A Life She Learned

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Lora climbed the stairs to her room. She stripped to bare flesh and looked over her shoulder. A hand made it’s way down her side, over her ass. She bent at the knee, leaning on the bed, feeling the hand explore her tanned ass. The hand pressed down hard on her hip, causing her knees to bend farther, taking her to floor level. She watched as the hand disappeared, feeling it slink between her legs, tickling pink lips protecting her most sensitive of places. The hand travelled back over her ass, down underneath, where the moist folds parted, giving way to an eager, wet slit. She rested her head on the bed, moaning into her comforter, one finger invaded her, then withdrew, and began feverishly working on the tingling sensation in her clit. Escaping the hand, she crawled up on her bed, still in doggy style position. Digging in her nightstand, she found what she needed, a vibrator that a friend had given as a gag gift on her 18th birthday. More so lately than ever she found this strange hand exploring her body, working her senses to the brink. Her hand seemed so unlike her own sometimes, she often closed her eyes and imagined the high school hockey captain fingering her, then fucking her until she came. Sometimes imagination wasn’t needed. Spreading her legs in front of the mirror, watching the vibrator disappear at a pleasing pace brought tremors to her legs, and moans that had to be buried into a nearby pillow.

Lora had worked hard this year. Not only at her job at a summer camp, but on herself…shedding ‘baby fat’ and toning every area possible. Her senior year of high school was approaching, and after last year, she didn’t want a repeat. Not that she was ugly, with long thick black hair and electric blue eyes, but Lora was tired of not having dates, and jiggling in all the wrong places. She had worked her way down from a size 18 to just a size 6, which was respectable, and only in just 2 months, her last month of school and 1 month of summer vacation. Eating properly and exercising had really paid off for her. Her large full C-cup, almost D-cup breasts hadn’t shrunk at all. Her ass had become muscle, her stomach was toned and relatively flat. Her arms and legs were equally as fit, canoeing and chasing kids at her job had it’s benefits. This year at school was going to be different, she had promised herself that much.

The next day, bright and early, Lora stretched her muscles before going for her morning run. Track pants and a t-shirt was her usual workout gear, but this morning was particularly hot and after last night she felt extra confident. She started out on her regular route, heading down the block to the wooded trails that made for a tough workout, with the elevated climb up a steep hill, and the tougher terrain. She was on her way home, looking down at her MP3 player when she ran into something solid, crashed to a stop and fell backwards. Stunned completely, a hand reached out to help her up, and she jerked the ear buds from her ears.

“Jesus Christ, I’m sorry, I didn’t even see you. I’ve never seen anyone out here this early in the morning. I didn’t expect you. Sorry”.

A man stood, shirtless in basketball shorts in front of her, pulling her to her feet. Lora looked herself over, a couple of small scrapes, no blood, and no big deal. She brushed the dirt off her and looked up at him again. He couldn’t have been much older than her she guessed; he sported a goatee and dark hair, buzz cut style. She apologized for not paying attention and introduced herself, and learned that this man, Brett, had just moved into the area, in fact his house was directly behind hers. She’d never noticed anyone moving in there, but being at work all day she realized she probably wouldn’t.

“Run you home?” He asked.

As they jogged back, he found himself talking to her more than he had to anyone in awhile. His parents, as most parents of young people are, were out of touch with his life, and he hadn’t made any friends yet. He was 21, out of school and unemployed, so Lora made for an acceptable companion. He had been attracted to her immediately by her face alone, but after seeing her body he realized that she wasn’t in bad shape either. He was unable to keep himself from casting glances at her chest as they jogged, as her tits bounced up and down with each step, Brett found himself growing a hard on. He was glad when they arrived at his house, and she said goodbye and jogged around the corner. Upstairs in the shower, his mind wandered, thinking that Lora might be in the shower too. The thought excited him more than he realized as he opened his eyes, his now fully erect cock was staring him in the face. He groaned as he wrapped his anadolu yakası escort hand around it, this would make it the third time today already, and it was technically still morning. Brett needed to get laid, and as the concept struck him, so did the idea of bending his new running buddy over in the shower, and pounding her deep from behind, and filling her pussy with a thick load, that now ran down the drain.

Brett didn’t often see Lora during the day, as he had found out on one of their now frequent runs that she worked at the day camp just out of town, but she never strayed too far from his mind, or his cock. The more time they spent together, the more he fantasized about taking her and fucking her brains out. No matter where they went, on the hiking trail, at the picnic tables on the top of the steep hill, in his yard, or sitting on her front step, a scene always managed to form in his head and distracted him. Lora was a virgin, but she too had begun thinking about Brett, mostly at night when she was alone with her vibrator. She realized also that his bedroom window faced hers, and she could often see him on the computer or reading fitness magazines. It was August and the peak of the summer heat wave had been rolling through the area, Brett was in his small bedroom in need of fresh air. He got a rush of hot air as he opened the window, but as he looked across, things got a lot hotter.

Lora stood in her bedroom modelling in front of the mirror, in nothing but what appeared to be blank panties and bra. Instantly Brett’s cock stiffened. He knew he should turn away, but unable too, especially as Lora bent over the bed revealing a glorious view of her ass, even if he was a couple hundred yards away. What she did next surprised him. Lora had been in one of her moods all day, and had been dying to get home and make herself cum. Finally now, able to do so she wasn’t hesitating. Squatting at the foot of her bed, she gave her ass a slap, the vibration running off her pussy lips up to her clit, and soaked her panties instantly. She began rubbing over the material, making her legs quiver with the sensation. She stood up, and peeled her panties off, followed by her bra, and began tweaking her nipples as she stroked the outer lips of her pussy. Lora got onto the bed, and pulled out her vibrator, and sat back against the headboard, with her legs spread, and began teasing herself, pushing a little bit in at a time, rubbing her clit with her free hand. Brett could not believe what he was seeing. By now his cock was hard, and he was stroking it slowly, watching the girl next door get down and nasty with herself.

Little did Brett know she was totally fixated on him. She could see him plainly stroking his cock, which looked pretty big to her from the window. ‘I turn him on. He wants me’ she thought, and a wave of excitement and pleasure washed over her. She continued watching him, as she thought about what it would be like to fuck him, having him slide slow and deep inside her. Being a virgin, she really had no idea what a real man would feel like, but imagined that it would be intense, more intense than the vibrator she used on herself daily. She rubbed it up and down her slit, sighing contently as each stroke got her wetter and wetter, until she began to leak and drip down her ass crack and onto the bed. Her thumb working her clit until her legs were shaking in a frenzy, Lora began pushing the vibrator inside of her slow and deep, picking up speed with every anticipated thrust, bucking herself into the air and down onto it. She turned over into a doggy style position, her hand underneath her working the vibrator into her soaking cunt, getting close to orgasm. Brett was feverishly trying to match her speed, stroking his cock to the point of explosion. Lora let out a loud groan into her pillow as her quaking legs subsided and her cum dribbled down the inside of her thighs, she rolled over in time to watch as Brett’s head tilted back, as he shot his own hot steaming load. She smiled sweetly to herself and got up, went to the window, and closed her drapes…Brett staring at her the entire time, cock in hand.

Lora’s job was done now. The kids were all getting ready to go back to school, including her. She was disappointed that she hadn’t seen Brett around, since their window episode. She felt like he was avoiding her, her morning runs were now quiet, and often his blinds were drawn. An end of summer party was brewing, as it did every year, the teenagers from the town were stocking up on anything they could get their hands on. It ended up being a field party at someone’s farm. Lora and a few of her ataşehir escort friends went out to enjoy the last few final free days of summer. Walking around, she heard lots of compliments about her new look and her confidence grew. Walking up to the fire pit where people had gathered, she saw Brett drinking with some guys from the area. Hurt feelings played a part in why she didn’t approach, she stood laughing and talking, drinking her beer like everyone else. He couldn’t help but look at her, she was beautiful, and every day he thought about the little show she’d given him. Her jeans hugged every curve in the right way, and her top showed off those beautiful tits like never before. His cock pulsed in his pants, letting him know it also hadn’t forgotten her. He couldn’t face her; she probably thought he was one lowly motherfucker.

The sun was coming up as the party was dying down. People were sleeping in tents all over the field, some in vehicles, and some just passed out on the ground. Lora was stumbling around, trying to find her way to the road when yet again she crashed into something solid and fell backwards.

“You have a habit of doing that don’t you?”

She glared up at him as he offered his hand. This time, she did not take it. She climbed up off the ground and tried to storm past him. How dare he abandon her for those other fucking losers after she did what she did for him. He snagged her by the arm gently and spun her around.

“Sorry I haven’t been around. I just…I knew that you knew…that I was…” Brett trailed off, shrugging his shoulders a little bit in awkwardness.

Lora crossed her arms over her chest, causing her cleavage to deepen and Brett to catch his breath at the sight. “I knew you were watching. I wanted you to, why do you think I did it.”

He contemplated this. He hadn’t thought that maybe she had wanted him to watch. Suddenly he leaned forward, putting his hands on her cheeks, he pulled her close and kissed her. She was taken back by his unexpected move, but did not resist. His tongue quickly and forcefully invaded her mouth, pinning her tongue down under his, nipping it gently as it ventured into his mouth. Pulling away to aggressively kiss her cheek and neck, down to her shoulders, ducking to the valley of her massive tits, grabbing them in his hands and squeezing, pinching her nipples through her shirt and bra. She was in a state of ecstasy, unsure of how to behave. Lora had wanted this for so long, and here it was happening, and she had no idea what to do. Her hands were frozen at her sides as Brett’s mouth began to ravage her chest. Pulling her shirt and bra down, exposing her mounds of flesh, he sucked her nipple into his mouth, reaching behind and squeezing her ass firmly. He struggled with undoing her pants, they stumbled backwards until she was pressed against the back of a truck. She was consumed with him touching her, and hearing him whisper in her ear, made her shiver.

“Touch my cock Lora. Please. It’s so fucking hard for you.”

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his throbbing prick and made her grab it through the material of his jeans. She gasped, feeling how hard he was already. He pulled her forward and let her go, keeping his hand overtop of hers, making sure she didn’t let up on rubbing his cock, he pulled the handle of the truck’s tailgate letting it down. He climbed up in the back, pulling Lora with him, stripping his t-shirt and pants and laying them down to cover the cold steel of the truck bed. He kneeled in his boxers as she stood in front of him looking down.

“Strip baby girl. Take that shit off and let me see that beautiful body again.” Brett whispered.

Her dreams had come true. Lora’s heart was pounding in her chest, as she peeled her shirt off and dropped it in front of him. Sliding her jeans down her long legs, she stood awkwardly in front of him as Brett jerked his cock below her, soaking in the sight. She kneeled down to his level, crawled forward, and began kissing him, her tongue venturing into his mouth aggressively, tweaking his nipples as she inched forward. Brett reached down between her thighs, his touch setting her skin on fire everywhere, especially as he rubbed the growing wet spot in the front of her panties. He yanked the panties to the side, and the rush of cool air sent shivers up Lora’s spine, followed by a small moan as his fingers trailed over her pink pussy. Parting her lips with his finger, wiggling it gently but quickly over her hole, she became unbelievably wet, and eager, as she bore down on his finger. She gasped as it entered her and curled, immediately searching for her ümraniye escort G-spot, her hands replaced his and began stroking his thick prick, already coated in pre-cum. He added another finger to the mix, rubbing her clit vigorously with her thumb, as she cried out in moans of pleasure. He turned her over, laying her down on the makeshift bed of clothing, and pushed her legs apart. In the early morning sun he could see her pussy glistening with her juices.

Lora was turned on like never before, watching Brett’s tongue lick over her pussy, and flick violently over her clit. He looked up at her with an almost menacing stare as he licked up and down her soaking snatch, not wasting a drop. His tongue jammed inside her, curling and flicking, made her wrap her legs around his head and thrust her hips further into his mouth. He returned to lapping her clit slowly, as he finger fucked her aggressively with two fingers, curling inside her, rubbing on all the right spots. It was like nothing she’d ever experienced, so much better than all those nights in her bed by herself, learning herself. Brett seemed to already know what she liked and did it effortlessly. He removed his fingers from her cunt, and raised them to her lips, making her lick her own juices off them, and then returned to tongue fucking her. She tasted sweet, her juices covered his entire face and then she began to pant. He buried his tongue deeper, intensifying his motions until finally Lora’s legs quivered, and she came all over his face. As Brett looked up he saw her beautiful tits rising and falling as she gasped for breath and tried to regain her composure.

He reached up and rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefingers, dragging his mouth up Lora’s stomach. Sucking her nipples into his mouth, she ran her hands over his head, and tried to close her legs. Brett pushed them back open, and approached. She felt the heat from his tool against her thigh and panicked.

“Brett, wait…I…this isn’t really…can I just…” she trailed off. Not knowing how to explain.

He swallowed her words with his mouth and continued his approach, stroking the tip of his cock up and down her slit, her panic subsided as that familiar feeling of her vibrator returned, shattered by the realization that this wasn’t a toy. This was a real man. It was Brett’s throbbing cock probing her pussy, aching and yearning to be inside. She wiggled underneath him.

“Are you a virgin?”

“No! Well…sort of I guess. I’ve never actually been with a real person. I just get myself off. You know?”

Brett said nothing and moaned into her neck. She noticed that his cock seemed to grow bigger when she told him. He continued rubbing the tip of his cock against her slick pussy, pushing inwards a little bit. Finding her hole was no quest, it was dripping wet, and as he dragged his cock over, pushing the tip in, Lora sighed and arched. Finally, he slid inside her, hearing her gasp made him shudder, as he was still for a minute. Her tight, young pussy clenched down on his cock almost to the point where it hurt. Every time he flexed his cock, she would whimper and it made him grin devilishly. He pushed her legs up, spreading her hole and pushed his cock in her fully, withdrawing slowly and entering again. It had hurt initially, but now there was a different ache and Lora felt it, right in her middle. She wanted to cum, and she wanted Brett to make her.

He began thrusting and she wrapped her legs around him and as he withdrew, she contracted her muscles, milking his cock with every stroke. He picked up the pace, pounding her little hole like a jackhammer, his balls slapping against her. Her nails dug into his back as she kissed his neck. His hands sought her big tits, bouncing underneath him. Lora begin to whimper, quietly at first, then they turned into full out moans as she thrust against him, meeting his thrusts with her hips as she neared orgasm for the second time. As her juices gushed out around his cock, her muscles convulsing on his pulsing cock, Brett felt his entire body tense and shudder. He pulled out just in time to shoot a thick stream of cum onto her belly, up between the valley of her tits, followed by a second spurt that landed some of the droplets on her collarbone. He jerked himself off over her stomach, gritting his teeth and shuddering, panting for breath as finally, the smaller jets of cum subsided to nothing. Lora was amazed at how much he had actually produced. Curious, she rubbed her fingers across her belly, collecting some of his cum on her fingers, and brought them to her mouth. The flavour danced across her taste buds, like something foreign and forbidden. She savoured it. It was something she already knew she liked.

Together they dressed, and climbed out of the truck, and Brett walked Lora home. She crawled into her bed that night, thinking about Brett and how he had been her first. Her mind wandered to the new school year ahead, and wondered what other things were possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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