big responsibility, but if you think it’s something you can’t handle, well then just let me know.”

She was teasing him now. He wanted to assure her that he could handle it, but he also felt that would get him in trouble. She was already suggesting he wasn’t allowed to ‘handle it’, even if it was his own dick; correction, her dick.

“I’ll do my best.”

“See? That’s all I ask for. Unless of course, we find your best isn’t good enough. Now come on inside and let me shut the door.”

He was reminded that all of this had happened in a matter of minutes and he was barely across the threshold. What was coming next? Well it wasn’t going to be him; at least not yet. He was still standing proud but he was already feeling the tension ease and knew his shorts were safe for now; something he had mixed feelings about.

He followed her through the house. She had mentioned getting him a drink but he found himself focused on her ass in those shorts, watching the curve of her cheeks. It wasn’t going to be easy after that amazing hello, but he was going to have to hold it together.

“Nice house you have here.”

“Ha ha smart ass. This is my parents’ house.

He had expected that was likely but he wasn’t sure. They hadn’t really talked about their home lives, and she hadn’t been over to his place. So far their time together had been the park and the ice cream shop.

They arrived in the kitchen where she pulled out two glasses and retrieved a pitcher of iced tea from the fridge. Some ice cubes from the freezer and soon she was pouring each of them a tall glass.

“Actually this is where I was before and after that first day you found me in the park. If I had been at my place I wouldn’t have been at that park. So maybe it was fate that brought us together that day. Maybe you were fated to meet my feet.”

So this was her parents’ house but she lived someplace else. Then indeed it may have been lucky he found her at the park that day. Luck; fate; call it what you will, he was happy to have found her.

“So would we call that Feet Fate? Or maybe just Foot Fate. Hmm, maybe it was Foot Feet Fate. Or maybe I just have Foot Fate feet. Maybe it was your destiny to lick my feet. How ’bout it Footboy? Did you feel as though you were being guided by some unseen force? Was your tongue searching for my feet before you found me?”

He knew she was just teasing him but he still felt his face turning red as she mentioned his desire for her feet, and more specifically how he had licked them when they first met. He wasn’t interested in talking about how they met as much as he wanted to see what bahis firmaları today would bring.

“Okay, okay, knock it off. We both know how we met on that ‘feetful’ day, but what are we going to do today? What’s your plan?

“Aww, is my Footboy a little sensitive about the first day he licked my feet? Okay, I’ll stop. And you’re right. Busy day. We can tackle Foot Fate mysteries another time.”

He wasn’t sure if she was serious about talking about ‘foot fate’ at a later time, but at least for now she was moving on and seemed prepared to divulge her plans for the day.

“So the reason I’m over here today is that I promised my mom I would help her clean out the attic. And it does get rather hot up there, which is why I dressed appropriately.”

Saying that, she struck another pose and Steve was reminded just how little she had on. For a moment he wondered if she was the type of girl who cleaned the bathroom naked and then finished with a shower. He really hoped so, and he began to visually remove her top.

“Well I’ve been at it most of the day and I figured by now I could use a break. And that’s why you’re here. You think I could talk you into giving me a foot rub?”

She was on the verge of a sexy pout, but it wasn’t needed. Even if he didn’t have a thing for feet, seeing her dressed the way she was, kissing her, and her handling of his dick, he wouldn’t be able to refuse her a little foot rub. The fact that he was into feet and she knew it, just made the prospect so much better.

“Yes, I’d be happy to rub your feet.”

He said it with a smile but tried to look poised and professional. Of course they both knew it wasn’t the sort of thing he was going to refuse.

“Yeah I had a feeling you would say that.”

They both shared a laugh.

“Well alright then, why don’t you follow me into the den where I can get more comfortable.”

Steve knew he would follow her anywhere. As he fell in line behind her he also realized in their short time together he was enjoying the view walking behind her as opposed to walking beside her. And so he enjoyed the short trek to the den, where she made her way to an overstuffed couch.

At first he thought she was going to sit at the end and stretch out her legs so he could rub her feet from the other end of the couch, but instead she stopped at the middle and took her seat. He wasn’t quite sure what she had in mind, but Lacey had a plan.

“Alright, now you understand this isn’t some five-minute foot rub, right? This goes on for as long as I like. You up for that?”

He hadn’t considered it being just a five-minute foot rub, and in truth he would have been disappointed if that’s all it was to be. No he was in this for the long haul. He still figured she would be ready to quit before he was.

“I understand. I’ll just rub your feet and you tell me when it’s over.”

“Good. I like the sound of that. Oh, and just one more thing; no hands.”

“No hands?”

He said it almost without thinking. Was she serious? He had already learned something of her creative side when they spent time on the swings. Now she had asked for a foot rub, something he was eager to give, and at the last moment she was dropping this bombshell about him not being allowed to use his hands. Was this just a joke?

“That’s right, no hands. We already know a good footboy like you won’t let that slow him down. You’ve already shown me you can take care of my feet without them, haven’t you?”

Well that first day really was just a lot of foot licking and toe sucking. That’s when he was supposed to clean her feet. He didn’t think a foot rub really meant tongue, but he was willing to go along with it and at least give it a try.

“Seriously, no hands? Okay, I’ll do my best.”

He was also still standing and waiting to see just how she wanted the two of them arranged. Would he be sitting at this end of the couch? If he wasn’t going to be using his hands that might not be the best position.

“Yeah. In fact I think we need to take care of those hands. It occurs to me that you might be inclined to play with my dick while you’re taking care of my feet. And I don’t want you playing with my dick right now. So I think we’ll have to tie your hands behind your back.”

She had been full of surprises and now he was getting a little concerned about how things were escalating. He wanted to please her and see where this was going. He still had pleasant thoughts about their time on the swings. But he also didn’t want to be caught in a compromising position.

“So just when are your parents going to be home?”

He did want some idea of just what time they had available, but he also hoped his question would make her consider the possible trouble of having him not only in their house giving their daughter a hands-free foot rub, but also with his hands tied behind his back. Maybe it would be better just to keep it to foot licking and save the bondage for another time.

“Oh, are you eager to meet them kaçak bahis siteleri already? That’s a little bold don’t you think? I mean, you’re not even my boyfriend; yet.”

“I’m sure they are wonderful people but no, I’m not eager to meet them. I just don’t want us to be found in a…situation that’s hard to explain. We can stop a foot rub fairly quick, but it’d be hard to hide my hands tied behind my back.”

He thought he had made a pretty good point and that maybe they could just skip that today. And he really wanted a little time to warm up to the idea, even if it was just his hands behind his back. Unfortunately, she didn’t appear to be swayed.

“You do make a good point and I’m glad you’ve given it some thought. However my mom’s going to be gone all day and you my good footboy will be gone long before she gets back. Now turn around and cross your wrists.”

She had already pulled something from off the arm of the couch and he was surprised to find it was some sort of scarf. In this weather? Why would there be a scarf casually lying on the end of the couch? Had it been in the attic? Even so, had she placed it here in preparation?

He stood pondering these questions even as she waited for him to turn around. He wasn’t feeling quite as excited as when he first arrived but he reminded himself of what Lacey had offered already. He also remembered her discussion at the ice cream shop and her comment about him not being a quitter. So slowly he turned around and crossed his wrists.

It didn’t take her long to secure them with the scarf. It felt cooler and slicker than he expected. Was it silk? And how often had she tied men’s wrists? They didn’t go on with the snap of handcuffs, but he felt she knew what she was doing. He was also concerned because now he suspected that if he did want out, it wouldn’t be so easy.

“There we go. Now then, turn back around and get down between the couch and the coffee table. It’s gonna be a tight fit, but I’m sure you can do it.”

He turned around to see her beaming face as she pointed at the floor in the small space in front of her. Tight fit was right. And having his hands secured behind his back, it was also a little awkward getting down on the floor without tipping over.

But Steve was determined to do this right. She had already done so much for him. He wasn’t quite sure how this would all work out but he was going to do his part the best that he could.

At first he tried sitting on his knees so he would be able to lean forward, but that wasn’t going to work. After some shifting and struggling, he ended up sitting on the floor with his back against the coffee table and his knees pulled up close to his chest; his hands of course, behind his back.

As Steve got into his position, Lacey was getting into hers. She had pulled a couple pillows closer to her and as he finally found his spot, she placed a booted foot on either side of him, resting on the edge of the coffee table.

He was now looking at her between her legs and straight in front of him was her barely covered denim crotch. Looking up from there he could spot her belly button and then her tube top before his eyes met her smiling face. He suddenly felt more captive and more than a little excited by his new view and positioning.

“So, you like my boots?”

She asked him casually as she pulled one leg back a little so as to give him a better view. He took a moment to look at her boot, something he was curious about when she first opened the front door. Now that he was looking at her boots and not her he could see that they were OOF boots, a brand that had been quite popular.

He thought of them as a cross between a boot and a slipper. They were a lace-less slip on boot with a fleece lining. They looked okay, but he never understood what all the rage was about. He did know however, that lots of girls had been wearing them, and for a time they had been THE thing to have.

“Yeah, they’re nice I guess. Never really understood why they were all that great. And besides, why wear boots on a day like today?”

“Nice? Uh, these are my favorite OOFs. I could wear them any day. But to answer your question, the reason I’m wearing them today has to do with all the cleaning. So much to sweep up in the attic and so much dust and loose things about. I don’t want to step on something. And if I went barefoot up there my feet would be absolutely filthy. Oh, is that what you were hoping for my little cleaner? I don’t think you’re ready for that.”

So she did seem to be a girl who had a passion for her name brand OOFs. And he had to admit it made some sense to protect her feet given the type of work she was doing, although he felt a good pair of sneakers would serve just as well. As for her feet being made filthy, that wasn’t where he was going at all. And in truth he had no such hopes. She was right. If they had been that filthy he probably couldn’t bring himself to be her cleaner. So he was happy they could just avoid that all together.

“I suppose that makes sense. I can hardly argue with you taking care of your feet, now can I?”

“No you can’t. But remember, taking care of my feet is now a team effort. You’re going to be called upon to do your part.”

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