Once Again

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I like black guys. The darker the better. Flat stomachs, big hands, and of course, big dicks. They just seem to fit into me so well. oh, but it’s been a long time. Three weeks, and all because of my husband.

My husband. Dan. He was about as fun as a bowl of unsalted peanuts. He was never interested in me, his stomach overhung his pants, and he forgot what sex was after we had been married for two weeks. He doesn’t even turn me on anymore, not that he ever did. But, I started cheating a long time ago, and tonight…

I’m wearing cut-off white shorts that prove that white girls can have ass, too. My red and white checkered shirt is buttoned once and tied into a knot midway between my breasts and my navel. White three inch heels, a touch of makeup, a quick brush at my hair and I’m ready to go.

Pulling into the parking lot at Shady’s Drink-A-Lot always made my pussy moist. The guys here were always ready. It was almost as if the men hung out here for the sole purpose of prostituting themselves. But never for money. The sex for them was always payment enough.

Once inside, I order a Jack Daniels straight, no ice. I had a potential victim attempting to buy me a second drink before the first was on the bar. I declined his drink. I wanted to get a table and watch the room for a while.

That turned out to be a very smart idea. After sitting for about twenty minutes and consuming three more stiff drinks to speed along the process, the most beautiful man I’d ever seen walked through the door of the Shady. A shiver passed through my body and I reached down to touch myself. My panties were thoroughly soaked. I finished the last of my cup, and stood up to approach him.

Halfway there, his eyes met mine and his mesmerizing stare pulled me the rest of the way to him. As I got within earshot, I asked “Would you like to get out of here?” “You move fast, little lady. And I’m here with some people.” I did remember seeing some guys walk in with him, but I was too fascinated with his looks to really care. I took a deep breath and said “Well, they can come too.” A huge grin lit his face and made him sexier than ever. “I’ll meet you outside” was whispered and he disappeared into the crowd.

I returned to the bar for one more Jack Daniel’s and headed outside. There was a man standing next to the door when I opened it to step outside. “Go to your car and turn on the lights”, he grunted and then turned and went back inside. I desperately hoped he wasn’t one of my sexy man’s friends and briefly wondered what I was getting myself into.

Two minutes later, I found out. Black and beautiful had circled around the back of my car and was tapping on the window. As I rolled down the window, three cars passed in quick succession. He told me that he would drive and I quickly scooted into the driver’s seat, purposely giving him a flash of bare ass. No panties bare. I had ditched them right after turning on the lights in the car. He smiled wickedly at me and pulled out of the parking space. As we exited the driveway, another car pulled in behind us and another after that. In just a few minutes, he fell in line behind the first three cars to leave Shady’s. I wondered what kurtköy escort was going to happen to me.

Just as I thought to open my mouth to ask where we were going, he put his large hand on the back of my head and began to pull me towards his crotch. Forgetting all my worries, I happily leaned over to find out what he had in his pants. I was far from disappointed. He pulled eight inches of soft dick from his boxers and laid it on his pants to wait for me.

It didn’t have long to wait. He placed his right arm on my back and helped me schooch closer. I reached out my hand and grabbed his slowly stiffening member and fed as much as I could to myself. He moaned in appreciation as I tightened my lips on his shaft and began slowly stroking him. I licked the bulbous head and tried to deep-throat him repeatedly. Every time I succeeded, his hand moved to my head and tried to push me down further.

After ten minutes of this treatment, I realized that the car had stopped. Well, I was about to find out where we were but first I had a little cum to swallow. Not that the car was off, he slid his seat back and removed one leg from his pants. His now twelve inch dick glistened with the saliva I had left on it. I grinned foolishly before deep-throating his dick again.

He pulled on my back and thighs until he had me on my knees. Apparently grateful that I wore no panties to impede his progress, he quickly stuffed two thick fingers into my dripping hole. I bucked back against his fingers and began to slurp his cock for all I was worth. He appreciated my enjoyment and to prove it, he sprayed the back of my throat with three thick splatters of cum. Even though he caught me unprepared and a little dripped out of the corner of my mouth, I swallowed it all.

I slowly released his semi-hard dick and smiled at him. He asked was I ready to go and we got out of the car. Looking around, I realized I had no idea where we were. The only road was dirt, the only house ramshackle. I saw six men walking towards us and turned to get back into my car. I wasn’t ready for this. This was too much. I did still have a husband at home. I had made one hundred and thirty of my one hundred and eighty degrees and was stunned to see another five men approaching us from behind.

I moaned and attempted to run, but twelve to one are pretty fucked up odds. I was knocked to the ground from behind before I made it ten feet. The same man pulled me up by the back of my now dirty shirt and carelessly flung me over his shoulder. I threatened to scream; they offered to help. I didn’t believe them and began to scream. Before the first note fully exited my throat, one of the men began screaming. Seconds later the other men began to join until they were louder than I ever could have been. When they stopped screaming and began laughing, I knew my situation was hopeless. Until they let me go, I was their slave.

The men laughed and talked as they walked and five minutes later, I was deposited on a bunch of blankets spread across the floor of an old cabin. I could smell the disuse and the dust in the air. Other than the blankets, there was nothing in the room save four rusty half-moons bolted to the ground. malatya escort I could imagine where this was going.

Tall, dark and sexy approached me and reinserted his dick between my lips. For the nest two minutes, hand groped every inch of my body as my clothes were roughly discarded. Fingers kneaded my nipples, pinched my clit, and slipped in and out of my love tunnel. Someone shoved what felt like three finger into my ass and still I was forced to suck.

As soon as my clothes were off, another dick was placed in my mouth for sucking. This one was completely soft and smelled like old gym socks, but I had no choice but to suck it. Old soft and stinky sunk to the floor and pulled me along with him so he could lay down while I sucked his dick.

Although I fought against it, the remaining men easily forced me to my knees. A man with an extremely deep voice announced that he was first. I heard his zipper unzip and then his rough hands were lying on my ass. Other hands groped my twat, twisted my tits, and touched wherever they could. He spread my asscheeks, spit, and then without ceremony or other lubrication, he began to force his dickhead into my ass.

Luckily, I’d had anal sex before and enjoyed it, but it had never been like this. The man with his dick in my mouth had slid sideways to make room for another man and now I had two dicks to suck. Meanwhile, the man in my ass just kept pushing his dick farther and farther in without pulling out. My asshole felt terrible. When he was about halfway in, he finally pulled his dick back. All the way to the head. He began to fuck me quickly with just the head as he spit on the remainder of his exposed dick. After rubbing the spit around on his dick, he used both hands to spread my ass, and shoved in until his balls slapped against my pussy.

He was all the way in and he was going to prove it. He had one guy from each side hold an asscheek apiece while he grabbed my shoulders and got into froggy-style position. He tore into my ass relentlessly and Stinkyman grabbed me by my hair. He shoved my head down until I was choking on the head of his dick. I tried to suck but he said no. He just wanted to feel my throat contract on the head of his dick. Watching me gag helplessly on his dick pushed him over the edge and he removed his dick quickly from my throat. Still holding me by my head, he aimed his cock and began to squirt. His hot, white fluid streamed into my eyes, dripped down my cheeks like tears, and landed wetly on the floor.

He pulled back temporarily satisfied and left me with just one dick to suck for the moment. Deepvoice repeatedly yanked his dick from my ass and spit into the gaping hole. After each time, he would shove back up my ass as hard as he could, forcing me to whimper and moan. Once he realized he was pleasuring me along with himself, he continued removing his dick and shoving it back in without spitting. My asshole started to get dry from the combination of air, no lube, and his rough fucking dick. Like he cared. If anything he fucked me harder.

Dropping back into doggy-style, he grabbed my hips and fucked me deep until my ass contracted in pleasure. I was starting to enjoy this. I kayseri escort began to buck back against his hips and bob my head to the rhythm. After five more strokes, Deepvoice yanked out of my ass for the last time. He stood over me and pulled my head back. I opened my mouth and began to lick every part of his dick I could reach. He put his dickhead right against my lips to come and come he did. For twenty seconds, cum alternately shot and dripped from his dickhead. When he was finished, he slapped me once with his dick, pulled up his pants, and said good-bye.

Too bad I couldn’t leave. As soon as Deepvoice closed the door, I was pulled to the dick I had just been sucking. But he was ready to fuck. He pulled me on top of him so I could ride. I tried to face him but he turned me around so all he could see was my back. I knew I was in for a good fucking. His dick was ten inches long and unbelievably thick. I wondered where he would put it.

Only too soon, I found out. His huge mushroom head began to penetrate my already well-fucked ass but luckily he was aided by the juice dripping from my pussy. But not enough. I screamed in pain as his huge dick opened me up wide. When I was completely impaled on his dick, I was offered another dick to suck on. The other nine men had all found a seat in front of my pussy to watch the show. Thickdick placed his hands on my hips and began to slide his thick member in and out of my shithole. My pussy responded immediately.

One of the men saw my pussy quiver with an orgasm not quite achieved and got an idea. He pushed four fingers into my pussy without pretense and began to slowly twist and slide them. In response, I opened my legs wider. Bad move. Thickdick sensed my enjoyment and began to push his dick up my ass with more force than before. The guy in my mouth informed me that he was going to cum. He did. All over my tits and stomach. Even though another guy had already taken his place in my mouth, he still scooped up his cum and made me stop sucking dick to lick his fingers clean.

Meanwhile Fingerfucker had forced his thumb into his palm and pushed his hand into my pussy almost to the wrist. I felt no pain. I was perfectly happy getting my asshole destroyed and my pussy fisted. I sucked roughly at the dick in my mouth and screamed openly when I came. Fingerfucker removed his hand to give someone else a chance and when he did, Thickdick took every liberty he had with my ass. He shoved fingers in my pussy and fucked my ass like it was loose. I knew the exact moment when he came, but no one would have believed me because he continued fucking until I came again.

Pulling his dick from my mouth, Skinnydick moved to contemplate my holes. He chose pussy. I was happy with his decision until I realized that I would receive no pleasure from his inadequate dick. He pumped and thrust into me while forcing me to suck his tongue for more than twenty totally unenjoyable minutes. The only reason I found to be proud of him was the enormous amount of cum he put out.

He had shot inside my pussy and all the other men sat and watched in quiet amazement as what must have been a cup of cum slid thinly from my puss. One of the bigger dicked guys announced that the real fun was about to start now. Skinnydick cared not and walked out of the shack looking completely satisfied and totally drained.

three down, nine to go!!!!!!!

tune in next time, kiddies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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