Bi Night Out

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***Names have been changed to fictitious to protect my playmates***

My good friend Tara has asked me earlier in the week to come by on Friday for a night out. She and I had dated but nothing ever really became of it, I guess just poor timing between relationships for us both. So going over I thought nothing of it more than a normal night out maybe to dinner and a drink than home for us both…Was I ever wrong.

I arrived at her house around 7:30 and knocked at her front door and patiently waited for her always hot appearance. Tara stands around 5’3 with the most perfect D cup tits on earth….Her small figure and weighing at about 110 make them stand out even more against her tiny waist and beautiful ass. Tara opened up the door and I knew that no matter what I would have a great time tonight just enjoying the view with her present.

Tara was wearing an extremely sexy black dress that barely covered her ass with a nice deep cut between her beautifully full tits. Her hair was still in the works but the ruby red lipstick was just oozing out her sexuality. Her red pumps also accentuated her legs giving that strong and sexy look that every guy just eats up…I began to wonder what if anything was on underneath.

She was standing in the doorway loving my stare down before I could stammer out a hello and she quickly reached out and grabbed my shirt, pulling me in for a deep kiss. As she broke away, her hand reached out and gave me an extremely firm grab and squeeze on my now half hard and growing cock. She asked if I was ready for a hot night out…

She said that she still needed a few minutes and to grab a beer and have a seat in the living room while I waited. I grabbed a Coors Light from her fridge and hopped on her comfy lil couch and saw that her TV had a blue screen on, like when it is in between inputs. I scooped up her remote and clicked thru the inputs until the DVD menu came up. What popped on the screen instantly continued my hardening cock to grow even more. Paused on the 50 inch LCD was a huge titted little sexy woman who was getting fucking hard from behind by a very well hung latino guy. The catch was that between the lips of the latino looking guy was big cock whose hands were gripping the side of the guys head. The girl who was getting fucked also had a escort ankara big black dildo on so it got my mind to wondering who was getting the fun end of that. Right than I wanted nothing more than to fuck Tara in every single of her holes but I knew that the night was young and there was the possibility of it getting interesting judging from what she had on her TV.

I switched the TV back to the blue input and snuck up to see what this beautiful slut was up to. She was bent over trying to fix her straps on her red heels and I quickly closed the distance to put my fingers on her thong but to my surprise found nothing but a hot, waxed and sopping wet pussy…I gently parted her sexy lips and inserted my pointer finger all the way until I bottomed out on the joint as Tara moaned in pleasure. She didn’t even flinch but did oblige by parting her feet a few more inches apart giving me even more access and a view since her dress now rode all the way up. After a good 30 seconds of me fucking her with my finger I decided to add a few more and soon had 3 shoved way up into her stretching her lips and sexy pussy apart to accommodate.

I was tempted to pull my now rock hard 8 inch cock out and shove it deep into her but I held out with what was left of my self control. Tara stood up and spun around grabbing my wrist and bringing my fingers to her awaiting mouth to greedily suck on and clean off…When she was done she once again kissed me with a deep passion that someone only in deep lust possesses. She broke away telling me that this was only the beginning to an amazing night.

She quickly finished up her hair and off we were to dinner. The drive was only 5 minutes but I could feel her staring at my cock thru my suit pants…She told me which restaurant we were headed to which was one of our favorites. We walked in and were given the usual booth that overlooked the bar and most of the seating area. As we walked thru I could feel the eyes checking us both out as we truly did make a hot couple, especially with how HOT Tara was looking. We sat down and enjoyed a great meal and 2 bottles of wine later I needed to hit the men’s room.

As I walked I caught a couple sitting at the bar who were both very attractive and the wife was wearing a very similar outfit to Tara’s only a reverse ankara escortlar and in red with black heels…The hubby caught my eye and smiled as I passed. I remained somewhat hard the entire night sitting across from her and as I pulled my cock out to relieve myself I found myself slowly stroking my cock instead. As I walked back I once again caught myself giving the couple a look and received an equal lustful stare back from both the wife and husband, it was at this moment that I thought that maybe Tara had set something up. I grabbed my seat and Tara suggested we head to the bar for a few drinks which I gladly replied yes.

We found our way over to a spot which just so happened to be next to the couple who I was checking out and visa versa. The husband whose name turned out to be Erick was a really friendly guy who immediately struck up a conversation with me while his wife Lisa began to chat with Tara. We soon learned that they didn’t live in town but came in every other weekend or so for a good time out and before long we were all hitting it off. Erick was about my height at 5’9 and also in really good shape like me weighing maybe 170 but in a muscular sense. Lisa on the other hand was very slim with equally disproportionate breasts that stood off of her chest accenting her slim waist and long toned legs.

We were all flirting and talking with each other and by the 3rd or 4th drink with each other the touching had now become very apparent and extremely sexy. Lisa and I were touching each others arms, legs and backs and I could see the same was for Tara and Erick.

I still was somewhat hard and from the looks of Erick’s crotch Tara was having that effect on him as well. I soon found myself tastefully kissing Lisa and after a brief hot make out I listened as she whispered in my ear how much she enjoyed the size of my cock thru my pants. I could see almost in an exact same fashion as Tara was kissing Erick and gently running her fingers along the length of his cock. I thought that someone should take this to the next level and in the crowded bar it turned out to be easy to slip my fingers in between Lisa’s awaiting thighs and gently play with her clit…the look in her eyes was sure pleasure as I slowly teased her pussy lips and clit.

Our little flirt and touch fest ankara kaliteli escortlar was beginning to get pretty hot and heavy in the middle of the bar and Tara asked Lori if she would join her in the ladies room.

The sexy pair of woman moved off leaving both Erick and I with raging hard cocks in the middle of the popular spot. Erick said to me that it looked as though I was enjoying his wife to which I replied would he like to fuck Tara tonight. He gave me a simple smile and said that wouldn’t be enough for him. He told me how he couldn’t wait to see my cock split his wives mouth open and of course her pussy lips as well. He went on to say how nice my body looked and that I took great care of my health, especially how good my cock looked in his wives hand thru my pants.

I said the same to him as Tara was fully grabbing him and giving him tugs and squeezes thru his slacks. Erick asked me if I had had many or any 3 somes to which I replied that I had been involved in quite a few. Erick said that it was nice to meet another open minded couple and further inquired how open minded I was. I replied that I was very and he asked if I also had to use the men’s room, which I did. We headed off and we stepped into one of the few bathrooms that this place had, which was very nice to have the place to ourselves.

I knew when he and I stepped in that tonight would be one of the hottest and most sexual nights of my life. Once the door had shut Erick turned behind me and locked it reaching out and grabbing my cock thru my pants.

I had gotten the vibe from him that he was bi but the open minded question definitely laid it out in the clear for me while he continued to stroke me with now with both hands…It was not 30 seconds of this before he was unzipping me and reaching in to find me awaiting a release from the confines of my pants. He dropped to his knees and began to suck me as good as any woman ever has. Only after a few bobs did he have my cock all the way down his throat with his tongue gently licking my balls. I was gently grabbing his head as he bobbed up and down hungrily taking all 8 inches of my thick cock like it was half the size…Erick was sucking on me and licking me for almost 5 minutes before he stood up and gently put me back inside saying he would pick up later.

I gave him a squeeze thanking him and found a monster of a cock awaiting in his pants…We quickly washed up and headed back to find the ladies who we both had hoped were having equally as hot a time in the ladies room.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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