You and Me Continued

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Double Penetration

On the way home from the restaurant, we kept teasing each other. You kept to your story that I should be punished for the whole thing at the restaurant.

“How can I make it up to you,” I asked as I rubbed my finger up from your knee to right below your cock.

“How badly do you want me to forgive you?” I was thinking to myself, he has to be kidding, I didn’t see him object when he was coming.

“I don’t want you to forgive me, didn’t know it was such a pain for you to come,” I snapped back. Good thing we were waiting at a light, because you leaned over and grabbed my head and brought it to you. You kissed me until the light turned green again. I figured since I was over there and you already think I am a bad girl and we have a little bit before we get back to your place might as well enjoy the sites. I unbuttoned your pants and pulled the zipper down. You kind of re-situated yourself so I could have better access. I reached in your pants and pulled out your cock. I leaned down and kissed the head of it. As I looked up at you to get your reaction my hand started slowly stroking your cock. I saw the little smirk on your face so I went back to enjoying myself. I started kissing down the backside of your shaft, all the way to the base. Then I slowly dragged my tongue back up to the tip of it. Just as I knew you were getting impatient with me I took your whole cock in my mouth and starting work up and down on it. Slowly at first, but then started working a little faster, sucking a little harder with each stroke. You pulled into your apartment complex, but I wasn’t finished yet, so we weren’t about to move anywhere. I kept working faster and harder on your cock. After a few more minutes you came deep into my throat.

I couldn’t sleep, so I slipped on one sincan escort of your t-shirts and headed to the kitchen to get a drink. As I was leaning over to reach for a bottle of water on the lower shelf I felt your hand squeeze my ass cheek.

“I thought we agreed no clothing when we are together,” you asked.

“I was a little chilly when I got up, plus I didn’t think you would mind.” You took the bottle water from my hand and placed it on the counter.

“Well you broke our rule now you must pay.” I wasn’t too sure if you were serious or if you were kidding. You told me to head to the couch, so I obeyed. As we got there you pushed me down on the couch and grabbed my legs and forced them apart, after lining yourself up you slammed your cock deep into my pussy. Pushing harder and harder the more into it we got. When you started I was afraid but then at one point I looked up at you and you caught my glance and gave me a wink and a little smirk. I knew instantly you were just playing a bad boy role. So I played a long. I placed my hands on your chest and gently tried to get you off of me, knowing it wouldn’t work. I tried to scoot away from you and you just followed, making sure your cock never left my pussy.

“Stop trying to get away, you know you love it, you know you’re a slut, so just enjoy it,” you said. I tried so hard not to laugh and not enjoy how awesome your cock felt in my tight pussy.

“Fuck you, I would never be your cum slut,” I replied just as I really did push you off of me onto the floor. I walked quickly away heading down the hallway to the bathroom. You caught up with me and forced me against the wall, squishing my breast between the wall and me, it slightly hurt so I yelped. You let up slightly sıhhiye escort just as you rammed your cock back into my pussy. You brought your arm around to massage my breast as you pound me harder and harder.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“I didn’t do it to help you, you slut, I did it because I love those perky ass tits of yours,” you snapped backed. After a few more minutes of you pounding my pussy so hard my knees became week, I shoved you backwards forcing you against the wall.

“I want to be your fucking cum slut,” I said as I got on my knees taking your cock into my mouth and starting sucking on it. I reached up and massaged your balls as I worked up and down on your cock. Sucking harder and harder with each stroke of my mouth. Since we had been fucking for a bit, you came shortly after I started. You watched as I swallowed ever drop and then kept sucking to get you hard again. You raised me up off my knees and as you carried me back to the living room we kissed me deeply.

“Since you don’t seem tired, let’s watch TV,” you said as you put me down on the couch. I stood up and pushed you down on the couch and suggested you lie on your side and slide to the back. You knew what I have wanted to do with you for a while so you gladly took up my suggestion and slid backwards. I raised the shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor

“Do you like how your cum slut looks with out the shirt on?” You didn’t say a word, just raised your one hand to my pussy and rubbed it on my clit.

“I like what you look like no matter what your in you slut.” I lay down on the couch in front of you and pushed my ass against your cock.

“Are you sure about this?” you asked. I nodded as I pushed against you some more. I felt your subayevleri escort hand separate my ass cheeks and slowly begin to slide in. I pulled away for a bit, and you just stopped. You let me get use to having your cock in my ass, you knew how long it has been since the last time I had a cock in there so you were just being patient, you didn’t want to hurt me. After a few minutes, I pushed against your cock, and you took the queue and pushed all the way into my ass. I turned my head back towards you and we kissed. We just kept kissing as your cock sat in my ass for a little bit. Neither one of us moved so we could completely enjoy our kiss. Once we stopped kissing you slowly started to pump in and out of my ass, slowly withdrawing your cock almost to point of being completely out of me, then you slowly slid all the way back in. you kept this up while I flipped through the channels to find something to watch. I found some movie that both of us agreed on. You stopped fucking my ass but left your cock in me, knowing that is what I wanted.

We sat and watched the movie for a few minutes, but I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to ride your cock, but as soon as I started you grabbed me and pulled me close to you and reminded me that we were just suppose to sit here. I regained my composure and remained still for a few more minutes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned my head back and began to kiss you. After a few seconds of kissing I started to ride you again. This time you didn’t stop me you just started pushing towards me. You grabbed my hips and held me still as you started to pound harder and faster into my ass. I kept yelling for you to fuck me harder. We started kissing again as you slid one of your hands down to my clit and started rubbing it. After a few minutes I started coming. Just as I finished coming, you pulled my hips closer to you as you started coming deep in my ass. You left your cock in my ass till it went completely limp. Then we kissed one last time before I got up and told you I was going to go take a shower to clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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