A First Meeting Ch. 01

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We had met online and now he was coming to visit for the first time. His business had brought him here and he had requested that I meet up with him. We had lived out many fantasies over the net and I had shared many secrets with him but feared the actual meeting to come. I knew that I had to go and see him when he arrived though or I would never be able to forgive myself for what could have been.

Today was the day. He had called yesterday to say that he had made it safe and also to tell me what motel room he would be staying at. Would have a free morning today and felt that now was a good time for us to meet. Being the nice man that he is he also wanted to point out that sex wasn’t a must.

I knew differently. After all the fantasies we had lived out online, I knew that I would have to feel it in real life. So here I am preparing to meet him, doing all the little things that every woman does when getting ready to go on a first date. Showering, shaving, brushing teeth and figuring out what to wear so you look good but not untouchable.

I am now in my car and on the road, heading to meet up with a man that I had only seen in pictures and had heard on the phone only a few times. The nervousness I felt wouldn’t come was hitting me hard now that I knew I was going to find out what happens when the fantasy becomes reality.

At the motel heading to find his room the nervous swarm of butterflies in my stomach and hearing my heart beat as a pounding in my head. I dread knocking on his room door and yet feeling like I could never arrive there soon enough.

Finally arriving at his door, I pause outside. Wondering if he will still like me when I am looking him in the eyes and wondering also if I will be able to finish what I feel was started so long ago.

I hear him through the closed door moving around and decide that I had better go ahead and knock or else leave here without saying anything. Maybe call him from home istanbul escort and tell him that I couldn’t do it. “No, you can do this” I tell myself as I bring my hand up and knock on his door.

I see you standing there when you open the door. Looking so much more handsome in person than you did in the few pictures I had seen. You open your arms for me and I feel myself falling into them. No words were needed as I look up into your eyes, as I see the approval of me written there clearly.

Slowly I see your head move down towards me just a little and then you pause, as if seeking permission from me to continue. I give it by raising myself up just a little higher towards you.

You are smiling as your head drops in closer to mine only stopping the smile when your lips brush up against mine. Kissing me softly at first and then sliding your tongue out to tease my lips into opening for you. When my lips begin to part your push your tongue into my mouth as deeply as it will go.

You start to run your tongue all around inside my mouth as if dueling with my tongue for space. Never giving me a chance to tease your tongue with mine, I feel as though you are devouring me with a simple kiss.

Not sure which one of us pulled away for a chance to catch our breath first but we did what had only lasted a minute or two had seemed like hours, and had left us both gasping for breath.

I start to say something to you, fearing that you had changed your mind. You quietly whisper “shhh…it is okay”. Then you are moving towards me again, wrapping your arms around me again, and bringing your lips down to me again.

Rather than my lips this time, you aim for my neck. Teasing with your tongue and nipping me with your teeth. I sigh as if in relief when your mouth once again comes up to fuse together with mine.

I never knew when we started to move further into the room. avcılar escort Not until the back of my legs bumped into something. Making me jump in closer to you and break my mouth from yours. I look around realizing it was the bed I had bumped into. Also realizing that at some point my shirt had came unbuttoned and your hands were fumbling with the clasp on my bra.

Finally, getting it unsnapped you slide it and my shirt down off of my shoulders watching as they both puddle down around my feet. Bringing your eyes back up to my now fully exposed breast as you tell me how beautiful I am. Telling me how I am so much more beautiful in person than on cam as your lips lower to caress my breasts for the first time ever in real life.

Soon, I feel your hands working to get the buttons loose on my skirt. The button is tight so I push your hands away. You step back away from me as I use my own shaking fingers to unbutton and unzip my skirt. I look into your eyes as I begin to lower it over my hips to join my shirt on the floor at my feet.

I stand before you in only thin black lace panties and watch as your eyes drink in every inch of me like a man dying for water. Making me shiver in anticipation as you take the step back to me and push me harder towards the bed making my legs bump into it just hard enough to make me lose my balance and I grab hold of you to keep me from falling and you lean forward falling on top of me on the bed.

You kiss my mouth, your hands caressing my hips, breasts, everything all at one time. You move your lips from mine to go exploring with it where your hands had touched before. Leaving my nipples untouched by your lips as you move to my stomach and leaving my throbbing kitty alone as you move further down teasing the inside of each thigh licking and nibbling down one leg and up the other. Back up over my tummy and slowly moving towards the nipple of my right breast.

I şirinevler escort moan as your tongue flicks over it once and then moves to the other. You move back and forth between the two. You never let me enjoy your caress on one for long until you are gone to the next one. Then I feel your teeth on one then the other before you come back to flick with your tongue again.

I hear someone begging you to do more. I need you to touch them more and also to relieve the ache building in between my legs. I can’t believe that I am the one telling you to do these things but I see your smile and know that it is coming from me.

In an instant I feel your fingers caressing my wet kitty, sliding between the folds and finding my center. You rub in gentle but firm circles over my bud. I hear myself moaning and feel my hips moving up to meet your fingers. I tell you that I want to cum and need to cum but want you inside me before I let go of it.

You telling me to be patient that you will be inside me soon. Stroking me faster Knowing from when I was on cam that I couldn’t hold out much longer.

I start to jerk my hips feeling myself starting to fall over the edge calling out your name and as I do I feel your cock slide into me hard and deep. Filling me completely sending me over and giving my kitty something to grab hold of.

You pause inside of me letting me ride out my orgasm. When I sigh in contentment you begin to drive your hips into me slowly pulling all most completely out before easing your way back inside me. Then, pausing inside me to circle your hips around giving me a lot of contact on my clit. You slide your cock out again, picking up the pace a little more when you slide yourself back into me.

Your pace gradually increases as I begin to meet your thrusts. I grab hold of your hips and urge you to increase your speed more. Nearing the brink of my orgasm again and wanting you to join me this time.

I sense you nearing yours as well when your hips drive into me in shorter but harder strokes sending me over with you only seconds behind me.

Afterward, with your cock still buried inside me you raise your head; look down at me, smile and say “hello. It is nice to meet you finally.” Causing us both to begin laughing.

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