My Night of Firsts!

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I am dressed as you have asked in white lacy push up bra and white lacy panties all covered up in a white belted raincoat and wearing high heels. I ring your doorbell in a state of both nervousness and excitement. I am no virgin but I know from our flirtations and conversations of the past couple of weeks that you have enjoyed and practised deeper and more extreme lovemaking than I am used to.

You answer the door with a warm smile and lead me inside. There are candles lit everywhere, and the combined fragrances of honey and vanilla fill the room. There is a large cream fur rug on the floor and erotic artwork on the walls. You undo my coat and take it from my shoulders. I feel you inspecting me from all angles and I blush under your gaze. You hand me a glass of champagne which I drink rather quickly. The glass is refilled and you approach me.

You begin to stroke my arms, my wrists and fingers. You let your hands lightly float over my stomach, hips, thighs and face. You begin to massage my breasts, more firmly now – kneading them, lifting them up and out of the bra pulling and squeezing the nipples tightly. It feels good! The champagne is relaxing me.

You unclasp the bra letting my full breasts move freely and lay me down onto the rug. You take my glass and empty the remaining content over my chest and belly. I feel the fizzing liquid fall between my thighs wetting my panties. Your tongue begins to work its way across my body lapping up the spillage, paying particular attention to my nipples. They are as erect as bullets and so sensitive. fethiye escort Your tongue moves downwards and I can feel my arousal growing.

You reach my pantie line and your hand moves between my legs “Who is a wet girl then?” you say and I feel the champagne and pussy juice soaked lace being pulled off me roughly leaving me totally exposed. You turn me over pulling me up onto all fours and then firmly push my wet panties into my mouth as a gag. Before I can raise any protest I feel a firm slap to my right buttock, followed up sharply by one to the left. I am absolutely stunned – no one has spanked me since I was a little girl. I am just about to try and stand and show my indignation when you whisper in my ear “Trust me, dont lose faith.” The spanking continues and I feel heat coming from my sore bottom. You tell me that I am a naughty girl for wetting my panties and that this needs to be done. The strangest sensation then occurs – I feel a tightening in my vagina and suddenly juice dripping down my inner thigh. I realise I am getting pleasure from this, enjoying being disciplined and spoken to in a dirty firm manner.

After about 10 minutes you stop and I hear you taking something from the ice bucket that held the champagne bottle. A really cold sensation then mingles with the heat on my buttocks and I realise you are running an ice cube over the red areas. The contrast between heat and ice is extreme and you remove the gag in my mouth to let me moan out as you are doing it. The sensations are amazing.

You very gently (thank escort fethiye goodness) lay me onto my back again and I feel my legs being eased apart and knees drawn upwards. Knowing you are looking straight up into my pussy and at my most private hole would normally embarrass me hugely but the champagne is having a very relaxing effect and I am so turned on by you that my inhibitions are receding fast!

I feel your fingers separate my labia and move gently up and down my slit from anus to clit. I can feel my pussy juice developing into a pool and dripping down to my anus – I am extremely wet. Your tongue begins to slide its way up and down and lapping at my juice. I feel you nibbling on my clit which feels so hard. My legs are tingling and beginning to shake, I am moaning so loudly I must be disturbing your neighbours but I just don’t care – my whole vagina and butt is on fire and I can feel a huge orgasm building.

Suddenly I feel your finger pushing against my butthole, well lubricated by my juices. I have had a finger up there before but otherwise had no other experience of anal play. I feel myself involuntarily tense but you continue nonetheless. You then withdraw only for it to be replaced by two fingers – I start to cry out that I can’t take it but again you tell me to “Trust you.” After feeling you caressing and stretching my back passage for a couple of minutes you withdraw your fingers and tell me to take a deep breath and then expel it. I do this a few times and then on one breath out I feel something very large being put up my butt fethiye escort bayan and this is no finger! I start to cry – it feels uncomfortable and I try to push it out but you hold it firm and tell me to breathe deeply. I tell you I feel I need to poo but you tell me the sensation will pass soon and to try and relax. I concentrate on my breathing and listen to your soothing words, telling me I am a good girl and that soon I will be in sexual heaven! It starts to work, I begin to enjoy the feeling of being “full” in my bottom and you are massaging my clit all the time and maintaining eye contact with me.

Next you turn on whatever is up my bottom (realise now it is an anal vibrator) and sparks of sexual excitement take over my whole body. You lean over me and I feel your very erect, hard penis at my pussy and you firmly push it into me. For the first time ever both my holes are filled at the same time and as you push in and out your thumb rubs against my clit. I can’t stop from orgasming, the sensations are so intense and you are so in control. After five minutes or so of almost constant cumming from me, I feel you erupt into my vagina and feel your semen mix with my wetness. I am well and truly spent, can’t cum any more and my clit has become very sensitive. You withdraw from my pussy, letting your cum drip out of me and turn the vibe off, but leave the plug up me. You refill my glass of champagne and we just hug and drink for a few more minutes.

You help me to push out the plug and then carry me into your bedroom where you cover me up – I sleep for hours. It has been a first for so many new experiences and it has been a really generous night from you – apart from the last few minutes the whole evening has been about my pleasure not yours.I must repay you…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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