Winter Formal

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age.


Zachary woke up to the sound of his alarm blaring in his ear. He tried to find his phone to turn off the early morning annoyance. Today was the start of another school year. The day he had been dreading all summer long. The bright sunlight was helping to bring him out of his slumber. He sat up looking down at his tanned toned body. He wasn’t a muscle head, but he felt like the hard work he had put in over the summer working out had paid off. He was hoping that maybe having a decent body would help to get him some attention from the girls at school. He finally got up out of bed and headed to the shower to finish his preparation for the day.

This was Zach’s first year at his new school and he was nervous. He didn’t have much opportunity to meet new people during the summer so he was hoping he wouldn’t stand out too much on his first day. Walking up to the front doors he grabbed the heavy handle and pulled making his way down the old school hallway looking for his first class. Finding the door he walked through and sat down in an empty chair taking a brief look around the room. There were several students there he made eye contact with and then they awkwardly looked away. The bell rang and those who weren’t sitting finally settled in to their seats. Their balding teacher started to go over the years syllabus and started to take attendance.

As he was reading through the list of students names the door suddenly opened and that’s when Zach’s world would be completely changed. In walked the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen. Zach couldn’t take his eyes away as they traveled from her shoes up he long tan legs up to here incredible eyes. His attention was brought back down to her perfect lips as she exclaimed to their teacher, “I am so sorry I’m late! I went to the wrong classroom! Please forgive me?!” Zach was mesmerized by her voice, there was a sweetness to it and it was at that moment he knew he needed to find out who she was.

Thankfully the gods were smiling on Zach because the only open seat that was left happened to be right next to him. As she walked down the aisle to the open seat their eyes caught for just a second and her lips curled up into the cutest smile as she whispered, “mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all, please do.” Zach replied as he stumbled over his words.

The teacher continued to take attendance calling out names from his list and having students respond with “here” or “present.” He paid close attention to when the beauty beside him would respond. In fact he was concentrating so hard that he didn’t respond when his name was called the first time. Slightly embarrassed he looked over to see her laughing a little at him, but her smile with the laughter told him it wasn’t a mean laugh. Eventually the name Sarah was called and he her respond with “here.” He thought to himself, “not only is she beautiful but she always has such a pretty name.”

Class continued on the bell rang and chaos erupted as the students all were in a hurry to move on to the next stop for their day. Zach tried to get her attention but her friend had already swooped in and started talking about all the gossip that she had to share. Zach sat at his desk a little bummed as he watched her walk to the door, but he had a surge of excitement rush through him when Sarah looked back and smiling at him before walking out the door. Zach couldn’t contain his smile, this new mystery girl had made his day, and they hadn’t even talked.

The day continued on and Zach never even saw her again. It wasn’t for lack of trying. He looked for her every time that he entered a new room. When he was walking to a new class he would look for her, but much to his disappointment he wasn’t able to find her. He was pretty upset, that the one girl that had caught his eye was no where to be found. He then started to question if the mornings events actually happened. RIINNGGG!! The final bell shook him out of his daydream questions and he made his way to his locker to collect his stuff. Just then the vision of beauty stepped around the corner and was walking straight toward him. Again, a smile immediately shaped his lips as his nerves washed over him. The voice inside his head telling him to go talk to her. “It’s now or never.” He thought to himself. He took a step toward her and stuck out his had saying, “I’m Zach, from first hour. We haven’t formally met, but I just wanted to say hi.” She smirked as she reached out and shook his hand.

“I’m Sarah, nice to meet you officially.”

Zach felt like an idiot, “who shakes hands?” He thought to himself.

She continued on, “are you new here? I don’t think i’ve seen you around before.”

“Yeah, we moved here over the Summer, my parents split up so now I’m here with my mom closer to her family.”

“Well i hope you like it here. There’s a lot of assholes balgat escort but a few of us are alright.” She smiled as she said that.

Zach laughed as he replied, “seems like there are assholes wherever you go, I’ll try to avoid those and stick with the few that are alright.”

She smiled a little mischievous smile “can i borrow your phone real quick?”

“Umm, sure.” He replied as he pulled his phone out and unlocked it handing it to her.

She grabbed it and started to tap at the screen. When she was finished she handed it back, looking him in the eye she said, “now you have my number, just in case you need help with any of those assholes.” With that she turned and walked away. Zach watched her walk away, he couldn’t help but notice what a nice booty she had as well, he shook his head, scolding himself a little.

Zach went home that night and messaged her. That was the start of many conversations, sometimes serious, other times goofy and all the time enjoyable. Zach found out that she, like him, had started school late and so she was an 18 year old senior as well. The more they talked the more they learned about each other and the more that they wanted to be together. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and those months led up to the next big moment in their lives.

Winter formal was coming up and Zach was nervous. He wanted to ask Sarah so badly but was super nervous she would say no. He didn’t have a reason why she would, he just didn’t want to jeopardize the relationship that they had. One night as they were messaging each other he worked up the courage and just asked. “Are you going with anyone to the winter formal?”

She responded, “no one has asked me yet.” (She actually was lying, she had already turned down three other guys, hoping that Zach would ask her.)

“Well I was hoping that maybe you would go with me. I mean, would you be my date?”

There was silence, she waited and waited, not because she was debating if she would accept his invitation, but just to make him squirm a little. Finally, she replied, “I would love to! Thanks for asking! We are going to have so much fun!”

Zach jumped off his bed and did a little victory dance, “alright! I can’t wait! We can talk details later.”

A few weeks later after plans had been made the night of winter formal had finally arrived. Zach wanted to make this the best night of her life. Deep down he wished that they were dating but wasn’t sure if she felt the same way. Regardless he wanted to show her a good time because of the amazing person that she is. Zach borrowed his uncle’s car for the night. A midnight black sports car. His uncle told him that if he even thought about putting a scratch on it, he’d be a dead man. Dressed up in his new suit he drove to sarah’s house. Nervously he walked up to the door carrying a flower for her wrist but also a bouquet for as well. He had also written her a card to go with it. Standing at the front door he pressed the button for the doorbell. From inside he could here someone shout, “he’s here!” Suddenly the door opened and he was greeted by her mom. “Come in, come in, she will be right out, she’s just finishing up.”

A few moments passed and then he could here the sound of high heels clicking against the hardwood floor. He raised his head up to see an angelic vision appear. His eyes moved from her shiny heels up the length of her long white dress that had a slit for her tanned leg to move out of as she took a step. His eyes continued to travel up seeing how the dress hugged her womanly curves to wear the top showed off her perfect cleavage. He caught himself staring a little too long and blushed as his eyes moved up to see her incredible face, highlighted with a perfect amount of makeup. There was a brightness that emanated from her eyes and comforting joy that her amazing smile brought.

Zach stepped forward, offering her the bouquet of flowers. “These are for you, he said. Please don’t read the card until later.”

“Thank you, they are beautiful.” She handed them to her mom to put them in a vase.

“Here’s the flower for your wrist, I hope you like it ok.”

She reached out her arm as he slid the strap over her hand. His fingers touched her skin for the first time sending a shock through his body. He didn’t know if he would be able to keep himself under control if the slightest touch sent so much feeling through his body. After taking the obligatory pictures together, Zach led her out to the car, opened the door and helped her get in. As he walked back to the drivers seat he couldn’t help but think of what a lucky guy he was. Not only is she the most beautiful girl at their school, she’s also the kindest, most caring person he knows. He jumped in the front seat started up the car and took off.

They pulled up to the dance, he ran over to open her door and extended his arm batıkent escort out for her to place her arm in his. The young couple walked arm in arm up the steps and through the doors inside the building where the music was bumping and the lights were flashing. The dance floor was a sea of people moving to the beat being blasted by the dj. Tonight was going to be fun. After finding a table to drop their stuff, Sarah grabbed Zach by the arm and pulled him out to the dance floor. The fast song got them moving and they were enjoying themselves. Unfortunately for Zach, Sarah’s amazing body was causing his body to react as she was bumping and pressing up against him. Just then the music changed with a slow song playing through the speakers.

Zach’s body was struck with fear. “Shit! How am I going to keep her from feeling this.” Sarah turned to face him and then lifted her arms up to wrap around his neck. Zach placed his hand on the sides of waist just above her hips as they swayed to the slow beat of the song. The music and the sway had a way of pulling them closer and the song progressed. Every few steps the gap between the two would close until eventually her head was tucked tight against his neck and his hands were wrapped completely around here waist holding her close to himself. Lost in the moment he completely forgot about his dilemma until it poked into her stomach. He immediately pulled back embarrassed of what had happed. She looked up, smiled and said, “it’s ok, don’t worry about it, i consider it a compliment.” And then she pulled herself tight against his body and placed her warm soft lips on his. Her kiss was incredible. He kissed her back, pulling her tight to himself, letting her know how much he loved her.

The night continued on, Zach was finally able to get his erection under control a little bit so it wasn’t poking her every time she was close to him and the night seemed to fly by. The music faded and then the bright overhead lights came on indicating it was time for the dance to end. They quickly gathered their things and headed back out to the car. Zach didn’t want the night to end so he asked if she was ready to go home of if she wanted to go do somewhere else. She wanted to go somewhere else. Zach put the car in drive and headed back to his house. He knew his mom would be in bed and since his room was downstairs there wasn’t much chance that she would wake up.

He pulled the car up in front of his house and they quietly made their way inside. They quietly made their way through the living room to the stairs and walked down to his bedroom. Once inside his room Zach said, “I just want to hang out with you more, I don’t want this night to end, but I have to be honest. You are the most incredible girl I have ever met and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to be more than just friends. These past few months have been the best of my life and the only reason is because of you. I don’t want to ruin what we have, but I also don’t think I can continue on just being friends. I guess what I’m trying to say is, would you be my girlfriend?”

Sarah started looked deeply into his eyes, “I have enjoyed these past few months as well and have been waiting for you to ask me! Why did it take you so long? Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend!”

Zach moved in and wrapping her in a big hug and lifting her off the ground. They laughed as he gently placed her back down and then tilted his head down to kiss her lips. They kissed, nibbling on each other’s lips, slipping their tongues inside the others mouth. Running their hands over each other’s bodies as the intensity of the kiss started to build. Zach rub his hands over her upper back and moved them down over top of her perfect ass. Giving a gentle squeeze causing her to moan just a slight moan. She could feel the hardness again pressing into her stomach, knowing this she pressed herself tight against him rubbing herself against his erection. Pulling back she looked him in the eyes and said, “one thing, I’m a virgin and I plan to stay that way for awhile. I’m sorry. But I really want to do other things with you, we just can’t fuck, ok?”

Zach just smiled, “I really want to do things with you too. I promise not to fuck you until you’re ready.”

“Ok,” stepping back she turned around and looking over her shoulder she said, “Would you help me with this zipper?”

Zach stepped forward, nervously grasping the zipper as slowly pulled it down. The back of her dress parted revealing more of her perfectly tanned skin. Moving down a shiny white strap of her bra came into view. Just seeing that made him get more excited. Inch by inch he lowered the zipper until it hit the end. His eyes traveled up the v of her exposed back taking in the sexy curve of her spine. Bringing his hands up he placed his fingers under the shoulder straps of the dress and slid them over her ankara escort shoulders and down her arms exposing more and more of her perfect body. As the dress started to fall lower a pair of matching lacy white panties came into view. Zach audibly caught his breath when he saw her plump booty perfectly encased in her panties. The dress fell to the floor, pooling as her feet. Stepping over her dress she turned slowly to face Zach. Stepping closer she placed her lips by his ear and whispered, “I wore this especially for you. I want you to enjoy your present”

Zach was in heaven, never had he been with a girl that was this beautiful, never had he had someone so in love with him and him with her. Never had he had someone who knew just what he wanted like she did. Pulling his suit coat off, he hurriedly unbuttoned his shirt as she work on undoing his pants. Frantically and clumsily each piece of his clothing left his body and ended up on the floor leaving him in his boxer briefs. Standing facing one another he grabbed her pulling her into a hot and heavy kiss. Running his hands firmly over her body, grabbing handfuls of her booty, bringing them up to feel her incredible tits there was an aggressive passion that had swept over him. He kissed her lips, down her neck and back up to her lips again. Enjoy the feel of her soft skin, and the smell of her perfume.

Lifting her up he tossed her on the bed. Climbing over her body, he reached up and grabbed her by the neck. Squeezing her throat he start to kiss down her body starting at he shoulder and moving down following the strap of her bra to her plump breast. Reaching up with his hand he pulled the cup of her bra down to expose her perfect orb. His lips again devoured her, licking, sucking, nibbling at her breast. Her hands grasped at the sheets of his bed while her body writhed beneath him. Moans growing louder as he teased her body.

Continuing he descent he placed kisses along her side moving down to her belly just above the edge of panties. He inhaled the sweet scent of her sex. Moving his way back up to work on her other breast. She wanted more, he was teasing her and she wanted more. He could feel her body react when he didn’t continue to go down below her waist. But he knew that she wouldn’t be sad for long. Running his hand over her hip he brought it down and using one finger traced along the edges of the material covering her sex. Then one by one he slipped his fingers under the top edge of her panties. His hand slid slowly down feeling the heat and wetness that was coming from between here thighs. Gently he slide his fingers over the outside of her lips. Coating his fingers with her juices. Then applying more pressure, he dipped his fingers down between her folds, sliding two fingers through the soft skin of her pussy. She again moaned, trying to move he pressed his body against hers pinning her down. She loved his control.

Moving his fingers he dips one down to her opening. Then slowly slides the tip in, he keeps going as her body tenses up, feeling her virgin pussy being filled with his finger. He keeps pressing in until he can’t go anymore and then pulls it back out, again taking his time. He then presses it back in, a little faster this time, and then back out. He’s been watching her up until this point but can’t hold back. He moves his lips back to hers and starts to make out with her. As his fingers continue to descend into her depths. She starts to grind her hips to meat his thrusts. He slowly adds another finger, again stretching her for a moment. She relaxes as they again get into a rhythm. They continue to make out as their bodies are pressed tight together. He moves his thumb to bump into her clit every time his hand moves forward. In and out, in and out, in and out. Her moans get louder through their kiss. In and out, in and out, in and out, she breaks the kiss and places her head against his shoulder as her orgasm rips through her body. He body tenses as the waves of bliss ripple through her. Zach slowly removes his hand from her and lays next to her watching he chest rise and fall as her breathing slows back to a normal rhythm.

She turns her head with her messy hair hanging over her face, he reaches up and moves it behind her ear, gently rubbing her cheek in the process. Looking into each other’s eyes they smile as she moves her hand to his chest and slowly down to the front of his briefs. She pulls the waistband down and over his hard penis and wraps he little hand around his cock. He shudders as the feeling of her hand is so much better than his own. He’s never felt someone else touch him like this. She leans closer stroking his cock, and starts to place little kisses all over his face and then back to his lips. They kiss, but this time gentle, light pecks and she continues to rub him. He reaches over and places his hand on her hip, feeling again the warm smooth skin of her body. He is overwhelmed by her. She continues to rub as he thrusts his hips forward. His cum shoots all over her stomach as she continues to stroke him. He gives one final thrust as the last of his warm seed leaves his body. They kiss again, and pull each other into a tight embrace, exhausted.

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