A Forbidden Love Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: A Simple Plan

I can still remember that night’s events clearly, every detail. After discussing the plan, taking the better part of an hour to work out, we all got dressed to await the arrival of Ally. Despite my awesome desire for her during that hour, Rene kept me at bay, sweetly promising me the chance to ravish her later. Her hints at a nice reward also helped to keep me off her. Our plan hinged on Elisa and Rene and what they’d be up to. I dressed again, then we all took our places.

When I heard a car pull into the driveway, I was sitting on the couch watching TV. I got up when I heard a knock on the door, opening it to find Ally there wearing a light coat over a sheer black dress. It hugged her every curve, giving away her lack of a bra, showing her very shapely breasts. Not quite as large as Rene, they still looked great from the view I had. The dress barely came down below her waist, showing long legs much like my lover’s. She’d even made herself up a little, though only highlighting already impressive features.

I let her in, taking her coat. Ally asked me to show her around, skipping the first stage of the plan entirely. I started with the upstairs, showing her my room first, bringing a look of interest in her there, before showing her around the rest of the floor. We moved downstairs, showing her the house. As planned, when we got to the kitchen, she got curious about the second door, the one leading to the our barn. The causeway wasn’t heated, so walking through it made her nipples stick out from her dress, almost blowing everything when I saw it. Stepping into the warmth of our little house, the sight of Elisa with her head between my sister’s legs, both wearing nothing at all, drew a gasp from my companion.

As planned, Elisa looked up for only a second, but Rene pushed her away, getting up from her position. She walked to us, moving with the grace of a cat. Her first thought meant to move to me, she turned on Ally standing there, befuddled by the sudden discovery. My sister fell on the girl like a practiced hunter, quickly engrossing Ally in her lips. Elisa came up to me, taking me in her arms. Watching the scene turned me on, and Elisa was certainly willing to let me take her then. Besides, none of the conspirators wanted to scare Ally with the truth to the actual goings on between brother and sister, not yet.

Even as I watched Rene strip Ally, who fell into line without any hesitation, Elisa soon had me on her, burying my cock into her waiting pussy. She definitely hadn’t the tightest hole, but it felt good enough at the moment. Seeing my sister bury her head in the mound of the other girl, I pounded into Elisa with all my strength. When Ally did likewise for Rene, Elisa came, crying out for more. When Elisa came again from my incessant thrusts, she cried out how much she wanted me. It took Ally and Rene getting in position to eat each other at the same time to finally release my load into Elisa’s waiting body.

Finally spent, my cock should’ve lost it’s hardness. Instead, it remained ready, and I knew who I wanted next. Seeing the pussy being eaten, wondering if now it was time to show Ally what was really going on, I looked to Rene as she lay in the throes of another orgasm. Elisa pushed me at the two writhing girls, so I eagerly fell next to Rene. Now that Ally had been satisfied enough, she’d taken to pleasuring Rene, letting her ass ride in the air for anyone to sarıyer escort see or take advantage of. But Rene waited for me, I knew inside, wanting me to take her before Ally. She took my hand when I came close enough, drawing me close. I bent down, as Ally watched, feeling my lover’s lips touch mine. Her tongue danced like a feather over my lips a moment before we looked at Ally’s reaction. The girl looked about ready to drop from shock but she didn’t move.

It felt awkward for more than a few moments, Rene and I holding each other while Ally processed this new information. It confused her, disgusted her a little at least, but she eventually shrugged and turned back to finishing my sister’s wet mound. Looking to one another, Rene and I smiled before continuing our kiss. The next orgasm hit, her hands clawing at my back while she rode it out. Moans flowed out of her, right into my mouth. It felt so good, feeling her like that, I knew I’d have to get into her quickly.

Recognizing what I wanted, Elisa pulled Ally away, pushing her down to have her way with the newest member of our little orgy. I entered into Rene, feeling her already pleased canal contracting. We blocked out the other two watching us, making love before an audience. It wasn’t sex, instead the slow, sensual moves and touching of love making. After the other two finished their own orgasms together, they lay panting before the two of us finished with soft, muffled moans and words of love.

“So you two are really into this?” Ally said in disbelief.

Rene took my hand as I laid down, kissing it. “Yeah, we really do love it,” I answered her. “You don’t find it disgusting or wrong?”

Ally took a moment to think about it, tossing her head from side to side. “Well, I’m not completely, one hundred percent sure about it, but if you two like it, who am I to argue?”

“It’s more than just sex for them,” Elisa said, smiling. “Don’t you see how they look at each other? It’s not just delight from the sex, it’s definitely love.”

The other girl just looked at Elisa a moment then Rene and me. “You mean brother and sister love, right?”

I felt Rene moving her head to mine, wanting our expression of love to answer the question, at the same time wanting to just bask in what we shared. Before our lips could connect, Rene took a moment to answer the question, “No, husband and wife love. True love. Whatever you want to call it.”

Then I felt someone mounting my partly stiff cock, while Rene’s mouth occupied mine. It felt very tight, the head running into a resistance only an inch or two in. It amazed me when I opened my eyes, seeing Ally with a hesitant expression perched, ready to impale herself onto me. She lifted up a little before easing the head in again. Elisa held the shaft in place, and started stroking it, bringing it to hardness again.

While Rene kept my mouth busy with her tongue, I wondered about the road block in Ally’s pussy, wondering if it was that fabled cherry I’d heard about. If she still had her hymen, it meant she’d never had sex before, something suddenly wrong. As if knowing something was wrong, Rene pulled away and looked at Ally.

“You’ve never gone all the way, have you?” I asked. The girl just shook her head, bringing a sudden soberness to the party. “Are you sure you want to do this? You know you can’t undo it if you do.”

“I’m esenyurt escort sure I want to, really,” Ally replied, trying to convince us as well as herself.

Both Rene and Elisa got up, leaving me with Ally. The thought dawned on me to make this special for Ally, at least enough for her to want to try sex again later. It felt like Rene’s as well as mine. The door closed behind them, leaving me and Ally alone together. It worried me, starting to churn feelings of guilt again that I might potentially betray the woman I loved with another. But I knew I needed to face this now or wouldn’t ever be able to get past the temptation.

I pulled Ally’s head down to mine, kissing her waiting mouth. She trembled against me, but her body responded to my touch with ease. I took her hips in hand, letting her understand my intention before I did anything. Biting her lower lip, gripping the carpet tightly, she nodded for me to do it. With a hard push, I impaled her supple body on my cock, feeling the tight walls wrapped around the invading object. The heat of her mixed with something else, a slipperiness not quite cum, not the same feel to it. Her hand reached around to wipe it as it leaked out around my stiff shaft, drawing away with blood smeared on her fingers. She almost fainted, my own reaction only slightly better. Only later would I find out it was supposed to happen that way, the bleeding when her hymen snapped.

While she waited out the pain, I started kissing the firm tits hanging in front of me. She sucked in a gasp of air as my tongue flicked over one, then the other. She started rocking, feeling herself gain more confidence in the action. With a lot of ease, she soon was riding me quickly, letting me feel every inch of that tight hole. I wondered casually if she would let me into her again after this night, but a tinge of guilt thrust it into the back of my head. When I came in her, only moments after her orgasm, she started playing her pussy muscles, milking my cock for the cum that she wanted. Once finished, she fell off me, exhausted but satisfied.

It took awhile to get up again, but I went to the door, helping Ally to walk. We walked to the house, then into the living room where my sister and Elisa waited, watching another porn tape. They saw a happily smiling Ally and me, smiling back. Ally sat down next to Elisa, her legs partly spread, cum mixed with blood still dribbling from her pussy. Rene almost jumped down my throat, but Elisa explained things, calming my lover. I sat in dad’s chair, letting Rene sit in my lap while all of us talked.

Ally took a few moments and called home, letting her parents know she’d be spending the night. An instant of thought about sleeping with Ally and Rene, about what might stir, met with the happy ring of Elisa mentioning the guest bedroom to Ally, suggesting they spend the night in there together.

So, we all retired to the upstairs bedrooms, Elisa and Ally in one, Rene and me in our parents’ room. We all kissed each other good night before separating, going our separate ways. The two of us, so much in love, locked the door behind us, assuring no disturbances. While I laid out on the bed, Rene walked to me with her hips swaying sensuously, sucking on one of her pinkies in a cute, naive expression. Once she was close enough, I saw the tube in her hand, the KY I’d bought earlier in the night. But as she opened it and smeared avrupa yakası escort the cool substance on my rock hard cock, she kept her mouth silent about what she intended.

Then she pulled me off the bed, crawling onto it on her hands in knees before me. The crack of her small, firm ass split when she did the move, revealing her puckered, pink rectum. She reached behind her and smeared more on her asshole, letting me know where she wanted my cock now.

I grabbed her waist as I got behind her, pressing the head of my cock against her waiting rectum. “Be gentle, my love,” was all she said, waiting for something intense by the way her hands gripped the sheets.

With a gentle push, I popped the head into her, feeling it tightly grasping at my cock. She gripped tighter to the sheets, groaning from the feeling. My intruding cock pushed in deeper with slow intensity, giving her time to get used to it. It took awhile until my balls touched her skin, but the feeling was almost like taking her the first time.

I bent down behind her, laying little kisses on her back, while she turned her head towards me with a tender smile. She pushed her ass at me, letting me know she wanted to continue. While holding her body, I started pumping her ass, letting her play with her clit and thrusting her fingers into her pussy. I felt the fingers thrusting even as I thrust into her through the thin wall between her colon and vagina.

Finally, I couldn’t hold it anymore, but I managed long enough. When Rene trembled enough, her moans almost continuous, I let loose my willpower, feeling cum jump into her. She found herself cumming too, crying out in pleasure in time to my own orgasm. But we couldn’t manage to keep it low, letting our cries fill the room.

Exhausted once more, we laid down in bed again, holding each other. My sister’s violated butt, she swore, felt better than she imagined it could. We started to talk, giving the details of our conquests. It felt good talking like we were, holding each other.

“There is something I want to ask you,” I told her. “I don’t want to seem jealous, but I know I am. But I want to know, do you plan to do other guys?”

The thought in her took awhile to work itself out. She looked at me with a smile. “No,” she answered simply. “As much fun as I have with you, I’ve heard way too much about what other guys might be like. Besides that, even with being careful and all, Elisa still says I could get pregnant. I could take birth control, we could use every contraception device, time our sex with my cycle, yet still get me pregnant. I don’t want to take the chance of bearing someone else’s baby.”

It certainly eased my mind. It also let me make a decision myself, one I knew would show my feelings. “Rene, my love, with the sacrifice you’re making, I’m going to make a pledge to you. As long as we’re together, I will not take any other woman.”

How she responded remains with me to this day. Her tears of joy brought me a greater reward, not in sex, but in how we kissed. We were too exhausted to do anything more, so we hugged each other, kissing. “Oh, Rick, you don’t have to do that,” she said as she caressed my cheek. “You know that, but yet you’re making me this vow of your own free will.”

“I am, and I’ll do it again, every day, for the rest of our lives.” My fingers traced her soft cheek. “I want you to know no other woman could ever satisfy me.”

“Then lets make it definite. Let’s both just enjoy each other, never again having anyone else intrude on our love.”

It took us a little while longer to get to sleep, as we just kissed, enjoying the novelty of our new relationship. It did dawn on me later what I’d vowed, but looking at it, not only had I done it for love, I’d said it and meant it.

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