Nine Hundred Square Feet

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Overall, as far as New York City apartments go it wasn’t a bad size; the apartment was 900 square feet, it was a pre-war and at some point in its 90-year history it had been modified from a two bedroom into a three-bedroom. This was manageable, but it made things a little tight. The clearest evidence of this was Peters room, which was the smallest and had one third of the bay window. The rest of window lit up the common area where a smart TV, a couch, an ottoman and a coffee table squeezed into a living room. The living room was open to the main hallway and a kitchen/dining space that was barely big enough for a small table. Haley had the largest room because she had been in the apartment the longest. It was big enough for a king-size bed, and a full desk set up. Sally had to make do with a full-size bed in order to have a desk, and when the Coronavirus lockdown started in March of 2020, she was glad that she decided to sacrifice the bed space so she could fit in a real desk and office chair.

Sally is an aspiring writer, but works in PR for a publicist firm. Overall, her workload was reduced during the lockdown, but she was always on call and she had to work in bursts sometimes going to work at noon, sometimes starting at 7 p.m. One thing she never did was get up early. On day one of the home order, Sally immediately embraced the pajamas and loungewear lifestyle, slowly and steadily as the lockdown went on she implemented a ‘no pants in the house’ personal policy.

Haley works for the City so her job remained a Monday through Friday nine to five work schedule. She needed to be presentable for everyday Zoom calls so she put on regular clothing during work, but quickly shifted to sweatpants in the evening.

Peter works in tech, so his work clothes were basically pajamas already. The biggest problem for him though was the space. His mini desk set up wasn’t great so he wound up spending a lot of his time working on the coffee table or at the small kitchen table. Like Sally, Peter also had a reduced workload. Unfortunately for him this came with a fairly drastic reduction in pay. In a way Peter was lucky; the company had decided to cut everyone’s salary instead of doing a round of layoffs, but like many people in their mid-twenties he had been living paycheck to paycheck.

Once the lockdown happened the three roommates had a house meeting. Peter assured the others that the rent wasn’t going to be an issue, but let them know things were going to be a little tight for him. In the end, the three agreed that their previous policy of keeping food separate and labeling everything in the refrigerator didn’t make sense in the new world, and that they should make food, and try to have dinner together as long as the lockdown was going on. They started to have what they affectionately called “family meals”. Peter ended up doing the lion’s share of the cooking and after the meal Sally showed off her skills making cocktails. Haley wasn’t much for cooking, but always helped do the dishes — a chore that in a dishwasher free apartment was incredibly appreciated.

The dinners helped them plan for the pandemic and save some money, but even more important they were comforting. Routine helped ease the roommate tensions that might come have about from being in close proximity. During the first few weeks of lockdown everyone was a little emotional due to stress and anxiety. Time seemed to flow differently and the future was uncertain; but regular check ins, interpersonal conversation, and Peters sourdough bread brought solace into their home.

“Sally, are you going to work or watch Netflix tonight?” Haley asked over a family meal of ramen with homemade broth and soft-boiled eggs. Haley regularly joked that she was doing her part for self-isolation by binge watching old TV shows. She knew that she was a little addicted, and sometimes stayed up too late watching them but overall, she found that engrossing herself in entertainment was much better for her mental health than following her instinct to be on her phone reading the news. She made sure there were four different shows in rotation at all times, one for herself, one for each of the pairings with her roommates, and one show that all three of them were all watching together.

“I’ve got a Zoom happy hour with some old high school friends at 8:00.” Sally said “So I’ll probably be late. Speaking of which, Peter can I borrow the gaming headphones? They work way better than my ear buds.”

“They’re next to the couch” Peter said. Sally replied with a thank you and hopped up to get them. Sally had a small frame; she often wore a men’s sized t-shirt that went down to her middle thigh but at that moment she was wearing a tank top that barely covered her hips. As she bent over to pick up the headset Peter and Haley had an unobstructed view of her lavender panties, their tiny white polka dots, and the shapely form they tightly hugged.

Sally went down the hall to her room, Haley stood up and slapped Peter on the shoulder. “Stop üsküdar escort staring, and help me with the dishes.”

“I was barely looking,” Peter lied. Haley rolled her eyes.

Haley didn’t know why Sally showing off her underwear bothered her so much. Maybe she was jealous. She had always been attracted to Sally’s carefree spirit and artistic approach to life. Haley reasoned to herself that it was probably just quarantine, and she was a little off because she had been personally feeling more stifled than ever. In spite of this she was fascinated by Sally. She wanted to be like her; Haley found Sally to be captivating.

“Do you think she’ll dress differently when quarantine is over?” Haley asked.

“I don’t think you can un-ring that bell,” Peter replied, then after a moment he said “It’s a good look. You know, you should probably try it out too.”

Haley knew he was baiting her, but she liked banter, and she didn’t have a lot of opportunities for it these days. “I see. Is that your plan for you to get more eye candy in the apartment?”

“Hey,” He replied “I’m just trying to preach the good word. Once you take off the blinders that society put on you, you too will understand the truth. Pants have been a conspiracy this whole time.”

She smiled and he felt a small victory. Peter was attracted to both of his roommates, but Haley was the one he had the most chemistry with. During normal times he had carried out a fairly regimented no flirting policy with his roommates — that policy slowly eased once they started sheltering in place and all got closer to each other. Overall through, he was happy not to push the status quo. The apartment was a good price and right on the train to his office. Just having roommates who you could be friends with was a win in and of itself. He wasn’t the kind of guy to upset the apple cart.

“It’s okay to admit that you like the way she dresses.” Haley said while handing him a bowl to dry.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, she’s comfortable and I don’t mind that she’s comfortable.” Peter slyly smiled, he knew that his eyes couldn’t lie — Sally was gorgeous, and if he enjoyed himself it was no big deal, he made sure to be respectful at all times. “We can’t help it if you’re a puritan. Peter teased. “Maybe it’s that Connecticut upbringing of yours.”

“I am not a puritan!” Haley replied.

“Then why haven’t I ever seen you with a boyfriend? I’ve lived here for six months.

Haley was surprised at Peters question. Had it really been more than six months since she broke up with Miguel? No wonder she had been so horny lately. The quarantine had been so stressful at first that she didn’t even think about sex. However, in the last few days her libido had been coming back with a vengeance. The initial panic from all of the craziness had mostly gone away and now that she gotten used to a new routine her body felt free to be sexual again. The last few days she had been seeking out television and books that turned her on, and had been masturbating in her room both at night, and during work hours. In a moment of erotic inspiration, she had even ordered a heavy-duty vibrator to be delivered to the house.

“Just because I don’t bring people home doesn’t mean I don’t have fun,” she smiled at Peter, thinking about her purchase. Peter smiled back and raised his eyebrows, Haley took a moment to look at his face, she liked his eyes. “Plus, you don’t know who I’ve brought home – you’re gone a lot of weekends.”

“Mostly because my room is so small, I can’t bring anyone back here.” Peter chose his words carefully “I would definitely take advantage of your giant bed if I was able to.”

“You just brought a girl home a few weeks before the lock down.” Haley reminded him, “The one with the pixie haircut.”

Peter stumbled; he almost dropped the cutting board that he was drying. He had forgotten about that girl from Tinder. Worse, when Haley read that on his face Peter could feel the flirty tension that they had been building start to deflate.

“Y’know,” Peter said. “She was a bit of a puritan herself. She was a little weirded out by the fact I had female roommates. Oh, and sorry I encouraged you to join us for awkward coffee. She was just really hard to talk to — I was glad you were around.”

“You do owe me one,” Haley said as she turned off the water and put the last wet pan in the drying rack.

“Yeah well — none of us are going out on dates now. What are we doing tonight? We’re up for a new series. I’ll let you pick whatever show or movie you want.”

“A man who’ll give up the remote control — a lot of women would find that hot.”

“I trust that you know my taste. Just don’t be a puritan. Feel free to pick something extra horny — like a British period drama”

“Don’t make fun — those are super sexy. You have no idea.”

“I’ve seen what you’ve been watching with Sally. Oh, and I get why it’s sexy. It’s about the will they tuzla escort or won’t they” Peter said.

“It’s more than that.” Haley replied.

“Trust me” he said, “I get it”. Peter gingerly leaned over her to place a glass in the cabinet above her head. He stopped, leaned against the shelf and hung over her for a moment. She could feel his breath when he spoke “It’s about the tension, and how you have to be reserved at all times, especially when you have to worry about the big picture and everything else going on in the world. It’s the same as wondering whether or not we should kiss when everything seems to be going pretty well right now.” Peter pulled back slowly, picked up another glass from the dish rack and slowly started drying it. He knew that the ball was in her court now, and he didn’t want to push her.

She stood in shock for a second then turned off the water in the sink. She thought to herself; if we kiss it would change everything. Maybe for the better, but definitely in a way that makes things more complicated.

Haley went with her instincts. She turned and leaned forward towards Peter. She put one hand on the counter behind him. Peter was a good 9 inches taller than her. He Gingerly brought his hand to her face and angled it up for a kiss. She closed her eyes. Their lips touched. She felt bolts of energy dart to her brain, her fingers and her toes. She put her hand under his shirt and touched his side. He ran his hand down her back and started kissing her neck. She moved her head back and kissed him again, this time with a hint of tongue. His fingers brushed along her lower back and then along the waist band of her sweatpants. She tugged at his shirt and pulled his body closer.

Peter spun around and lifted her on to the counter to get a better angle for kissing. Their lips locked. She grabbed the back of his head. He put his hand up her shirt. She bit at his lower lip. He touched her over her bra. She arched her back. He thrust his hips. And the silverware drawer made a clang.

“Shit,” Haley said breaking the moment “Sally will hear us.”

“Not with those head phones on,” Peter assured her. He went back to kissing her neck and caressed her waist some more.

“Okay, but let’s go to my room,” Haley said.

Peter pushed his thumbs into her waistband and playfully tugged on her pants. “What are you up for? What do you want me to do to you tonight?” he asked quietly.

“I want you to carry me to my bed, tease me some more, eat my pussy, then immediately after I cum I want you to take your hard cock and fuck me as long as you can.”

Peter roguishly smiled and nodded his head. He breathed deeply, took control of his impulses and kissed her deeply on the lips. As they kissed, he shifted Haley’s body, lifted her off the counter, gently growled, and carried her down the hallway.

Still in his arms, Haley opened the door to her bedroom. He led her in feet first and closed the door with his foot behind them. He sat her on the edge of the bed. She clawed at his arm, leaned back and pulled him closer for another kiss. He climbed onto her, and onto the bed next to her as they kissed. He touched her shoulder, her arm, and then ran his hand up the back of her shirt. He teased her along the bra line and down the tickly sensitive sides of her body. She broke free from his lips and started kissing down his neck to his neckline. He rubbed her stomach, and her breasts over her bra. She tugged at his neckline with her teeth and ran the side of her face up and along his chest. He unhooked the back of her bra and ran his fingers to the side of her breasts. Her hands reached down and circled his midsection along the waist of his cotton shorts. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. He grabbed her closely, kissed her a number of times, and took off her shirt. They kissed some more, their legs started gyrating against each other. She could feel his excitement in full magnitude. She tugged at his pants, he pulled back for a moment to take them off, she quickly pulled off her bra and sweatpants.

“You aren’t even wearing panties.” He said. “I was wrong. You are definitely not a puritan.”

“Oh wait” she said as she leaned over to her nightstand, “here — for later.” She tossed him a condom, licked her finger, rubbed her nipple and gave him a devilish and inviting smile. He leaned in, climbed deeper onto the bed and kissed her. He kissed down her neck and to her chest. He teased the outside of her breasts with his fingers and his lips. He explored with his hands down and around her body. His fingers went to her stomach, her hips, and around her pubic hair line.

She rubbed his sides, his thighs, and his erection through his boxers. “Is this gonna stay nice and big for me?” she said with a strict voice, “You need to put it right in my pussy after you make me come from your mouth.”

“Oh, I guarantee it,” he said. He used his lips to plant soft kisses along a path on her stomach. His pendik escort hands brushed along her strip of pubic hair. Then he tickled her mons and vulva. He rubbed his face along her pubic hair and kissed her along the top of it. His fingers gently explored her, opened up, and teased out the fullness of her petals. He brought his tongue to the bottom of her slit then gently brushed it from the bottom to the top of her inner folds. He could taste her wetness leaking from her lips and knew how sticky she was inside.

He ushered her back to the edge of the bed. He climbed down, got on his knees, between her legs, and started kissing her mound. He pulled back from kissing and watched as his fingers spread her open. Strands of wetness stretched across her soft and sensitive vestibule. He leaned down gently lapped them clean, and continued licking all over and around her delicate parts.

As he licked her, she felt an incredible rush followed by a soft release of energy. When the tip of his tongue began to penetrate her hole, she shuddered, tensed up, then relaxed deeper onto his mouth. He placed the tip of his finger into her vagina and moved his tongue up to her clitoris. He rocked his finger slowly in and out of her as his tongue stroked her clit up down left and right.

Peter knew once he made her cum, he was going to be able to fuck her. All of the electricity building in her body began to swell around her vagina. She was deeply wet now. Peter curved his finger when it was deep inside of her, then slowly pulled it back out across her g spot. At the same time Peter slathered her lips wit his mouth and firmed up his tongue so she could feel the perfect amount of pressure on her clit. He reached down to remove his boxers and gave himself a few firm strokes to make sure his penis stayed very hard for her. She was incredibly wet now. He put a second finger into her pussy. Haley felt like she was about to erupt.

She grabbed at his hair and pulled his head into her tightly. She started vocalizing with an “Mmmm” noise then an “Ahh-ahhh” She breathed deeply for a few seconds, her chest rose and fell, rose and fell, full of air then empty of air as she neared the apex of her climax. Peter rubbed her with his tongue back and forth as fast as he could. He tickled the inside of her pussy with his fingers. He shook his hand and made it vibrate as fast as he could. All at once her bundle of nerves began to unravel. She moaned and rocked back and forth due to her powerful orgasm. He backed his head away from her and gently pulled his fingers out of her. She closed her eyes in a moment of serenity.

As her eyes were closed, Haley felt a firm shaft gently tapping on her open wetness. She moved her hips and rubbed her intimate parts up and down his manhood. She half opened one eye and saw him ripping open the condom packet with his teeth. He fondled up and down her vulva with his shaft a few times then pulled it away to roll on the condom. He placed the head of his penis firmly into her ready hole. She was extremely wet. Peter felt animal instincts screaming inside of him. He calmed himself despite those feelings and pushed in slowly. He gently rocked back and forth. She suddenly realized that his penis was very thick. She reached down to guide the rest of his shaft in. The Bell of his penis entered her body. Her finger tips barely touched around his impressive firmness. He pushed forward, felt her moistness and began to thrust.

He went in and out; slowly getting her used to the length of his strokes. With each stroke he pushed his penis up down, left and right – trying to acclimate it to its new environment so he didn’t cum too fast. Haley’s pussy received disciplined strokes from every angle; she had quickly shifted from a relaxed state of post orgasm dormancy to one of animated pleasure. With each stroke Haley shifted her hips and raised her pelvis until Peter and her found a steady, rhythmic unity to give and receive pleasure from one another.

As the pace slowly ramped up Peter was happy to be wearing a condom. Haley had gotten a lot of foreplay but his dick had gotten very little, and this left him extremely sensitive. The pleasure of being inside his sexy roommate started to be overwhelming, He loved the feeling inside of her pussy. He loved how she bit her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming. He loved how her hair fluttered and breasts bounced with each of his thrusts. He really wanted to come but he promised himself that he would hold it together at least until she came one more time.

Every time Peter felt like he was approaching the apex of pleasure he backed off and shifted to a different angle. Most times, Haley responded to his shift by moving her body and encouraging him to pump harder. He could barely hold on. Luckily for Peter, Haley was driving herself to the heights of pleasure faster than he was ascending them himself.

Haley climaxed harder than she did the first time. She pulled Peter in closely for an embrace. She had been trying to be quiet, but it hit her so hard she couldn’t help but be loud. Peter felt the muscles inside of Haley squeeze him tightly around his shaft. They gripped him so tightly he couldn’t thrust. He stopped hovered over her and enjoyed the pulses of squeezes he felt from her as she rode her wave of an orgasm.

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