August 18th, A Day to Remember

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Santiago was born on this day, so the next day would be his birthday, but we would celebrate today because the next day I would work almost all day long. The pandemic was still in its first months, so we couldn’t celebrate with our friends like we always did.

“Oliver, if the pandemic improves next year, we’ll make a garland!” exclaimed my newlywed friend Diana on a video call with Santiago by my side.

“Yes, we will! For the rest, let’s take good care of ourselves until crisis is gone.”

“That’s right! Go there and enjoy the day! Kisses, Santiago. Happy birthday!”

It was 7:00 pm and I decided to give him his second gift. The first was something I hoped he would one day ask for: hair highlights. He wanted it to be platinum because it was in, but I managed to convince him not to do it because it damages the hair so much… So he decided to do some blonde locks with Carlos, the barber. His work is just immaculate.

The second gift got him very excited: Forza Horizon. It was one of his favorite games and he said he would play right away.

I nodded and grabbed some of the cake I bought to celebrate. We ate the cake and played a few matches. Santiago was very happy and I kissed his head while stroking the back of his neck. The boy quickly paused the game to give me a kiss too, but he preferred the lips. I found his attitude so tender that I hugged him and told him I loved him very much.

“This car is really bad.” Santiago said while I hugged him.

I stroked her hair, which was just brushed to the side and firmly in place because of the pomade. I played with it and slowly ruffled his hair until it became a fake mohawk.

“No, Dad, you’re messing it up!” I laughed at his protest and said that I was just trying out other styles on it, which would make the new colors more evident. He ignored my comment and continued playing.

I went to the bathroom and tried to do the same style. It didn’t really suit me, as I was a man in my late forties, but I hadn’t done it myself since the beginning of the century when the fauxhawk was on every teen’s and kid’s head. And I got horny seeing myself in the mirror, as always. I didn’t want to do anything today, just stay with my son, but sometimes my fetish speaks louder. I waited a little longer and went back to the bedroom.

“Done! Our hair now look the same, but today mine is bigger.”

He chuckled and looked in the direction of my pants. I disguised it very poorly, I confess. But when I looked over his arms, he was hard too. This made me slightly scared. I didn’t know if he acquired the same fetish as me or if his ass was on fire. It had been two weeks since we had a mutual masturbation, as I started to focus on teaching him how to give a good blowjob. He was already getting the hang of it.

I sat up in bed and asked what was that.

“It’s nothing. I knew you would do your hair too, and this…”

He didn’t know how to finish the sentence and blushed. I understood what the boy onwin giriş meant and knew how to respond as best I could.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s okay to feel something different with me. Gradually you will discover what it is, ok?”

And I pecked his cheek. Maybe paraphilias really have a genetic factor. If Santiago really is a trichophile like I am, I am a very lucky man. That thought started to make me feel horny.

Not wanting to disrupt his game, I crouched next to him.

“Let’s see if you can concentrate with this. It will be a challenge!”

I removed his pants and underwear and he sighed. I put my head between his arms and that hard cock all inside my mouth. The taste was divine. I put pressure on with my lips and I could hear him moaning quietly. I also heard him crashing his car in the game, my fault, but I didn’t stop.

“Dad, slowly… I was almost winni-… Ah!”

I sucked my son for a couple of minutes and he decided to take a break from the game. He threw the controller aside, and now he’s got another controller: my head.

He grasped my hair and controlled the rhythm of my fellatio, varying between fast and slow. As his dick wasn’t very big, I had no problems with it, quite the opposite, I liked him wanting to dominate me a little. But I’m the one who dominates.

I got up and took off my pants too. My hair was already messed up, so I decided to mess up his too. I pulled on his fauxhawk, to face me, so hard that I heard an “ouch!” before putting my cock down his throat. As he did, I also controlled the blowjob to satisfy myself.

Seeing that boy completing another year of life, after a lot of learning and trust, made me a happy father.

“Yes, San. Look at Dad. Swallow it all down, ok?”

Wow, how wonderful that oral was. Deep, using the tongue and changing the rhythm. I thought about taking another step today. I think he was ready, even when I told him about all types of sex.

I lifted him up and laid him on the bed. I opened his legs wide so I could bury my face in his soft and hairy asshole. The time had come to use my big tongue in another way. I gave his anus a few licks.

“Dad, calm down… Uh…”

“I’ll take it easy, boy. You’ll love it.”

I was kissing and sucking his ass softly. It had a peculiar taste, similar to some guys I’ve been with, but his was sweeter. Masturbating myself at the same time, I opened his ass wide with one hand and stuck my tongue inside his ass.

“Ohhh! D-dad…”

Santiago was moaning loudly and his voice was a little more feminine than usual. I explored that hole with my fingers and stuck one inside. The other day I had done this and he complained that it hurt. I said it really hurts, but it was only at the beginning. Afterwards he would get used to it and feel joy down there.

Then I was fingering and jacking him off at the same time. I didn’t hear a complaint this time.

I laid down next to him and was fingering him onwin yeni giriş while I whispered in his ear: “Look at this tight ass. Dad likes it. Relax and I’ll do it softly.”

While pulling his spiked hair, I explored other areas: I sucked on his neck, nipples, stomach, legs, ears… There!


I found a G-spot! The little bastard liked when I licked his ears. I stopped with my finger and pulled him close to me.

“I’ll give you the taste of your ass.”

I kissed him with love, with passion, very slow and deep. I felt his nervousness fade, his body softening.

We stayed like this for a few minutes until I went back to sucking his ass. I thought about bringing up the third birthday present. Maybe I was being bold, but the road to a full sex life is a long one, full of places and sensations we need to know.

I put him on doggy style for me and stood back enjoying that view.

“What will you do?”

“I’m just going to give you pleasure, Santiago. If it hurts, you can say.”

“No, you’re going to do that…”

I didn’t answer. I was going to do that. I played with his ass with my hard dick a little bit, rubbing in my son’s ass. It was tight, but my penis wasn’t too thick.

“Jack off, son. It helps to relax.”

I barely started to put the little head inside and he already grimaced, asking not to put it on. I took it off, and rubbed in some of the lube I kept in my wardrobe drawer. I gave him a kiss and said:

“Relax, champ. Happy Birthday.”

I tried again. I managed to put the glans all inside. Think of a tight ass?

Santiago let out an “ouch” everytime, and I wheezed for him to forget about the pain and focus on the horniness.

I just left the glans inside for a minute to relax his sphincter more. A penis is bigger than a finger, so the muscle needs to adapt to the new thickness of what’s entering, right?

It took about 5 minutes to get half of my cock inside.

“Look at this, my son! It’s half inside already. You’re holding up well, you hottie.”

And holding his mohawk from behind, in one of my favorite positions, I slipped all my cock inside.


He yelled loudly. I pulled it back to see if it hadn’t bled or hurt him, but I didn’t notice anything. He even ran the fingers in the ass and saw that he was unharmed.

“It’s OK. The pain is only at the beginning.”

I put him back in position and slid it in slowly. He yelled quieter this time.

Being inside San is… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put it all into words. It’s hot, the heat, the desire to want more… I was in love with him, so I don’t think it could be any different. I took my son’s virginity and I know the first time is never the best, but I was careful to do my best.

He got tired of being on all fours so he just laid his whole body. I laid down on him and started to put my dick in and out very slowly.

“Ahh! It feels like I’m going to shit. Ahnnn…”, his onwin güvenilirmi voice tone was charming.

“You won’t, it’s just the feeling that’s the same.”

I wasn’t in a hurry because one day I would be doing a fast, hard penetration on him, so I held back the urge to accelerate and stuck my tongue in his mouth.

About five more minutes and I was in the mood to come. I took the cock out and cummed a lot on his back and ass. The jet actually splashed on his hair. This gave me a wonderful idea. When my orgasm was over, I pulled him out of bed and crouched down in front of him again. I gave him a quick blowjob and made an absurd request:

“Cum in my hair, boy. Do it! I know what you want.”

To help, I stuck my finger in that tight ass again to stimulate his prostate. I wanted a milk bath on top of my head.

Santiago took a while, but he managed to do it. I almost came again feeling the warm milk in my head. When he was done, he chuckled and started messing my hair.

I smeared that fluid through my hair, making my fauxhawk even more spiked and higher. I got up and gave him one last, deep tongue kiss.

“Go wash yourself.”

I went into the kitchen and got a piece of cake for myself. I was ecstatic. It’s been a while since I felt that way. I don’t know how I would handle the outside world if our relationship ever came to a head, but it’s still early to get things started. It’s not a crime, but we live in a society where the taboo is very strong. I fell in love with him less than 4 months ago and I already consider it a victory that he didn’t resist or scream too loud when I penetrated him.

I remembered the first time I got penetrated. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I made a point of being kind and patient with him to the extreme because I want to give us a good life. Santiago is still very young, but not that immature. I knew he would make a good boyfriend… He just couldn’t be a good husband to me because the law doesn’t allow it.

I ate that cake still smelling the semen in my hair. When I was done, I went to the bedroom again and he had already washed, and even combed his hair the way it was before. I also noticed that he was running his hand in his butt. I had to ask:

“Does it hurt, son?””

“Yes…” Unfortunately the first time never changes, even if you’re kind. I went to the wardrobe and got some nice oil to soothe the pain.

“Come here.”

I laid him on his stomach over my legs, his ass splayed up. I took a good dose of the oil and dabbed it around his anus, lightly.

“Dad! Take it easy. It still… Ahh…”

I took more and applied inside, just as far as the sphincter goes. He made a crying voice and I died of pity. I should have been less aggressive. Stupid Oliver.

When I was done, I gave him a kiss and apologized.

“Next time it won’t hurt like that. It was just the first one. I’ll be nicer too, sweetheart.”

“Can I sit on your lap?”

I didn’t know how to react to the request. I put the joystick in his hand and took a bath. When I came back, he sat on my leg and I hugged his warm body. We spent the rest of the night holding each other, kissing and playing Forza.

Happy birthday, Santiago!

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