An Androgynephilic Daydream

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Note: Although I am a tomboy lesbian, this story is an attempt to write something from the point of view of a guy who is attracted to masculine women. It is dedicated to good male straight friend of mine.

From the moment I saw her in the student union, she filled my fantasies She wasn’t what the world called raving beauty, her body shape being quite square and almost masculine. That lean shape also yielded a strength that set my mind on a course of erotic abandon. Unlike most men, I was never one for big-boobed bimbos, preferring women with smaller breasts, but in her, my carnal desires were surpassed through their flouting of every degree of gender and that which was stereotypically defined a female.

As I watched her, I mentally stripped off the sweater and jeans she was wearing to display the well-sculpted, quite unfeminine body I imagined her to have. She is beefcake, but beefcake of a decided different variety.

In my dream, her chest was totally flat. A bra would be of no use to her. She turns and looks at me, exposing her hairless masculine chest with six-pack abs and full curved pecs. It was as she could sense that the sight of her gorgeous bare chest excited me. She pulls down her jeans and revels that she is wearing a jockstrap. The straps of her jock frame the flat hard cheeks of her ass. The pouch is filled, not with a cock bulge of course, although a cock would look quite at home on her boy-ish body, but rather with the pouting labia of her vagina.

The elastic fabric of the pouch is stretched flat and tight and draws my eyes to her crotch. I want to walk up to her and kneel in submission to her jockstrap-covered bahis şirketleri pussy. It becomes my desire and obsession to nibble and lick at her pussy through her jockstrap. My goal will be for the pouch to be soaked with her pussy juice. My reward will be to have her ejaculate and cover my face with her vaginal fluids.

Yet for all of her masculine attributes, she is a contradiction of form, retaining a feminine hairstyle that frames her beautiful facial features.

My mind switches to dreaming of an encounter with her in the locker room at the gym. I am spying on her from behind a set of lockers. She is wearing a t-shirt and pair of gym shorts. The t-shirt is skintight and proudly shows of her hard flat pectoral muscles, the bee-sting like nipples poking out like little BBs. I watch as she strips off her gym clothes. She is standing there wearing nothing but her jockstrap, a female hunk of 20 years old, fit, and both handsome and pretty at the same time. She adjusts the straps of her jock around her butt and then flexes, her well-built butch chest rippling as she does so,

She catches me staring and walks over to me. She bends down pulls me to my feet. Her rock hard pecs glisten with a film of sweat. Damn, she even smells musky like a sweaty guy. I lean down and lick one of her small masculine nipples. As I nibble and lick at her salty sweat she takes my hand and guides it down to her jockstrap, placing it on the pouch. She guides it to show me what she wants me to do, and says only two words, “Stroke it”

Using my middle finger, I rub along her parting labia. At the same time, the palm of my hand grinds the rough pouch bahis firmaları of her jockstrap against her clit. She moans and begins to thrust her hips in a rhythm to match my strokes.

I take one of her manly nipples between my two front teeth and suck at it. I feel her rock hard flat upper trunk spasm against my cheek.

I drop to my knees and begin to orally service her pussy through her jockstrap. I start running my tongue along the pouch, licking at her thighs as I do. I then thrust my nose against her labia and fuck at her pussy with it as I breathe in her sent. The pouch of her jockstrap is moist with her juices and I kiss and lick and suck at it. I am dead set on my desire to make her cum and I feel her pussy lips twitch as a sign that I am succeeding. My tongue thrusts hard against her jockstrap’s pouch, pushing the rough elastic fabric between her pussy lips.

She bends down pulls me up as she says, “I’m not ready to cum just yet”

She turns around, her back to me and pulling her close I kiss her strong neck. My rock hard cock nestles against her manly ass cheeks, so handsomely framed by the straps of her jock. I rub it up and down between the crack as I reach down with my left hand to touch her pussy right at that special spot where the straps of her jock attach to the pouch. Using my index finger I tease at the entrance to her vaginal slot. She is moist and warm.

With my other hand I reach around under her arm to feel up her manly upper body. I cup her masculine pec in my hand. Her chest is so handsomely flat and rock hard, and would be the envy of any man in the workout room. I caress her chest and flick at kaçak bahis siteleri her masculine nipples, now hard as little pebbles. Her manly torso undulates beneath my fingers. I see our image in a mirror at the far end of the locker room and see her rippling muscular body glisten with sweat. She leans her head to side as I massage her macho pectoral muscles.

I feel a dull pain in my balls, but she is totally in control and pulls away. She lies down on a bench and takes my hand and guides me so that I can straddle her in a 69 position. She does not have any intention of servicing me orally, however, for that is my task in submission to her masculinity. Rather she positions me so that my cock rubs between the flat muscles of her mannish chest.

I lean down and pull the wide waistband of her jockstrap down to expose her bush. Her stud-like clit is hard and erect and protrudes obscenely through the tufts of her pussy hair. I take it in my mouth like the cock that it aspires to emulate. As I suck my cock rubs back and forth between her hot hunky pecs. My balls sac tightens as it bounces against her flat chest.

We begin rocking back and forth and with her clit between my lips I feel it begin to convulse. She suddenly thrusts upward and gushes of her juice saturate her jockstrap and soak my face. As I drink it in like nectar, my cock quivers and my balls unleash their load across her rippling six-pack abs. I collapse on top her, my face resting on a pillow of her jockstrap covered vaginal mound.

Snapping back to reality, I open my eyes to see that she has left the student union hall. I won’t be able to go out and find her, at least not yet, as I feel the clammy wet spot from my orgasm that stains the crotch of my jeans. But I will find her. And I will make her into the manly hunk she should be. Submitting to her masculine power, I will remain always in her service.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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