Mom’s Guy

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Since my father was giving me no choice, I was forced to spend Christmas break with my mother. that meant a 6 hour plane ride from where I go to college in New York to where she lives in southern California. I hated California and I hated the thought of wasting my valuable 5 week vacation with my mother, who I had never been close with.

She talked non-stop from the airport all the way to her house in the hills, complaining that I was too pale and too thin. (I am 5 foot 7 and 125 lbs., and even though my b-cup breasts aren’t as fleshy as hers are, at least I didn’t buy mine from a plastic surgeon.) A very long drive, and all she could talk about was that and her new boyfriend.

She’d just started dating him, and they’d met at her health club, which I thought was incredibly trite and Californian.

Finally, we pulled up at her place and I was just unloading my suitcase from the trunk when my mother trilled out, “there he is! Rick, come meet my daughter Maxime. Maxime, this is Rick.”

“Donna, you never told me how beautiful your daughter is! Maxime, can I call you Max?”

“Or you can not call me at all.” I already disliked this man. He was good looking in that artificial beach blond sort of way, and as he took my hand to shake it, he held it a moment too long.

“You’ll have to excuse Max’s rudeness, Rick. her father raised her in France, so she thinks she’s better than the rest of us,” my mother chortled as she leaned against him and slipped her hand in his back pocket, cupping his buttock.

I had had enough of my mother and her boy-toy, so I excused myself to my room downstairs and stayed there through dinner. It was not until after I knew they had both long gone upstairs to bed that I crept to the kitchen for something to eat. As I contemplated my sandwich in the silence of the kitchen, I realized that I could hear sounds coming through the ceiling from the bedroom upstairs.

“oh, yeah, fuck me with your big cock!”

“Yes, I’m fucking you, uh, uh, uh…”

Oh my god! I was paralyzed with shock, sitting there listening to my mother getting thoroughly fucked, fucked like I had never been fucked in my life…sitting there with my panties soaking. I gingerly touched my fingers to my clit. fethiye escort It was rock hard.

“Rick, Rick, I’m going to come! Oh, oh!”

“Come for me baby, I’m coming too, I’m coming in your pussy!”


I don’t know how many minutes passed as I sat there, secretly hoping to hear more; the next thing I knew, Rick was standing in the doorway looking at me.

“Max? what are you doing up?”

“He-hello. I mean, what are you doing here?” I dropped my hand quickly, feeling naked sitting there in my short, thin nightshirt and my wet panties.

“Getting a drink of water.” He looked at me carefully. “Are you all right?”

Of course I was not all right! I could not help but think about his cock and where it had just been. I glanced quickly at his boxer shorts, wondering if his cock beneath it was still wet from cum, but I looked down my nose at him and said, “I’m perfectly fine, you can just go along your business, I’m trying to enjoy my dinner here, as you can see.”

He looked at me a moment longer. “The walls in this house are paper-thin.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I mean,” he walked closer to me. “Did you hear your mother and me fucking just now? no, forget it, I know you did. your nipples are poking through your shirt and it’s not a cold night.” Then, to prove his point, he reached out and plucked my right nipple with his thumb and forefinger. I shivered.

“Your mother’s going to meet with her clients all day tomorrow; if you are a good girl, maybe I’ll fuck you as well I just fucked your mom.”

He was disgusting, but that did not stop me from wanting to climb unto his cock and ride him until I came and came. I controlled myself. “You are a pervert, Rick. I will tell my mother.”

“No, you won’t. you’re a snotty bitch, but you’re a horny snotty bitch. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I slept late the next day and got up just in time to see my mother guiding her land rover down the private driveway, on her way to the office. Rick had already left.

It was raining heavily and I lay on the couch with an unread book in my lap, trying to convince myself that I was not waiting for him. but the instant I heard a car pull up the driveway, I ran outside, mindless escort fethiye of the rain.

He had just stepped out of his car. when he saw me, he threw aside his umbrella and came close. “well, well, aren’t we the little slut.”

“No.” I shook my head. rain was cascading down my face, wetting my short white dress and making it mould to my body. I was not wearing bra nor underwear.

“Oh, yes, you are a little slut. You want a cock that’s fucking your mom. You want me to do this.” With that, he wrenched my dress above my waist with one hand and cupped my crotch hard with the other. He reached inside my wet pussy with his middle finger. Slowly, Rick began to fuck me with his fingers, first one, then more until he had three fingers working in and out of my pussy while his thumb rubbed my clit casually. I was weak, pumping on his fingers and moaning incoherently. I was like a puppet ,dependent on his hand for support.

“Please, please…more,” I begged. “Suck my nipples.”

His smile was cruel. Rick quickly removed his fingers from my aching pussy while I gasped in surprise and protest. “No, you little cunt. You suck my cock and maybe I’ll fuck you. And take your dress off.” He backed up a few steps and leaned against the car.

I nearly ripped my dress off in my urgency and, naked and wet, dropped to my knees before him. It seemed I could not get his pants off quickly enough.

Undoing the belt, then unbuttoning the fly, then peeling his rain-drenched boxers over his hips as his tremendous hard-on almost struck me in the face. I eager wrapped both hands around his rigid meat and sucked Rick’s cock down my throat. I pumped his cock with my mouth, then just licked around the head with my tongue, making Rick moan.

“I’ll fuck your dirty little mouth, you little slut!” He entwined his fingers in my dark, wet hair and started ramming his cock rhythmically into my mouth, down my throat. I held on and tried not to choke from his huge cock and the rain water. Wrapping my arms around him, I pushed my finger into Rick’s ass. “Fuck, oh, fuck! swallow my come, you little French bitch!” Rick’s cock shot in my mouth as I attempted to swallow as much of it as I could. Finally, he withdrew from my mouth, and lay back fethiye escort bayan on the hood of the car, the warm Californian rain washing his cock clean.

I stood, naked, and looked at him. “Rick,” I said. “I sucked your cock. Now I believe it is your turn.”

He stood up. “You’re right.” Grabbing my arm, he forcefully threw me against the car, lifted me until I was sitting on the hood. Prying my legs apart with his torso, Rick took a breast in each of his hands, ducked his head and began sucking the nipples, biting them. I thrashed beneath him, begging him not to stop. of course, bastard that he was, he immediately stopped, but only to move further down…and then he was licking and sucking my pussy, fucking me with his tongue. He lightly bit my pussy lips, driving me crazy. When he sucked my clit into his mouth, I screamed with my come and bucked against his mouth.

“You like that, princess? I’ll see how you like it when I fuck you.”

“Oh, yes, please, Rick. please, fuck me,” I begged. I was laying half on the car, my legs just barely touching the cement of the driveway. Rick stood, lifted my legs over his shoulders and thrust inside my pussy with one hard stroke. he was huge inside me, throbbing.

“Yes! yes! oh, don’t stop fucking me!” I pinched and rolled my nipples, humping against him to keep up with his rhythm. Faster, faster, Rick was fucking me like I had never been fucked before. Suddenly, Rick pulled his cock out of me and turned me over onto the car. My nipples rubbed against the cold metal as Rick fucked me hard, doggy style. I loved it. I could hear the wet fucking sounds my pussy was making even as Rick groaned.

“Oh, you little bitch, I’m fucking your cunt, I’ll fill your pussy up with come. I’ll fuck your mom. Oh, oh, fuck!”

The thought that Rick was going to come in me, that tonight he was going to come in my mother, pushed me over the edge. I came, screaming his name, my pussy squeezing his cock over and over. A moment later, Rick came, ramming me hard against the car as he shot his come inside me. Then he fell forward, exhausted, against my back.

I heard Rick’s panting subside as I tried to recover from what just happened. We had to get up and dressed before mother came home. It would not do for her to find out that I was fucking her boyfriend, but I was not going to stop fucking him, either. After all, I would be here in California for 5 more weeks, and I planned to take advantage of my vacation.

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