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I dip just the tip of my index finger into the opening of my pussy, making it slick with moisture and roll it around my clit. I’m already wet, and you haven’t even gotten in the door yet. I’ve been craving this all day, my pussy has been clenching at the thought of your hard cock. My mouth is watering, my breasts heaving.

You sit on the edge of the bed, and I stand between your legs, leaning over to kiss your upturned lips. Our tongues slide against each other as your hands trail over the curve of my hips and back over my lace covered ass. I sigh as you pull your shirt over your head and remove the t-shirt of yours I wear at night. You grin and trace the soft swell of my breasts through their lace covering, groaning as my nipples tighten. Leaning forward, you take one lace covered nipple in your mouth and tease it with your tongue. The friction has me squirming by the time you move to the other. I bury my hand in your thick hair, holding your head close to my breast, begging you to suck harder.

Slowly, you snake one hand around my back and unclasp my bra, pulling it slowly down my arms. I squirm, trying to make you move faster. But you know I always enjoy it more when you tease me. Your breath is hot against my flesh istanbul escort as you trail kisses between my breasts, testing their weight in your palms. I hiss as your teeth graze lightly over one nipple while your thumb teases the other. The hot roughness of your tongue swirls over my nipple so that I arch my back and moan as you switch back and forth.

Each nip of your teeth and lap of your tongue makes my pussy clench and my clit throb. I guide you up to kiss you again, sucking gently on your bottom lip and nipping it lightly. My tongue slides into your mouth, curling and twining with yours. After a moment, you deepen the kiss, holding my head with one hand while the other trails over the soft flesh of my stomach to tease my lace covered pussy with featherlight touches.

We break apart, both panting, and you kiss my stomach and my nipples with fleeting touches of your lips. My head falls back, letting my long dark hair trail down my back, as you slide one finger beneath the edge of my panties. I gasp as you dance circles around my swollen clit before sliding back to dip into my wet pussy. My hips grind forward, trying to force your finger in deeper, but you avcılar escort pull it slowly away. With a smirk, you lick the end of your finger before offering it to me.

I smile and open my mouth, waiting for you to slide it between my lips. When you do, I wrap my lips around your finger, letting my tongue flick and wrap around it. Your eyes close and your hand drifts over your hardening cock. With a pop you pull your finger from my lips, and I fall down on my knees before you. Standing, you let your jeans and boxers drop to the floor. I pull them away as you step out of them, your beautiful cock bobbing in front of my lips.

Grinning up at you, I lean forward and lick the tip of your cock. A shudder runs through your body as I open my lips, taking the head of you in my mouth. My tongue swirls over your sensitive flesh as my hand strokes your shaft slowly. I work my mouth down, taking as much as possible, until you hit the back of my throat. I suck greedily, massaging the underside of your cock with my tongue as my head bobs up and down. Your hand finds its way into my hair and winds a handful around your fingers. You guide my movements and I moan around your cock. You know I like it when şirinevler escort you grab my hair like that.

The hand in my hair guides me away from your cock, even though my mouth is watering for more. You grin and tell me to remove my panties. After I’ve slid them off, you pull me to the bed where you’re lying on your back in the middle. You look up at me with your dark eyes, and I can feel my clit throb. You don’t have to say anything to direct me over your cock. I long to sink down, to feel your beautiful, hard cock stretching and filling me. But you won’t let me. I know you’ll tease me first.

You snake your hand between us, feeling the heat building between our nearly joined bodies. A shiver runs through me as you trace my pussy lightly. Your hand wraps around your cock and guides it to my dripping pussy. I groan as I sink down, feeling your hard cock filling me. I buck up and down, rolling my hips as I ride you as hard as I can. You hands roam over my body, griping my ass and guiding my hips down harder. You pull me forward, kneeding one breast roughly while your lips and tongue ravage the other.

I ride you harder, faster, panting as I feel my orgasm build. Your hands settle back on my hips as you pound yours up to meet mine. I lean backwards, resting on my hands, and fuck you as hard as I can. I scream as I cum, feeling your cock jerk inside me as you shoot spurts of cum deep inside me. My breasts bounce with my panting breath. You roll me over to my side and kiss me softly before we drift off to sleep, our bodies still twined together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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