One Night Stand

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Jill Barker traced the stem of her martini glass with one red lacquered fingernail as she slowly took in the patrons of the hotel bar. Several men were present but all were with females and unavailable. She bit her bottom lip. She could use a man—a virile stud to sate her lust and take her mind off the real estate sale she botched earlier in the day.

She sighed and picked up her drink. The client had wanted to play—but at nine thirty in the morning—she had been uninterested. He had chased her through three rooms of the vacant house, spouted quotes from Emily Dickinson love poems, and told her how big his cock was, trying to persuade her to change her mind. She smiled and shook her head, sending her auburn tresses dancing across her bare shoulders. He hadn’t been altogether unattractive—in fact, he had a rather appealing face, but she hadn’t flown a thousand miles to have sex—not at nine thirty in the morning anyway. I’m ready now though—if Mr. Stud would stroll through the doorway.

She watched the bartender come toward her and pushed her empty glass to the edge of the bar. Might as well get drunk—since there’s no man to fuck. She watched the squat bartender refill her glass then smiled when he set it before her. Maybe I could call an escort service—rent a man for the evening. She chuckled at her errant thought as she took a sip of the fresh drink. As she returned the glass to the colorful napkin on the bar, she glanced again toward the entrance of the lounge. As if she had managed to conjure him up, she spied a tall man with an impressive set of broad shoulders stepping into the room. He paused, surveyed the area as though he were looking for someone, then came toward the bar.

Oh baby! A rush of hot lust raced through Jill’s insides as his gaze took note of her. She tightened her fingers around the stem of her glass as she watched him slide onto a stool toward the end of the bar. He was tall and gorgeous, with handsome chiseled features and dark hair. Her toes curled as she took in the wayward lock that fell across his forehead. Something about the way the dark tress grazed his brow immediately gave him a bad boy persona. I’m a sucker for bad boys.

She swiveled toward him on her stool, crossed her legs and hiked her skirt above one knee. Her nipples peaked, calling attention to the front of her sheer top. What do I have to do to get him to look in my direction? The thought barely materialized in her mind when he turned his head and acknowledged her with a slight smile. She creamed her panties. His gaze was so intense. His eyes were the color of midnight—so appropriate with his ebon hair. She drew in a quick breath. I could get lost in those eyes.

Her heart fluttered as she watched him move closer. He picked up his drink and walked toward her, his tall form fluid and graceful, as he closed the gap between them. She watched his hips move and couldn’t help but imagine the naked male flesh lying beneath that expensive Armani suit. His white shirt was open at the neck and she imagined his tapered fingers loosening an expensive silk tie and sliding it from its place after a long day at the office.

“Could I buy you a drink?”

Oh honey! Please do—and then fuck me silly! “Thank you,” she answered aloud. Her voice sounded shaky, as though he had suddenly stirred dormant emotions and she was keenly aware of a hot surge of need rising inside her body. She drew in a long breath, swelling her chest in his direction. His eyes latched onto the curve of her breasts rising over the lace insert of her blouse. One corner of his mouth pulled upward, a sexy motion that belied the heated look he aimed her way.

He slid onto the stool next to her and turned in her direction, one elbow propped on the bar. She quickly took in the sight of his hands. There was no ring. I won’t fuck another woman’s man. A feeling of relief coursed through her insides. The lack of a ring on his finger intensified the sex appeal that oozed from every gorgeous pour of his body. She met his gaze and felt as though she would drown in the inky depths of his eyes.

“I’m Rance McComb.”

I don’t need to know your name—I just need you between my legs. “Hi Rance. I’m Jill.”

“Are you waiting for someone?” He cocked an eyebrow at her.

Just you! She shook her head, calling his attention to her long hair as it bounced across one shoulder and came to rest atop her left breast.

He smiled, a slow, seductive grin that made her knees weak. In the next instant he totally surprised her by reaching out one hand and lifting the lock of hair off her blouse. His knuckles brushed the fabric, sent a warming sensation spilling through her body before he held the tresses across his palm and allowed them to slowly thread through his fingers.

The gesture was extremely seductive and very intimate. She smiled and bit her bottom lip, gazing up at him through her lashes. He leaned closer and she drew the woodsy fragrance of his cologne into her lungs. She felt his body heat, sensed sarıyer escort his desire for her. He slid one hand onto her thigh. His thumb began a sensuous kneading of her flesh.

“Your room or mine?” his voice was low-toned, sexy, his breath puffed hotly on the side of her face.

She stifled an unadulterated shiver of raw lust as she raised her eyes and met his gaze. “Mine.” She covered his hand with hers and slid slowly from the stool silently telling him that he needed no further invitation. He wound one arm around her waist and fell into step beside her, turning her toward the doorway of the bar.

His heat seared the side of her body, quickly seeped through her skirt and thin blouse. His arm held her close at his side. She could feel the flexing of his hip as he walked beside her. For a brief second she found herself imagining the heated melding of their bodies as they came together in the throes of passion.

He escorted her across the lobby to the bank of elevators near the front desk, his arm around her waist and his hand splayed intimately across her hipbone. She felt very much his possession as she poked the button on the elevator and waited for the doors to slide open. He guided her inside the box, to the rear corner as the doors closed. Suddenly he pressed her against the wall and drew her hands above her head.

“I wanted you the second I saw you.” His mouth closed over her lips possessively, hungrily, as though he could devour her.

Jill released a low moan and arched her back, pushing her breasts against his chest. The scent of him filled her nose, did crazy things to her already aroused senses. His mouth melded perfectly with hers, as though they were lovers renewing their acquaintance after a long absence. His hand tightened on her hands above her head while he pressed his growing erection into her belly and slid his other hand beneath her skirt.

She lost all semblance of awareness when his fingers fondled her crotch. Had the elevator not chimed their arrival on the tenth floor of the hotel, she would have encouraged him to take her at that very moment, to throw her on the floor and ram his hard cock inside her body. The noise of the doors sliding open pierced her brain. She forced her eyes open, tore her lips from his possession, and gulped in a much-needed breath of air.

He paused, dragging his mouth from hers. Slowly, he brought her hands down and stepped back, separating his body from hers. He retained hold of her hands, tugging her behind him as he exited the elevator. “Which room?” His voice was throaty, husky, as though he had to force the words out.

“This way.” Her heart was hammering crazily against her ribs. Her chest heaved. She had wanted a man for the night—a stud that knew his way around the bedroom—”Room 1020. At the end of the hall.” She leaned her head toward the suite and met his gaze as he glanced at her. Heat surged anew when she read the lust in his dark gaze. The evening holds a lot of promise.

He pulled her against his side and nuzzled her throat, nipping her left earlobe with his teeth as he strode toward the room. He caressed her hips and fondled one nipple while she searched for the room key in her purse. Finally she managed to find the key card and began a frantic attempt to make the lock release. She felt on fire when the lock finally clicked and he pushed the door into the room. Her nerves felt jangled as she stepped into the dark area and sought the light switch on the adjacent wall.

“Don’t bother,” he whispered, tugging her into his arms. He claimed her mouth again. His lips were hot and demanding as he tugged at her blouse, releasing the buttons quickly and pushing the garment off her shoulders. His hands covered her breasts, skimmed across the lacy cups of her bra then circled her back to release the hooks. He groaned softly as her bra became loose in his hand and he tossed it aside. His palms replaced the discarded bra, pressed hotly against her mounds, his fingers closing greedily around the fleshy globes. “Nice tits.” He dipped his head and lathed her left nipple with his tongue.

Jill sucked in a quick breath. She liked men to touch her breasts, to stoke her flesh and make her nipples taut. “I like the feel of…your mouth.” Her breath caught in her throat as he sucked the bud between his lips. His hands roved lower on her body, searching out the zipper of her skirt and sliding it down. The fabric rustled as the skirt slid along her legs and puddled softly around her feet. He ran his palms over her hips, stopping when he found the elastic of her panty. Hooking both thumbs under the band, he rolled the underwear off her hips and down the length of her thighs.

She shivered with the sensation of being ogled as he drew back slightly and looked at her body. She could feel the heat of his gaze travel over her breasts, then onto her belly. When he paused his gaze at her crotch, she bit her bottom lip, keeping esenyurt escort the encouraging words on the tip of her tongue, at bay. Instinct urged her to spread her legs, to let him ogle her pussy with his dark gaze. He took her hand, pulled her toward the bedroom in the suite.

His clothes rustled as he removed them and tossed them on the floor. He stepped out of his shoes as his slacks fell around his ankles. By the time Jill was stretching out on the bed, he was naked and joining her, his cock hard and long. She sighed as he settled atop her body, his cock sliding between her legs with a familiar ease. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his mouth descended to hers. She closed her eyes, her lashes fluttering against her cheek.

Arousal spun through her insides. She groped his back, digging her nails into his flesh, then slid her palms across his buttocks. Firm muscles lay beneath the smooth skin. She arched her back, urging him to take her. He moaned and pulled his mouth away, glancing down at her as he pushed her legs apart with one knee. He brushed one hand the length of her body, coming to rest at her crotch. He fondled her pussy, trailing his fingers through the thick auburn hair then finding her clitoris, he stroked it with the ball of his thumb.

Jill gasped and arched her hips upward against his massaging fingers. She closed her eyes and savored the rush of sensations his attention was bringing to her body.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Jill.”

She opened her eyes and stared at him. She hadn’t expected compliments—not at that moment anyway. There was a small pool of light seeping in through the hotel window. It illuminated the bed in a soft amber glow. It was alluring—as though the bed were in a yellow spotlight. She smiled slowly, noting that the faint glimmer allowed her to discern his features. She recognized the arousal on his handsome face as his fingers pressed against her sensitive clitoris, intensifying his stroking as he held her gaze. Almost instantly she felt the onset of orgasm gathering in her belly. She bit her bottom lip. Something in his gaze prevented her from looking away. She pulled in a shuddering breath as his fingers brought her to full blown orgasm. She straightened her legs and arched her hips against his hand, reaching the apex of climax.

He smiled slowly as she wiggled beneath his stroking fingers, milking the climax, enjoying, savoring. Heat surged to the fore, blanketing her body in a moist sheen of perspiration. Her breasts heaved, her nipples thrust upward in a tantalizing jut.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, reaching for the hand at her crotch. “You know how to satisfy me with your fingers—but I want your cock inside me.”

He pulled his hand from her crotch and left the bed. Momentarily Jill heard the rustle of a condom package as he opened the cellophane. She watched his shadowy form in the dimly lit room. Her nerves jangled at the thought of the hard cock he sheathed and the pleasure she was sure to reap from his body. As he turned toward the bed, she held her arms out to him, urging him to hurry. She was burning inside, needing his cock thrusting into her body.

The bed dipped as he set one knee on its edge. He reached for her, tugged her to a sitting position, then grasped her hips. He turned her on the bed, pulling her buttocks against his abdomen. Jill settled on her knees and hands, her hair falling over her face and her breasts hanging suspended like large fleshy globes. His hands were suddenly on them, tweaking her nipples and lifting each in his palms. He released a long breath that fell across her back and hips. His hands were hot as he held her breasts then released them to slide along her sides. He trailed his hands across her thighs and upward to grasp her bare ass. He parted her ass cheeks and fitted his long cock between her fleshy buttocks.

Jill thought for a second that he was going to take her anally—a sexual position she wasn’t too familiar with—but then he seemed to be only exploring the possibility—poking his forefinger inside her asshole a little ways and withdrawing. He kissed her spine, trailed the tip of his tongue down to the crack of her butt, then quickly lunged his long cock inside her cunt. She felt filled up, drew in a quick breath, braced her body on her hands and knees as he began to move inside her.

His cock felt good, long and thick. It lunged in, paused, pulled back slightly, lunged in again. He soon established a comfortable rhythm that brought Jill to the brink of orgasm much too quickly. She tightened her fists on the bedcovers as the orgasm bore down on her, threatening to come full bloom at any moment.

His hands tightened on her buttocks, his thrusts grew deeper, quicker. “I’m coming…oh baby! You’re a good fuck!” He released a loud bellow and drove into her with a force that almost knocked her on her face.

Climax shot through her body, zinging along her nerve endings and spiraling throughout avrupa yakası escort her limbs. She closed her eyes and panted through her mouth, trying to catch her breath. His fingers dug into her buttocks, bringing her pain and mingling deliciously with the sensations of orgasm gripping her insides.

“Oh my God! That feels wonderful!”

His hands left her buttocks and slid along her belly, reaching her breasts. He plucked at her taut nipples, then closed his hands around the globes. Momentarily, he stilled, milking his cock gently inside her body. He kissed her back, licked her skin with his tongue as though tasting her silken flesh. Jill collapsed on her stomach, Rance atop her body. Her breath was coming in short gasps. I’ve needing fucked like that for a week. She smiled and rolled over as Rance pulled his cock out of her cunt. He lay facing her, his head on the pillow with hers, one arm possessively across her waist. She listened to his heavy breathing as it melded with her own. A smile toyed with her lips. She opened her eyes and stared at him. I wish all my one-night stands were this good.

His hand slid between her thighs. She moaned and rolled to her back as he levered his body upward, bracing on one elbow. He dipped his head and suckled her nipple. His fingers grazed the sensitive skin of her inner thigh, sending a throbbing want through her insides. The breath caught in her throat as he nipped playfully at her nipple with his teeth. She raised one hand and tangled her fingers in the thick dark hair at his nape, pressing his mouth tighter against her breast. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feel of his lips on her nipple. Erotic sensations flooded her system conjuring up vivid images of fucking on the beach, beneath a low swaying palm tree while the ocean rolled across the sand and warm tropical breezes bathed her skin.

“Lets take a shower.”

She barely had time to surface from the erotic daydream before he was pulling her off the bed and pushing her toward the bathroom. She scrubbed the back of one hand across her eyes as he lit the room and turned on the shower.

“Oh damn! It’s cold!” She screeched her objection as he pushed her beneath the spray. He laughed and adjusted the water, positioning her against the far wall of the tile lined shower. She gazed at his back. It was tanned. His waist nipped in. His buttocks were muscular and his legs were long and hair-roughened. She brought her gaze back up to his head. His hair was already wet from the shower. The thick black tresses were pressed against his scalp and his nape. When he turned toward her, arousal flickered through her insides at the sight of his chiseled features streaming with beads of water. His dark eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled slowly at her. She bit her bottom lip. Damn! You are so fucking sexy!

He reached for her and she went easily into his arms. Her wet body slid against his, joining perfectly. She curled her arms around his neck and pressed her breasts into the solid wall of his chest. His hands stroked her back, slid hotly along her curves while he pressed her into the contours of his body. He nuzzled her neck with his lips as the hot water beat down on their heads and streamed along their naked torsos.

She broke the hug for a kiss, tipping her head as though she were familiar with his lovemaking. Lovemaking? Don’t kid yourself. You’re just fucking a stranger. She pushed the thoughts away. His mouth felt good, hot against hers, needing, taking. She lowered one hand to his crotch, finding his cock hammer hard. He moaned into her mouth when she curled her fingers around his hard erection. He pressed forward into her hand, urging her to play. She began to move her fist as his kiss deepened. His tongue bid entry into her mouth and she complied with a low moan. His tongue slicked along her gum and tangled with her own tongue in a sensuous dance.

Overcome with the urge to feel his hard flesh slide across her tongue, she pushed out of his embrace and dropped to her knees before him. The hot water beat across her head and splashed in her face. She closed her eyes and guided his cock to her mouth. His fingers tangled in her hair, holding her head still as he began to slowly move his hips. She didn’t often suck cock—the man had to be worth her efforts—and Rance seemed to be. He had been gentle and sweet in their coming together and the very sight of him—his beautiful body—made her want to taste him.

“Honey, I can’t take much of your mouth!” He sucked in a quick breath as he tightened his fingers in her wet hair. “You suck me real good.”

She grinned around the mouthful of cock, splayed her fingers around his hairy balls, stroked his inner thighs. When she raised her hand to his belly, he moaned and pulled her to her feet. He spun her around, the shower spray at her back. “I want you.” He released a long breath. “I hate condoms.” He reached a small shelf at the far end of the shower and picked up a condom. Jill watched as he bit the corner of the package with his teeth and took out the rubber. Quickly, he rolled it on his hard cock. He raised his head and winked one incredibly dark eye at her, then entered her cave, quickly, deeply, pressing her against the tiled wall. She raised her legs and wound them around his hips, clasping her arms around his shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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