Sins of the Daughter

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When he looked at the number on his cell phone, his hands immediately got sweaty and his heart began pounding in his chest. It was her again. The same girl. The one that made the dark, impure thoughts run through his head. He let it ring one more time to give himself a moment to calm down, then he answered.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.” The girl’s voice always sounded like she was a little out of breath.

The priest wondered if that was from some recent strenuous activity she’d been involved with. “Did she call him right after she was done getting fucked?” he wondered. He liked the idea that she might still have a man’s cum dripping from her body when she called him.

He paused for a moment, aware that his next question would begin something that he wasn’t sure he should be doing. Something that came very close to breaking his vows. But, he knew that he could not hold back. He wanted, no, he needed to hear her confession. “How long has it been since your last confession?” he asked her.

“Three men and one girl,” she answered. That was how she always measured the time, not in days or weeks or months. Always in the number of people she’d been with and it was clear that she was completely bi-sexual. There were usually more men, but many “girls” (as she called them) as well.

He didn’t know much about this girl. As far as he knew, they’d never met in person. He didn’t have any idea how she had got his cell phone number. The only clue he had was a single picture that she had sent to his phone right after her first call. It was a profile picture of her except her face was mostly hidden by her long blonde hair. She was on her knees and was completely naked except for a pair of high heels. She had a terrific body with nice full tits that stood out very nicely topped by very hard nipples. She had to be a teenager, he guessed she was 18 or 19.

There was one other very important thing about that picture – the girl had her hands tied behind her back and her lips were wrapped tightly around a man’s very thick cock. Even a priest couldn’t help but have dark thoughts about a girl like this. As he always did when he was in his office, he pulled up that picture on his computer while he heard her confession.

The priest never took confession from anyone else over the phone. But he had never been asked to before, so when she had called the first time he wasn’t sure what to do and had listened to her “confession”. Ever since then, he was unable to resist hearing about her latest sins.

“The Lord forgives everyone. Confess your sins to achieve his forgiveness,” he said to her.

“It was my dad’s friends,” she said then quickly added, “I was trying to be a good girl, Father!”

The priest comforted her. “I’m sure you were,” he said even as he thought to himself that she likely had got whatever she deserved. He knew from her previous confessions how she behaved.

It was quiet for a moment except that he thought he could hear her breathing get a little heavier, a little raspier. “I went to daddy’s office late, but he’d already left. The three men that were still there convinced me to have some drinks with them. I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I knew one was taking off my top and another had slid my panties down from under my skirt.”

“It’s a surprise that she hadn’t shown up with no panties at all,” he thought to himself. Then, to the girl, “That must have made you a little afraid.”

“No, Father. That’s when my sins began.” She paused for a moment and he heard only some quick breathing from her. After a short time, she went on. “I let them have their way with me. All of them. I did everything they wanted me to do.” She paused a moment and this time the priest could hear a little hum in addition to her breathing.

Suddenly he understood. “That little bitch is using a vibrator!”

“I was on my knees sucking their cocks. I let them fuck me from behind. I know it’s wrong, but I even let them fuck my ass.” She gasped, let out a little moan, and then in a slow, throaty voice said, “Their cocks were so…. fucking…. BIG!”

The priest listened quietly, his cock growing harder as he heard her moaning get a little louder. He could almost picture her with her legs spread wide and a vibrator pushed into her pussy.

“After a long time, they all took me at once. I couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t get away. One held me around the waist and forced me down onto his cock. Another was ramming himself into my ass. The third one held my head and made me suck his cock.”

The priest loosened his pants and, in spite of all that he knew was wrong about it, he began stroking his cock. It was already hard, and getting harder fast. “But that was their sin, not yours,” he said reassuringly, knowing that she wouldn’t agree.

“No, it’s not true. I sinned, too. I came Father. I came many times. So many times. I even begged them to fuck me harder.” She stopped and gasped loudly. “Oh Father, I’m sinning güvenilir bahis again. I’m such a slut. I’m coming, I’m coming now! Oh Father, this time I’m coming for you!” She squealed and moaned very loudly.

The priest stroked his cock a few more times and was about to cum when he forced himself to stop. This was insane for him to be doing, but he was completely consumed by the lust that she made rise in him. Still, he needed to regain some control.

They both were quiet for a minute. Then she said softly, “After that, I went to my girlfriend’s house and she licked me clean. She’s worse than me Father, she needs to confess, too.”

The girl never waited to hear what she needed to do to be forgiven. As usual, she thanked him for hearing her confession, then said goodbye to him and hung up. He couldn’t believe it had happened again. What spell did this girl have over him?

It was a week later on Sunday that he heard from her next. Not on the phone this time. He was in the confessional booth and thought that all the parishioners had left when the door on the other side opened and someone else came in.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned.”

It was her. He froze for a moment, not sure what he should say.

“I’ve come to pay for all my sins, Father,” she said to him. She put her face up close to the screen. “But not here. Meet me tonight at midnight. I’ll leave the address in the offering box.” She got up and left the confessional.

He opened the door on his side in time to see her as she stopped at the box. She wore a tiny little dress that barely covered her ass and a pair of bright red heels. She stopped at the box, then “accidentally” dropped the slip of paper onto the floor. She looked back over her shoulder at him, then bent down at the waist to pick it up. The short dress rode up to expose her bare pussy. She stayed that way long enough to give him a nice, long look then she stood up, dropped the paper into the box, and left the church. This girl was hot!

His heart was still pounding later that night when he showed up at the address right at midnight. It was a large house. He started to ring the doorbell when he noticed a note that told him to go on inside. He opened the door and paused for a moment. He could hear some rhythmic music coming from somewhere in the house. It was mostly dark except for a light glowing towards the back. He followed the light to a room and realized, as he got closer, that it was a black light.

He walked in and then he saw her. She was in the middle of the room with her arms tied together and stretched to the ceiling by a rope. The rope came back down from the celing and was tied off to a bolt on the floor. In front of her stood a waist-high stool.

The girl was facing him wearing nothing except a pair of white stilletto heels, a white undercup bra which let her tits spill over the top, a white choker around her neck, and a white blindfold. They all glowed brightly in the strange light. Her whole body was also covered in a fine white powder that made her glow like an angel. Lastly, he noticed her thick, full lips painted in white lipstick to emphasize this part of her body.

The priest looked around to see if anyone else was in the room, but it was empty except for her. Someone had put her into this position, and he wondered if that person was watching him. While a bit unnerving, at the same time this thought added to his excitement.

The music was loud enough that she probably hadn’t heard him enter the room. He looked over the girl slowly, hungrily. Her tits were fantastic, especially as they jutted out over the bra. Her legs were spread slightly and it looked like her pussy was shaven completely bare. He walked around her slowly, relishing this chance to freely look over this delicious girl’s body.

When he got behind her, he was so surprised by what he saw that he gasped loud enough that she heard him over the music. She twisted her head slightly, trying to figure out what direction the sound had come from. The reason for his surprise was what he saw written in white onto her gorgeous, round ass: “Slut” “Bitch” “Whore” “Dirty” and just above her ass in the small of her back: “Make Her Pay!”

His cock was already getting hard when all of a sudden a television mounted to the wall turned on. It was a movie of this girl sucking a man’s cock. As he watched, every so often words would flash across the screen: “Sinner” “Corrupt” “Temptress” These words and others would repeat as the scene went on. After watching that for a minute, he approached the girl for the first time.

He stood right in front of her and slowly reached out his hands towards her breasts. Just before he touched them he paused one last time. What was he doing! A priest should not be doing this, not even thinking about doing this! Then he glanced over at the screen and saw that the scene had completely changed, although the same words flashed periodically. Now the girl was bent over a table türkçe bahis and was getting her ass whipped with a short whip. There was sound with the movie, and he could hear her begging for more.

“That little slut!” he thought to himself. “How can a girl behave like that!” He suddenly had a surge of lustful anger. He reached out and roughly squeezed her tits in both hands. She squealed loudly in surprise and twisted a little from side to side. Her nipples immediately swelled as he pinched them hard.

“Oh Father,” she said. “It’s time to pay for my sins. Please help cleanse my demons inside.”

The priest slid one hand down to her bare, smooth pussy. He found it already very wet as his finger slid inside her. She opened her legs a little wider, wanting him to go deeper.

His cock was rock hard, and he realized that he needed to give it some relief. He undid the rope while holding it tight so that her arms were still held high. Then he put the stool right in front of her and slowly released the rope while pushing her head down until her stomach was laying across the stool. Her tits hung freely over the edge and her full, glowing lips were now perfectly at the level of his cock.

He tied the rope off so that her arms were still held over her head then took off his clothes. He wanted to see her eyes now, so he slid off her blindfold. She looked up first at him, then at his cock inches from her mouth. “My mouth has sinned,” she said to him. “What must I do to be forgiven?” She tried to stretch her neck towards his cock and just barely got close enough to lick the tip.

The priest groaned. He had been with girls when he was younger, but not in over 10 years and never with a girl that would do this. He watched her for a moment, then grabbed her head in his hands and shoved his cock inside her mouth. Her eyes flew wide open and she choked just a little as it hit the back of her throat, then she closed her eyes and began sucking hungrily on him.

“Just like that,” he groaned. “That’s the way to do it.” He used her mouth for his pleasure for several minutes. She was helpless to prevent it, but he could see she wasn’t about to try anyways. It felt so good to shove his cock in and out of her hot, hungry mouth even as he realized how wrong all of this was. Most of the time her eyes were closed, but sometimes she would open them and look into his eyes. She had such a pretty face, which made it even more arousing to see his thick cock stretching her lips.

The priest told her what a filthy slut she was. “It’s wrong for you to arouse a man’s desire like this,” he said to her. “Now you see what happens to little sluts when they do that!”

She moaned as he fucked her mouth, and the sensations from that stimulated him even more. He felt he was about to come and wanted to do much more with her, so he pulled himself out. She lunged forward, trying to get his cock back inside her mouth. “Please Father, don’t stop. Let me suck on it more.”

He reached down and again squeezed her large tits. His mouth was next to her ear and on the spur of the moment he whispered to her, “I want you to tell me what other sins you have committed.”

She moaned from his touch then she said, “My pussy, Father. It’s sinned many, many times.”

The priest moved behind her. The words on her back glowed brightly at him. (Slut) He reached between her legs and once again stroked her wet pussy. (Bitch) She spread her legs open wide for him and arched her back as much as she could. (Whore) This made her pussy thrust out towards him and he waited no longer. (Dirty) He held his cock in his hand pointed right at that tight little hole then he grabbed her hips and thrust inside her. (Make Her Pay!)

He had intended to bury himself inside her with one stroke, but to his surprise her pussy was so tight that he stopped barely more than halfway inside. She screamed out loudly and arched herself even further. It looked like she was going to break her back and at the same time she started rocking herself back and forth, slowly impaling herself further onto his rock hard shaft.

He put his hands lightly onto her hips, but he let her do most of the work. He reached around her and rubbed his fingers over her nipples, feeling them swell with her building lust. Then he slid his hand lower and found her hard clit. He rubbed it firmly in small circles and within only a few seconds she started begging him not to stop.

“Oh yes, Father that’s it. See what a dirty girl I am? Fuck that naughty little pussy. Don’t stop!” She pounded herself back onto his rock hard cock, fucking him just like the dirty slut that she was. As his fingers continued rubbing her clit, she suddenly squealed then her body went very stiff and her squeal turned into a scream as she came hard.

As she writhed and squirmed her pussy on top of his cock, the priest focused his attention onto her tight little asshole that was stretched right in front of his eyes. He remembered her many confessions güvenilir bahis siteleri about being fucked there and now it was his turn. Even on the TV screen, a new movie clip of her showed a man ramming her ass as she stood facing a wall.

He slid his fingers along her pussy again to get them wet, then he slowly inserted one into her ass. She grunted and looked back over her shoulder as best she could. “Yes, my asshole also must pay. I’m ready. Do it. Oh please Father, fuck me there. Fuck me in the ass!”

The priest pulled his cock from her sopping wet pussy and placed it at her tight rear entrance. He grabbed her ass and spread it wide then shoved himself slowly inside. It was the tightest hole he had ever been inside and he almost came right away. After pushing a little further, the priest found that it got much easier and with a few more strokes he was buried to the hilt.

It wasn’t only the feeling of his cock in her ass that made him feel the animal arousal that built inside him. It was also the fact that he was violating this girl in ways that he never would have dreamed of. Her arms bound together, helpless to prevent him from taking her ass, while the videos on the TV continued to show more scenes of her being used by man after man after man. Now it was his turn.

He began fucking her. The words again screamed at him: “Slut” “Whore” “Bitch” “Dirty” He was filled with lust and without thinking he reached forward and grabbed her hair. “Make Her Pay!” He pulled her hair hard snapping her head back, and started fucking her harder and harder. “Now you’ll pay you little bitch,” he growled at her.

“Yes Father, do it,” she panted. “Fuck my slut ass. Do it hard!”

He was wild with lust, feeling almost like some kind of beast as he pounded himself over and over into her. He slapped her ass and focused on the words on her back.

“Make Her Pay!” “Make Her Pay!” That’s what this slut needed. She needed to pay for many, many, many sins.

Then he felt the cum start to boil in his balls. He hadn’t felt it in so long that at first he thought his cock would explode. He yanked her hair even harder, forcing her back even more onto his cock.

“Oh god, yes! Don’t stop fucking me!” the girl screamed.

With one last, very powerful thrust, he rammed himself even deeper inside her then began spurting a huge load of cum into her gorgeous ass. The girl screamed and squirmed as his orgasm triggered her own. He could feel her ass muscles grip and release his cock as she came and came, making his own orgasm seem to last forever.

After a minute or two, he slowly slid himself out of her. With a sudden thought, he walked in front of her and shoved his cock back inside her slut mouth. She didn’t resist even though his cock had just been buried up her asshole. In fact, she sucked on him hungrily just like she had before.

It felt so good. His cock swelled rapidly again and in only a couple of minutes he was fucking her mouth. “Suck it. That’s right, suck it good and hard,” the priest said to her. He grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved himself inside her mouth until her nose was pressed against his stomach. The priest arched his back and began shooting a second load into her mouth and down her throat.

She swallowed quickly trying to get it all, but it was another huge load and some of the thick fluid dripped from her mouth onto her chin and tits. When he pulled himself back out of her mouth, she tried hard to lick up the juice from her chin with her hungry tongue but some still dripped slowly down.

The priest wasn’t sure what to do now, but he started by getting himself dressed. The girl looked up at him with a mostly vacant, but happy look in her eyes. “Thank you Father. I hope that my sins have been forgiven.”

The priest came close to her one more time, feeling her tits and running his hands over her ass. “I think you paid very well for your sins,” he said to her. He wondered if he should untie her, but figured that whoever had put her into that position was close by and would release her. He left the room, looking back one more time at this hot little slut.

A few days later, he received another picture on his cell phone. This time it was a picture of him, ramming the girl’s ass. A moment later he got a call. It was that number. It was her… he thought.

“Sometimes the mother must pay for the sins of the daughter.” It was a different woman’s voice. The priest was too surprised to respond at first. Then the woman’s voice was in his ear again and making his cock grow hard. “Bless me Father, for I too have sinned. It’s been 5 men since my last confession, and I know I must pay for my sins.”

He listened to the mother’s confession, of behavior just as shameless and wanton as her daughter’s. At the end, she asked him, “When will you make me pay for my sins? Midnight?”

Only moments after he hung up, he received one more picture. This time it wasn’t a picture of the girl, it was her mom. She was on her hands and knees with one man’s cock in her mouth and another man fucking her from behind.

“She has many sins she will pay for,” he thought as his stiff cock pressed hard against his pants. “She will pay dearly.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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