Her New Bath Toy

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Sheila and I had been going together for over two months and I had yet to make her cum even once. She said it didn’t bother her but I had the feeling that our sex life was unbalanced, or unfair. To further muddy the waters, she refused to let me go down on her as she said she was embarrassed by how she looked ‘Down there.’ This made it tough on me because I had always used my oral talents when I couldn’t get my partner off by regular fucking. If she caught me looking at her pussy she would giggle and close her legs. It was true that Sheila’s labia were rather large and they did hang down but I didn’t find this anything more than unusual.

The really strange thing about Sheila was she was not a shy person and in fact earned her living by dancing topless at a bar in the working part of town. When I pointed out to her that, she was the flattest topless dancer, I’d ever seen this didn’t seem odd to her at all.

“I may have tiny tittys but they’re cute and all the boys at work like how I shake them.”

She was right about that as she danced a routine that included a few jokes about how flat she was. She might have had a body that looked more like a boy than a topless dancer, but she was a great teaser and knew how to turn a man on.

Most of her customers liked her for her personality and generally she made more money that the big tittyed girls who wouldn’t smile for anything less than a c-note.

Actually, it was Sheila’s personality that attracted me to her as well and in fact, when we met I didn’t know what she did for a living. She was a regular customer where I worked and kaynarca escort her big smile and good humor was a beacon in my dreary world of retail sales. After a while, we were calling each other by first names and I felt I could count on her as a friend. Even so, when I asked her out I was surprised by how readily she accepted. I felt out of her league in the looks department and was expecting a turn down or at least the excuse of her having a steady boyfriend. It’s not that she is beautiful but she is cute and that killer smile lights up her whole face, making it her best attribute. Even her short dish water blond hair and freckles across her nose give her a tom boy look that I find attractive.

Our first date was a roaring success we both had a good time and when I was too timid to try for a goodnight kiss, she took the initiative and kissed me. The she took me upstairs to her apartment and fucked me silly.

I didn’t find out what she did for a living until our third date. Sheila was telling me that I was lucky for working where I did because of all the women I met there. Then I said, don’t they have men where she worked.

“Oh yeah all kinds of men but I wouldn’t date any of them.”

When I asked why she went on,

“I work as a topless dancer so any man I meet on the job just thinks of me as a sex object. Now don’t get me wrong I have no problem with being a sex object, I just don’t want to build a relationship with a man who thinks that of me.”

She laughed at how I looked sitting there with my mouth open.

“I’d love to see you dance where…”

“No orhanlı escort Josh, please I couldn’t dance in front of you, I’d be embarrassed.”

This was hard to take in, my girlfriend could dance half-naked in front of strange men but was too embarrassed to dance in front of me. In fact, I didn’t see her working until after we no longer went together.

On a day that we both had off, a rare occasion, I spent the night at her place. In the morning after making love, we were lying together and I asked her if she could get off by playing with herself. She told me she could but not easily and then she stopped talking and looked at me.

“Would like to see me cum?”

Of course, I said yes, she then told me to follow her as she wrapped a towel around herself and then threw one to me. We then went down to the pool wearing only our towels. Being early on a weekday morning the place was deserted as we shed our towels and climbed into the Jacuzzi. It felt good as the warm water shot out from the jets on our bodies. Then to my surprise Sheila turned, to face the jets then she spread her legs pressing her pussy right up against them as she held onto the sides. I watched her face glaze over and then her body convulsed in orgasm. She backed away to regain her composure and then again pushed her pussy to the jets. I began kissing her and toying with her nipples just to feel that in some way, I was contributing to her climax. She really liked when I held her in place freeing up her hands so she could pull her labia apart to the jets This was great, at least I knew she could cum tepeören escort and it excited me on to watch her get all turned on like that.

After we went up for breakfast and while we were cleaning up the dishes I noticed her faucet leaked. I told her I could fix it with just a washer and ran to the hardware store to get some. As I hurried down the aisle I was stopped by what I saw hanging on a display rack. It was a hand-held shower head with a Jacuzzi nozzle. I bought it on the spot along with the faucet washer and headed back to Sheila’s place.

I instructed her to go lay by the pool and I would come out later to show her a surprise. She agreed reluctantly and once out the door I installed her new toy for her. I came out to get her in about an hour and now I had to drag her back inside. I took her to her bathroom and turned her shower head on. When she saw the jets of water pulsating out of that head she knew what it could do for her. Already in her bathing suit, she hopped in her tub and held the jet right on her clit. She came in seconds and then again almost instantly. While she played with her new toy I got myself undressed and then put on a lubed condom. I climbed in the shower behind her and pulled her suit down off her butt. As she bent to give me better access, I slipped my cock inside her. Although the water was washing her own lubrication, away my lubed condom was enough and as I fucked her, she came for the first time with a cock inside her.

Sheila and I didn’t last too long as a couple; it was never really serious so it was rather expected. For the short time I was with her, she never came by any other way and I can only hope for her sake she eventually learned to orgasm by other means. I do know she loved her shower head and no matter what she is doing now or where she is, I’m sure she has one in her bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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