Never Say Never Pt. 01

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Rachel is my wife. She is tall, 5′ 10, slim, lithely muscled from years of compulsive exercise routines, C cup sized breasts, small cute round ass, and the most beautiful legs that go all the way up. We’re well matched in that I am 6′ 2″, well muscled and trim from work on construction sites. I’m not much for exercise for exercise sake like Rachel. However, I’m a hands on building contractor and my day to day activities keeps me in pretty damn good shape. I don’t just supervise, I get in there and work with my crews several days a week.

We’ve been married for…, no I won’t say how long. Very happily and compatibly married in every way I might add. We are best friends, lovers and soul mates.

As far as I know, she has never strayed, much less thought about being unfaithful. Nope. I’ve never strayed, at least physically, either. However, I must admit that I have strayed in my mind, but not really. Why do I say that? Because I stray in my imagination. I have a very fertile imagination. However, it’s all in my head and it stays there. I love the thrill, excitement, and sexual tension my imaginary worlds can foster. And, I must point out, Rachel derives direct benefit from my fertile imagination as well in that I am always horny and the tension that is always building in me is always expended on Rachel.

Our sexual evolution has been one of continuously growing and expanding our horizons together. She was very naive sexually when we met, but fortunately didn’t have any hangups or barriers to experiencing many new things. In fact, I may have led into each new area of our sex life, but once introduced, she would fully embrace and thoroughly enjoy it as much or more than I.

The one area Rachel has always emphatically been closed minded and totally disinterested in is anal sex. Anything that has an “in” capability, read mouth and pussy, has a year round open season sign attached. Anything with only an out capability, read rectum, is permanently closed for business. Her attitude is that it is way too dirty, smelly and nasty. Thinking about it grosses her out.

I can understand that. I have to agree, it is dirty, smelly and well yes probably nasty. But, my fertile imagination can’t help but wonder what it feels like to fuck an ass. I can imagine a lot. When I imagine, the dirty and smelly are in the back seat and out of sight, therefore out of mind.

I thought masturbation felt good; and it does. But, having another hand do it for you adds another level of goodness. Oral sex feels even better. Before we married, Rachel moved from good hand jobs, to even better oral sex, to the heaven of letting me enter the ultimate home for the penis, her pussy.

After we were married, Rachel didn’t rest on her laurels. She experimented, she improvised, she learned, she improved and expanded her repertoire to my, and to her, great pleasure. Any position I could think of, she was game to try, not matter how weird. Some we ended up laughing more than fucking. Edging, when another person is keeping you on the edge, it is incredible. Her ability to read the signs of my impending orgasm are near psychic. She can keep me on the edge almost better than I can myself; but it is way more fun when she has control. Giving head. Wow. Until you have had someone swallow your cock, I mean literally swallowed your cock, and felt your cock head slide into their esophagus, you have not had the ultimate fellatio. It feels like you have entered another tighter, more active and more talented pussy, because you have!.

But pussy is pussy. There is nothing better than holding your lover in your arms; bodies melded together; arms and legs entwined; chest against chest; lips pressed and tongues tasting, feeling, and dancing; with your cock deep inside the warm slippery wetness of wonderful pussy. That my friend is heaven. That is my Rachel.

Yes, my Rachel does all of that. And I reciprocate. I give as good as I get. I like to think that Rachel has had as many, and quite likely more, orgasms than any other females in existence. And I plan on giving her more than her fair share. The best orgasms are shared and mutually fantastic orgasms.

Anal sex. Nope. Taboo. Off limits. No way no how. Exit only, no entry allowed. I respect that, but it doesn’t mean I don’t fantasize a bit about it now and then. I even dance around her anus when we are making love. She loves oral sex. She loves that I love eating her pussy. Nothing off limits there I’ll tell you. She likes every nook and cranny explored. Her labia need to be nibbled, lapped and sucked. The moans of pleasure when my tongue invades her opening are music to my ears spurring me to greater depths. She especially loves the long flat lick that starts at the very bottom of her vaginal opening, up the groove between her labia that ends by sweeping the tip of my tongue under the hood of her clit. That little stretch of tissue holding my tongue tightly to her swollen little nub drives her wild.

Over time I have begun to let the my fingers, lips and tongue to wonder around and over the off limits posted territory. One kurtköy escort has to be creative when trespassing and not be caught, or at least to avoid prosecution. My finger tips occasionally graze her rosebud when we’re fucking. She loves for me to grab her ass, pull her cheeks widely apart and drive my cock as deep into her pussy as I can. When I grab and pull, I sometimes let my fingers grab a bit more cheek than needed and graze her bung hole by ‘accident.’ Those long slow licks on her pussy became another opportunity to explore her anus. The tip of my tongue starts its long sweep of her sex on the perineum, that exquisitely sensitive area between the anus and vagina. Initially, she would squirm away, obviously uncomfortable with the proximity of my tongue to her anus. However, this area is so sensitive, and obviously feels so good, her inhibitions wained and she stopped squirming and remains silent about the border infractions. She soon grew accustomed to, allowed and expected contact with and stimulation of this area.

When we 69, we both get so hot, excited and passionate that we become more aggressive in our administrations to the other. I eat her pussy with more abandon and she sucks and swallows my cock more deeply. She licks at my balls while my cock is deep in her throat. I occasionally, quite by accident I assure you, let my upper lip come in contact with the edge of her dark puckered rosebud as I suck at the edge of her pussy and perineum. In this position, I start a lick at the clit and drag my tongue down across her pee hole, insert it deeply into her pussy stretching her cunt with the broad base of my tongue. As I withdraw my tongue from her slit at the lower end, I gently and oh so slowly let the tip of my tongue flick across that perineal body between her cunt and anus. A quick light flick that runs right up and over her anus, no more. She squirms, but also moans at the brief contact my tongue makes with the wrinkled and puckered little entrance to her rectum. Thats the closet I’ve come to any kind of anal play. I have to say, she does tolerate and also seems to enjoy these forays into the forbidden territory quite a bit.

But the main idea remains, Exit Only. One can knock apparently, but one cannot gain entry.

I won’t go into the details, but Rachel had taken some pain pills for a few days. One of the side effects of the pain pills was slowing down her bowels resulting in majorly uncomfortable bout of constipation. The medications her doctor ordered to help alleviate her discomfort had no effect. After several days, even though she wasn’t taking the pills anymore, she was getting more and more uncomfortable. I suggested she try an enema to see if it would give her some relief. She initially resisted the idea, but became was so miserable she finally agreed to try. Having never had one before, she asked if I would help her. I purchased an enema bag at the drug store that came with two enema nozzles. A thin short three inch tip with only one hole in its end, that stayed in the box, and a larger diameter and twice as long 7 inch nozzle with a smoothly flared end. Multiple rows of holes lined the last three inches of the nozzle’s length.

We have a large shower that is adjacent to the toilet. We agreed it would be safest if she were naked and in the shower for her enema. Any accident or mess we made could be easily dealt with. She said it would be best since she would want to shower and clean up after we were done anyway. She suggested i strip down to my underwear just in case it was messier than we expected.

I attached the longer enema nozzle to the flexible tube that extended from the enema bag. It looked like the instrument that was needed to cure my honey. It looked like a lot more fun too. After clamping the tube, I filled the bag with warm water and hung it on the shower door.

Rachel stepped into the shower and knelt on the floor, her cute ass sticking up in the air toward the shower door and at me. Jesus, poor Rachel is feeling terrible, and I am getting a hardon looking at her ass and holding what I am going to insert and shove well up into her ass. So much for Exit Only. However, this was kind of a medical emergency so the rules could be bent if not broken I guess. Can’t blame me for being a guy and enjoying the situation. My cock was getting stiffer by the moment.

“You ready to start?” I asked.

“You do it Jess. I don’t want to. It’s too awkward in this position”

“OK. I’ll just lubricate your anus with some soapy water.”

“Oh Jess, this is so embarrassing. I’m so sorry you have to do this.”

Rachel was on her knees facing away from me and the shower door. She couldn’t see my boner and she couldn’t see me staring with pleasure at her ass and pussy so nicely presented to me.

“It’s ok Honey.” I said. “No need to feel sorry for me.” I thought silently to myself.

“Oh!” she said startled when my left hand touched her bum crack over her anus. She reflexively pulled away from my hand. “Sorry.” she said as she moved her bum back into position.

“No, I’m sorry. I should malatya escort have warned you. I’ll let you know before I touch or do anything.” I said apologetically. “I’m going to touch you with my left hand now. I’m going to separate your cheeks and expose your anus.” I said very clinically.

When I pressed her cheeks aside, I could see her puckered anus briefly tighten, and then relax. My cock was beginning to leak precum I was getting so turned on.

“Ok, I’m going to apply some soapy water to your anus now. You ready?”

“Yes. Go ahead.” Rachel said with trepidation.

I lightly touched her anus with the tip of my finger. It instantly winked and drew inwardly, then slowly relaxed. I slowly circled her tight little hole with the tip of my finger applying a layer of slippery soap on and around her anus. I marveled at the soft texture of the dark puckered skin.

“Ok. Time to insert the enema nozzle. You ready?” I asked.

“Yes. Please be careful.” she timidly intoned.

I very lightly touched the plastic tip against her anus. It’s muscles involuntarily contracted again. I pressed ever so gently and slowly to overcome the resistance of her anus. Gradually, her anus relaxed, stretched, and opened enough to accept the end of the enema nozzle. It suddenly popped through.

“Ouch. Oh my. I felt that.” she said with a startled tone.

“Sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“No. No. It just felt so…, different. It startled me.”

“Ok. I need to insert it a few inches so all of these holes are inside.”

“Ok. I’m ready. Go ahead.” Rachel instructed.

I pushed and it easily slipped in until all the holes were inside her ass. My cock began a little involuntary twitching dance inside my underwear. All I could think of doing was inserting it where I had just inserted the enema nozzle. I admired how the nozzle penetrated her ass, the white plastic a stark contrast against the dark brown color of her anus. Very, very erotic. Fuck. I wanted to fuck her ass right now.

“Is that Ok?” I asked calmly on the outside, a raging lunatic inside.

“Yes. It feels strange, but it doesn’t hurt.”

“Great. Ok, I’m going to let the water start to run.”

“Ok. Go slowly please.”

I unclamped the tube and let gravity do its work. After a few seconds. Rachel squirmed her butt and said, “Stop! Whew. Suddenly I can feel it filling me up inside.” After waiting several seconds she said, “Ok. Go ahead and run in some more.”

We cycled the flow until she didn’t feel she could hold anymore. We both agreed she should try to hold it for a bit to allow it to mix with and soften her stool.

“I can’t hold it anymore. I’ve got to let it go. Help me to the toilet. Hurry.” she said urgently.

As soon as she sat on the toilet, her bowels let go. Water and solid globs of poop whooshed and plopped into the toilet.

“Wow. That really works. I feel better already.” she said with obvious relief as she wiped and dried her bottom and pussy with the toilet tissue. “Lets do it again and see if I can get it all out.”

Well, she was right. Dirty, smelly and nasty. I didn’t care. My cock was still hard and staying hard, a wet spot had formed on my underwear from the leaking precum.

She reassumed the position on her knees in the shower.

“Jess, please use some of the KY jelly. The soap stings a little.”

“Oh, Ok.” I turned to go get it.

“Are you hard? Is this a turn on for you?” Rachel asked, disbelief in her voice.

I turned my head and saw that she was looking over her shoulder at me. She was staring at the bulge in my underwear with a huge telltale dark wet spot.

“Uh, yeah.” I stammered as I felt myself blush. “But Jesus Rach…,” I shrugged, leered at her ass and then went to fetch the KY jelly. “I am a guy…, remember?” I left unspoken.

“Ready?” I asked when I returned with the KY jelly.

“Yes. Go ahead you pervert.” she said with hint of exasperation in her voice as I finished filling the enema bag with warm water.

“Ok, here we go then.”

I pulled her ass cheeks apart to expose her cute little anus. It winked at me again as I generously lubed it with the tip my finger, rubbing way more lube on than was really needed. I really did love touching her ass.

“Mmmm.” sighed Rachel.

The tip slid in with a little pop as it overcame the resistance of her tight anus muscle more easily this time. I pushed the nozzle in as far as it could go, right up to it’s connection with the hose. This should get some serious action I thought.

“Oh. That feels different. Is it farther in?” Rachel asked.

“Yes. I thought the further it is inserted the better the effect would be. Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no. It just felt, uh, deeper, that’s all.” Rachel said with a queer tone to her voice. “Go ahead and run the water in. I’m ready.” She instructed.

I unclamped the hose and could hear the water as it rushed inside her body. My cock getting even harder as I watched her clamp her anal muscle to retain the water flowing into her rectum. Each time her kayseri escort anus contracted, her pussy contracted too. The visual stimulation of seeing Rachel in this position was extremely erotic. Pussy and ass was trumping tits and ass at this juncture. What a fucking turn on.

“Has it all run in? Asked Rachel.

“Um, Yeah.” I said as I clamped the tube and removed the enema nozzle enjoying the site of her anus stretching as the nozzle popped out of her ass. A little squirt of water leaked out of her hole before it snapped tightly shut.

“Oops. Sorry about that.” Rachel giggled with embarrassment.

“No worries. That’s why your in the shower. Easy to clean up later remember?”

After a few minutes, Rachel said, “Ok, gotta go. Help me up again please.”

I helped her stand and step to the toilet. Another violent rush of water swooshed out of her bum with more plopping of stool into the toilet.

As she dried herself again, she asked, “How much water are you putting in me? Was it a full bag?”

“No. Only about half full.”

“Let’s do a full bag. This is really getting me cleaned out. I am feeling so much better already.”

I filled the bag up to the top and screwed in the stopper as Rachel knelt in the shower again. “Rach, I think it may have been only a third full. This is going to be a lot more water.”

“Good. Let’s try. You can always stop the flow if it is too much.”

I reached up and spread her ass cheeks without warning her. She pressed against my hand without complaint. As I applied the KY to her anus, she pushed a little harder and the tip of my finger dimpled her anus.

“Ummm. Please be sure I’m well lubed there.” she said.

I worked the tip of my finger around the entire area and could feel the muscle seem to relax when the tip pressed against the center of her anus. I pushed just a little more firmly and could feel the muscle start to give.


I quickly replaced the tip of my finger with the enema nozzle and it easily overcame the resistance of her anus and slipped inside her rectum. I pushed it in until it was entirely inside her butt.

“Oh, that was easy. It went right in.”

“Ummmm, yes. I could feel it slide way up into my tummy.” she almost whispered.

I released the clamp and let the warm water run into her ass. We could hear it fill her rectum and gurgle and slosh into her colon.

“Owww. Slow it down. It’s making me cramp a little.”

I clamped the tube and stopped the flow of water.

“Whew. Ok. The cramps are gone. Try to run the rest inside of me.”

I slowly unclaimed the tube and let the water flow more slowly into her body. She took the rest of the bag without further complaint of discomfort.

“Wow. That feels so different. I really thought I would hate the way this feels, but it is oddly enjoyable. I feel so much better with each enema. I hate being constipated.”

She held it for five or six minutes, then asked for help to the toilet again. No urgency this time. She seemed to have the hang of taking in the water and tolerating having it slosh around inside of her. The water jetted out of her ass carrying what must be the remnants of any remaining stool. There wasn’t any real formed stool anymore. Just a yellowish brown tint left in the water.

“God. I almost feel normal again.” she said as she stepped back into the shower knelt down and put her ass high into the air again. “Since we have it out, let’s do it one more time with a full bag.” she said as she turned her head and looked at the obvious bulge in my underwear with a warm smile. I’ll try to reward you a little later for all your good work Dr. Jess.”

I filled the enema bag one more time, but let it stretch the bag fat and heavy. Rachel seemed to be enjoying the enemas. Almost seemed to be causing more than just relief from the constipation. She seemed to be enjoying the enema itself. After I hung the bag on the towel handle, I lubed her anus one more time with the index finger of my right hand and cupped her pussy with my left hand.

I gently pressed the tip of my index finger against her anus, felt it wink and then relax letting tip of my finger slide through. Rachel pushed against my hand and my finger penetrated her ass to my second knuckle. Her ass muscles contracted tightly around my finger.

Rachel moaned. “Oooh, naughty boy. I think you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.”

“Oops.” I said as I pulled my finger from her ass and quickly replaced it with the enema nozzle.

Rachel didn’t say anything, just pushed her ass against the pressure of the nozzle running up into her rectum. I unclamped the tube and let the warm water flow. I could see her start to squirm just a little so I pinched the tube to slow the flow into her rectum. Rachel relaxed and gave another little moan.

“You Ok?”

“MMM, yes, just fine. Keep it flowing. It feels so…, strangely good. I never expected it to feel like this.”

I hadn’t measured, but by the weight, this fourth bag was almost twice as heavy as the third bag had been. It must be close to a gallon of water. Rachel’s rectum and colon took it all. I removed the enema nozzle and let it hang inside the shower with the bag and waited for Rachel to ask for help moving to the toilet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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