Girls Night Out

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Bree stumbled over the curb as we were leaving the bar. We have been doing a weekly get together ever since my ex and I finalized our divorce, and this week we decided on going for a few drinks.

“Lizzzz.. can we go get some breakfast pleaseeee?” Well, maybe more then a few.

I signaled for a taxi, and shortly after we both were situated in the back of a weird looking man’s cab.

“Good evening ladies, what may I do for two beautiful women such as yourselves?” The man said with a smooth, deep voice.

“Can you please take us to the 24-7 diner off of bush, please?” I replied. The diner was further then I would have liked to travel, but not many food joints were open at this time.

“Yes, yes of course.”

Bree was slowly closing her eyes, trying to stay awake. I looked out the window as we made our way through town. About five minutes into the drive, I started to feel a tingling sensation. Almost like someone was watching me. I turned back to bree, who had lost the fight to sleep. She seemed to be sleeping restlessly, but sleeping nonetheless. When I looked up to the driver, he was staring at me through the rear view mirror.

“Is everything okay back there?” The man questioned

“Yes, I think my body is just now noticing how hungry I am.”

“Well, I have been known to help those in need”

I didn’t feel the need to reply to a weird statement such as that. But as I was turning to look back out the window, I bursa escort felt the seatbelt tighten, and a soft caress on my lower stomach. I squealed with discomfort, and looked back up at the strange man.

“You see, my friends are hungry too. They can sense your loneliness and need flowing through your body. My friends are good to me, and I cannot disappoint them.”

The “friends” started to move with more intensity. And I could see Bree waking up in the corner of my eyes.

“Who are you? And why us?” I cried to the man

“Who I am is not important, as for my friends, they are known as loa. You might remember them better as voodoo spirits.”

I started thrashing about more within my restraints as the spirits started massaging my clit.

“There is no reason to struggle. Most people assume these spirits are evil, but you see they enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful women. The only thing you need to worry about, is whether or not you will be able to get any rest tonight.”

Bree and I both started whimpering. I couldn’t stop my body’s instinct to hump into whomever was working my clit. I started to feel slow rubs on my nipples and moaned in pleasure. The touches got harder and faster. I started panting with need. I wasn’t going to be able to resist the forced orgasm that was coming. As I felt my body about to release, the feelings stopped. I cried in frustration. It took me a few seconds to remember the man, and Bree who was bursa escort bayan still right by me. I looked up at her as embarrassment burned in my cheeks. She seemed to have the same reaction, as I could see a flush, even in the dark cab.

“No need for embarrassment ladies. We will be sharing lots of intimacy tonight. But, first lets get inside. shall we?”

I looked up and realized we were in the middle of a run down part of town. The house in front of us looked no better. I jumped when I heard the door open. Realizing, I couldn’t move my body, I tried to scream. Nothing happened. And then my body involuntarily started moving within the building. Bree was right on my tail. But, neither of us could say a word.

As we entered with run down house, Strange contraptions came into view. As if reading my mind, the man chuckled. I started moving towards what looked to be a wooden chair. I couldn’t help myself from sitting. I still was not in control of my body. Once placed on the chair, I could see Bree moving towards a long table. The table was a mess, and Bree started picking up multiple items. When she turned around to face me, I saw a few of what she was carrying. She had a vibrator, a gag, and duct tape.

She started walking to me, eyes wide open, terrified. The vibrator was placed on my clit and turned to the highest setting. If I was able to move I would have jumped in shock. The duct tape was carefully placed over it. Holding escort bursa the vibrator, so it wouldn’t move. The gag was placed in my mouth. And as it tightened in place, I could feel my voice coming back to me. I tried to speak with the man, who was watching us with a smirk on his face.

“Like I said earlier. There is no need to struggle. My friend’s and I are here to make you feel good. And once you start cumming for us, there is no going back. You are ours. We claim you. Do not fight the feeling. Your friend here doesn’t share the same loneliness as you do. We do not need her, therefore she will be used to pleasure you. When she has served her purpose she will go home safely. She won’t remember tonight, just as she will not remember you.”

I started crying into my gag and I could see a tear slide down Bree’s face. My body was already reacting to the vibrator. Bree started involuntarily sliding her fingers into my wet pussy. She stuck the first one in ever so slowly, and you could hear the juices suctioning as she moved in and out. Another finger slid in and I moaned loudly.

“We knew you’d be the perfect victim, you need this release. And the ones we will continue to give you after that. Your body knows what your mind does not. And soon, you will be crying without our touches.”

I tried to shut the mans voice out. Ignore the sensations flowing through me as my best friend continued to finger fuck me. The vibrator still was on high, and I was losing the battle. I felt the build up and cried loudly into my gag as pleasure coursed throughout my entire body. It flowed through me and as I started coming too, the vibrator shut off and Bree vanished into thin air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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