My Chemical Romance Ch. 01

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“Today, we’re going to talk about orgasms.”

Hoots and whistles filled the air in the auditorium and I shook my head, elbowing my friend, Rita. You would think that third-year psychology students in college would be more mature but I should have known better. Professor Wilbur patiently waited for the racket to die down before continuing with the rest of the lecture.

“Does anyone here know why we love to have orgasms so much?”

“‘Cause we like to shoot!”

Laughter and more hoots and whistles followed the anonymous comment and Professor Wilbur smiled. “While that is a welcome side effect, it’s not the technical fact that I was looking for.” She raised a remote and aimed it at the flat panel on the wall. The lights dimmed and she switched on the projector. “The word I’m looking for is endorphins.” She underlined the word with the laser pointer built into the remote and flipped to the next slide in her presentation. “Endorphins are released when we achieve orgasm.”

“I thought it was cum!”

More laughter and the professor turned away from us, activating a movie on her laptop and the room was suddenly quiet. A naked young woman sat in a chair, facing the camera and she smiled, introducing herself isveçbahis as Dr. Annie and informed us that she was going to masturbate and demonstrate an orgasm.

“Holy Shit! I didn’t know that Human Sexuality class involved Show-And-Tell!”

I laughed at Rita’s whisper and turned my attention back to the movie, wondering why I suddenly felt hot. Dr. Annie spread her legs wide, displaying her vaginal area and the camera moved in close, spreading the image of her shaved pussy on the screen. Her fingers pulled the thick folds of flesh aside and sighs of appreciation filled the air, along with the more discreet sound of zippers moving downward.

“Pay close attention to her body’s response.”

Professor Wilbur didn’t have to tell us that. The effects of her fingerplay were almost immediate. Her eyes fluttered closed and her wide, dark red nipples hardened as if by time-lapse photography, accompanied by goosebumps. I squeezed my legs together, wondering if every other girl in the classroom was doing it, too. Dr. Annie moaned and her hot pink slit suddenly grew silky with pearly cum, her hole opening and closing, pushing more lubricant out.

“Jesus Christ!”

I would have echoed those words but I couldn’t. isveçbahis giriş I felt light-headed and the pounding of my heart seemed like it was too loud as it thumped in my head. I gasped quietly and squeezed my legs together again when a sharp stab of pleasure sliced through my stomach and made my nipples hard as rocks. Rita glanced over at me for a minute.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” I whispered back, confused at the hollow sound of my voice in my own ears. My attention turned back to the screen and I noticed that Dr. Annie had slid down in her chair and had set her heels in gynecological stirrups, further opening herself up to the audience. The camera’s angle changed slightly, showing how her finger was breaching her vaginal opening and pumping in and out of the hole. Sweat broke out on my forehead and my upper lip trembled as my hand snaked past the waistband of my sweats.

Dr. Annie’s finger plunged deep again and again and the screen split into quarters, each displaying a different part of her body. In one cube, the camera’s bright lights highlighted the beads of sweat that were gathering on her body, indicating that her temperature was rising. The rapid rise and fall of her chest was emphasized isveçbahis yeni giriş in another section of the screen and the passionate expressions on her face took up residence in a third segment.

Low moans and gasps went up, matching hers in depth and passion and I noticed that mine was one of them. My finger slipped into my slit and I rubbed my clit, gently massaging it and building the pressure against it as Dr. Annie neared her own release. My heart still pounded in my ears and I almost felt as if I was high. Rita poked me but I ignored her. I was too close and I wasn’t going to deny myself.

Dr. Annie’s cries rose in timbre, closer and closer together until her body tensed, her mouth curved in a rictus of absolute pleasure. I heard other moans of release around mine and I mixed mine with theirs, sharing that climax and enjoying the high with others who had cum. I pulled my hand out of my pants and kept my eyes closed as the lights came up and the sounds of zippers again.

The screen went dark and Professor Wilbur took her own sweet time in returning to the podium. “How many of you just came?”

Hands shot up in the air, some slower than others and that included mine. Rita cackled next to me, her own eyes a tad bit glassy and she guiltily raised her hand as well.

“Now you understand the power of the orgasm.” Wilbur straightened her skirt and wiped her forehead. “Now, let’s talk about how to achieve it every time.”

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