The Insatiable Virgin

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I was an only child of older parents who provided me with almost everything I ever desired. We lived in a house that was in a lower middle class, working-guy neighborhood. Good place, low in crime, neighbors who knew everyone and kept track of each other. I had an interest from day one in mechanical things, technical stuff, how things are put together. It’s how I’ve ended up a techno-geek, a computer programmer, an inventor.

When I was about ten, in fourth grade, I was walking home from school and a little girl, maybe two years old, was in the yard of a house down the street. She saw me and came out to the sidewalk. “I’m Marie,” she said, “Who are you?”

“I’m Ben,” I answered, “Glad to meet you Marie,” and went on my way. From then on every time we saw each other it would be “Hi, Ben” and Hi, Marie”. By the time I was in high school Marie was in grade school. I had my first computer then and somehow she found out and showed up one time asking if she could do some school project on it. She didn’t know diddly about computers so I actually did the work under her direction. From then on, she would come by to use my computer. I went on to college locally, gradually obtained several more advanced computers, and she actually learned how to use a computer. So her coming by regularly continued.

For whatever reason, I liked her. Her using my computers never bothered me. I guess she liked me, even though there was a big age difference. No one in her family or mine was bothered by her spending a fair amount of time with me. My parents, or at least one of them, were always around.

Starting in high school, I became serious about being in good physical shape. I ran track. As I got older, I started using gyms and working out regularly and I’ve kept it up.

My father died when I was in college. I graduated and went to work using my computer programming knowledge but kept living at home. Another guy I worked with and me developed a new product. Our employer, as was agreed with all of us techno types, paid us royalties as the product became popular. That made us realize that we could have made a huge amount more if we owned the product. So, we started any additional development after work, on our own, and eventually did well, quit our jobs and became entrepreneurs. About then, my mother died.

I still lived at home. Marie still came by to use my computers. By then she was in high school. Very athletic, she ran track as I did in school and also was on the varsity soccer team. So she was and is in good physical shape, although at the time I didn’t pay much attention to that aspect of her. I was and still am pretty much a loner. Never dated girls. Sort of wanted to but wanted to be on my own even more. Eventually I started looking at some porn on my computer and would masturbate as I watched people fucking. I almost paid for sex a couple times but always backed out first. Each time I came up with some reason or another.

Anyway, this one day Marie is here, using my computer. I’m in another room using my laptop. I spend a lot of time on computers. I make very good money because of that. For whatever reason, I look up a porn site and am watching a guy and girl get naked and start doing things with each others’ sex organs. I guess I’m concentrating on the porn and not paying much attention elsewhere because all of a sudden, from right behind me, Marie’s voice says, “Would you do that?” At the moment, ‘that’ was the guy licking the girls pussy very rapidly.

I jump. I’m scared to some extent, embarrassed even more that I had been caught. I slam the laptop shut. “I’m sorry Marie,” I blurt out.

“You don’t have to be sorry, I look at that stuff, too. It’s just that I’ve never done it even though I’d like to. Do you do stuff like that? I mean, would you use your mouth and fingers on a woman like that?”

“I don’t think we should be talking like this,” I say. I’m sure I’m red in the face. “You’re too young.”

Before I can say anything else, she interrupts. “I’m not too young. I’m eighteen. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a full grown woman. I’m ready to be doing stuff like that. Open your lap top and lets both look at some more.”

“Open the lap top?” Even as I say it I know it’s weak but this isn’t anything that I have ever imagined would happen.

“Yeah. You like to watch it, I like to watch it. So why not?”

It makes me look at Marie as I’d never done before. She’s right. She’s a very attractive female. Maybe not movie star gorgeous but fairly tall and in good physical shape, sort of long and lithe. “But you’re female and I’m male, we shouldn’t be together watching anything like this.”

She lets out a little laugh. “That’s so lame, Ben. Two people of the opposite sex are exactly who ought to watch this stuff together. If they manage to get turned on enough they should then do those things with each other.”

“You and me?”

“Yes. Definitely. I’ve always liked you. You’ve always seemed to like me. We’re both old enough. It’s not like both of us don’t want to. illegal bahis It’s just a matter of admitting it and doing something about it. “

“In fact, you’re very attractive, Marie but I’m a lot older and you should be doing all this with someone your own age.”

“What are you now, twenty six? That’s not too old. But you never answered my question, would you do that? Like that guy was doing?”

“Uh, I don’t know whether I should answer you or not but, truthfully, no, I’ve never done that. I’ve thought about it and think that I’d probably like to but I’ve never done it or anything like it.”

“Well I was asking because I’d absolutely love to have that done. I’ve fantasized about it over and over. I’ve also fantasized about doing things to a guy, too. But I’ve never done it either, probably for the same reasons as you. I want to but I’ve never had the nerve to let a guy get at me. I guess I’m a little afraid of what might happen.” And then we just sit there for a moment and look at each other. “Just open the computer and let us both watch a couple scenes, huh?”

I know I’m making a mistake but I do what she says. As the picture shows up he’s still got his face to her, his tongue working really fast. “She’s shaved,” Marie says, “I’m not. Is it important for the girl to be shaved, Ben?”

I tear my eyes away from the computer for a moment. “I don’t know. It probably doesn’t make a lot of difference. You’d taste the same either way. Maybe it’s a little easier or something, though.” She grins at me. I turn back to watch. The guy has slid up over the girl and she reaches down and helps aim him into her and they start fucking.

“His thing looks pretty big but it seems to slide right in,” she says. “I wonder if it always goes that easy.”

“They’re both paid. They both probably do this several times a day for the cameras. Probably it wouldn’t be as easy if you hadn’t just finished doing this a couple times earlier. From what I’ve read, the first time, particularly, needs to be done with more care. Her first time was probably years ago, though.”

Marie gives a little laugh again. “I never thought of that. They’re pros, they do this all the time. Look at how she’s reacting, I’ve always thought that meant she’s having a really good orgasm. Is she really just acting?”

“I don’t know. I can’t imagine that she doesn’t feel something even of she’s done it an awful lot.”

The guy pulls out and the girl moves around to take his cock into her mouth. She starts bobbing her head back and forth, working her lips on his cock. “You’ve never answered me, whether you’d do stuff to a woman but I can tell you I really want to try what she’s doing now. That’s very, very sexy I think.”

“Well, yes, I would do that to a woman. I think I would like to very much.”

“Look. he’s pulling out to cum on her face. Why do they always show the guy cumming like that?”

“Probably to let the viewer know he’s actually cumming, that it isn’t all fake.”

“Yeah, probably. I think I’d rather taste it though. It seems messy on her face.”

I can hear her breathing. I look away from the computer and see that she has her hand down inside her jeans, fingering herself. I realize again how attractive she is and how sexy this all is and that she’s actually got her fingers in herself. I can smell it a little. I say something that I never thought I would ever say to the girl I’ve known for years. “Can I do that for you?”

“Would you?” she asks, a surprised look on her face. I don’t answer, I reach for the waist of her jeans to start pulling them down. She lifts her butt a little and lets me pull them down over her hips. An elastic waist that stretches easily. While I’m doing this, she grabs the top of her panties, white cotton panties, to pull them down. “Might as well get both, Ben,” she says. I get them down her legs. She sort of kicks a little to get one shoe off, then the other. It looks like I might stop so she helps get both pants down over her feet. She then spreads her legs and I’m looking right at her hairy pubic area. She uses her fingers to pull herself open some and I see her pink and red insides, the light glistening on the wet surface some. I swallow and lean in to get my face to her.

My chin is in down in the couch cushion. Her pussy is way down between her legs. I can barely get my tongue to her. I lick up and down a little. “I need you to slide forward some so I can get at you,” I tell her, using my hands to pull on her hips. She slides forward so that her pussy is almost out over open space. I can really get at it now. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve watched it often on the computer so I just keep flicking my tongue over everything I can.

“Put a finger in me, Ben,” she says. I reach up under my chin and feel around. I really don’t know what I’m doing. She takes one hand away from holding herself open and aims my hand so my finger finds a spot where it can slide into her. “Yeah, yeah,” she says. “Move it.” I do, slide it further in and a little out and then in again. illegal bahis siteleri “Yeah and keep licking.” I can feel with my tongue there’s a little bump and when my tongue hits it she gasps a little, so I work my tongue on it and try and grab it with my lips. She almost screams. I pull back a moment and she puts her hand on my head and pulls me back to her, so I keep finger fucking her and licking.

I’m surprised how much I like this. It’s an awkward position and her hair feels almost like steel wool against my nose and cheeks as I move around tasting her. And there’s not really a lot of taste, at least not any strong taste. Maybe something like licking raw meat mught taste like. But somehow, feeling her flesh with my tongue, feeling her insides with my finger moving in her, is all very, very sexy. The way her flesh changes, getting wetter and more engorged, her clit growing, her vagina opening up, and the sounds she’s making as she obviously is feeling this a lot, all make it a terrific experience that I’ll be willing to experience over and over.

“Ohmigod, ohmigod, Yes. Yes.” Her hips are jumping a little, her hand is really holding my head into her. She gives out a couple little screams and I can feel that my finger is in a much looser place than before and it’s much wetter, she’s putting out some fluid. I start to pull back. “Not yet, not yet, just a little more please.” So I continue to move my finger and suck on her pussy with my mouth and she gives a louder scream and sort of collapses. Her hand falls away from my head. I pull back and look at her.

I’m kneeling on the floor between her legs and I can feel that my face is sticky with her juices. She’s in a heap on the couch, smiling and looking like she’s just run a race, worn out. “Ben, you’re perfect. Give me a couple minutes and I want to do the same for you.”

Then she grins. She starts to unbutton her blouse. “Ben, that was too good. This can’t end up a one time thing. We’re going to spend a lot of time together and we’ll both get to do everything we’ve ever fantasized about. So we should really get naked and go to a bedroom where we can be more comfortable. O.k?”

I’m kneeling there, my face about a foot away from the lovely pussy I was just eating and this pretty girl is asking me to have more and more sex with her. In a way I wanted to end this before it got any further but in a much bigger way I wanted exactly what she’d just described. So I stand up and pull my shirt over my head and toss it on the floor next to her pants. She has removed her blouse and is unfastening her bra, then shrugging it down off her shoulders. I’m looking at the first, live, female breasts I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous. Maybe not quite as full and plump as some I’d seen on the net but definitely there, nipples hard and pointing right at me. I reach to her and take her hand and help her stand up. “Marie, we may both live to regret this ever happened but let’s get on it with it before I overthink it.” I put my arms around her, hold her close so her bare breasts are against my bare chest and kiss her with my lips still sticky from her pussy juices.

This was the first time we ever kissed. In fact, it was the first time, at twenty six years old, that I had ever kissed anyone other than in my family. And it’s with a very attractive, naked, sexy girl! I just keep kissing. I run my hand up and down her back, feeling the amazing curve off her lower back onto her butt. Her firm, round butt that feels, as I’ve heard said, as smooth as a baby’s ass. Just amazing.

“Ben,” she almost whispers as we break the kiss. “Take your clothes off.” Then she kisses me again, her arms around me, her feeling my ass, through my pants, like I had felt hers. So I hold her and kiss her some more. When we finally break, I start undoing my belt. She tries to help, making sure that I know she wants me naked, too, but actually sort of slows the action a little. But finally my pants and boxer shorts fall down off my hips onto the floor. She wraps one hand around my very erect cock and kneels to help get my pants off over my feet and then off to the side. That lets her turn her attention to my cock, that she’s been holding all through helping get my pants off to the side.

“I’ve dreamed at night about this. It’s bigger than I thought.” She moves her hand back and forth on it, moving the skin along with her fingers. She uses her other hand to sort of fondle my balls, feeling them and moving them around in her hand. “It’s perfect,” she says and leans forward a little to lick the head with her tongue. I bet she got a taste of something, as hard as I am, I’m probably putting out a little something. “Um” she says, looking up at me and grinning. Then she opens her mouth and gets her lips around the head and sucks on it. She backs off again and stares at my cock a second. “I can hardly get my mouth open wide enough,” she says like she’s speaking her thoughts out loud, still looking right at my cock. Then she gets her lips around it again and slides down my cock, taking as much canlı bahis siteleri of it into her mouth as she can. I can feel the head hitting her throat.

I can hear her almost humming, slurping a little, as she starts doing what I’ve seen girls do on the net, sliding her mouth back and almost off and then forward again, swallowing my cock again, over and over. I’ve never felt anything so arousing in my life. It makes me realize she probably felt something like this when I was licking and fingering her. I also realize that I’m not going to last long, this is so much more than any time I’ve masturbated myself. “I’m going to cum, Marie,” I say out loud. She makes a sort of wet um-hum while she continues to lick and suck on me and then I shoot off. I can’t tell because it’s all going inside her mouth but it sure feels like the best orgasm I’ve ever had, probably giving her a real load.

She pulls her head back, her one hand still holding my cock, her other my balls, coughs while I shoot some cum on her face. I’d like to stop and not get it on her but I can’t control it. Her eyes flick up at me and she makes a little grin before opening her mouth and getting her lips around my cock again while I shoot one or two more times. She keeps me in her mouth, licking with her tongue and I know I’m done and say so. She pulls back again and looks up at me, still holding my cock and balls. “Wow, it was more than I expected. Next time I’ll do better.”

“I don’t think it can be done any better, Marie,” I tell her. She’s licking her lips and I get my hands under her arm pits and help lift her into a standing position so I can get my arms around her. I kiss her again. “I bet I taste funny,” she says after the kiss ends.

“I probably tasted funny when I kissed you after licking you. I love it all. This is so much more than I ever dreamed about,” I tell her and kiss her again, running my hands over as much of her as possible. “You mentioned going to a bedroom. Why don’t we? Lets’ use my Mom & Dad’s room, it has a bigger bed than mine does. We can make it our room, now.”

I never moved out of the room I’ve lived in my whole life. I have a single bed, actually not a lot more than a cot. My parents had a big double bed, that always seemed to me to sit high off the floor. It’s that room we go to. I pull the covers back so we both can climb up onto the sheet covered bed. I start kissing Marie again and we both lay back. I kiss down onto her shoulders, moving my hands ahead to her breasts. Lovely breasts. Half globes on the bottom, the nipples pointing straight out, almost pointing up a little. The tops coming down off her shoulders onto the half globes below almost like ski jumps.

I hold her breasts and kiss them, lick the nipples, then suck on one as I use my fingers on the other then switch to suck on the other. Marie seems to like what I’m doing, moaning a little. I love what I’m doing, getting at her perfect body. I kiss on down over her stomach, her very firm stomach. I think she knows where I’m heading. Or maybe she just wants me to head there. She pull her legs back, her knees almost to her shoulders, and I’m looking at her pussy again. I use both hands to pull the hair back, opening her a little so that I see her pink insides.

I get my face into her and lick up and down. She moans louder. One hand comes onto the back of my head. Her insides seem to become more engorged, almost open up on their own. I get both hands under her butt and lift her a little so that I can get my mouth to her. I suck on her, lick her, get my tongue on her clit and flick it back and forth. She moans louder, sort of little shrieks. She gets noticeably wetter. I move one hand off her butt to slide a finger into her. She’s already more open than she was the first time I did this. I pull the finger out and push two fingers into her. She presses on my head, holding me to her as I lick and suck on her.

It seems as if I’m being driven by instinct or something, I pull back from her. She starts to say “no” but as I slide up over her and she can feel my cock touching her pussy, she actually says, “fuck me, Ben, fuck me!” And I do. I push my cock into her. It’s a hard push, she’s so tight it’s as if my foreskin will get pulled off but I just keep pushing. I run into a wall, my cock head can’t move any further. She moves her legs on either side of me, gets her feet on the bed and pushes her hips up at me as I push into her and I can feel my cock ripping through something and making its way further into her. She lets out a really loud scream.

I stop. “Is something wrong?” I ask, starting to pull my cock back some.

“”Yes. No. Fuck me. Damn it fuck me!”

I push as hard as I can and I can feel our bodies against one another, I’m in as far as possible. Her whole body seems to be squirming beneath me. I pull back a little and push in again. And then again. I can move easier inside her now although it’s still tight in there, my whole cock is being massaged by her insides. She puts her arms up around me and I can feel her feet on my butt, her legs up around me, too. I push in and then pull back, over and over. “Faster, Ben, faster.” I move faster so that I feel almost like I’m banging into her. She’s grunting and her hips are pushing against me as I push into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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