Workplace Revelations Ch. 01

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Jamie looked at her, she wasn’t the normal type; she wasn’t unattractive, just different to look at. Working in a recruitment agency, they had a lot of girls, women and men walk through everyday and Kara just stuck out. He watched her as she bent over the desk to retrieve a pile of portfolio’s, her black skirt riding up just a little; the line of her butt cheeks pressing through the material. He could feel himself twitch at the thought of that arse. He leaned back in his seat, affording him a better view of the office.

It was an ultra modern building, all glass and no dark corners; it hadn’t bothered him last week when he took the girl Friday, but Kara had that look of innocence about her, like she would need convincing, breaking in before she let herself be used for that kind of exhibitionism.

He was bought back to the present as she slipped past, a waft of her perfume filling his nostrils. He groaned inwardly and stretched. There was something in the way she acted, even the scent she wore that made him want her. And yet he had not even made so much as small talk to her since she started three months ago. Closing his eyes he ran through his newest fantasy.

It would be early; he had come in early to work on a new project, assigning security guards to their new postings. He had asked for Kara to work on the project with him as she seemed to be good with logistics. He would be in first, half an hour before they were due to meet. He always had to get there first. Then she would arrive. In his fantasy she wore a pair of red suede stilettos that pushed her height up to 5ft9 from its usual 5ft6. Bare legs, he loved to feel a woman’s skin, then that skirt she insisted on wearing the past two Fridays. It was a simple enough skirt, a-line fitted on the hips, falling to the knee. It would have been fine except for the slit that ran up the front from knee to mid-thigh, flashing her toned legs every time she walked past, a cheeky hint of skin otherwise kept under wraps. balgat escort When she had worn that skirt he had wanted to pounce on her, sure she was doing it to drive him mad. Then on her ample 36DD chest the boned shirt, dark blue, fastening up the front, squeezing her tits up and together, a that waistcoat that served to draw the eye down along her front.

He loved those items of her clothing, and paired together it would result in him getting hard instantly. She would come in, and he was never sure how he managed it but he would gradually move her closer to the wall, pinning her body in between it and him. He would feel the heat of her flesh through their clothing; the movement of her chest as she breathed heavily, slightly panicky as he forced her legs apart with his. Holding her hands above her head, he would use his tie to secure them. He wouldn’t want her to escape as he tortured her exquisite body with his lust.

How many times did he have the fantasy of bending her over his desk and finger fucking her? He groaned slightly as he felt the twitch of pre-cum escape. He had been so hard for the past three months from just thinking about her.

Opening his eyes he saw her staring at him. He blushed, and wondered if it were possible she could read his mind. She smiled at him and walked over to his desk.

“Jamie?” he stared at her, trying not to let the blush enter his face, had she heard his thoughts?


“Are you working on the Chambers project?” He looked at her quizically.

“Yes, why?” She bent forward just a little more, he could see the red ribbon on her bra, the round orbs of her breasts, pinned back to her chest.

“My brother needs a job, he would excellent for it. Please could you put him on the list of approved workers? You’ve seen him. Please, it would help me out.”

Jamie leaned backed, edging away from the terror of her figure, trying to ease the pressure on his cock. “I would make it worth batıkent escort your while.” He paused, his breath catching in his throat. The immortal words.

“Anything?” Did she really say it or was this just another fantasy? She looked over her shoulder before edging round the desk , placing her hands on his shoulders, rubbing them gently with her nubile fingers; letting them work further down his back, closer to his pierced nipples, lips grazing his ear. “Yes. Anything.” Closing his eyes he let himself melt into those hands. His “Okay” barely left his throat.

Jamie could not keep his mind together. All that went round was the promise of forcing his cock into her cunt, burying himself so deep that his balls hit her arse. He had come twice today in the toilets just thinking of that promise. He was going to get his desires served. The closer it got to five o’clock the harder it was for him to remain focused on his work. He just wanted to take her by the hand, put her into the car, find somewhere abandoned and fuck her till she screamed for him to stop. He couldn’t keep up with her teasing, any spare moment when no one was around she would run her fingers around his neck, breathing into his ear, sometimes there was the faintest hint of a tongue as she edged close to him; but it was always broken off by someone coming into the office.

“Are you ready?” her voice roused him and he turned to find her standing in the doorway, one button of her top open, showing more of her lingerie than she might have wanted to. Not trusting his capacity of speech he just nodded and logged off the computer. “We’ll go to my place; I only live round the corner.” She linked arms with him, marching him towards his doom.

It was a five minute walk to her apartment, and he was amazed that she could afford such a great location. Two large bedrooms, separate lounge and kitchen, views of the city, roofscapes. She led him up the stairs, holding his hand firmly ankara escort between her fingers. Leading him to the lounge she forced him into the armchair, pulling off his tie.

“How long have you been staring at me wanting to fuck me?”

He looked at her; taken aback by how open she was, “Since you first walked in.” She bent over his ear, darting her tongue inside, feeling him squirm in pleasure underneath her firm legs. She unbuttoned his shirt, button by button she felt for his nipples, flicking them in her fingers. His hands darted up to fondle her but she pushed them back down. She wanted to do the pleasuring, at least to begin with. Rocking back, she reached a hand to his buckle, beginning to allow his member to escape. He leant back in the chair, enjoying the sensation of getting something he wanted after so long. He felt her hand encircle him, expertly stroking him to full hardness. He squirmed underneath her legs, feeling them pin him down.

“God you’re strong!” She smiled wickedly, kissing him deeply, wrapping her tongue around his. Reaching to her neck, she untied the patterned silk scarf that she wore instead of a necklace, linking it around his wrists, she stood, and led him to the bedroom; pushing him back onto the firm mattress she tied his hands to the frame. Unhooking her shirt, she let it fall to the floor, and turned away as she slipped out of her skirt showing the eagle tattoo on the base of her spine, black polka dot French knickers, skimming the top of her arse, perfectly rounded and toned. She looked over her shoulder and grinned as she unpinned her hair. “I always wanted to do the sexy secretary look.” She shook it down and undid her bra, letting her firm tits escape their confines. Turning back she climbed on the bed, tugging down his boxers, smiling as he sprung to attention. Holding his penis at the base she ran her tongue around his head, teasing his eye, flicking around with her tongue before impaling her mouth on his cock. She enjoyed the way he hit the back of her throat, almost making her gag. It felt so good she had to restrain herself from just jumping on him and riding him. He closed his eyes and groaned as she used one hand to massage his balls as she bobbed her head up and down on him.

… to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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