Oyster Creek Ch. 03

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The beeping of the alarm had woken him, and Daniel threw his arm out to silence the annoying contraption. It connected, muffling the incessant noise, but despite his best fumbling efforts it would not switch off.

“Fuck you,” he growled, hauling himself over to the side of the bed and squinting at the small machine, grimacing as he stabbed at the ‘off’ button.

It went quiet.

He sighed, looking at the time. Nine o’clock in the morning.

Hardly an unreasonable time to be getting up, Dan.

Scratching his designer stubble, he rolled onto his back, staring up at the patchy white ceiling of his hotel room. Light streamed through the thin curtains and he could hear the sounds of traffic out on Main Street, the other residents of this town already going about their business.

Get up!

“Alright!” he grunted, throwing aside the duvet with annoyance. He half-flopped out of bed, staggering towards the bathroom with a pained groan, and absent-mindedly scratched his ass as he turned on the taps.

Water splashed across his face as he flicked it with his hands, and instantly he felt better. He reached for his razor, preparing to trim the facial hair he spent so long shaping so that it looked like he spent no time on it at all, when a thought occurred to him.

Am I meant to be doing something today?

He paused, then sighed. Yes, he was. Today was the day he was to visit the mall and say hello to Jenny’s sister. She was, after all, another employee.

“A part-time employee,” he muttered to himself as the razorblade lightly kissed his cheek.

But he knew he had to call in nonetheless.



The mall was absolutely heaving with people. The incessant drone of voices seemed to drown out Daniel’s own thoughts, and he shook his head with wonder as he strode into the impressive structure.

I hated crowds back home, and I hate them just as much now.

He scanned the packed mass and was not at all surprised to find he could not see Jenny. They had arranged to meet near the entrance, but in such a press it was unlikely that he’d find her.

He pulled out his phone, scrolling down to his contacts and bringing up Jenny’s number. A few button presses later and a text message was on its way.

It would take her a minute or so to respond, he knew. Even Jenny couldn’t read and send a text in a matter of seconds, and he took that time to scan the crowd. He knew why it was busy, of course. The same reason he was here at all, given that he would normally have no desire to come to a mall at this time of day. Malls in general, fine, a person needed to shop and they could be perfectly pleasant if they were nice and quiet. But at midday on a weekend? No, thank you.

Glistening cars and trucks sat astride pedestals down the central aisle, held aloft like trophies. The flash of cameras glinted from their polished flanks, and swarms of adoring fans surrounded the bases of the plinths.

A banner caught his eye: ‘Welcome to the Oyster Creek Car Show 2010!’

An annual event, no doubt, given the proudly emblazoned year after the name of the event. Just in case anyone couldn’t remember the date, he surmised with a sarcastic shake of his head.

He still wasn’t entirely sure why Jenny had been so insistent on his coming down her to meet her sister. He could understand that meeting his staff was probably a good idea, of course, but to do so outside of the shop, and on a weekend? Particularly when she was working elsewhere at the time.

At least this work won’t interfere with the shop.

It was, after all, temporary. She was working the event, although he was entirely unsure in what capacity. Jenny had been sketchy with the details, embarrassed, no doubt, by the fact that her sister was probably picking up trash or similar.

Everyone has to start somewhere, though.

His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he slid it from his pants. The screen flashed: ‘one new message — Jenny’.

“I cn c u. w8 thr.”

Text speak. He shook his head despondently. He was the same age as Jenny, yet didn’t feel the need to write in code. Still, all your friends do, Dan, so maybe you’re the odd one out.

He stood, the phone returned to his pocket, and a thrust his hands into his pants. The crowd whooped around him, the mixed voices — of all ages — an excited buzz about his ears.

His eyes found Jenny a few moments later, and she beamed at him. He smiled back, lifting his hands from his pockets to greet her with a hug. He might not have wanted to be here, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t pleased to see her.

And how could he not be? Her short brown hair was straightened as always, her hazel eyes glowing with their usual warmth. Stretched over her torso was a grey polo-necked sweater, the chest pushed outwards delightfully by the swell of her large breasts, and it was complimented by a pair of tight, very blue jeans. White trainers (sorry, sneakers) gleamed on her feet.

“I’m glad you made it!” she grinned, taking halkalı escort Daniel’s arm and beginning to lead him through the press.

“Suddenly, so am I,” he laughed back. She glanced up at him with amusement, clearly picking up on his undertone.

Shit, she looks gorgeous. Of course. He was half-tempted to pull her close and remind her that his hotel room was only ten minutes away.

He bit his tongue. There would, no doubt, be time for that later. For now, he was meeting her sister.

“So what does your sister do?”

“She’s employed here at the car show for now,” Jenny replied. “She does it every year.”

“Good enough to be hired back, then.”

“Oh, yes. Easily.” Jenny paused. “What did you mean by that?”

Daniel regarded her a moment, his eyebrow raised. “What I said. She’s obviously good at her job.”

“But why mention that at all?”

“Why not?”

“It just seems… odd.” She shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know, really. I guess I thought you might have been a little embarrassed by whatever it is she does here. You wouldn’t tell me yesterday, after all. I just wanted to remind you that whatever she’s doing, she’s doing it well.”

A grin spread across Jenny’s lovely face. “Aww, that’s sweet.”

She bounced up onto her tip-toes and gave him a quick kiss.

“The reason I didn’t tell you what she did,” she started, dragging him through the massed ranks once more, “was because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“A surprise?”

“Ah! There she is.”

Jenny didn’t respond to his question, instead yanking him to the left, to the crowd surrounding a very expensive looking sports car. Then he noticed that Jenny was pointing. At a girl in a short dress.

His jaw nearly dropped.

Her sister was stunning. Long and wavy blonde hair, creamy skin and a winning smile turned in their direction. Wonderful brown eyes glowed from the beauty’s face as they locked onto Daniel, and he laughed inwardly as he realised they were nearly identical to Jenny’s. And, like her younger sister, this girl looked amazing.

Unlike her sister, however, she was not dressed conservatively. Clearly, she was a model here at the show, and her attire reflected that. Shiny red pumps on her feet, which lead to long, smooth legs. She was wearing a short red dress, its tight hem coming to halfway down her thighs, and as she sauntered over to Jenny and Daniel he could not help that his eyes were drawn up her body.

To her huge breasts.

They were magnificent, pressed outwards like two pristine watermelons on her chest. They were well-constrained by the tight garment, but Daniel could definitely understand why she kept getting hired.

“See,” Jenny giggled. “I knew you’d like her.”

“I, er, don’t know what to say…”

“Well say something, because she’s almost here. And she just loves English accents.”

She had arrived, greeting Jenny with a familial hug and a broad smile, before turning to Daniel.

“And who, Jenny, is this handsome man?” she said, her eyes surreptitiously scanning his body. Though not so secretly I didn’t notice.

“Daniel; Jenny’s new employer,” he said, making a mock-bow before her. “Jenny’s told me a lot about you.”

“Not too much, I hope,” she winked back. “But I am delighted to meet you.” She extended her arm. “Lucy.”

Daniel took her outstretched hand, raising it to his lips and planting upon it a delicate kiss.

She grinned. “Well that was a pleasant surprise, Daniel. I was only expecting a handshake.”

“I apologise, Lucy.”

“Don’t, please. It was actually very charming.”

“Of course it was,” Jenny interjected. “He’s British, after all.”

“I can tell.” Lucy looked at him then, and something approaching hunger seemed to flash across her eyes.

“Will you be around later, Lu?” Jenny asked.

“I certainly hope to be…” she said, still staring at Daniel. “Still, I suppose I should get back to work. Don’t go too far, stranger.”

She winked as she strolled away, immediately heading towards a group of middle-aged men ogling the sports car she was paired with.

Jenny laughed. “I think she likes you.”

“I certainly hope so.”

Jenny seemed to ignore the comment, or at least take it in her stride. She turned to him and smiled broadly. “Let’s grab a coffee.”



The Starbucks was nearly as busy as the concourse, and it took them a long time before he could find a table. Eventually one freed in the far corner, and Jenny darted to claim it whilst he collected sugar from the condiments counter at the side. That done, he fought his way past the chairs and bags that clogged up the spaces between the tables, before finally collapsing down onto the wooden seat opposite Jenny.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this busy,” Jenny said, putting away her phone. She’d been fiddling with it whilst Daniel had grabbed the sugar.

“The Starbucks?”

“I meant the mall itself, but yeh the nişantaşı escort Starbucks too.”

“Surely it’s always this busy at the car show?”

“I don’t think so. Busy, sure. But this busy?” She waved a hand. “I don’t think so.”

“Maybe people are looking for cheaper days out in these economic climes.”

“Could well be.” Jenny smiled at him, and took a sip from her latte. “So, would you fuck Lucy?”

The question rather took him by surprise, and he swallowed a mouthful of his own coffee. It burned unpleasantly down this throat.

Jenny smiled at his discomfort, but seemed to await an answer.

“What? Really?”

“I won’t be offended if you say yes, Dan. You’re a man and she’s gorgeous.”

“Well, if you insist on the truth… then yes.”

“I knew it,” Jenny grinned. “And look… I’m not offended.”

Daniel shook his head at her, and took another — smaller — sip of coffee.

“I bet you’re glad you came to the mall now, huh?” she asked.

He shrugged. “I suppose. Although ogling your sister — however pretty she might be — would not normally have brought me out to these crowds.”

“Oh? And what was so important that you’d rather be doing?”

“Nothing in particular,” Daniel laughed. “I just don’t like crowds. And then when I saw you looking like that, well…”

“Well what?” She leaned forwards, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“I almost reminded you that my hotel room isn’t very far away.”

“A tempting prospect.” Her voice was low, and the corners of her lips had twisted into a salacious grin. “A very tempting prospect. I’m glad you didn’t voice it.”

“You are?”

“An invitation like that would have been hard to turn down, Dan. And Lucy would have killed me if we’d not shown up… she’s been burning to meet you.”

“Has she now? And how would she even know I existed?”

“She enquired about my new boss. I made mention he was British.” She winked at him. “And hot.”

“Did you make mention of anything else?”

“No,” Jenny replied simply. She settled back onto her chair. “But between my sister and I such things go without saying.”

“Are you implying what I think you are?”

“I don’t know, Dan… maybe you should find out for yourself.”

She looked over his shoulder and grinned, and he jumped as a hand settled upon him.

“Heya,” said a familiar voice, and he half-turned… to find his face pressed against something warm and soft.


“Shit, sorry,” he said, pulling his head away hurriedly. Jenny burst out laughing, holding her hand to her mouth in an effort to keep the coffee in.

“Don’t worry about it, hun,” Lucy replied, smiling down at him. “Mind if I take a seat?”

“Go right ahead,” he mumbled, his cheeks growing scarlet.

Lucy settled, turning to face her sister and raising an eyebrow. Jenny’s giggles continued.

“Come now, Jen, you’ll embarrass poor Daniel.”

Jenny sucked in a deep breath, evidently trying to suppress the laughter that still shivered from her lungs, and looked at her sister.

“You’re right, Lu. How has your day been?”

“Same as always, same as always…” she sighed. “Bunch of middle-aged men trying to paw at my tits. I don’t mind the looking, it’s the touching that gets me.”

“Why don’t you say something?” Daniel interjected, shocked.

“Oh, I do, don’t worry. But it’s not always worth it. Just walk away and don’t cause a scene — starting a fight with a potential customer is not particularly good for business.”

“I imagine not. Still…”

Lucy turned to face Jenny, and gestured in his direction. “He’s a real sweetie, isn’t he? Looking out for me like that.”

“He certainly is.”

“I bet there’s not a bad bone in his body.”

“Well I wouldn’t say that, sis…”

Daniel became aware that both women were staring at him. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Their stares are almost predatory, for fuck’s sake!

Lucy shook her head. “Well, I needed this break, anyway.”

“How long have you got?” her sister asked, reaching into her handbag as her phone chirped.

“About ten minutes. It’s supposed to be my lunch break, but I’ve worked through most of it. Not that there’s anything I can queue for in less than an hour here anyway, and at least I still get to sit down. And escape all the hands.”

Daniel took her distraction as a time to take her in. Sat next to her sister it was immediately apparent they were related. If it were not for difference in hairstyle then he could see himself easily confusing the two at a glance. This close, of course, it was obvious they were not twins. Hair colouring aside, Lucy looked slightly older — which she was, by four years — and though their lovely faces bore much in common they were far from identical.

Not to mention those gigantic chest-pillows…

“… isn’t that right, Dan?”

Jenny was talking to him.

“Huh?” He tore his gaze reluctantly from Lucy’s tits. “Sorry, I was distracted.”

Jenny smirked. şişli escort “I can see. I was just saying that the shop is coming along well, don’t you think?”

He stared at her blankly a moment, his mind still absorbed with thoughts of bouncing chests, before he could finally formulate a reply.

“Er… yes. Yes, it is. Very well.”

Jenny shook her head playfully. “See the affect you have on people, Lu?”

“As if you’ve not addled poor Dan’s mind already.”

Jenny laughed, then glanced at Daniel. Her phone beeped again, and she paused to read the message.

“Urgh, I suppose I should deal with that,” she groaned.

“Who is it?”

“Claire needs me to pick up some books for her. And I owe her a favour, so I guess I should go.”

She stood, and Daniel made to follow her. She waved him back down.

“You might as well stay, Dan. Chat with Lucy for a while.”

“Oh, alright. Are you coming back?”

“Probably not.” She shrugged. “But don’t worry, Lucy won’t bite.”

“Much,” the blonde interjected with a wink.

“I’ll give you a call later, Dan,” Jenny said as she grabbed her handbag. “Perhaps you can… extend your earlier invitation once again.” A mischievous glimmer danced across her features.

He grinned. “Perhaps I can.”

“Well, I’ll see you two.” And with that, she left.

Lucy turned to him, a playful smile on her face.

“Looks like it’s just us two left then. Well, I’ll start the questioning. What brings you to our fine town?”

“The convenience store,” Daniel replied. “I was sent here.”

“It was really just for one little shop? I had trouble believing that when Jenny told me – hardly seems worth sending someone from the other side of the world.”

Tell me about it.

“Ah, it’s not so bad. The company’s nice, after all.”

Lucy giggled. “Charmer.”

There was a moment’s silence before Lucy spoke again. “And what do you think of my sister?”

Daniel paused. Do I need to choose my words carefully here? “She’s… lovely.”

“She’s a slut!” Lucy laughed. “But I love her for it. Why not, after all? What silly rules stop a girl enjoying herself?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to say…”

“Come on now, Dan, I know what my sister’s like. How did she make her move? At the shop? Did she at least wait until it was closed?”

He eyed Lucy a moment, wondering if he should be talking about this. Fuck it.

“It was on the train, actually.”

“The train? The one from Portland?”

“Yeh. She and I were in the same carriage. She caught me ogling her, we got chatting, and then one thing led to another…”

“Did you do it… on the train?”

“We might have done.”

“Oh Jenny, bravo!” Lucy grinned. “My sister ever makes me proud.”

“You two are a very strange pair,” Daniel said with a smile. “Not that I mind.”

“Good.” She stared at him for a moment, those brown eyes glimmering with what Daniel could have sworn was lust. “Shall we… go someplace else?”

“Sure,” Daniel agreed, standing. He watched on approvingly as Lucy did the same, the tight red dress hugging her amazing figure. “Where?”

“Somewhere quieter… and private.” She winked at him. “I’ll lead the way.”

Yeh, that was definitely lust.


Lucy winked at him as she pushed open the door labelled “staff only”, and hurriedly pulled him through.

“Should I be here?” Daniel whispered, glancing around. This was clearly the storage area for the car show, doubling up as a backstage for the performers. Girls dressed similarly to Lucy strolled about — on their own lunch breaks, no doubt — and mechanics stared after them and hooted with laughter.

“It’s fine,” Lucy giggled. “You’re just another employee, chatting to a friend as we have our breaks.”

“And where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see.” She winked and strolled off, waving at a group of men who wolf-whistled as she passed.

They came soon to another door, and Lucy glanced around before pushing it open. She grabbed his wrist and tugged him in behind her.

It was a locker room, though a tad more luxurious. Underwear and clothes lay scattered on the floor, a line of mirrors set against one wall suggested to Daniel that this was where the girls came to get changed.

“Anybody here?” Lucy called out, pausing a moment to wait for an answer. None came. “Excellent.”

“Ok, I’m definitely not meant to be here, am I?” Daniel asked, staring at the lovely blonde.

“No, you’re not,” she said with a small smile, wandering over to the nearest changing booth. She pushed open the door. “You can leave if you want…”

She stepped inside.

“… or you can come here and fuck me.”

Daniel grinned, closing the ground between them in a matter of seconds, and wrapped his arms around the beauty. His tongue pushed into her mouth, and hers responded, her arms tightly wrapping around his back as the door to the changing room slammed shut.

She broke the kiss, leaning outwards from his embrace to click shut the lock, before turning back to him and once more pressing her lips against his.

Daniel could not keep his hands still. They travelled up the sides of her slender body, the material of the dress bunching slightly beneath his touch, before he slid them round to Lucy’s front and grasped her huge breasts through the garment. She moaned.

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