One Wild Night

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Today was the day. They had flirted and chatted online for a few weeks now, exchanging brief messages on msn when she could sneak on at work and messaging via the website they had met on. She fired his blood in a way few other could or ever had and he hoped when they met in person she liked him as much as he liked her. He was 6ft, broad shoulders, short dark hair and glittering green eyes, dressed in his usual black suit and shirt open at the collar he had planned the evening out roughly knowing what he was going to do.

Spontaneity was fun on some occasions but tonight had needed a little bit of planning, as there was so much he wanted to do. Then he got the text off her saying her boss had asked her to do a little bit of overtime and she would be in the office alone for an hour or so after work, could she meet him slightly later. She had everything in a bag with her but had to get these bits done.

He could have laughed himself silly, in one of their brief conversations a few weeks earlier she had mentioned how she would love to have sex on her desk at work. He had subsequently found out where she worked and had spent weeks trying to imagine a way to do it and now it was handed to him on a platter.

It reached clocking off time, everything was ready at the house so he set off into town, he reached her work and watched as her boss walked out of the door. He gave it thirty minutes to make sure all was clear and free and then strolled up calmly whilst his heart beat frantically. Letting himself in he walked round to the office where she was working and silently opened the door leaning in the doorway.

She sat there working away diligently a little smile on her gorgeous face. He took a minute to look her over, she was sat at the desk but he knew how sexy her legs looked already. Blond hair framing the face with those smiling lips, slender and petite with her blouse showing what he knew were an amazing pair of breasts, amazing and she was his for the night all going well.

She noticed someone at the door and looked up in panic then relief flashed over her face and then a sudden mischievous expression as she licked her lips. Without saying a word he walked over to her and helped her stand facing away from him. His hands slowly slid down her thighs. Leaning forward he whispered in her ear;

“I’m so glad you are wearing the skirt…”

His hands slowly begin to slide back up her thighs, lifting the hem of her skirt as they rose. He watched a shudder run through her body as the warmth of his breath sent shiver down her spine. As her skirt slid up and over her hips he looked down to see the black and red thong she had promised, and the stockings. Licking his lips he felt his mouth go dry.

“Oh my…”

She looked back over her shoulder with a mischievous grin,

“Like what you see?”

“God yes, glad I didn’t scare you off!”

He grinned and slowly slid the thong down her legs dropping it to the floor, she stepped out of it, the black stiletto heels clicking slightly as she stood, leaning over her desk, pushing her ass towards him. He reached forward and slid his hands under her blouse and undid the matching bra, flicking the buttons on her blouse quickly open he stripped it off her.

She stood there, leaning over her desk, a vision of sex in nothing but her black stiletto heels and a smile. Five foot four, blonde, petite, firm where she should be and curvy in all the right places, amazing to look at and his for the night. He couldn’t believe his luck.

He slowly unzipped his pants and released his very hard and throbbing cock. Moving in behind her he rubbed the tip of his shaft up and down her wet slit and finding her soaked already he began to ease his way in. She was tight and wet, warm and soft as he slowly filled her up, hearing a soft moan escape her lips. He was glad he had taken it slow at first; he didn’t want to hurt her before the night had even got started. So close to being fully in his control broke and he pushed the last few inches in forcefully making her gasp in pleasure.

In the reflection on the computer monitor he could she her eyes close and watched her bite her lip as he withdrew almost completely out before starting to fuck her. His fingers digging into her hips as he slowly began to build up some pace, finding the measure of her as his hard shaft slid back and forth between her soft lips. Finding a speed and rhythm he fucked her against the edge of her desk, watching as her arms slowly bent further and further till she could no longer hold her own weight, folding them under her head as she bent down just taking it, lost in the feeling of his cock plunging in and out of her.

All he could hear were the sounds of his cock slamming in and out of her and her soft cries and gasps as he filled her over and over. Suddenly he pulled out of her completely to an accompanying moan of complaint. He lifted her limp body and spun her round easily in his arms laying her on her back in the desk. She looked up at him, pleading in her eyes then smiling pendik escort as he lifted her legs to his shoulders and plunged back inside her. He fucked her hard and fast, watching her tits jiggle and bounce as he fucked her harder and faster, looking down into her eyes as he felt her cum.

Her eyes widened and she cried out loudly, gasping and crying her pleasure into the empty room and building as she exploded, bucking on the desk against him. He plunged into her hard and deep and released the control he had placed on himself. His own climax washed over him, his shaft throbbing wildly inside her as he came harder than he had ever done. Jerking back and forth as his seed pumped deep into this stunning creature, letting go of her legs he fell forward, catching himself on his forearms, bracing himself just above her as he finally stopped cumming.

Slowly gathering his wits he could feel her still trembling under him, her eyes closed her lips softly parted as he leaned down and gently kissed those soft lips, drawing himself down her body he kissed and gently flicked each nipple with his tongue, knowing they would be super sensitive after her orgasm making her gasp then let out a small giggle.

“Guess you won’t be able to look at this desk the same way ever again Eleece.”

He grinned and reached over to grab some tissues cleaning them both up. Before wrapping them up to dispose of elsewhere, he didn’t want her getting into trouble. A few deep breaths later his legs had stopped trembling though he could see she was still having trouble standing up so he helped her dress again.

“I think the rest of the work can wait for tomorrow Nick, not sure I could concentrate on anything else tonight!”

He smiled as she shut everything down and offering her bottle of water he had brought he led her outside to his car. Opening the door for her got him another smile as she sat down, still a bit unsteadily but obviously happy. Walking round he got into his side and drove out of town. She looked at him curiously but didn’t say anything. He had told her he had plans for tonight and they had agreed a safe word for if she found anything a bit too much but she was his for the evening.

She watched country lanes go by as he drove into the deserted lanes and pulled off into a little lay-by. He reached into the back and picked up a bag and then led her down a path to a secluded wooded area next to the river. He lay a blanket down on the ground and opened the cool back. A bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke, some nibbles and other items. He opened the other bag and took out a blindfold, cuffs and rope. He smiled at her and walked over gently getting her to lie down on the ground on top of the blanket. She looked a little nervous but did as he asked. He gently put the cuffs on her then used the rope to tie her hands above her head as she lay there. Finally he slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

Helplessly she lay there, so aroused all she could think about was the burning in her pussy. She wondered if there were other people around, she could occasionally hear cars in the distance and the sounds of the countryside around her but nothing else apart from the occasional crunch of a twig as Nick moved around her.

She felt his firm but gentle fingers slowly undoing her blouse, opening it up to the cool but not cold night air. She arched her back letting his fingers flick the clasps on her bra open so he could slide it up, not taking it off but exposing her breasts to his and anyone else’s eyes. She felt the zip at the side of her skirt being undone and lifted her hips as his persuading fingers, allowing him to sweet her skirt and thong off in one go…

She smiled as he left her heels on again, she knew he likes those. She felt him gently spread her legs, felt the warmth of his breath just before he kissed her left ankle. Slowly he began to trace kisses up the inside of her calf, over the knee and then ever so slowly and teasingly up the inside of her thigh, by now she was writhing on the ground desperate for something, some relief, something to make her cum, she felt him getting nearer and nearer to her burning slit then his hot breath against her wetness… Then his kisses on the inside of her right thigh, she moaned in frustration, thrusting her hips towards him as she heard him chuckle.

He slowly kissed down to her right ankle ignoring her moans, even when she begged him in a breathless voice to fuck her. He moved to lie between her spread legs and flicked her obviously aroused clit with the tip of his tongue. The effect was profound, her body tensed up instantly spasming, not quite cumming by the almost squeal of pleasure that escaped her lips aroused him no end.

He slid his strong arms under her legs lifting them slightly so he could grip her hips holding her still as he began running his tongue over her pussy, feeling the heat pulsing from it as he found her clit, broad sweeps of his tongue over and over it again and again making her gasp.

It didn’t kartal escort take long till she came hard for him, he could tell that at first she was trying hold back aware that she was out in the open but as he kept licking and then sucked hard she lost all control and screamed out her orgasm to the night sky, her body shaking and trembling uncontrollably. He held her tightly and gently ran his tongue over her quivering helpless body till her breathing eventually slowed. Then he started over, long broad strokes of his tongue over her clit, flicking it quickly with the tip, sucking, licking and flicking.

“Oh god… again?” She gasped as she surrendered to his talented tongue revelling in the pleasure.

He took his time this time, probing, circling, brushing it over the top so that she could feel it all, feeling it building inside her. She was writhing under him again and he struggled to keep her in one place enough, breathing through his nose, as his mouth never left her slit. Eventually she came again, spasms shooting through her before she collapsed back onto the blanket breathing heavily.

He stood slowly and undid the cuffs and the rope and gently removing the blindfold. He redid her bra and did her blouse up; still barely able to move he left her thong and skirt off but wrapped his jacket around her to keep her warm.

Taking two glasses from the box he poured them both a drink and as the last of the sunlight faded and the stars began to glitter they sat there beside the river sipping their drinks. She snuggled into his chest as they ate the nibbles and had another drink then he helped her dress and they made their way back to the car. Once loaded he set off back to the house.

Halfway there he felt her hand slip into his lap and gently begin to trace the outline of his cock through his trousers. Feeling it stiffen he looked at her noting the naughty smile flickering at the corners of her mouth. He grinned and settled back into the chair a little bit more, trying to focus on the driving but aware of what she was doing. He felt her fingers slowly tugging at the zip and shifted slightly so she could pull it down. Quickly she reached into his pants, unbuttoning the front of his boxers and pulled his cock clear.

He drove along feeling her fingers slowly stroking up and down the length of his now steel-hard rod.

“Oh god Eleece, that feels good…”

She smiled but said nothing as she leaned over and ran her tongue over the head of his cock. He jerked back but kept the car going straight, by now they were driving through the town and it was all he could do to keep going in a straight line and concentrate as her tongue and lips teased the head of his shaft. She suddenly placed a soft kiss on the head and then gently folded him away and zipped him back up.

Nick groaned and pulled into his street, desperate to get home but trying not to drive any worse. He pulled up beside the house and almost dived out. Dragging her with him he locked the door, opened the house, got her inside and pushed her down to her knees. Unzipping his throbbing cock swung out and she gripped it hard and lowered her head down on it. Gulping it down greedily she worked her head back and forth, her tongue flickering over it, sucking and slurping on his cock he couldn’t hold back. He gasped out a brief warning and she sucked all the harder as he exploded. He sent jet after jet of cum into her mouth, watching her cheeks bulge as she struggled to swallow all of it, some of it leaking to drip down onto the top of her breasts till finally Nick collapsed back leaning against the wall as she swallowed smiling up at him.

“My little teasing got to you then Nick?” She asked with a cheeky grin.

“Yes… just a little bit.” He answered back breathlessly.

“Good payback for the kissing on my thighs and making me wait for that silver tongue of yours.”

Nick laughed as he helped her to his feet and sat her down fixing her a drink, he kissed her passionately and bade he wait there one minute. Walking through to the bathroom he started the shower running and then walked back through. Taking her hand he helped her stand then slowly they stripped each others clothing away in layers till they were both naked and he led her into the bathroom.

Candles flickered on every surface in the dark room, clouds of steam from the shower floating round as he took her into the shower, stepping over the edge of the bath, pressing her against the tiles elicited a gasp from her at the cold then they warmed. He picked up the soap and slowly began rubbing her shoulder, strong firm hands caressing her, massaging, stroking, kneading, working their way over her body as she relaxed into him, feeling the strength of his body as he slowly soaped her all over, turning so her back was pressed against his chest his arms encircled her cupping her pert breasts, soaping them and working his way down to the vee at the top of her legs.

Shaven bare his hands glided over her skin till the tip of maltepe escort one finger brushed her clit making her gasp softly but still relaxed against him. He gently strummed his fingers over the button, teasing, caressing and raising her slowly but surely towards another orgasm. His fingers skilfully manipulating her, the tip on one teasing her entrance as the other rubbed her clit till she came in his arms shuddering gently. He held her up as she braced herself.

He bent her over at the waist and let her reach out putting her hands against the sides of the shower controls bracing herself. He gently slid his shaft in and out of her hot hole a few times but then pulled out. Take the lube he had prepared earlier he gently began rubbing some around her ass and just inside using the tip of his finger. She looked back nervously but smiled ready. Putting a large amount on his shaft he pressed the head of his cock to that very tight hole and gripping her hips he gently began to push. Feeling her tighten up he stroked her back and whispered to her softly, she relaxed and he slowly, gently entered her. Filling her hearing her moan he knew he wasn’t hurting her. Finally buried deep inside her he leaned forward down over her back and kissed the back of her neck.

She shivered and he felt it translate back through his shaft, gripping her hips he gently began to rock back and forth inside her, enjoying the incredible tightness as he moved from rocking to fucking an inch back and forth. She gasped and in a low gutteral voice uttered the word ‘More!’

He gripped her hips tightly and started fucking her ass properly, harder and faster now, still building it up slowly as she took more and more, her fingers gripping the taps so tightly the knuckles where white, low moans of pleasure escaping her lips as he built up to another climax, it was too tight, too sexy… He pulled out and his cum splashed over her ass and the backs of her thighs as he leaned into the cool tiles breathing deeply.

Taking up the soap he washed her ass and legs again making her all clean and fresh as she reached to take the soap from him, she sat on the edge of the bath as her legs were still shaking and slowly soaped him down, cleaning him as he leant against the tiles. Once finished they were both recovered and refreshed he turned the shower off and led her out of the room, blowing the candles out on the way. Making them some sandwiches and a glass of water he took her upstairs to the Master bedroom.

Large with a high ceiling the super-king sized bed stood in the centre of the room backed against the fire place. He slipped the towel from her shoulders and lifted the quilt. Shivering slightly she slid under the warm quilt and he passed over the plate. The sat and ate for a few brief moments finishing the water till he moved the plates out of the way and curled an arm round her. He pulled her into him and kissed her softly, his hand stroking over her soft skin, caressing, arousing, awakening the desire again as his finger tips traced down her spine.

He gently pushed her onto her back and sliding between her legs he entered her. This time there was no rush, no need for speed just slow burning passion. His movements deep and unhurried, filling her, letting her feel every movement, every stroke, every kiss and brush as he moved within her. She responded to him, her arms around his back, her fingers stroking him as he thrust himself within her, enjoying the time, space and freedom to just enjoy the feelings. Soft passion filled whispers as they moved together.

He slid out and rolled lifting her to her great delight to be on top. He knew that she enjoyed this as he lay under her, feeling her hips roll as she got into the position that suited her. She placed her hands flat on his chest and wiggled her ass teasingly as she reached between her legs and slid him back inside her, biting her lip softly as he filled her again, that satisfied smile on her face as she ground herself down against him.

Sliding his hands along her thighs he caressed her gently, stroking her as she began moving on top of him, angling her body so that his shaft rubbed her in just the right places. Her breathing picked up and soon he could feel her body trembling, reaching up he cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing gently then slightly harder, teasing the nipples before running his hands down her side, squeezing her nips firmly in his hands, moving with her.

He felt her rhythm building and matched it, not breaking it but moving to support what he instinctively knew she wanted and where she wanted it. She moaned gently, speeding up slightly harder and faster, her breathing quickening as she rode him harder. He could feel her tightness sliding up and down his length, feel her squeezing and clamping down around him, making his cock go just where she wanted, needed it.

He smiled up at her and at the moment she closed her eyes and came, holding herself upright, her nails digging into his chest as her body quivered, little cut off gasps escaping her lips as her body shook then she collapsed down on his chest. Kissing his chin, lips and chest in that post orgasmic bliss. His hands were firm as he rolled her off him, she looked at him in shock but he just smiled a slightly wicked smile and moved behind her pulling her onto her knees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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