The Hot Tub Experience!

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Finally, Pete and Kitty had a weekend alone!

They slipped their bags into the cottage on the outskirts of vast farm fields and surveyed the view. Nothing but the small compound of cottages and open fields for miles either side. Kitty gave a stretch and kicked her shoes off, picking up a much needed glass of wine, she followed Pete outside onto the patio yard. She cast her eyes over him as he explored the grounds, his fitted combats hugging that gorgeous arse and strong hips, broad shoulders peeling back the cover on their private hot tub. That was something she had in common with him – Pete had always loved her peachy rear and pear like hips, and she had learned to love her figure as much as he did!

Pete looked over his shoulder with the cheeky grin she had become accustomed to over the years.

“Fancy it?” he smirked, casting his eyes up and down her body as he tended to do when she wore her peach shorts and vest top.

“What, already?” Kitty replied. The sun was settling a little in the late afternoon, the last of the summer days were drawing to the close and it had been unseasonably warm during the day.

“Yeah, we don’t need to unpack anything!” Pete replied, as he peeled off his rugby top and smiled a little wider.

“What are you thinking?!” Kitty asked, knowing full well where this was going having put up with his suggestive comments and jokes all the way here. She sat on the swinging bench opposite the hot tub as the man she would soon be marrying turned his back, whipping down the now un-belted combats and kicking them off, before swinging his legs over the side of the pool and plunging beneath the water in one swift and very-much-naked motion.

Kitty sat swinging idly on the seat, mind running through the view before her, the fact they weren’t the only ones in the courtyard cottage setting this weekend, and the fact the September light hadn’t yet faded enough. Yet Pete was infectious, his smile and gentle gliding around the pool was inviting, igniting a playful and daring streak within her.

After mulling over the situation, and seeing Pete lean back and shut his eyes to relax, Kitty decided to seize the moment. As the outside lamps on the cottage and landscaped yard flickered on to compensate for the setting sun, Kitty stood up and peeled her vest over her head, feeling herself start to flush with the anticipation of doing something she’d never even contemplated before.

Her thumbs hooked into her waistband of her shorts and lace-topped knickers and after catching her breath in one short sharp intake, she whipped them down her thighs and off her feet onto the lawn.

Now fully naked and exposed to the evening air, Kitty walked over to the tub, softly treading to the edge and looking at her naked lover in the water. Despite his solitary dip to this point, Pete sported a very inviting and somewhat accentuated erection bahis firmaları in the warm bubbly water. As he stirred, sensing her gaze, she lifted her legs over the edge and sat on the side of the tub. As Pete opened his eyes, and sat forward, there was no time for any response before she plunged into the warm water opposite him, returning the cheeky look he had given her some minutes before.

“Well, hi!” he beamed as Kitty settled on the smooth seating opposite him, “I thought you weren’t coming in just yet?”

“Well, it’s not like we get to do this every day!” Kitty replied, feeling the warmth of the water enveloping her and contributing her flushed appearance.

Normally one to keep it cool, to build up, to prolong the arousal, Pete was not in one of those moods today! Like entering a discount sweet shop with a £20 note, he slid himself forwards, kneeling in the centre of the tub in front of Kitty, as she too sat forwards to meet him.

Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was hope, but Kitty’s soft thighs parted as he approached, her knees settling either side of his hips. They met through the bubbles, his hands siding along the outside of her legs to her hips and helping to bring her forwards, Pete’s lips met hers and her arms went to his shoulders, around his neck as she groaned into the embrace. As the kiss intensified, Kitty slid her hand down his chest, tracing a line under the water and gliding her fingers around his now somehow harder shaft. He broke the kiss and playfully nibbled her bottom lip with a gasp as she began to stroke in long deep motions between them.

Pete kept his hands on her hips, squeezing and dragging his nails along them, encouraging, drawing her in.

As Kitty slid forwards on the seat, she felt the engorged head of his cock brushing her now-sensitive pussy. Her whole body was flushed, engaged and heightened to the situation. Her pert soft breasts erupted from the water line, enough to be complimented by the cool air around the tub and warmed as they slid back under the waves that were now being made by the motions of her pleasuring Pete against her aroused womanhood.

As Pete lowered his head to suckle on her right breast, she slid her fingers away from his cock and felt it push against her gently, grazing and setting her nerve endings on fire. She moved her hands to the either side of her near-floating figure as Petes hands drew her hips off the seat and down, sliding over and onto his aching cock. Pete naturally moved back in the water, his back resting on the seats opposite and Kitty impaled deeply on him as she drifted into the middle of the tub.

Despite her initial reluctance to be naked, Kitty found herself sitting up – bolt upright – in the middle of the tub with her naked and eager lover under her. Steam wisped around them as her breasts hovered above the water, her hips flexing on Pete’s kaçak iddaa cock and her hands moving forward to his shoulders as he supported her in the deepest warmest centre of the tub.

There was a deep connection, the contrast of the warm water around their waists and yet cool air from the darkening environment set her nerve endings alive as she began to ride.

“God, you look amazing I never thought we’d be doing THIS” Pete gasped. Kitty smiled, a thought flickered to the fact it wasn’t yet fully dark, and they had no idea who was in the adjacent courtyard – or the surrounding countryside for that matter, yet here she was, not only were they completely naked in the open air…. but she was also fucking her husband to be and loving every inch!

“I can’t help it,” Kitty breathed, “Just don’t make too much noise!!”

As Pete gripped her hips and pulled her down, so his powerful hips came to meet hers in a passionate wave making motion. The noise started to seep into the surroundings. Kitty did her best to stifle her ever-deepening gasps and groans without much luck, whilst Pete let out some deep lustful groans at the sight, sounds and feel of her.

As the motions continued, Kitty felt Pete swell inside her…. she looked down at him struggling to keep control already and felt incredibly empowered at her ability to do this with someone who was usually so in control, so selfless and so good at prolonging their lovemaking.

Reluctantly, Kitty eased off his cock. Pete sank to the seat under him and Kitty leaned forward for another deep and passionate kiss, her cool breasts warming in the water as they floated supported yet sensitive still.

Kitty knelt on the edge of the seat, her hands grazing over his aching shaft before moving to the other side of the tub, her back to him. She pressed the hot tub controls as Pete regained his composure. The tub burst into further life, and Kitty knelt facing out towards the fields, almost mounting the powerful and well directed stream of intense pressure now firing into the tub.

“I’ve always wanted to try this!” Kitty remarked, emulating the enticing grin that Pete had given her when they first arrived.

“F…F..fucking hell Kit, you look sensational!” an exasperated Pete stammered quite a bit louder than he perhaps meant to.

“Shh!” Kitty giggled, before closing her eyes and losing herself to the sensations of water now pressing onto her clit as she held the edge of the tub.

Pete moved forwards, crouching behind her in the deepest recess of the tub as Kitty squatted on her knees, thighs parted enough to allow the full pleasure of the water to hit her most aroused areas and yet invite Pete’s attention from behind.

Pete eagerly ran his hands over her partially submerged back, kissing her neck and shoulders as she wriggled uncontrollably in the depths. Kitty knew what was coming, kaçak bahis she longed for it, her heightened sense of arousal was being maintained and unbelievably increased by the warm jet and the touch of his hands.

He again brought them to her hips, manoeuvring them against his torso before bringing himself up to a taller stance behind her. Kitty could barely bring herself to look over her shoulder, such was the intensity of her position, and as Pete slid his manhood into her once more, her toes curled and a meaningful, well-audible groan escaped her lips.

“Shh.. remember?” Pete laughed as he pushed his hips close. The warmth and swelling of her grazed every inch of his throbbing cock. As Pete pushed deeper, the remnants of the jet in front of them massaged his full sack. He looked down, Kitty’s hands were gripping the side of the tub in a white-knuckle fashion. He knew she was struggling to keep composed, as he had at the start!

Taking control, Pete gripped her hips and began fucking her in firm, deep and persistent fashion. This was all getting too much for Kitty, who was now moaning with each thrust on every breath, carrying the waves of pleasure out into the mist and panting that she could no longer manage to suppress. Lost in their own world, the water began spilling over the edges of the hot tub. But Pete persisted, reaching his right hand up Kitty’s back he grabbed her long brown hair, pulling her head back playfully so as her breasts lifted above the water line.

Kitty groaned, animalism and raw. She felt waves of pleasure building with each thrust, as Pete’s swollen cock hit her over and over and the jet of warm water reverberated against her swollen lips.

“Oh god…” Kitty shouted, before every ounce of her breath was held deep inside her, and she began an intense spasm. Erupting from her filled pussy down her thighs and shooting up her body, feeling her temperature raise and nerve endings ignite. She shuddered, hard.

“Fuck yes babe, I can’t stop!” Pete exclaimed. Kitty clenched her eyes closed, intensifying the waves or orgasm overtaking her before looking back at Pete.

“Give it to me, right here, right now you horny bastard!” she commanded. She could sense Pete was doing his usual act of slowing, prolonging, maintaining as long as he could. Kitty wasn’t in the mood for this – her hips began pushing back as her own climax began to subside….. she put her head down and moved herself back onto Pete with firm purpose.

“Oh shiiiit!” Pete panted, as he dug his nails into her hips and drove his cock into her one last, deep, intensifying time. He erupted, one.. two.. three and four times inside her. Gasping he placed his head onto her right shoulder, managing to plant several soft and welcoming kisses onto her neck and back.

Kitty wriggled, the pushing back became a grind, the gripping became a squeeze as she milked every last drop of him inside of herself. As the tingles began to ease for them both… they looked up. The air was silent again, the evening was still… but Kitty had the feeling she wasn’t done yet……

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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