Bisexual Black America

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Greetings, folks. I have a story here. There’s two good stories in here. It’s all about a little domination game between a couple. I wrote this short story to satisfy different tastes. I just wanted to write something different from the usual stuff about bisexual black men. Yes, I am one of them but that doesn’t mean my same-gender-loving brothers and sisters have to be all that I write about. Today, I invite you into Black America. Let’s not forget that straight people have sex and play games too.

Alright, folks. Here is the first part, it’s all about the brothers and how they wish things would go more often. Robert is a tall black man who works as a cab driver in Boston. He comes home after a hard day. His wife Myrna is standing at the door, giving him some lip over being late. He looks at her, wondering how to get her to shut up. You know, drop the subject? He knows what she wants. He hasn’t fucked her in a long time and she is worried about him doing it with other women. He hasn’t cheated on her but that brain of hers can’t seem to grasp it. The brother has to take measures into his own hands.

Robert touches Myrna’s fat ass. She looks at him, pouting. She pretends that she doesn’t like it but of course she does. They start kissing and end up naked. He puts her on the couch and sucks on her tits while fingering her pussy. Myrna lies back, enjoying what her man is doing to her. He then begins to eat her pussy and fingering her at the same time. He likes to lick the cat and is good at it. Pretty soon, she’s crying his name in sheer pleasure. He takes her to seventh heaven. When she comes down, he tells her what he wants her to do for him. That’s right, bend over girlfriend.

Robert positioned himself behind Myrna. Myrna held her fat ass cheeks wide open with both hands. Robert rubbed his cock against them cheeks and pressed them against her asshole. Then, he pushed. Robert thrust his cock into Myrna’s asshole. Myrna gasped when she felt his cock go inside her. He put his hands on her ample hips and thrust forward, driving his cock deeper inside her. Myrna screamed when she felt his pole slamming into her hole but she pushed back against him, driving him deeper inside her.

Robert began to fuck her hard, just the way he knew she liked it. Myrna fingered herself while getting fucked by Robert. She loved having his big cock inside her, it didn’t matter where he put it. In her mouth, her pussy or her ass. It was all good. Robert continued to fuck her, barking some cuss words as he slammed it good into her. Her big ass kept shaking and he was loving the sight of it jiggling back and forth under his thrusts. Myrna loves the cock in the butt. It feels so damn good, maybe it’s because it’s forbidden. Whatever the reason, she is loving it. When Robert came inside her ass, she screams at the top of her lungs. He pulls out of her. She is lying there, still a bit dizzy from the great sex and looking at him like he’s a prophet. He smiles. Yeah, he got her to shut up alright. All he had to do was show her escort ankara who’s got the pants in this house. And of course, you know it’s got to be the brother!

Robert is sitting there, resting a bit. Myrna smiles as she brings him some food. He thanks her and eats in silence while watching Black Entertainment Television. Myrna goes back into her room, to pretend that she’s reading. Truth be told, she’s going to brag about her man’s sexual prowess and how well he fucked her to her girlfriends. Yes, women talk about sex almost as often as men do. Maybe even more, in some cases. Welcome to the new millennium.

Another day begins and Robert has some guests over. His buddy Jackson comes along with his wife Melanie. Jackson is a stocky black man with graying hair. He’s around forty and has been a veterinarian for most of his adult life. He takes pride in his work, even though it’s one of the least appealing jobs in America. Veterinarians don’t get too much money but it’s a good job. Male veterinarians are rare. Men in medical school go where the money is at. Women have gone into the field of veterinary science in force. Passion for the work, maybe. Jackson’s wife Melanie is a lot like her husband. She’s a stocky, chubby black woman with short hair and a large behind. Also, a well-known drama queen.

Robert has invited them over for some action. You see, Robert is a swinger in his spare time. And although this brother likes females, he still appreciates the male form every now and then. He’s a bisexual man and he enjoys whatever pleasure life throws his way. This explains his relationship with Jackson and Melanie. They’re into the swinger lifestyle too. What you have here is two bisexual black men who married two bisexual black women. Robert’s wife Myrna is totally down with some freaky action. After all, she is one hell of a freak herself.

Robert stood in the middle of his living room, naked. He looked at his guests. Myrna and Melanie were already going at it. The two chubby black women undressed and kissed each other. Melanie lay on the floor with her legs spread while Myrna began eating her pussy. Jackson positioned himself behind Myrna. He slid his cock into his best friend’s wife. Myrna gasped when she felt Jackson’s cock enter her pussy. Jackson held Myrna’s thick hips and thrust into her. He loved the feel of a tight pussy. The chubbier the woman, the tighter the pussy. He plowed into her sweet honey hole, loving every moment of it.

Myrna continued to eat Melanie’s pussy while Jackson fucked her from behind. Melanie moaned as Myrna’s tongue and agile fingers played with her pussy. Robert came and knelt beside Melanie. Melanie smiled at him. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it. Robert grinned. This gal definitely knew how to work it. Jackson continued to fuck the hell out of Myrna, who ate Melanie out like there was no tomorrow.

The four of them decided to spice things up a bit. Myrna got a strap on dildo and fastened the leather harness around her thick waist. She held the ankara escortlar plastic cock in her hand. It felt good. Melanie bent over and spread her butt cheeks wide open. Myrna held Melanie by the hips and thrust the dildo into her butt hole. Melanie howled as Myrna fucked her with the strap on. Robert and Jackson watched. The sight of a large black woman fucking another large black woman with a dildo was hot. Definitely hot.

Robert looked at Jackson. The brother had a big dick. Since the women were busy, Robert decided to help a brother out. He got down on his knees and took Jackson’s cock in his mouth. Jackson smiled at Robert and leaned back, enjoying what his friend was doing to him. Jackson loved his wife but no woman can suck dick better than a man. Men simply know how to work the male body in ways women can’t. It’s innate knowledge, so to speak. Robert continues to suck off Jackson. Jackson smiles at Robert and closes his eyes. This was the shit right there. Nothing like getting sucked by another man.

Meanwhile, Myrna was fucking Melanie like there was no tomorrow. Melanie was definitely a screamer. Myrna loved using the dildo on her. Finally, Melanie came, shouting her pleasure loudly. Myrna pulled the dildo out of her ass, flipped her and shoved it into her mouth. Melanie looked at her, surprised. Myrna ordered her to suck the dildo that had just been up her ass. Melanie obeyed, and she licked the dildo clean. Myrna put a condom over the dildo and then stuffed it into Melanie’s pussy. Melanie gasped in surprised pleasure. That stuff felt so damn good.

Robert sucked Jackson’s cock until the brother surrendered his juice and came in his mouth. Robert drank Jackson’s cum. Jackson shouted in pleasure. Robert smiled at him. Jackson looked at Robert’s fine behind and decided to have a go with this brother’s ass. Robert got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks. Jackson put on a condom and sprayed some lube on Robert’s asshole. He thrust into Robert’s ass and plunged his cock deep inside him. Robert gasped. He grunted in shock and pleasure. There was no other feeling in the world that was quite like having a big cock shoved into one’s backdoor. Whether you are a man or a woman, this is something you’re not quite likely to forget. Robert was a fan of anal sex. He loved stuffing his cock into his wife’s asshole and then have his ass plowed by the dick of another strong black man. His way of balancing things out, so to speak.

As Jackson continues to fuck Robert, things are intensifying with the women. Myrna just fucked the hell out of Melanie’s pussy with the dildo and now she wants to be pleasured. Melanie is all too eager to return the favor. Myrna gets down on all fours and Melanie shoves the dildo into her pussy. Myrna howls in pleasure at the intrusion. Melanie smiles and continues to fuck Myrna. The bitch really did a number on her ass and pussy with the strap on. Now it’s her turn to get fucked. Myrna thrusts the dildo into Melanie’s pussy and at the same time, slides her thick ankara kaliteli escortlar fingers into Myrna’s ass. Not surprisingly, Melanie discovers that Myrna’s ass is a bit loose. She smiles. She knows why. Myrna’s husband Robert is really into ass play.

Melanie looks and sees her husband Jackson fucking the hell out of Robert. Damn, Melanie feels herself get wet just from the sight of her handsome, fine black man fucking another black man in the ass. This was the hottest sight she’d seen in a long time. Myrna moans. Melanie jabs the dildo into her ass and leaves it there. She walks over to her hubby. She wants some of that kind of action. As Melanie approaches, Jackson came and pulled out of Robert. Jackson is tired but still wants to give his wife a hell of a ride.

Melanie smiles at her husband. Robert smiles at her. They know what she has in mind. Robert lies flat on the floor and Melanie climbs on top of him. She lowers herself onto his thick cock. Jackson comes up behind Melanie and spreads her big butt cheeks wide open. He spits and rubs it on her asshole, then he thrusts inside her. Melanie gasps when she feels her husband’s cock slam into her butt hole. She loves anal sex. No dildo can feel like a real cock in the ass. It’s just not possible. Her ass stretches to accommodate her husband’s girth. He grabs her hips and slams into her. Melanie screams like a banshee. That’s how good it feels.

Myrna is on the floor with the dildo buried in her ass by Melanie. She is fingering herself while her husband and his best friend stick both of their cocks into Melanie’s holes. Myrna sighs. Melanie is one lucky woman, to have two hard men stuffing her pussy and asshole with their cocks at the same time. Myrna would kill for that kind of treatment. She takes the dildo out of her ass and puts a condom on it. She grabs some lube and heads to join them. It’s her house damn it and she’s not about to be left out!

Robert and Jackson continue to thrust into Melanie’s holes. They slam into her, burying their cocks into her pussy and ass. Melanie screams. This isn’t her first time experiencing double penetration but this is definitely the most intense. She sees Myrna walking toward them. Myrna has a malicious look in her eyes. Before Melanie can say anything, Myrna stuffs the dildo back into the strap and shoves it into Melanie’s mouth. Now Melanie can’t say anything as the two men fuck her. Myrna laughs. The sight of Melanie getting fucked is hot. She thrusts the dildo into the large woman’s mouth, loving the look of outrage in Melanie’s face. Finally, the men came inside her. Almost at the same time. Myrna pulls the dildo out of Melanie’s mouth. Melanie howled.

A couple of hours later, Melanie and Jackson leave the home of Robert and Myrna. Thus concludes a night of fun. Well, the fun’s over for them. Robert looks at Myrna. Myrna smiles. She has some delicious naughty ideas in mind and he’s down for trying almost anything. They’ve done a lot of freaky stuff together. She’s watched him having sex with men and women. He’s watched her having sex with men and women. He fucked her in the ass too many times to count. She even used a dildo on his ass once or twice. Yeah, they’ve got no boundaries. They’re a bisexual couple. The way the world should be.

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