A Mother’s Dozen Ch. 06

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Cindy and her youngest son Johnny looked into each other’s eyes in the back seat as the group had parked for the night. Jeff and Adam, her two older boys, were asleep in the front.

Cindy reached over to Johnny’s crotch and felt his hard cock through his shorts. Johnny smiled back and started whispering.

“I want you to have my baby mom…I really want to have a kid. You could pretend its dad’s. When I’m 36 it’ll be 18…how mad will that be mum…”

Cindy thought about how much she loved her son. She knew she wanted to have his baby but now? Maybe this was the right time.

Cindy smiled back and nodded. Johnny jumped up in excitement. Cindy opened the car door and led Johnny out. Together they both walked to a grassy area near a river and lay down together in the grass. The sounds of the river gushing and the leaves flowing were music to their ears.

Cindy furiously shoved her tongue into her son’s mouth and rubbed his shorts vigorously. She climbed on top of him and could already feel how hard he was beneath her.

“I want this so bad mum I’m gonna explode!”

Johnny watched as his mother pulled up her dress and yanked his shorts down to his knees and seized his cock. She quickly licked the tip and then positioned herself over his cock. Cindy screamed out as she felt his already soaked dick thrust up into her. Johnny groaned and moved his hands towards her breasts and squeezed as he continued thrusting. Cindy matched him by plunging down onto his dick as far as she could so that he could feel his dick go higher than he ever felt.

“Oh FUCK mum don’t stop doing that! I’m gonna fucken cum harder than I ever have!”

“Don’t cum yet build it up Johnny more cum will come out!”

Johnny braced himself as he slowed down while Cindy leaned down and licked his lips. He kissed her cheek and then her forehead while he was still shoving into her.

Johnny then flipped his mother over onto the grass and positioned himself over her. He then pounded right into her.

“Sorry mum but I can feel it, this is gonna be the biggest cum ever and I need to do it now!”

Cindy looked into her son’s eyes and nodded and then looked up into the moon. This halkalı escort was it. 9 months from now she’d be having her youngest son’s baby as long as she didn’t take her pill. No turning back.

Johnny continued shoving his dick as far as he could and watched her scream out. Thrust after thrust Johnny could feel his balls tighten. Cindy closed her eyes and lifted her hips up and wrapped her legs around his waist so he could go even deeper.

Johnny could feel his orgasm starting and started screaming out and Cindy started screaming too. He then unleashed balls and balls of cum right into his mother and could feel his entire body going numb. He kept cumming again and again until he finally stopped. He couldn’t move anymore but he didn’t want to take it out so he stayed put, high up into his mother, hoping the last drops of cum would come out. Cindy could feel his cum all inside of her; he was right that was a lot.

Johnny then felt his dick softening so he kissed his mother one last time before getting out and flopping on the grass next to her. Cindy still felt herself vibrating and tried to calm herself down.

She opened her eyes and saw her 18 year old son right next to her. As long as she didn’t take the morning after pill after this she would most likely be pregnant with his baby. She saw what beautiful features his son had and thought about what the baby would look like. What if she was going to have a boy? Would she have feelings for him too? Would that be too weird? Cindy thought about having a threesome with Johnny and their son 18 years from now and chuckled to herself.

Cindy wondered what her other two sons might say about this latest event. What if she had three babies with all 3 of them? Anyway she’d have to wait another year before thinking about that.

“Johnny…I was just thinking about Adam and Jeff. Don’t tell them about…what just happened. I want us to have the best foursome ever. We can tell them afterwards.”

Johnny reached out and rubbed his mother’s belly and smiled, thinking about the life the two of them may have just created. The two of them then kissed again taksim escort and made their way back to the car and fell asleep without Jeff or Adam knowing what happened.

Cindy awoke to one of her sons poking her on the shoulder.

“Mum wake up, mum, we’re here. We’re at the camping grounds,” Johnny said.

Cindy jumped up in excitement. It looked like it was about midday and they were in one of the most beautiful places she had ever seen. Jeff pulled over near a fire pit and parked.

“Okay boys, this is going to be one hell of a camping trip. I’m going to make sure all of you get what you deserve…”

The boys all looked around at each other smiling. Cindy reached over to Johnny and made out with him on the lips. She looked in the rear view mirror and saw Jeff staring and smiling. She broke the kiss off and moved onto the front seat and made out with Jeff, reaching for his hard-on as well through his jeans and giving it a rub. She then pulled away and leaned over to Adam and placed her mouth over his noticeable hard-on through his pants and bit it. Adam yelped out.

Cindy then got out of the car with the boys and helped them unpack all their belongings and set up camp. Jeff set up the tent, Adam started the fire and Johnny was scouring the area for other people; he couldn’t find any. They were all alone.

As the day went on they all went exploring around the woods, fishing and started swimming. Cindy nearly went wet at the sight of the 3 of her sons taking their shirts off and stripping down to their underwear.

“Do you like what you see mom?” Jeff cunningly asked.

“Oh my God yes I’m freaking horny now…”

Jeff went over to his mother and pushed her down on to the sand and pulled out his boner. Cindy quickly opened her mouth as he shoved it hard to her throat. Adam and Johnny looked at each other and took their dicks out and started to jerk off. Cindy started making motions on her son’s dick with her mouth and got up and knelt and placed her hands on his ass. Jeff looked up towards the sky and started panting as he could feel his mother licking his balls and massaging his dick with her tongue.

Cindy şişli escort then took pulled her mouth off Jeff’s dick and went over to Adam and prepared herself as Adam thrusted his cock in and around her mouth. Jeff started cranking his cock furiously with his hand and then moved over to Cindy and stood behind her. Johnny smiled as he saw his older brothers both close to cumming. Cindy started blowing Adam as fast as she could and Adam started screaming to himself while Jeff was wanking furiously over his mother’s head.

Johnny watched in shock as Jeff’s cum started to spew out all over his mother’s head and get engrossed into her hair and saw Adam vibrating as his cum rushed into his mother’s mouth. Cindy swallowed all of it whole and then felt up on her head and smeared Jeff’s cum onto her fingers. After Adam pulled out she then licked Jeff’s cum.

“Johnny boy still hasn’t cum yet, come on Johnny, time to get some action,” Jeff insisted.

Johnny walked over to his mother as Jeff and Adam moved out of the way. He pushed his mother onto the sand and positioned his lower body on top of her head. Johnny then shoved into her mouth and started fucking it.

Jeff and Adam both stood closer and watched as their younger brother started to demolish Cindy’s mouth as he went faster and faster. Cindy could only see Johnny’s crotch and nothing else. She could feel his dick pushing to the top of her mouth and down her throat as well. She could feel his balls rubbing against her chin so she moved her hand and started to caress it.

Johnny started groaning and he could feel himself closer to cumming. Cindy squeezed his balls and then fingered his ass. That was enough to push Johnny over the line.


Cindy could feel her youngest son’s dick popping in her mouth; his veins were wriggling against her tongue. She then felt his juice shooting quickly down her throat as she tried to swallow it without gagging. Cindy started licking her son’s dick as it started to cool down and settle.

Jeff and Adam had both put their clothes back on and waited as Johnny and Cindy got fully dressed. “Boys, that was just the first taste, just wait till we get into that tent tonight. The three of you are going to be FUCKING ME in every part of my body. I’m going to get every last bit of cum out of all three of you, and you guys are going to do the same to me.”

Johnny, Jeff and Adam all looked at each other and smiled deviously. This was going to be the best night of their lives.

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