Deviant Suitemates Ch. 03

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This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. Thank you for continuing the story. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

“Oh my God,” Lexi said, sitting topless on her bed. She had cleaned the cum off her face and out of her mouth. “I still can’t believe that happened.”

Maddy was trying not to laugh again. Her initial empathy for her friend and the shock had run its course.

As she looked through her class schedule, she could not believe it had happened either. But because it hadn’t happened to her, she couldn’t help but see the humor in the situation.

“I mean, he saw me with a dick in my mouth,” Lexi said. “And my hand up my snatch.”

“Uh…..We all did……Yeah, you did look like you were enjoying yourself, ” Maddy said. She was done mapping out her classrooms and started to get dressed. She pulled a big black strapless shirt over her boobs.

Lexi showered and brushed her teeth again. When she left the bathroom in her towel, Maddy was sitting at her laptop. After Lexi picked out her outfit, she plopped down on the bed again and stared at the floor.

“Shit,” Lexi said, thinking about the nonplussed look on Andy’s face. “I still can’t believe that fucking happened.”

Lexi thought back to the humiliated feeling she felt, when she saw Andy and Maddy.

She was actually staring into Andy’s eyes, while his jaw hung open under his mustache….and she had a dick in her mouth. Cum was literally leaking out of her cheeks, as she pulled a long penis from her face and retreated to her sanctuary of invisibility.

“It happened bitch,” Maddy said, smiling, without looking at Lexi.

“How long were you two standing there?” Lexi asked. She was still trying to gauge how much of a slut she must look like in Andy’s eyes.

Maddy thought for a second.

“Sometime after he started cumming, but before he finished,” she said thoughtfully.

Lexi buried her face in her hands and groaned while kicking her feet.

“But get dressed slut,” Maddy said. “We need to find our classes. At least you got yours last night.”

They both laughed.

“Sounds like you let Andy….,” Lexi said, livening up after her friend’s teasing.

“What?” Maddy asked. “No. I didn’t let him fuck me.”

“I meant your shower. You let him shower with you?” Lexi said, pointedly. “You’ve never done that right? You love your showers.”

“How’d you remember that?” Maddy said. She was pulling on some booty tight jeans shorts, hopping in order to get them to cover her ass.

“Stacey’s end of the year party,” Lexi explained. She also put on some jean shorts with frayed edges but she wore a hot pink t-shirt and a sports bra. “The ‘Never had I Ever’ we played. You were way too drunk by that round.”

“Oh riiiiight,” Maddy said. “I got fingered by Jonathan at that party.”

“Oh ….so just like last night then,” Lexi said and they both grabbed their things laughing. She was brought back to earth a little by a sobering thought. “Ugghh. I bet they are laughing about us right fucking now.”

“They definitely are,” Maddy said as they left the suite. “Assholes.”

* * * * * * * * *

“Bro….I still can’t believe that fucking happened!”

The two freshman boys were exuberant with laughter. They had not stopped talking about last night since they left O’Bannon. They were playing Soul Calibur in their apartment’s common room.

“That was hilarious,” Andy said. “I mean legendary first dates.”

“Hall of Fame for sure,” Byron agreed.

“We walk out the bathroom and you’ve got this bitch by the head,” Andy laughed. He put his controller in front of his groin and gripped it tightly. “Your dick is in her mouth. And you just….HGYUUUGGGGHHHHHH!”

He thrust his hips forward on the couch dramatically. He stiffened his left leg as he mimed the orgasm. He started jiggling and shaking his foot and grunting as he completed his impression. Byron was laughing hysterically.

“Cum all down her fucking jaw. Fucking…. legend.”

“Man if you two hadn’t came out the bathroom, I would’ve fucked the everloving shit outta that girl,” Byron said, shaking his head smiling.

“I believe it,” Andy laughed. “I believe it.”

“And what about you,” Byron said, slapping Andy’s arm. “Soapin’ up those…..TITTIES! So tell me, whose idea was it; to go to the shower?”

Byron had changed his voice to match his journalism major.

“She wanted to shower when we got up.”

“Uh huh. Uh huh…..And this was… uh….before or after she…… slobbered all over your johnson-rod there?”

“After, although she did suck my cock in the shower as well.”

“I see and you came on her tits….?…… in her mouth….? What?”

“All over,” Andy said. “In her mouth. On her tits. Everywhere.”

Byron grimaced and punched the air several times.

“Oh…I love cumming down a chick’s throat,” Byron said fondly. “All in her mouth. isveçbahis yeni giriş Make her taste that shit.”

“Not better than cumming in that bitch’s pussy,” Andy said.

As the game wore on, they continued talking about the night while smoking. They had chosen Ivy vs Taki in honor of Maddy’s huge tits.

“What color were Maddy’s nipples?”

“Man, how did you know she had pink nipples?” Andy asked seriously.

“I fuckin’ knew it!”

The raucous laughter wore on.

“She has a thing about her nipples too,” Andy said.

“What do you mean?” Byron asked. “Like they were sharp and pointy?”

“No,” Andy said, then he laughed when he thought about Byron’s question. “No, they turn her on, though.”

“Yeah?” Byron said.

“Yeah….Like as soon as I started rubbing on them, she was ready to roll over for me. She was slapping my cock against her nips, when we were in the shower.”

“I still can’t believe you showered with her,” Byron said.

Byron was continuously beating Andy at the fighting game. Andy never got mad, but he was growing frustrated with characters who let him down.

“Did you hear her fucking boyfriend call?” Byron asked.

“Lexi’s? Heh, yeah I did,” Andy laughed. “I didn’t know what was going on til Maddy told me. Then I remembered, you said you thought she had a boyfriend.”

“Lil slut,” Byron laughed along.

“So…..what? You were…. twisting her clit, while they were talking about school?”

“I mean…..Basically.”

They could not stop talking and laughing about the evening.

“This is the kind of shit you dream about when you are in high school,” Byron said.

“Yeah motherfucker. Now let’s call ’em up. Bring them over here, get some drinks and fuck the shit out of em tonight?”

“Well, we probably wanna pump the brakes on that,” Byron said, looking around at the man-sized trash pit that was their college apartment.

Andy stopped dead, while selecting his character.

“What?….. I mean….. I feel like we should try to fuck em before class starts right?” he asked. “Before they see any other fucking dudes on campus.”

“Oh we’ll fuck em…if we do it right…….but you don’t just wanna call ’em up.

“Look if we go over there now; they are going to be trying to avoid another embarrassing situation,” Byron said, still staring at the TV. “Are you picking someone or what?”

“Sorry,” Andy said, as he selected Kilik.

“It was funny as hell for us, but Lexi is probably mortified,” Byron continued as the match started. “So they may be trying to pull a night of no sex together….kind of a pact thing. They may not even want us to come over; or maybe they won’t drink. They know we wanna fuck. So we wanna show a little more finesse.

“We also don’t wanna fall into the goose trap,” Byron continued, as Andy listened.

“What’s the goose trap?”

“That’s where you get the best friend on, like the lookout,” Byron said. “They’ll be like….trying to watch out for their friend. Making sure they don’t do anything stupid. Basically, a self-appointed cockblock.

“Lexi will by now have told Maddy all about how fucking embarrassed she was,” Byron continued. “If Maddy with the Double Ds is a good friend, she’ll be trying to cockblock.

“At the very least….. she’ll be trying to prevent you watching me fire a hot one down her friend’s throat, two nights in a row.”

Andy choked mid-inhale of the blunt.

“So look, Maddy is coming off ….a lil bougie. Lexi legit seems like she just wants everyone to see her with a man. She doesn’t miss her boyfriend. She misses people talking about her and her boyfriend.”

“Okay…so what do we do…?”

“Bro… What time is it…?” Byron asked, as he grabbed his phone.

* * * * * * * * *

Maddy and Lexi were having a great time exploring their new campus. Lexi had two classes near the stadium and one in the sports science lab.

Most of Maddy’s classes were in the business building. But the two had signed up for a marketing class together, as it matched both their curriculums.

They had eaten breakfast and spent the whole day outside. Both ladies had their fair share of fresh and horny college hunks paying them attention.

Lexi and Maddy liked to see who could get the most phone numbers between the two of them. While they took numbers from guys, they always gave out fake numbers that led to a prank line or to the police station.

Lexi was getting hungry, as they moved back toward the center of campus. She was about to ask what they should eat, when her phone rang.

“Ugglllhhh!” She put her face to the sky, when she saw who was calling on the phone.

“Whose that?” Maddy asked. “Not Alan?”

Lexi sighed and then half glared at her friend.

“It’s Byron.”

Maddy gasped …

“Really? Oh Shit. What are you gunna say?” she asked.

Lexi mouthed the words ‘I don’t know’ to her friend, as she answered casually.

Maddy engrossed herself in Lexi’s demeanor.

‘What would Byron say? Is he going to apologize? Is he going to be a isveçbahis giriş total jerk? What did he tell Andy?…..How much did Andy tell Byron?’

“Hey Lexi.”


“Did you find all your classes okay?” Byron asked, as he nodded to Andy, who was mouthing a blowjob sign.

“Um…Yeah,” said Lexi, taken aback. “Yeah …I’ve got a few classes in the stadium, so that’s pretty cool.”

“That is cool. I need to get over and see that stadium. It’s supposed to be really well done and rebuilt right?”

“Yea…um…what about you?” Lexi asked. She shrugged at Maddy, who was looking for visual cues in her friend’s face. “Did you look for your classes?”

“No….um … I actually just came from the city,” Byron said. “That’s kind of why I called.”

“Oh, what do you mean?”

Lexi had no idea where this was going. She wanted badly to help out Maddy, who was clearly dying to get information. But she did not know how to communicate her own confusion.

“Well I saw the mall and……. remembered you said you needed to grab some things,” Byron said. “Kind of thought that could be fun, ya know?”

“Oh…you mean….like with me?” Lexi said, then she glanced at Maddy. “Just me?”

“Yeah, sorry …….I know it’s early … the year I mean….. so I’m sorry if this is coming off way too awkward,” Byron said.

“No, it’s the perfect amount of awkward …..I understand, sorry I just wasn’t really expecting….anything like that,” Lexi said.

She was trying to think about what she needed from the mall. But her brain, it seemed, couldn’t picture anything, but the last time she actually saw Byron.

She was laying with her head on his lap, staring into his deep brown eyes, with his huge dick leaking cum into her mouth.

“Well basically, I thought you’d maybe like to go to the mall with me….if you weren’t too busy,” Byron said. Andy was still making blowjob faces and gestures. He was looking for anything phallic in order mime fellacio; a Pringles can, the TV remote, a Snickers bar.

“Look,” Byron said, with a voice that did not crack, even as Andy began poking himself in the face with two Gatorade bottles. “I know things got kinda crazy last night. Especially this morning but um….”

“Yeah….” Lexi was looking at Maddy and waiting for her own reaction to Byron’s words.

“I had fun….you know?” Byron continued. “Before ah…..before all that…. and I think you are fun to talk to.”

“Oh yeah,” Lexi said. That was not what she thought he would say. “No, um….. I did too.”

“Great okay….well would you like to meet at the mall and see what’s up? I’m kinda hungry. I don’t know if you’ve eaten.”

“I…..Yeah. That sounds great,” Lexi said, gaining her composure as she made up her mind. “I’m hungry too. I don’t have a car though.”

“I can swoop you,” Byron said, happily.

After they made plans to meet in fifteen minutes, she hung up the phone and stared nonplussed at Maddy.

“What happened?” Maddy asked.

“He ….asked me to go to the mall with him,” Lexi said.

“Oh.” Maddy was just as taken aback by this news as Lexi was. “Um ….so you are meeting him now, then?”

“Yeah…I guess I’m getting food with him. You’re gonna be alright?”

“Yeah….. I’ll just get a salad from the Cafe,” Maddy said, struggling to hide the look of disappointment on her face.

“I’m sure we won’t be long,” Lexi said, reading her friend. “Maybe Andy will call. Maybe…you should call him.”

“Yeah…” Maddy said. “Maybe or…if he doesn’t, you know ….it’s whatever.”

“Yeah. Okay. I should run to the dorm and get ready.”

They hugged and split up along the sidewalk.

“And try to keep Byron’s dick out of your face, m’kay Lex!” Maddy yelled, as her friend jogged toward their dorms.

“Yeah and you keep your titties in your shirt today, bitch!” Lexi called back over her shoulder, as she ran by another couple walking up from O’Bannon.

* * * * * * * * *

“Okay,” Byron said after hanging up. “How much money ya got?”

“Alot,” Andy said.


“Of Zeros,” Andy finished.

“You kiddin me?” Byron asked.

“Nope. I told you my parents are broke. I need to find a job on campus. Why?”

“Because we need to divide and conquer,” Byron said. “Okay, if I give you three hundred dollars can you pay me back?”

“Yea, probably.”

“Okay….wait probably? No probably. Can you pay me back?”

“By when?” Andy asked. “What do I need it for?”

“By whenever and ’cause if you do what I say, you’ll probably get laid,” Byron said. “But I need my money back.”

“If I don’t get laid, do I get to keep the money?” Andy asked.

“No. Hell no,” Byron said, shaking his head. “Look. Lexi just wants to be seen. Maddy wants to be wanted. This is what we should do.”

* * * * * * * * *

As the day wore on, new and returning students alike took advantage of the last day before classes began. All over campus, students were having sex.

Donald, a freshman computer science nerd, was sinking his dick into the wet hairy pussy isveçbahis güvenilirmi of a senior black liberal arts major. It was Donald’s first black pussy and Janice’s first white dick. She’d only planned to suck him off, but she was surprised when he pulled out a fat nine-incher and didn’t hesitate to bend over her own desk, in her campus apartment.

In Governor’s Hall

Cynthia, a freshman dental hygiene major, was getting her teeth whitened by a big splash of cum from her cousin’s boyfriend, Dylan. When Cynthia learned her cousin was going to DePauw, Cynthia knew she’d have an opportunity to get what she’d always wanted. Dylan had no qualms giving it to her, especially when she took off her blouse to reveal her fat round titties. His girlfriend’s cousin could suck his dick all year, if she wanted.

On the top floor of Ruston

A physics major named DeShaun and his black and asian girlfriend Keylani, convinced Keylani’s roommate, Margaret, to try out a big black cock for the first time. Margaret and Keylani, two philosophy freshmen, were now making out. Keylani was sitting on DeShaun’s face, while Keylani’s brunette roommate came all over his black dick.

And Dina, a reluctant criminal justice major was on her back getting aggressively fucked by a future mechanical engineer for Nasa, named Steve. The short-haired blonde freshman hadn’t exactly given her consent and she was disrobed rather forcefully by the senior. He knew exactly which buttons to press to make her protests melt away. She certainly looked like a willing participant now, with her pink Scooby Doo socks flopping in the air, while Steve repeatedly drove his dick into her clean shaven cunt.

* * * * * * * * *

Lexi was waiting on the sidewalk in the parking lot. She had changed into a cute flowery top, with blue jeans and a brown belt that matched her purse. She completed the outfit with some sunglasses and tennis shoes. She knew she looked hot.

She had just realized she didn’t know what kind of car Byron drove, when a black Dodge Charger pulled up in front of her.

“Hey gorgeous,” Byron called, from the driver’s seat.

“Whoa,” she said quietly, staring at the shine on the new car. ‘This guy continues to impress.’

“Nice car,” she said, after he kissed her and they sped off toward the highway. They enjoyed their short drive, listening to music and laughing until they arrived at Eastland Mall.

Byron bought them a couple of steak burgers and they got down to shopping. Lexi was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to talk to him, especially after the events of last night.

‘Not to mention this morning,’ she thought.

They seemed to like the same types of movies, they both liked sports and they found out they had similar majors.

“So you’re going to write reports about sports, and I’ll be….reporting on sports,” Byron laughed, as Lexi nodded along.

“That’s awesome. I’ll do something with sports for sure,” Lexi said. “Talking about football with Maddy is like talking to a brick wall; a brick wall with huge boobs.”

They were in a kitchen and bath store and Lexi was loading up her basket with all kinds of things. Once she paid, the two made their way around the mall. When the subject of movies came up again they were in the electronics store.

“I mean, I had to make sure I was ready for college, so I needed a big TV to go with my Playstation. You didn’t get a TV for your dorm?”

“No, they have one in the common room.”

“Yeah but it’s tiny,” Byron said. “If I’m going to be chilling and watching movies with you, we’ll need a real TV that’s just for your room. Why don’t you let me get you one?”

“You don’t have to do that,” Lexi said, seriously as Byron started looking at TVs. “Really. It’d be one thing if it was just a little TV. These are huge.”

“Yeah I know,” Byron said longingly, still looking at the different displays on the wall. “If I could, I’d stick a whole movie theater in your dorm complete with surround sound.”

Lexi chuckled.

“I’m sure the RA’s would love that,” she said.

In the end, Byron convinced Lexi to let him buy her a 40-inch TV along with a DVD player. She was still bemused at how he hadn’t blinked at the $250 dollar price tag and nonchalantly pulled out cash to buy it.

“We still got some time,” Byron said as they wheeled their mall carts past D-Ice. “Wanna get some ice cream for the road?”

“Okay,” Lexi said, stopping. “New Dodge Charger. Big wad of cash. What is this ‘Big Bank Take Little Bank’? College students are supposed to be broke.”

“No one told my parents that,” he said, laughing. “The car was a graduation present. Like I wasn’t going to make it through high school or something. Also in high school, I had um….what are those things called?”

Lexi shrugged, as they got in line.

“Right,” Byron said, snapping his fingers. “A job. I saved all my tips from serving at the ‘Bees”

“Oh,” Lexi laughed. “What do your parents do?”

“My dad works sales with Mercedes, ironically,” Byron said.

“Oh so like selling cars?” Lexi said comprehending. “That’s pretty lucrative huh?”

“Maybe. My dad like, works regional sales,” Byron continued when he saw she was still wondering. “Basically, he works the figures for the midwest region and recommends to Mercedes how many cars they should have on the market in a given year.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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