Wedding Reception Roulette Pt. 08

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As they drifted in the afterglow, Vanessa knew that she had to have Scott take her up the ass. Her husband was some kind of nutso, thought anal sex was all about fags, and anyone who did anal sexy was a fag, or a dyke. He was never going to take a ride up her Hershey highway, up until now, her butt plugs had been supplying the anal pleasures. Now, her son’s 9-inch whopper was going to have the honor of being the first cock to venture into her dark channel. It made her body shiver with pleasure, a hard 9-inch dick taking that first ride.

She felt Scott’s warm body against hers, his dick was still half-hard, and she knew how to get him back to full.

“Scott my sweet son, I have a tight little ass that has never had the pleasure of being christened. How would you like the honor of flooding my tight little hole with a hot load of steamy spunk?”

She felt his cock quickly growing back, she wrapped her hand around it, making her tingle as she felt his 9 inches of stuffing pleasure surging in her hands. She quickly took to hands and knees, Scott got the idea, and she squealed with pleasure as Scott’s hands parted her cheeks, and his tongue was all over the tight little bunghole.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Vanessa moaned. “Now just lick it, a long time, get my asshole ready for its virgin breaking ride.”

Scott was wildly excited, he loved to ass munch, his girlfriend Belinda had been the lucky recipient of many ass munchings. He hadn’t taken a ride up Belinda’s chocolate speedway yet, he had a feeling she was working up to it, he had fingered that tight dark hole many times, and Scott figured it was just a matter of time before Belinda let him take that trip. With his Mom ready to get her ass reamed, Scott’s dick quickly became a raging hard-on.

Vanessa grunted and purred as he slurped and slobbered all over her tight pucker. She felt the slather of slick lube being applied.

“Mmmm, oh yes, get my ass all slick and slippery, and give my ass it’s first buggering!” she purred as a finger slipped in, spreading the lube around, getting her ready.

Scott took the lube and spread a coating up and down his prick. God, his cock looked so big compared to his Mom’s tight little butthole. Gotta go slow, ass raping his Mom was NOT on his to-do list.

Vanessa turned over, stuck a couple of pillows under her hips. She wanted to see the look on his face when he took her ass.

“Scott, take me face to face, I want to see the look on your face when you bugger me.”

Scott was happy to do so, he took her legs and pushed them up against her tits, it rotated her pelvis upwards. She reached down, grabbed her cheeks, and pulled them apart, and there it was, the gleaming little asshole, all ready to be opened.

He moved his cock up, nudging his cock against the tight pucker. He pushed carefully, he felt the head of his cock pop inside and a gasp from his Mom.

Ohhhhh, so big, gonna get reamed out good. Slow baby, take me slow.”

Scott was happy to do so, feeling the resistance as her tight ass walls parted reluctantly as he inched in.

“Ohhhh, uummppph, unnnggghhh, ummmm, rahhhhh, keep going baby.”

Deeper and deeper, he went in, and at her growl artemisbet yeni giriş of “Give it to me, all of it NOW!” her drove in the last two inches.

Vanessa’s yelp was part pain, part pleasure as her son’s cock was now lodged deep in her asshole.

“You’re so big, sweetie, so hard, I feel so stuffed,” Vanessa moaned.

“Are you okay Mom, do you want me to pull out?” Scott exclaimed, he never wanted to hurt his Mom.

“No, it’s okay baby, just be gentle with me to start with. You are deeper than any butt plug has ever gone.”

Vanessa placed the soles of her feet against Scott’s shoulder, keeping her ass in the perfect position for deep buggering. After the first few abrasive thrusts, the lubrication helped to smooth it out, and Vanessa enjoyed the look of pleasure on Scott’s face as he felt acceptance of her asshole opening up to his dick. Mmmmm, the resistance than the acceptance, it made her body tingle with lust, her asshole was highly sensitive, and getting that sensitive hole fucked was almost too much pleasure.

“Oh yeah, starting to feel so good, go faster sweetie!”

Scott grunted, his cock was in the midst of a smooth, wet pleasure ride, the feel of those lubricated walls, the gripping tightness of her ass was fucking fantastic. He powered in and out, his cock needed to recharge after fucking Vanessa’s sweet cunt. He watched the sight of his cock eagerly taking her Mom’s sweet ass he thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of His Mom’s ass hole being spread open again and again by his plunging rod. God, the sights, smells, and sounds were making his balls churn, as he gave Vanessa a long, hard pleasure ride, her grunts, growls, and squeals of pleasure filled the bedroom as Scott reamed her out.

Vanessa was in the middle of sizzling lust, her son was buggering her virgin asshole, and he would be the one to christen it with a load of incestuous spunk. Her hand was at her pussy, driving two fingers into the wet, squelchy heat, eager to masturbate and milk his dick with her orgasmic spasms.

Oh man, the feel of her tight ass around Scott’s cock, her moans and cries of pleasure as he pumped in and out, fucking her ass, his first time buggering an ass, his Mom’s ass no less. The feeling was beyond superb, he’d never had his cock in such a tight hole. His balls started to churn faster.

Vanessa felt her orgasm come at her, she started to rub wildly at her clit, holy fuck, she was gonna explode.

“Cream my ass, flood it, cum in MEEEEE!”

Vanessa screamed as she exploded, her pussy poured juices, her cunt and asshole tightened up and started to spasm.

“Cum in me sweetie, do it NOW!”

Scott felt the tight grip get even tighter, her silky ass walls milking at his dick. He went jetting over, cum streaking up his shaft, he rammed in as far as he could go and his prick exploded. He roared like a bull as he burst deep inside, spurting huge gushes of spunk, painting her bowels with the rush of cum while she moaned and shook with repeated orgasms. Their cries of mixed orgasmic pleasure filled the room as Vanessa’s ass milked madly at his dick, sucking our every last drop.

They flopped down artemisbet giriş and drifted until sleep claimed them.


Vanessa felt sleep lifting, for just a second, she was wondering where she was, this wasn’t her bedroom. Then it came back, being in a motel room, her son Scott discovering who she was, and the hot, lust-filled fucking. It had been even more enjoyable, knowing it was her son, his pole of pleasure reaming her in all 3 holes. Giving up her virgin ass to his 9 inches, made her body shiver with pleasure.

Scott’s side of the bed was empty, and she could hear the shower. She smiled, jumped up, and went in. She gently tapped on the shower stall door, and it opened to her son’s smiling face.

“Hello my loving son, like to have your back, and other things, washed?”

Vanessa stepped into the shower, enjoying the gaze of needy passion that Scott trained on her. Scott was wildly turned on by the bigger shapes, his girlfriend Belinda was a full-body girl, the big, luscious 36D breasts, wide, rideable hips, smooth, supple legs, and her ass was a voyeur’s delight in a tanga style bikini bottom. His Mom was a lot like Belinda. Just like Belinda, his Mom was voluptuous, not fat but full-bodied. Her big full 38D tits rose proudly, her tummy had a slight swell down below her belly button. That turned him on wildly, Belinda had that same slight swell. Her hips swelled outward nicely, and from being between her thigs, he loved riding her full curved body.

The soap was passed back and forth, and Scott’s 18-year-old dick quickly rose to the occasion. Vanessa decided to give him another first. She urged him on to come back to bed, and give her that cock. She dried quickly, and hurried out to the bedroom, she had an overnight case, and she placed herself on the bed, belly down, and arranged things.

Scott came in, took a look, and felt the cock stiffen even more. His Mom was looking back over her shoulder with a hungry gaze. Next to her was a stainless steel butt plug, it had a jeweled base, and he could see the blue twinkle of the base. It was 5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.

“Eat my ass baby. Munch it, plug my ass then fuck me!”

Scott was happy to do so, he loved to ass munch, and Vanessa’s moans and cries of pleasure rose as her son licked and slurped all over that tight little pucker, Vanessa was gushing, her first DP and the idea of both holes filled was making her shiver with pleasure.

“Now, plug it, fill my ass!”

Scott dipped it into her pussy. letting the rush of juices get it lubed up, then poising it, he pushed, and Vanessa let out a pleasure-filled growl, stretching, then ahhhh the acceptance and the plug rushed in to fill her ass.

Vanessa, still belly down on the rumpled sheets cocked her hips up just a bit, and purred, “Do it now!”

Vanessa felt his body pushing lightly and sensuously against the cheeks of her ass. His cock was so hard, so hard for her, she opened her thighs and felt a thrill as cock slid over the base of her butt plug and pressed lightly against her labia. Vanessa squirmed and wiggled against it, her juices pouring out to lube him up. opened her thighs slightly so that he artemisbet güvenilirmi could slide it between her buttocks and let it nestle in her pubic hair. His penis lifted neatly against her vulva, the length of it along the length of her labia, and she squirmed against it, hunching her tail back against him.

Vanessa purred as Scott’s warm hands fondled the cheeks of her ass, then slid up to her waist, and his right hand went further until her right breast was in his palm. His fingers toyed and gently tweaked at the stiff, hard nipple.

“Give me that sexy cock, baby.”

Vanessa felt the hard knob end press harder at the lips of her cunt. She felt the thrill as Scott prepared to take the plunge, and she wiggled her hips to urge him on. There, of fuck, he pushed in, and the hard, stiff cock was sliding in, their cries of pleasure mixed, Scott tightened his grip, one hand on her tit, one on her belly, he pulled her ass to him, and ground his cock deep, shoved it all the way home until Vanessa let out a pleasure-filled growl. She could feel his balls against her as all 9 inches were buried.

Vanessa was in a lust-filled swirl, god, the feel of his cock driving into her, rubbing against the butt plug was so fucking good. His cock was taking its pleasure inside the clinging grip of her silky cunt walls, his cock worked in and out, stroke, stroke, stroke, he slid his pole to her, the feel, length, and heft of her son’s meaty staff making Vanessa moan with pleasure.

Scott’s cock was tingling, holy fuck, the feel of her butt plug rubbing against his cock was unbelievable. He’d have to get Belinda to try it out, without mentioning where he got the idea from. Thrusting in and out, god, what a feeling.

Vanessa moaned, “Oh, oh my god”! as the seesawing pumping of his dick got to her clit. It was throbbing, stimulated by the hard thrusts of his cock driving in and out. Her cunt felt feverishly hot, she could feel Scott’s breath, hot and panting against the back of her neck, his hands still holding her tightly to his body by her tit and her belly.

Then the voluptuous rhythm of their fucking really got to Vanessa, and her clit thrummed madly as the sweet, hot feeling centered in her lower cunt. She rolled her ass and reached down to take the solid male balls in her hand, to caress them while the swollen rod above hammered into her. Her fingers touched, her hand followed, and Scott’s groan of pleasure sounded as she cupped his balls, giving gentle squeezes, she wanted his load delivered, now. His prick was driving so eagerly wetly responsive pussy was quickly lifting her to an orgasm, bringing her up and up while the tingles spread from her clit to take in all her cunt, her cervix, her belly, and swept hotly down to make her anus draw tightly against her butt plug in ecstasy.

“Gonna explode, fuck oh fuck, cum in me baby, gonna cum all over your dick, give it to me, fuck, fuck FUCK!”

The tightening up, the rubbing of her butt plug, and her hands gently coaxing his balls to explode, he grunted out, “Cumming, oh fuck yeah, FUCK!”

Twin shrieks of passion filled the air, and Vanessa felt the first spurt, and Scott panted hotly against her neck as she felt it hot, wet, and thick painting her walls, another thick pasting, then another, and another, Vanessa was in sexual nirvana, her cunt drank thirstily of the thick spunk that kept flooding into her, she came again, her cunt rippling with more spasms, eager to drain Scott’s cock dry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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