Julia, Her First Time

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Big Dick


Okay, so I wouldn’t have been there if Steve and I weren’t having some problems. Steve and I met in my sophomore year of college, he was the nerdy business major introvert, I was a fitness and performing arts extrovert, and I admit it I was and am a bit of a show off, but we just clicked. While he was quiet and reserved, I was at the gym wearing the tightest work out clothes I could and loving being the center of attention. I was dating someone else at the time Steve and I met, but we soon became the best of friends and by the time my prior relationship ended, I knew I wanted to be with Steve.

I had only been with two guys until that time, both during long term relationships; I just wasn’t a one-night stand girl. Steve was a bit socially awkward and had been with exactly zero women. He was a perfect gentleman on our early dates, to the point that when I was ready, I had to take the lead and pull his hand up to my breast when we were making out one evening, then unzip him and stroke him to get things going and let him know it was okay to touch me. He got the hang of it pretty quick, and although we weren’t great together sexually, it was okay. Our emotional closeness made up for a lot of sexual awkwardness.

As our relationship grew we became more adventurous, and by “adventurous,” I mean the usual college stuff; getting finger banged at a basketball game under a blanket, a bj in the stairwell of the library, nothing too weird, but it was fun and the danger of getting caught was quite the turn on for me. Steve wasn’t very out there either, other than an obsession with doing it in my butt; although he had always respected my boundaries and I remained the possessor of a virgin ass. Sometimes when I was really worked up he would ask, but it always seemed unhygienic, painful and gross sounding to me, so we had given my backside a pass. I just wasn’t a sodomite.

As I was on birth control and he had never been with anyone else, we felt okay not using condoms and even though I had been with two other guys in the past, with them I didn’t have confidence in my BC, so they didn’t shoot inside me without a condom. Steve was the first guy to ejaculate in me. It was nice and I liked the gooey feeling I got from it afterwards; it seemed really intimate. That was about the limit of our adventures.

By our senior year we had moved off campus, keeping separate apartments for the sake of my parents although we practically lived together, and gotten a little more adventurous. We talked more openly about our desires but I admit I wasn’t very good at that. I just really wasn’t that sexual of a person. I enjoyed it, but I enjoyed cuddling on the couch about as much. Steve talked tentatively at first, not wanting to shock or offend me, but it was pretty clear his fantasy life was much more expansive than mine.

After graduation we were able to stay together, in fact our careers began just a few blocks from each other, he at a bank and me at a marketing company doing ad copy. It was a nice life and we were together every night at one of our apartments, snuggling on the couch, or in bed, and almost always he would end up in my mouth. Oral was a big part of our lifestyle, or at least me giving oral was, and Steve said I gave the best blowjob ever. Right, like he would know.

Steve rarely went down on me, I don’t think he enjoyed it very much, although he was quite loving when he did and it was always climatic for me. Our emotional context was so strong that I didn’t care that much about it. Most of my friends didn’t climax when having sex, without some additional stimulation anyway, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for me as I was one of the lucky ones that did and counted myself fortunate.

So with all that in mind, perhaps you can realize how shocked I was when I asked Steve on a Friday night after work “Hey babe, what do you want to do tonight?” thinking he would want to watch a game or see a movie, and instead he replied;

“I want to go to an orgy.”


“I want to go to an orgy, you asked, well, that’s what I want to do,” Steve grinned.

“Oh! I thought you were serious for a minute,” I laughed, thinking I’d been played. We had been trying to spice things up by watching some porn together, and that had worked, he never failed to get a boner and fuck me before the movie was half over, so this was a pretty good joke I thought.

“I am serious, I want to go to an orgy.”

It occurred to me that he wasn’t laughing, and seemed quite serious about it.

“Uh, so, you want to be with other people? That’s not me Steve. If you want to fuck some other girl, we don’t need to be together.”

“No, that’s not why. It’s just, well,” he stammered sheepishly, “It would be like seeing live action porn, instead of watching it on the Internet, we could be there. Like the difference between Broadway and Netflix.”

It was true, I did get excited watching porn, well, most of it. The ass stuff did nothing for me, and the lesbian stuff I thought would be educational for Steve to learn some technique but it didn’t otherwise turn me on. He didn’t really pick up ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar on the hint though. Some of it was just weird and gross and for the life of me I could not figure out the appeal of some dude pulling out and blowing his splooge all over the actresses’ face. And where did they get all that stuff anyway? Steve never had that much and it seemed like there must be someone off camera with a yogurt filled Super-Soaker to cover a face with that much semen.

“So you want to go see a bunch of other people have sex? What brought this on?” I asked.

“I thought it might be fun and, you know, it always makes you pretty turned on. I mean, I think it does, maybe I’m just that awesome,” he smirked.

“Well you are pretty awesome,” I replied, pondering where this was all going. He couldn’t be really serious, could he?

“I’m not that awesome, we’re just visual people when it comes to erotica. You like to watch people fucking on video, let’s try watching it for real. If we don’t like it, we can always leave.”

“Huh, and just where would we find an orgy?” I asked. Seriously, how does one do that? I had a roommate in freshman year that did threesomes but even if I had stayed in touch, what would I say? ‘Hey girl, my boyfriend and I want to watch you fuck, can we come over?’

“Well, as it happens…”

“What? You have this planned out already?” I asked.

“Oh, no, you remember Claire from work? She’s over customer relations?”

As soon as he asked me I knew whom he meant. We had met at his work’s Christmas party and I definitely recalled her. She was that little Asian bitch that was drunk and flirting with everyone, including my guy. She was funny and cute, with a bubbly personality, but a bit annoying too. She was about our age, but much shorter than me and candidly not as well developed. I was tall with almost hideously long legs, tight abs and gluts, auburn hair to below my shoulders, and perky C’s. She was a B at best with no hips, waist or butt. She was annoying, but not threatening.

“I remember her. Drunk girl, right?”

“Yeah, she probably didn’t make the best first impression that night, but she is really nice. Anyway, her and her husband are having a party and she invited us.

“A ‘party’.”

“A swinger’s party,” Steve added for clarification, as if that was needed.

“An orgy.” I said, to make things even more clear.

“An orgy,” he agreed.

“And when is this orgy? Would I be expected to participate? Would you really leave if I asked you to?” I asked.

“Tonight, in a couple hours, you can do as much or as little as you want, and yes, if it gets skeevy for you, we bail, no explanations needed.”

I thought about it for a bit, but I confess I was curious. I expected it to be a bunch of ugly losers making out around the room like a boy/girl party in middle school but it might be fun to watch if there was someone there worth watching. Claire was reasonably attractive and what I remembered of her husband he was quite fit and decently built. And truth be known, I did get excited watching porn… oh, I guess I told you that already. Okay, I made up my mind. I was going to watch an orgy tonight.

“Steve, what does one wear to watch an orgy?” I asked with a grin that let him know I was at least agreeable to going, but not to participating.

“I asked that. I was told ‘dress to impress,’ whatever that means.”

“Um, okay.” What it meant to me was a shower first. If I was going to be in a room full of people fucking I wanted to be as fresh and clean as possible. Since my workout outfits are quite tight and my swimwear revealing, I stay waxed down there, completely, including my backside (I don’t want any strays poking out from a thong at the beach.) I was happy I didn’t have to worry about intimate grooming as I was in the shower, then thought to myself ‘What difference does it make? No one is going to see it anyway.’

This should have been the first sign that my id was a bit more flexible than my ego.

A matching bra and panty set that was quite sheer and lifted my already perky boobs a bit was next, it was our date night after all and Steve would probably get some later anyway, and then a silk tank top that on my long body was basically a crop. Finally, a midi pleated skirt and I thought I looked sexy, but not slutty. That was what ‘dress to impress’ meant to me, I was ready to go clubbing on a girls night out, but not to pick up strangers at a bar.

Doing my make up took a bit of time, then my hair, and we were ready to go just in time.

The party was held in a McMansion at the end of a near empty cul de sac which was good as the drive way was full and we had to part on the street with a dozen or so other cars. I decided to mess with Steve a bit on the walk up. My heels didn’t let me go too fast but I managed to keep up with him.

“Hurry up Steve or all the good dicks will be gone,” I said.


“I bet at these parties all the good dicks get taken fast. I know how much you like my blow jobs, I thought I could suck four or five dicks for you, but I elvankent götü büyük escortlar want the best ones, hurry!” I grinned.

“Now you’re just fucking with me,” he laughed.

“No, but I can, you think everyone will want to watch?” I grinned.

“You probably, you’ll be the hottest woman here.”

“Awww, you’re just saying that… so I won’t get mad in case all the good dicks are taken!” I laughed.

We got to the doorway and stood there for a second, looking at each other for approval. I knew we would probably just look around and leave so I wasn’t too nervous; I was more excited than anything, but Steve seemed a little anxious.

I reached up and pressed the doorbell before we could chicken out.

The wait was agonizing but only for a half-minute or so. What exactly do you do while waiting to enter an orgy? What would we find on the other side. What do you say to your partner? Do you talk about the weather? What?

“It’s nice out tonight, not too warm,” I smiled, and then became silent again.

It turns out, you should say nothing to your partner, you should just stand there nervously, with him being so anxious I thought he might explode.

A grinning Claire, who threw her arms around my boyfriend and practically shouted; opened the door;

“Stevie! I wasn’t sure you would make it! Thanks for coming! This is my husband Kurt, and you must be Julia,” she said, extending a hand for me to shake, before withdrawing it and hugging me instead.

“Here, we do hugs,” Kurt said as he took his wife’s place gently placing his arms around me for a gentle embrace. He was, uh, well Kurt was hot. Super muscular, a gleaming smile, well groomed blonde hair and just a bit taller than me. He even smelled nice, but his cologne was fortunately not overpowering me. He felt great when his rock hard chest was pressed softly against my boobs, I admit it, and when he released his embrace he kept one hand on my hip as Steve introduced us and we exchanged greetings.

“So let’s come in and go over what the party is all about, there are some rules you should know before we show you around, okay?” Claire asked.

Before I could answer that we didn’t expect to participate and were just visiting to see if it was something we might be interested in later, Steve simply agreed and we moved inside to a breakfast nook off the foyer.

We sat at a table and Kurt fetched us glasses of what I would call a summer salad wine, high on the alcohol, a bit sweet, white and easily drinkable. I confess as the conversation went on, it did help calm my nerves.

“So Julia, what as Stevie told you about our gatherings?”

“Uh nothing really, he asked me a couple hours ago if I wanted to go to an orgy, so I guess that is what I know. Unless he was pranking me, in which case I’m very sorry for calling your party an orgy and I’ll never be able to see you again out of the undying shame and awkwardness,” I smiled tentatively. It occurred to me as I spoke that this could be an elaborate prank by Steve.

“Don’t feel awkward, Stevie is mostly right. We call him Stevie at work, you call him Steve? He seems more like a Stevie to me. Anyway, we have gatherings every week or two of like-minded couples, and a few singles, that are very much committed to each other, but like to explore sexuality apart from romance and love. In other words, more lust driven. We only invite young and young at heart healthy people who take care of themselves, and after your first visit you need to be tested before coming back. I took Stevie for blood work a week ago and he says you guys have been monogamous for a few years, so tonight you’re good.”

“Huh, so sounds like someone knew about this for a while and didn’t discuss it with me before tonight,” I said, staring at my boyfriend.

“Oh, don’t be mad,” Claire said, “We talked last week about it and after he told me about you I suggested he surprise you with the idea. Sometimes if a person has too much time to think, well, they over think it. So that’s on me.”

“Anyway, we don’t have many rules, but the ones we have we take seriously. First, since you are new, you probably think you just want to watch and that’s fine, but we aren’t all exhibitionists so if you do, we ask that you check it out, and then quietly exit within a half hour or so. No hard feelings and if you decide you want to visit again with an intent to do more, you are always welcome.”

“Second, this is a safe space to explore sexuality, but we do have some limits. The big one is nothing painful. Light bondage with scarfs or furry handcuffs, that sort of thing, are okay but no whips, clamps, or discipline, sadism or masochism. You are welcome to explore that on your own time and we don’t judge, but please not here or at any of our gatherings. We want to promote a loving environment.”

“Condoms.” Kurt said, taking over, “We are all about safety first. Oral is okay without, so bareback blow jobs are fine, and you can request an oral dam when receiving the same, but its not required and unless you ask, well, your partner may not know. Nobody has ever etimesgut çıtır escortlar made one that felt natural and stayed in place well. All other intercourse requires condoms, except with your significant other. All other. If you don’t use them, we ask you to leave. We are serious about that.”

“Except hand jobs baby,” Claire said.

“Oh, uh right. That’s why you should do the rules. I always forget that,” he laughed.

“No cameras, cell phones or recording devices. So Stevie, I need you to leave your cell phone here, and sorry Julia, your purse stays too, we will put it on the shelf with the others, and someone is always here to watch out for them, you can take a make up pouch with you of course, that will come in handy, trust me on that. Privacy for our guests is paramount.”

“I don’t, I left mine in the car,” Steve said.

“My cell is in my purse, uh, so if you think it will be safe I can leave it with you,” I said as I removed a little bag with a tube of base, some powder in a compact, some tissues, a ballpoint pen for some reason, and a lipstick. “Steve you did lock the car didn’t you?”

“Yeah, only thing I brought in is the keys.’

“Discretion is the next rule. We don’t talk about the gatherings outside the gatherings, and what and who you see here, stays here. Many of our members have to keep this part of their lives particularly private, and it’s a good rule that if you run into someone you know, pretend you don’t know them and forget you saw them here. That keeps your business and theirs’ private.”

“Finally consent. You must have it. We think it can be tacit but you should ask at least at the beginning of an encounter until you know your partner or partner’s limits. It doesn’t have to be a long draw out conversation. ‘Stevie do you like to have your ass eaten?’ is prob…”

“I can’t say, I never have,” Steve said, a bit shocked.

“No, I was using that as an example,” Claire laughed.

“Sorry, my wife likes to see the look on guy’s faces when she asks that out of the blue,” Kurt said to me rather than Steve.

“It was quite the stunned look,” I agreed with a grin.

“And informative, as now we know you don’t eat ass,” Claire laughed as I blushed.

“It’s not something that has come up before,” I replied. “Honestly we are a bit innocent, most of the things you talked about I have barely heard of.”

“That’s cool, we all explore and learn at our own pace. One final thing and then we will show you around. Our biggest rule, and this goes along with consent; no means no. It is an absolute. If you are in the middle of something and your partner says stop, or says no to an action, you stop or you don’t do it. If you are not comfortable with the way something is going, just say stop. You can start again if you want to, and maybe talk with your partner about what was going wrong, but don’t feel like you aren’t able to stop something you don’t like. Stop means stop, no means no. Break that rule and you don’t get asked to leave, we help you leave. We don’t tolerate it, and I’m not telling you this because I think you would do something someone told you not to, I’m telling you this because I want you to know you are in a safe space to explore your likes, desires and fantasies.”

There was a long silence as I finished the last of my wine, before I broke it by saying, “That makes sense, its comforting in a way.”

“I hoped it would be,” Kurt smiled as he refilled my glass, “Come on, and lets show you around. Julia, why don’t you come with me and Claire will show Steve around the place.”

“Oh, I thought we could stick together,” Steve said, saving me the trouble.

“We will be back together before you know it, but it’s easier to see the place one on one, and sometimes it’s easier to discuss intimate issues with a stranger and without your partner present. Plus, I need to show you where all the ass eating goes on,” Claire laughed as she rose and took Steve’s hand.

“Shall we?” Kurt asked as he offered me a hand to rise, “we’ll go this way, I can show you around and hopefully help you get a feel for the place.”

We left the nook through a door opposite to the one taken by Steve and Claire and entered what appeared to be a laundry and mudroom. Everything in the home seemed very clean and well organized, so calling it a mudroom is misleading. There was a door to what must have been the garage and another that led to a great room in the middle of the home. It was here I got my first exposure to “the lifestyle” as I would hear it called all night.

Before he opened the door though, Kurt told me a couple of things; “don’t react to anything you see, and don’t stare, well, you will probably stare some, that’s normal but, you know, don’t make it awkward. Just smile and keep looking around. This is an open room, no theme to it; just folks having fun, and one more thing, you came on a great night. Claire said we are couples and a few singles? Well tonight is our version of ladies night. So instead of the 3 to 2 ratio of men to women that we usually have, it is probably closer to 2 to 1 or 3 to one. Women can have more partners so there are more men usually, but tonight, significantly more. You might see some interesting combinations, don’t be too surprised. Of course you’re not obligated to have multiple partners, but most of our ladies want to, that way it doesn’t matter much who finishes first as there is always another guy that wants to step in.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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