A Deal with the Devil Pt. 02

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A most generous thank you to Duke0467 for his editing assistance on this story. Many thanks for both his patience and guiding hand.


The dream of her son being conscious once again, and on his way to a full recovery, quickly turns into a horrid nightmare for Gwen. Arriving at the hospital the next day, all full of bright hope for the future, she finds his room empty.

She frantically calls Avery and can tell by the tone of her voice something dire is wrong. They meet over coffee in the downstairs hospital cafe and Gwen is given the devastating news. Sometime after she left Michael had passed. Avery tried to be as tactful as possible as to the reasons why, but in the end she made a tearful confession.

Gripping Gwen’s hands across the table she begins to speak slowly, “Honey, we . . . we drained him last night using up the remainder of what strength his body had left. We brought him back to life but the . . . ahh excitement of what we did, of how we did it, turned out to be too much for him. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Sadly, a tearful Gwen understood exactly as the implications were quite clear. Avery tried to take all the blame but Gwen knew ultimately it was on her. Yes, Avery, had screwed her son while she watched and that doubtlessly helped drain him, but when it was her turn Gwen not only fucked her son, but fucked him so long, so hard, and with so much reckless abandon that he . . . later on. Breaking down in tears she cannot even finish the thought.

Avery seeing how distraught Gwen is over the idea that she was somehow culpable in the death of her son, tried her best to change her mind saying Michael’s death was inevitable, and that he basically died the night of the car accident.

The next few months is a complete nightmare for poor Gwen with Avery being the rock she leans on during this trying time. Their relationship blossoms under the dark grief of losing Michael to the point where they became the best of friends bounded together in their mutual grief.

Less than a week after his death, Avery moves in with Gwen occupying the spare bedroom in her house. It was only supposed to be for a short while but she ended up staying nearly a year.

They make it a point to never bring up the sexual exploits they shared with Michael that night, or on any of the other nights for that matter. Gwen also pointedly never brings up her prior suspicions Avery was, or maybe still is, the Devil’s minion, instead she simply tries to put the whole episode behind her.

Her faith, just as he had been broken in God, now was broken in the Devil. She had tricked her- plain and simple. Gwen felt such abject guilt over what she did that she swore off ever having sex again. Somewhere the Devil is smiling as everything, including Gwen swearing off sex, is all part of her grand scheme.

And then it happens. Gwen misses her period, goes to the doctor and finds out she is pregnant. She will be having her son’s baby!! Later that evening, after nervously announcing her pregnancy to Avery, Gwen is in for yet another shock.

“You . . . you are pregnant and just found out today,” Avery stammers looking at her starry eyed.

“Yes, why?” Gwen is a bit surprised at Avery’s reaction. She expected her to be greatly excited or maybe stunned even, but instead she appears almost dumbfounded by Gwen’s announcement.

Avery is silent for a moment before answering. “I am pregnant too, Gweny.”

“Oh my God!!” Gwen cries.

Avery breaks into a wry smile before leaning in close to Gwen and whispering, “I think we both know, God had nothing to do with this, Gwen.”

Gwen smiles back nodding her head in agreement. Maybe she wasn’t tricked after all as one son shall be replaced by another.

18 Years Later . . .

It’s a warm summer afternoon in late August. Gwen and her son, Luke, are hanging out by the pool along with Avery and her son Lance. Both women rocked bikinis that capture the young eighteen year boys’ attention.

Just like Gwen and Avery, the two brothers, a bit of information that is unknown to them, are best friends. Both Gwen and Avery were in agreement when it came to keeping the boys in the dark about the true identity of just who their father was. Meanwhile, both boys refer to their best friend’s respective mothers as “Auntie” and regard them as such.

The boys head inside the house to grab drinks for everyone and as Luke stares out the kitchen window overlooking the pool Lance sidles up next to him.

“You think my mom is hot?” Lance says to his friend teasingly.

“Dude, really? What kind of fucking question is that!?”

“It wasn’t a question, Luke. It was a statement of fact.”

“Yeah, well, so you caught me looking at her. I mean Jesus that bikini . . . your mom has a great set . . .” Luke, embarrassed, doesn’t finish his sentence, but instead turns away from the window and pulls four glasses out of the cupboard.

“Of tits. Yeah, I know. Not a bad ass either for someone istanbul escort in her mid- forties.” Lance says laughing so Luke isn’t sure if he is serious or not.

“Forties? Really, she doesn’t look a day over thirty.”

“Well how old is your mom. You know she looks hot too. She has got to be what fifty?”

“No, fifty-two actually. A few weeks ago.” Luke fills the glasses full of coke wishing this conversation would go away, but knowing Lance it would not.

The best friends were polar opposites of each other. Lance was athletic, handsome, rugged, and aggressive with a quick smile and even quicker wit while Luke was reserved, shy even, with a warm heart and a gentle smile that he rarely showed.

The boys were right as both Avery and Gwen had aged remarkably well. One of their mutual friends had recently pointed this out to them and then added, “What did you two do. Make a pact with the Devil or something?”

Gwen looked away, embarrassed saying nothing, while Avery smiled at their friend knowingly before whispering, “Who knows. Just maybe we did?”

“Anyway I think we should help each other out.” Lance says stopping Luke before he can escape back outside with the drinks.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I want to . . . hmm spend a little quality time alone with your mom and I am quite sure by the way you have been staring at my mom’s tits all day you would not mind spending a little quality time with her.”

“Ahh, Jesus, Lance stop it. You always be messing around.” And with that he heads out the door thinking the matter is closed.

Little does he realize the matter is far from closed, but instead is just getting started. As always, the Devil is listening. Soon after she begins shaping fate as only the Devil can do to ensure both boys would have some alone time with their respective crushes.

Lance is the star pitcher for the local AAU baseball team and as luck would have it, they would be playing a tournament up north the very next month. Both Gwen and Avery, along with Luke, were planning on going to watch him pitch.

The plan was for all of them to leave late in the afternoon on Friday, but when Luke comes down with a fever and headache Friday morning he decides to stay home. Gwen naturally wants to stay home also to take care of her son, but Avery makes an alternative suggestion.

Avery finds baseball to be exceedingly boring, and therefore is always looking for an excuse to get out of going to her son’s games. She tells Gwen it would be better for her to stay behind and take care of Luke since, “After all, I am a nurse and who better to take care of your son than a trained professional like me.”

“Yeah, Aunt Gwen,” Lance chimes in, “Come on you haven’t watched me pitch in a long time and I really want you there. You like baseball anyways . . . unlike mom.”

“OK, fine, but we are going to drive back right after Saturday’s game. You know I hate leaving Luke when he is not feeling well.”

“Sure,” Avery smiles suspecting providence would intervene in some way to prevent that from happening.

Avery, she is no longer staying with Gwen, but has her own house just down the street, suggests Gwen drop Luke off at her house before they leave on their trip which has been pushed back to leaving Saturday morning. After they say their good byes, Luke takes a couple aspirin at Avery’s insistence, and lies down on the living room couch to watch some TV.

Late in the afternoon he slips off to sleep. It’s dark and cold in the living room when he wakes up a few hours later. The television is off and even though its mid-October and not particularly warm outside he hears the AC going full blast as he sits up rubbing his eyes.

He at first assumes he was alone, but then spies Avery curled up on the love seat opposite the couch watching him.

“Thirsty, sweetie?” she purrs coming closer to him. She flips on a small lamp next to the couch before placing her hand on his forehead. It lingers there as she whispers, “Hmm, no more fever.”

He blinks his eyes while trying to control his pulse. As always whenever she is near to him her mere presence raises his pulse.

“Actually no.” He says trying not to stare at her chest. It’s a difficult task, not staring that is, as she is wearing a tight fitting white tank top that barely stretches beyond her gorgeous tits. She is obviously not wearing a bra as he can clearly see the outline of her large nipples pressed enticingly against the tight material of the tank top. It’s an awesome sight for the sexually inexperienced Luke.

Sitting up, trying to adjust the boner that has sprouted inside his jeans, he mumbles lamely about it being cold while rubbing his forehead. He still has a bit of a headache.

“Oh yeah. It’s the AC. I get carried away sometimes as I like it cold at night. Helps me sleep better under the blankets. Let me go turn it off.”

She jumps up leaving the room and that avcılar escort is when he notices that Jesus H. Christ she is not wearing any pants, but instead is strutting around in a delicious looking pink thong that shows her well-toned ass off to the Nth degree.

She comes back into the room carrying a blanket and a glass of water. After setting the blanket on the couch next to him, she hands him the water. “Here this should help your headache. Open your mouth.”

“How do you know I have a headache?”

“Women’s intuition. Now I hope you are going to be a better patient than my son the last time he was sick. He wouldn’t let me baby him at all and it made me so mad. Now again . . . open mouth, please.”

He dutifully opens his mouth and she promptly pops two aspirin inside. He swallows them down just as dutifully making her smile.

“Well a big tough guy like that you know. Baseball superstar and all what do you expect.”

“Honestly, from him I expect nothing less than to be ignored and taken for granted. I hope that won’t be the case with you.”

“Of course not Aunt Avery. I . . . if you wanna baby me that is fine.”

“Good then take off your shirt.”

“Take off my shirt?”

“Yes, your Auntie is going to give you a real nice massage and hopefully if I do a good job we can make baby’s nasty headache go all away.”

Luke notices her voice. It soft and soothing reminding him of how one would talk to a baby. He likes it. He likes being babied that is.

He strips off his tee shirt before stretching out on the couch while using the folded up blanket as a pillow. The massage could not have been sweeter. Avery is obviously an expert at both massage therapy and at teasing. Several times she leans forward allowing the full weight of her tits to rest on his back while carefully kneading his shoulders and neck.

By the time she finishes poor Luke is once again sporting a painful hardon. “There all done.”

When he turns his head meaning to thank her she lets out a loud yawn, stretching her hands over her head while tossing her long mane of gorgeous dark hair. His quick look back could not have been more perfectly timed.

The little tank top she is wearing normally comes down just a bit past her prodigious tits, but with her arms raised and head tilted back the tank top rides up just enough to expose the perfectly tanned underside of her tits.

Luke lets out a deep breath before quickly turning away. He closes his eyes but the image of his Auntie’s beautiful tits are seared in his mind.

“Yeah, time for bed I think. You still look tired too hon.” Avery casually announces with a self-satisfied little smile. She notices how big his eyes got when he turned to look at her and caught her in mid yawn . . . just as planned.

She takes him by the hand and leads him up the stairs. He has a quick thought that she will invite him to sleep in her bed. It’s a thought that scares and thrills him all at once.

At the top of the stairs she hesitates slightly, giving him hope, before turning left toward Lance’s room. “You are going to sleep in Lance’s room if that is OK.”

“Sure,” he mumbles trying not to sound too disappointed. He flips his tee shirt over his bare shoulder trying to act cool and casual despite feeling anything but.

“I better go in with you and make sure his room is not too much of a pig sty before tucking you away safely in bed.”

They enter the bedroom and Avery flips a switch on the wall. A small lamp next to the bed turns on bathing the bedroom in a soft pool of light. Lance’s room is extremely neat, just as Luke always remembered it to be, leaving him to wonder why his aunt made that previous comment.

She should- of all people- know her son keeps a neat room. A small voice inside his head provides the answer. Just an excuse to come in the room with you sport. Maybe do a bit more teasing.

He is about to crawl in to the bed after dropping his tee shirt at the foot of the bed when she stops him. She had been over fiddling with the curtains at the window drawing them shut when she turns to him saying, “Hey you aren’t going to get in bed with those jeans on. That can’t be comfortable.”

“Ahh, well I didn’t really bring anything, you know, to sleep in.”

“You can sleep in your boxers. No wait, Lance wears boxers you wear briefs. Yeah, briefs, your mom told me.”

Luke resists the urge to ask just why in the hell is his mother discussing with her best friend what kind of underwear her son wears, but instead says nothing.

“Besides I am doing a load of laundry before going to bed so why don’t you just slip them jeans off so I can take them downstairs to the laundry room and that way they will be nice and clean for tomorrow.”

“That is OK Aunt Avery. I mean I can sleep in my jeans. It’s not uncomfortable.” He hopes this will be the end of it. Truth is, he doesn’t want to take his jeans off in front of her as he is still a bit şirinevler escort firm down there

“Nonsense, I think you are just being shy about taking your jeans off in front of me. Silly . . . I am a nurse remember. I am not afraid of seeing a young man in his underwear you know. Besides you promised to let me baby you and letting me wash your clothes is part of being babied.”

He wants to argue but is stopped dead in his tracks when she boldly reaches out and starts to undo this belt. “Hmm, I think helping you get undressed is part of being babied too right honey?”

“Yeah sure, Aunt Avery,” he replies in a nervous whisper as his belt comes undone. He resists the urge to push her hands away and allows her to undo the button on his jeans, and then unzip them before slowly, patiently pulling them down. Finally, she even helps him step out of the jeans all the while smiling softly at him.

Avery helps him into the bed with a soft hand on his back while her eyes wander back to the front of his briefs. He has a semi large bulge working there that looks to be rather . . . big and tasty. She can only imagine what that delicious young cock of his might look like if somehow she would have an excuse to garner his full attention down there.

Settling down on the bed next to him, she pulls the sheet up just enough to cover his waist leaving his chest bare.

“You know earlier I was watching you sleep. You . . . well I hope you don’t mind me saying this, Luke.” She pauses and runs a hand through his thick mane of light brown hair before continuing with a voice that is dripping honey. “But you look adorable in your sleep hon. I bet your mom tells you that all the time.”

“No, ahh, not ever really.”

“Well, she should coz its true. Now close your eyes honey, I need to check something.”

He obediently closes his eyes his heart thudding in his chest like so many wild horses. He feels her drawing closer, feels the softness of those tits of hers pressing against his bare chest just as her lips brush his forehead. They linger there for a long moment as does her tits against his chest. It was like being in heaven.

“Nope no more fever,” she whispers her lips moving to his ear. She kisses him lightly on the ear making his entire body tingle before pulling back and smiling warmly at him.

“Now let me tuck you in nice and tight baby boy.” She starts to fuss with the sheets before suddenly jumping to her feet. “Oh shit I am getting carried away with this babying stuff, Luke. I’m sorry. I must be embarrassing you or myself . . . both probably.”

She seems genuinely upset. Luke reaches out and touches her hand. “It’s OK Aunt Avery. I said it was fine earlier downstairs. Remember?”

“Oh . . .” She turns back to him. “I thought you were just saying that to please me.”

“No I meant it.”

“Good,” she says leaning over and again smoothing out the sheet after pulling it up to his chin. “How is that, sweetie? All tucked in snug as a bug.”

“Yes,” he says softly his voice barely rising above a croak.

She sits down on the bed next to him and again leans forward whispering in his ear this time. “How about a kiss or two to help give you sweet dreams. Close your eyes.”

He closes his eyes as he realizes it was not a question, but a statement. She is going to kiss him. Maybe more than once.

One light kiss on the forehead, and then one each on his closed eyes, and then another on each cheek, before finally she whispers, “I love you my little Lukey baby.”

She has not called him that since he was very, very young. It thrills his heart as does the light kiss that follows directly on his lips. At the doorway she pauses callings across the room to him softly, “Oh by the way. I would have offered you a pair of Lance’s pajamas to wear to bed. I mean you are about the same size, but I am afraid he doesn’t wear pajamas anymore to bed. He likes to sleep naked. A little habit he picked up from his mother. Sweet dreams, Lukey.”

Sweet dreams indeed!! Jesus she had to throw that in before leaving about sleeping naked!! Luke has the soul of a saint, but that avails him little as after five minutes of fighting it he whacks off to the image of his naked Aunt sleeping in her bed.

Finally, after cleaning up his mess he is able to get back to sleep. Sometime later his restless sleep is interrupted by a light tapping on the door. Rubbing his eyes, he glances at the clock radio next to the bed. Its 3:09 am.

Avery pushes the door open whispering, “Luke, honey, are you awake?”

“Yeah,” he mumbles as he sees her dark figure enter the room.

“There is a storm. It’s almost here and going to be bad. I have a sense about these things.” She moves across the room toward the window as he reaches over and flips on the small lamp next to the bed.

He starts to get out of bed staring at his Aunt while she stands at the window with her back to him. As she stands there tugging nervously at the curtain his eyes finally adjust well enough to the faint light allowing him to notice the short little white satin robe she is wearing.

As he moves across the room, drawing closer to her, he observes with growing excitement, how her robe just barely covers her delicious ass. He briefly wonders if she is completely naked under her pretty robe as he sidles up next to her.

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