The Gift of Love

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I rap lightly on the door, three times, to signal it’s me. The door creaks open, and I walk in, closing it behind me. I glance around quickly, and as usual two glasses of red wine are waiting, a bottle chilling on ice, a selection of exotic fruits and cheese are displayed on a wooden board, food for the gods.

I still can’t believe my good fortune. The ritual has begun, but today is special, I bring a gift. She is gorgeous, as always, tossing her long blond hair, sparkling green eyes gazing into mine. She is smiling knowingly. With a sway of her curvy hip, she sits down on the sofa, slowly inching her short skirt to her waist, long legs partly open as she slips her stilettos off, her pretty feet pointed and jewelry adorned toes pinioned on the carpet.

I drop on my knees, my eyes feasting on her womanhood, no panties to obstruct the view. Large puffy lips, shiny moistened dark inner lips, a dark blonde patch of hair above her sex greet my waiting tongue.

Lifting one smooth limb by the ankle, my tongue trails saliva from the toe to the inner thigh. Her response, illegal bahis as expected, is the sharp intake of breath and an involuntary flutter of her lightly swelling belly. How well I know her needs. I repeat the caress with the other curvy leg, the tip of my tongue drawing slowly across the smooth distance to find a resting place next to the puffy swell of quivering smooth hairless outer lips.

Quick light stabs enter the fleshy lower part where lips meet and quickly withdraw. Her breath is held in anticipation of the invading member, flicking from my mouth, like the tongue of a snake, smelling the air. Her fragrance is intoxicating, always fresh, like spring flowers, with a slight hint of heated flesh.

I gently nudge her legs wide open with the flat of both palms my fingers trace the shape of her sex, her inner lips opening into that familiar butterfly, drops of elixir slowly rolling from the bottom of the dark pink gaping interior. My tongue laps at the tasty fluids, enjoying and relishing her taste. I feel her respond, her hands gently on the back illegal bahis siteleri of my head.

She pulls my head firmly against her dripping sex, I breathe through the mouth, the tip of my nose buried against the helmet of her clit, stimulating her into a trembling orgasm

I plow the dripping furrow with my nose, followed by my stiffened tongue, driving my face deeper in her heady sex. Her scent fills my flaring nostrils, stimulating my senses. I feel my cock harden, straining in my jeans.

I rise up, quickly shedding my clothes, her eyebrow raise, the eyes questioning? She leans back, hands reaching for my hardness and guides it between her swollen gaping lips.

Not a word is said as my hardness enters her body, slowly sliding into the heated moist depth, her muscles stroking the ridges of my cock. Her eyes still question. She is not on the pill and I use no protection. I give no answer. She asks for none.

We make gentle love, our bodies responding to each other, with a steady rhythm. She lifts her hips to match my thrusts; I feel her canlı bahis siteleri soft spongy walls and the veins of my cock are pulsating enveloped inside her tight love tunnel, the base of my shaft stimulating her clit and encouraging her to orgasm.

Legs wrapped tightly around my buttocks, she holds me in place, as the speed increases, the breathing quickens and the finality approaches. I raise her legs higher, and with a moan, my hot fluids pour into her womb, my sperms swimming in search of the female egg. She responds climaxing simultaneously with me; I feel her quivering as my erection subsides.

We relax in each other arms, enjoying the warm afterglow of our release. Our lips join in a long and tender kiss. Her eyes are closed, a faint smile flicks across her beautiful face. She looks serene as she drifts off to sleep.

A feeling of warmth and affection washes over me, as I gaze on the woman, which I have grown to love. I lay my head on her soft chest, contented in knowledge that the choice was right.

My mind still echoes her words from last night. “I want your baby.” The gift, I brought, is delivered and well received.

* * *

Authors note: I like to thank a very special friend “Blond bombshell” who not only edited this story, but also encouraged and inspired me to write it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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