Need to Cum

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It was difficult to see the night through to the next dawn. Winter hours felt too long when Rose wanted to not think of her body and of the need for a man to lay next to her. Today she felt the yearning surpassing her control. She had to have a man in these moments.

Rose had a usual and disciplined life on all fronts. A nerdy working woman, 25 years young with a younger face, laid-back life with least concerns of money or comfort. Though it seemed perfect, she still longed for some affection. She was the elder child of her parent’s three, so her only problem was privacy. City houses always seem smaller than whatever a family could need. Or else they are priced higher. There is no halfway between. So bringing boys over was a no-no but staying at a guy’s place could be managed with excuses. Only now and then. She had had no stable relationship, only breakouts.

Rose had wanted an apartment to herself but could not ask it of her parents. She wanted to be free and separate, after staying so long at her house, but she had weighed the cons too. She was both a slow and bad cook. Also she wanted to be her parent’s baby-girl for as long as she could be. Her work-place was nearby too. So she had this love-hate relation with the idea of moving out. Realisable but not urgent.

But she did have those days when she wanted to have a separate life, away and independent of her parents. It was not marriage or a stable boyfriend that she was looking for. She was dedicated passionately and buried unceremoniously neck-high into her work; and a relationship was a responsibility she was not ready to shoulder. Yet often she longed for a man’s skin, breath and flesh next to herself to craddle her through the night. The need for a sexual partner became demoniac and obvious then. These nights were rare; but when these came, they left her thirsty, dry and gasping for breath. Just such a night was this one.

It was difficult to sleep and the air had a chilliness about it that made her cosy yet shift about restlessly. In the room next to hers, her parents were sleeping while in the hall room across the two boys, her younger siblings, had the lights on. Playing video games still no doubt, she thought and turned the other way. It was also way too silent. Her ears felt the silence loom big and deafeningly.

The air left goosebumps on her skin where it was not under the covers. The sudden shiver took her by a pleasant and comfortable surprise. Autumn suited her. But the bed felt empty. She wanted to whisper something. Anything, or may be nothing; yet she wanted someone to hear her whisper. Or may be she wanted to hear how her whisper sounded like. She wondered if she would sound weird if she whispered to herself late at night.

“Hold me closer.”

She sarıyer escort whispered it to herself. It sounded hot. Not sexy; hot. It made her think of someone replying to her in a gruff, bass voice, also in whispers. Rose had a weakness for the masculine bass voice. It melted her insides and made her feel dizzy in its heat. When was the last time she heard a guy speak to her in such a voice? Long ago. Before the world locked down to virtuality and homes. Perhaps once in the bus. ‘Forget it.’ She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

For now, Rose wanted to focus on her subdued voice, her breath and her breasts pressing down with its own weight while she lay on her side. Her C cup breasts felt fuller. Perkier and taut. The air should be blessed for the effects it had on her. Only if she could have someone literally breathe down her neck and say sweet-nothings to her. Her eyes closed slowly while her lips parted with her sex-yearning sigh. She almost heard such a thick cream-like voice in her head and it almost made her cum.

She pulled one leg on top of the blanket and hugged it in her arms. This would be her partner for the night. But the night was long, deep and empty. How was it supposed to be spent alone?

She had a modest but nice look to her, a good figure to go with and a demeanour which completed her perfectly. She was just a next-door girl, whose hair and eyes didn’t give off the sultriness which she carried around to show only those who could break into her introverted shell. But she also wasn’t up to be too hard to please. She knew when to allow men into her space. Only that those occasions were not many.

Today her introvert self was on a shapeshifting mood. It was trying to feel the pace of her bodily hormones and try to adventure out of the shell. She was a Medusa in bed. But who is to see that? Her cold bedsheet bit her and she gasped.

She tried to think of a dream situation to vent her hot needs. That’s what she could do best. Her nerdy brain could concoct just about anything. Now was a dire need for a narrative to live out the fantasy and discharge her blood surge. Her dream-boy. The best thing she could imagine. A man next to her. She should think of him and numb herself to sleep. That would be best.

She closed her eyes and held her left breast to increase her sense of desire to make up the best image possible in her head. She felt the vapoury breath on her neck. A nuzzling of a plump pair of lips on the shoulder blade. And the shave-roughened skin of his cheek on her delicate arm. She could even think of how his weight would shift on her back and the arm would enclose her. Prevent her from leaving any gap between them. Licking her earlobes, her dream saw him hold her breast esenyurt escort in his big palms. His long fingers holding her orbs in a loving squeeze, drawing out her sigh and her juices.

He would feel the tautness of her breast and sigh satisfied with what he got. The newness of feeling the erotic flesh so possessively and privately would make both of them gasp and croon. The low subdued voices of a private joy shared with a lover at nights in which no eyes can remind them of decorum. His cock yet not completely awoke into attentiveness would try to seek a fleshly place to nuzzle on its own. Her upper thigh lower than where it bulged into her buttocks, that’s where it can find a sweet cuddle.

A full feet difference would be beautifully romantic. She liked feeling doll-size. His stature would hang over her when he would turn her onto her back and hover on her body. Trying to place a kiss here and a peck there, to keep her waiting, promising much more to come, but not giving away the whole lot. The threat of a flesh to flesh contact implied and made imminent. Her perked pointy breasts would aim at him while his slowly enlarging cock would hang like s sword ready to pierce the hallowed place it was destined to go into.

She would then try to touch his taut nipples and cover the defined chest flesh in her cupped palms. It makes her anticipate a fleshly manbutt. As she braved to explore his body, he would put his elbows on the bed and fill the gap between to kiss her full on lips. Thirsty. Probing deeply and needily. Holding her face. Each feeding on the other hungrily. By now he would boldly maul her breast and move his hands all over her body, tightening his grip on her small waist and weighing her flesh as if to see its firmness, slapping away satisfactorily on the butt and thighs.

His cock fully attentive and in anticipation would flick and pulsate giving away his neediness and also making it a hot foreplay. She could just feel its heat on her stomach till now, but she would now try to hold it now, soothe it with the touch and squeeze. Holding it as if it were a sword handle, she would caress and pump it while the slurping sound and the wet tickle of his mouth at her breast would make her faint and dizzy. And wet as well. His palms well aware of the new development in her body. Trying to figure out the roundness of the fleshy lips of her cunt by cupping his cool hands on it, fingers placed on the nether lips. Soothing, caressing as to familiarise the flesh to the intruder. The foreplay would be too long but enticing; satisfying but making each desperate for the other to stop the licking and the kissing and the caressing.

Pulling him close with an embrace, she would say something heatedly in avrupa yakası escort his ears, making him close his eyes and gasp hotly. Rolling over to the bed, and pulling her on himself, he would try to make her straddle him. Cupping his chest muscle and tweaking and licking the nipples now and then, she would want him to see her hover on him. Her curves and the hanging breasts teasing him and squashing on his chest when she kissed his lips or sucked his nipples. The wait would be maddening.

Hungrily pulling her into a kiss so that her butt rises into a sleek sexy crouch, he would hold his cock and rub all over to look for an entry. Thrusting a bit and pulling her waist on him, while suckling her breasts, he would push his cock into her cunt. In the tight, wet hole. Gasping. Grunting and moaning all the while. Trying to reach the depths. Wanting to be up in her to the hilt. Embracing each other and leaving teeth marks and nail scratches, trying to become one body. The singular creature with two backs. Thrusting in her wet cunt and gruffly grunting in her ear, he would kiss her all the while. Throat, shoulder, breast, lips, forehead, breatsbone. Clutching hands or mauling the flesh beneath or hodling the butt for leverage to enter deeper with this thrust than the previous one. All the while she would just want to keep her mind free from getting clouded with desire and her eyes from rolling back into her head, by twitching her foot and biting into his biceps. Deep thrusts and heavy moaning, eyes locking sometimes and a kiss following or eyes closing to fully live the penetration and the sensation of fullness inside. Sweating even in the cool air and the feeling it tingle the skin into more tautness.

She wanted her dreamboy to cum in her, make her feel filled up by him even as he gave up his juices. Her cunt would suck him dry. Rest of it she would handle with her mouth. Smelling his juices, her cunt’s mushiness and his heady sweatiness while she sucked him. It would be a dreamy thing completely. Him holding her head to face-fuck her, her holding on to his thighs and working her tongue around his balls while deepthroating him only to please him the best. It was what she had not tried yet on her ex-partners. Now she would. Her dream-boy was her first deep-throat then, however non-physical. He could fuck her mouth and throat to relieve the second load. The cock in her mouth and on her lips till it softened. Her face in his hands all the while that he had his head thrown up. And now him pulling her into the warmest cosiest hug she could live for. Legs entangled and arms holding him while she slept finally with her head resting on his chest.

The dream-boy could now go to sleep too and she would wake up glowing, and still wet from her own juices the next morning, feeling her blankets’ caressing comforting enough to make her think of her dream-boy. These lonely nights would go smoothly even in the future because this dream-guy could please her just as she wanted him to. Perfect and Pleased.

The next day can wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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