Not Gay, Butt… Ch. 03

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Strap On Time

Part three of “Not Gay Butt..” follows Ron and Jessica as they adventure further into their new found sexuality. Jessica had already talked Ron into accepting a vibrator anally, and she had finally been able to get pleasure from being butt fucked. They had decided to buy a strap on for her to use on his ass, but with all of their experimentation they hadn’t gotten around to it. Jessica decided that now was the time, and sat her husband down in front of the computer to find the right tool for their new adventure.

“I’m gonna buy a Howitzer, honey!” she teased, knowing that Ron would protest immediately.

“I don’t think so hun, it’s gotta be about the same size as me, or no deal. Maybe we can get a harness to attach the one you already bought.”

“Nope, I want one with at least a tickler for my clit, and maybe a cock to go in my pussy too. I was just kidding about the Howitzer though.”

“I knew that.” Ron lied, with an inner sigh of relief. He was willing to accept his wife fucking him because it opened up a whole new sexual world to the couple, and she was infinitely more sexy and willing to experiment knowing that the double standard was put to rest. However, he did have his limits, although he wasn’t quite sure what they were.

They searched through many adult toy sites until they found one that seemed to suit both of them. The dong was about seven inches long, and the strap came with a smaller penis as well as a clitoral stimulator. There was a small cordless vibrating egg in the little penis. They placed their order and giggled at each other when she pushed ‘send’. Of course they threw in some more lotions and powders to help stimulate each other.

Picking out Jessica’s new toy had worked on her, and she could feel a definite humidity between her thighs. It wasn’t lost on Ron, and he eagerly reached into her robe to cup her mound, his fingers spreading her cuntlips to gather some nectar. He spread the moisture on her outer lips and the hood of her clit, then raised his finger to his nose to take in her delicious aroma.

“Ummmm, you smell so sexy my love. I think I’m going to have to taste you” he offered, gently pushing her back in the computer chair and kneeling before her. He raised her robe once more and checked out the contents under the ‘tent’. Jessica had taken to shaving her pubes into a little exclamation point, with her clit being the dot. The petals of her sex glistened in the dim light under her robe, and the air under there was exquisite. He felt like he could just stay there all day, but knew she wanted more.

Feeling her raise her legs up and resting her feet on his back, he peered into her now open womanhood. Her position allowed him to see part way into her tunnel, and the crinkled muscle below her ‘taint’ beckoned to his tongue. He slathered that space between her two openings for a moment, then swirled his exploring tongue into her folds, her juices flowing freely by now. He moved south, his nose was now buried in her cunt, and his tongue was able to taste her puckered hole. He formed it into a point and poked into his wife’s freshly scrubbed back door, and felt her flex to open for him. He knew that she loved for him to tongue her ass while fingering her pussy, and delighted in pleasing her. His nose was now covered in her juices, and she had her hands on his head with the robe surrounding it, guiding him to her special places.

“That’s the spot honey, pinch my clit. Your tongue in my ass is driving me wild!” she instructed, writhing up to his face as he began to work her into a sexual frenzy. His hands found both of her breasts and massaged the round globes, pressing them together as he pinched her hardened nipples. He was enjoying her squirming at his oral and digital stimulation, switching a hand from breast to clit as he tongue fucked her taboo cave. Back and forth he went, sensing when she was nearing a peak from his fingers on her clit, then moving his hand back to her breast to tease her nipple. Finally she could take it no longer, moaning and cursing as she pinned his hand to her cunt, humping up to his face. A wail began from somewhere deep within as his banshee came with a gush of ambrosia. Ron lapped up every last drop as she pummeled his shoulders with her open hands, then gripped the sides of the chair as she scaled the mountain and plummeted into the volcano of lust.

“OHHHH yeahhhhhh baby, rub me, eat me, fuck me, lover!” she cried as she bucked against him, his tongue working desperately to keep it’s position in her ass hole while he fingered her slick clit. He squeezed her tit forcefully and pinched the nipple, then covered her cunt with his mouth and sucked hard, drinking in all of the sweet nectar that she offered up. He continued to lick and suck on her sensitive opening until she nearly collapsed, breathing a heavy sigh of contentment.

Ever since their discovery of their new sense of sexual freedom, Jessica experienced orgasms that would pendik escort send her into orbit, and Ron was one proud lover to be able to take her there so often. No faking here, this was the real deal.

His horny wife was panting, and a sheen of perspiration had formed on her forehead as she slowly came down from the plateau. He kept his mouth on her pussy, breathing in her aroma and helping her squeeze out the last drops of her orgasm.

Reluctantly, she had to ask him to stop, the intensity in her nether region was too much for her to take. He took one last swipe across her pussy lips and came out of his ‘tent’. Her mouth wasn’t too sensitive though, so he held her close and kissed her deeply, sharing the last vestiges of her passionate juices with his loving wife.

“That was amazing darling, it seems that it just gets better and better” she complimented.

“That’s because you just keep getting better yourself you sexy vixen” replied her proud hubby. “I wonder if knowing that you’re going to be banging me with that strap on had anything to do with the intensity of your cum?”

“It had everything to do with it baby, I can’t wait to bend you over my, big ass slut.”

“Oh man, what the hell am I getting myself into” he thought, smiling at this woman who seemed to be getting more dominant with each foray into their new world. “Whatever it is, it’s worth it to be making up for so much lost time in the past.”

They were both exhausted after their little session, and although Ron was rock hard and ready for her, he could sense that she needed to lie down and rest. He took her by the hand and led her to the shower where he treated her to a sensual back wash and body rub before toweling her off and putting her to bed. Ron stayed up a while longer, checking out the toy that would be giving them pleasure in the next couple of days. They had paid the extra for early delivery, so it wouldn’t be long before it arrived. He sure hoped he knew what he was doing.

“What the hell,” he thought, “people do it all the time, I guess I can handle it.”

With that thought he crawled into bed beside his gently breathing sound asleep wife, held her close and drifted off to sleep.

That was on a Sunday night, and the next day was just business as usual. The two lovers took the night off from passionate lovemaking, saving themselves for when the new toy arrived.

When Ron got home from work on Tuesday, he was greeted by his wife in a now familiar negligee, with a glass of champagne in her hand. He knew that their package had arrived, and it appeared that Jessica wasn’t wasting any time. They shared a long hello kiss and walked together into the living room. He noticed that the bottle of bubbly was already more than half empty, so he knew his wife was working on a good buzz. Another bottle rested in an ice bucket on the coffee table.

“Are you trying to get me drunk hun?” he said with a sly grin on his face.

“If not drunk, at least a little tipsy” she replied, opening her robe to reveal a belt attached to her hips. “You may need to be, cuz we’re going on an adventure!”

He could see that the belt was only partially assembled, only ‘her’ part was attached for the moment. He could see the little cock splitting her already damp pussy lips, and the spot where ‘his’ part would be attached with a suction cup. “This is going to be one hell of an adventure” he mused.

Taking his hand she led him to the bathroom, helping him shed his clothes along the way. By the time he reached the shower there was a trail of garments leading back to the living room. Ron used the facilities while his wife followed the litter of clothes back to the bottle of champagne and filled their glasses again. She returned to the bathroom and stopped him as he was going to step into the shower.

“Not so fast lover boy, we need to get you cleaned out first. On your hands and knees, my big ass slut” she commanded. It seemed that she loved calling him that, further asserting her dominance when it was her turn. The couple was so in tune with each other that they could change roles at will, and tonight was her turn.

He knew there was nothing for it, so he complied by kneeling down on the soft rug, anticipating the feel of the plastic nozzle of the enema he knew was coming. She didn’t disappoint him, slathering lube on the tube with her hand, which she then wrapped around his growing cock. Stroking his seven inches to full length and girth, she gently insinuated the nozzle into his rectum and teased him a bit by sliding it in and out a few times. She squeezed the bottle to empty the contents into his bowels as she stroked his hardness and filled him up with the fluid. Jessica left the tip in his ass as she worked on his cock, trying to keep his mind off of the enema for a while so it could do it’s job.

Soon it was time for him to relieve himself, which he gladly did.

Although they both enjoyed anal sex, neither one of them tuzla escort liked it unless they were very clean. Some people like it dirty, but not these two. They tried not to go overboard with the anal thing either, saving it for special occasions rather than butt fucking every night. She gave him another rinsing shot, and then started the shower for him. Jessica didn’t join him this time, she didn’t want to get her new harness wet just yet. She did reach in and wash his back and privates, then let him finish and towel off.

“Here’s to your scrubbed little butt hole, honey!” she quipped, offering a toast with the last of the champagne. They clinked their glasses together and downed the fragrant wine, set them down on the sink and embraced in a lingering kiss. Moving her hands behind her husband, she ran her fingers up and down his ass crack, pausing at his dark opening for a second before dropping to her knees to engulf his hard cock in her hungry mouth. She serviced him this way for a few minutes, then reached for her little remote control to turn on the vibrator, still buried in her wet pussy.

“I forgot about that little thing babe, how’s it feel?” Ron asked.

“Delicious” came her reply, with a rapt expression on her face. “I may never take it off!”

“Well, you’ll have to, at least to change the battery” he grinned, holding his wife and kissing her deeply. He loved the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest, and could feel the vibrations as he pressed his cock against her belly. “That’s one powerful little buzzer for such a tiny thing.”

“Uh huh” she answered as she pressed back to her husband, reveling in the warm feeling the two shared while holding each other. “You’re going to feel the buzzing in your butt soon, boy.”

They had gotten into the habit of lightly kidding, threatening each other with what was going to happen next. Ron knew that this wasn’t a threat though, it was a promise. She was going to be splitting his ass with a hunk of latex meat, and soon.

They moved to their bedroom hand in hand, where he saw that she was well prepared there as well. A jar of lube sat opened on the nightstand, along with one of their favorite enhancements, a feather applicator for a fragrant honey dust. Jessica turned on the stereo, playing some sexy sultry music that she had chosen just for this occasion. The only light came from a small lamp next to the bed, throwing about as much illumination in the room as a candle. She coaxed her husband to lie down on his back, treating him with another sensuous kiss as she reached for the feather brush. She dipped the feathers into the pouch and smoothed the powder across his forehead, which had started to become damp from his anticipation.

“Ummmmm, that feels and smells so nice my love, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that scent.” She continued to powder his skin, lightly brushing it across his eyes, to his lips, under his chin. Ron started unconsciously squirming, the sensations were so intense from the light touch of the feathers. She brushed his neck and down to his torso, covering his chest hair with the tasty powder. The dust was not only aromatic, it had a honey suckle like flavor which she licked off here and there, especially enjoying tonguing it from his sensitive nipples.

Her slow sensuous path down his body was taking its toll on Ron, his squirming became writhing as she lowered her lips and the feathers down a trail across his stomach to lightly tease his engorged cock. She coated the brush with as much powder as she could to coat his member with dust, then engulfed the sweet log in her mouth, using her practiced tongue and throat to excite him even more. She loved the taste mixed with his precum, which he was offering up profusely by now. As she sucked on his swollen manhood, the feather applicator was working it’s magic on his full balls and freshly washed ass crack. His butt was lifting up off of the bed, which pushed his dick deep into her throat, and she worked those muscles to thrill him even more.

Jessica wasn’t ready to taste his cum just yet, so she backed off of his rigid member and began concentrating on his nether region. The vibration between her legs was beginning to work on her own pleasure center, and she was becoming eager to continue. She had been looking forward to really fucking her husband for a while now, and the added stimulation was working on her patience. Never the less, she kept up her teasing, wanting to work him into a sexual frenzy before she drove her latex phallus into his hole.

Steeling herself against the intense sensation of the vibrator in her cunt, she raised his legs up, allowing his feet to rest on her back. She slithered into the nook created there and began an oral assault on his crinkled opening. She pressed her pointed tongue into him as he writhed and flexed, opening his sphincter for her to gain further entry. Grasping his cock she lightly stroked it as she pistoned her tongue into his darkness. kartal escort She was working him well, careful to slow down when she felt he was near orgasm. She wanted to hear him beg to be fucked, to be released, to be whatever she wanted him to be.

Ron was beside himself with sexual tension. He couldn’t reach any part of his wife’s anatomy to stimulate her, so his hands found his own nipples, pinching them both; hard. The sensations traveling through his body felt like an electric shock. He wondered if his wife could feel it on her tongue. In fact she did, in the form of his sphincter clinching on it as he quivered from the excruciating pleasure.

Jessica continued her tongue assault on the tiny opening, delving further into the cavern than she ever had. The thorough cleansing and mint flavored rinse had him fresh as a daisy, and she took full advantage of it. She spiraled her wet appendage deep into his most forbidden region, causing him to squirm and grind his hips toward the incredible invader in his butt. She worked on his star for several minutes, holding on to his hips to keep from slipping out, until her tongue started getting tired. She slipped out of his ass hole and filled him right back up with her middle finger that she had generously coated with lube. Burying the digit to the knuckle, she found his walnut sized prostate and pressed against it. The pressure made him feel as if he was going to pee, but he was able to control the urge.

“Oh baby, I need you to fuck me, now!” he moaned, almost sobbed as his desire for more penetration began to overwhelm him. “I want you to own me Jess, I need to be your ass slut, split my ass hole with that big cock, please!” he begged.

This was the signal that she had been waiting for, and readily moved to comply with his desires. She lifted up and reached for the fake 7 inch cock and hurriedly attached it to her harness. She coated both the dildo and his ass hole with a generous dollop of lube. Positioning herself between his raised legs, she aimed the fat member at her target and pressed forward, watching as his sphincter expanded to allow the penetration. The lifelike head of the cock disappeared into his opening rectum, the ass ring tightly squeezed around the simulated veins of the toy. Ron pushed his hips towards her, showing that he wanted it hard, and fast. Her stimulation had raised his yearning to a distinct need, and she knew it. Her thrust met with his undulation and in a second she was buried to the hilt in his bowels.

“Yessssssssss, yessssssss baby, fuck the shit out of me! Your cock is filling me like never before, come on babe, no mercy. Give it to me with all you’ve got!!” he pleaded, humping up to her with as much strength as he could muster. The invading shaft seemed to expand inside of him, and he could feel the vibrations from the dildo in his wife’s cunt. The full penetration added pressure to Jessica’s clit stimulator, combining into a pleasure fest without equal. The two lovers writhed and moaned together, the lady on top lying prone on the man being butt fucked, her breasts mashed against his chest as their lips locked together in a passionate soul kiss. Ron reached around and grasped her ass cheeks, pulling him hard into his body. His legs were flailing about as she ravaged his ass hole, spreading wide then locking onto the back of her thighs to help push her into his deep chasm.

Jessica had never felt so thrilled. They had done a lot of new things together, and like so many of them, she wondered why they had waited so long to do this. For the moment she was the master, he was the mistress as she dominated his being with her ‘cock’. His own engorged prick was banging first against his belly then hers as they rocked back and forth in a staccato beat, slowly working towards a more regular rhythm as their bodies melded. Her downward thrusts were now meeting his upward ones, the phallus reaching depths never known with the hand held vibrator that they had started with seemingly so long ago. Her cunt and clit were being stimulated with every motion, and she could feel her first orgasm working through her senses, permeating her entire body, she could feel the sensations from head to toe.

“Ron baby, I’m so close, so close! Let it go lover, I want to feel your cock throbbing and spurting between us, shoot your hot cum on your belly, I want your cum to stick us together like glue!”

The pressure on his prostate combined with the contact of his cock between them helped that happen, he could feel the contents of his balls leaving the encasing sac and rocketing up the tube, the hot jism spurting between the two bodies like lava in a fissure. Shot after shot, throb after throb met his wife’s thrusts, he was unable to push back any more, only to lie there and be fucked and milked. Jessica couldn’t speak, just a guttural moan escaped her throat as she felt the molten seed laden liquid pulsing from his cock onto their bellies. “Ummmmph, ummmmmm, arrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!” she wrenched, several orgasms hitting her seemingly at the same time, her entire body felt like it was one big cunt, spasming over and over, juices flowing from her climaxing hole to run down his thighs onto the bed.

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