Rivalry Settled

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Rivalry Settled

Just a quick story while I work on another one. As always if there is interest I will consider a continuation, although at this time I have no plans to continue this one.

Shiyani sighed and rubbed her temples, knowing that she couldn’t take any more for the headache that was coming on. She heard a chime and blindly pushed the button.

“Yes?” The response was from a woman with a strong German accent, her secretary.

“Principal Sunder, Lyra and Adelina are here as ordered.” Shiyani sighed and avoided swearing only through years of practice due to being in education.

“Send them in.” The door opened to reveal two young women, one with long dark hair and the other, dark of skin with dyed crimson hair. She pointed to the chairs set up in front of her desk. They glared at each other, but both sat as directed. The dark haired girl started to speak.

“Principal Sunder, why am I here? This bitch attacked me without any reason.” Shiyani shook her head and held up a hand.

“Enough, two teachers had to separate you. Meaning you are both in trouble. This has been an ongoing issue. At least once a week I hear from teachers that some incident has occurred between you two. Now with this latest I have decided that I have no option, but to suspend both of you.” The shock was clear on both of their faces, wide eyes and mouths part open. The dark skinned girl was the first to respond.

“But Principal Sunder, how can you give me the same as her, I was only trying to avoid getting my eyes scratched out.” Once more Shiyani held up a hand to silence them both.

“Lyra, each time you claim self-defense and sometimes someone bears you out, but not always. You both appear guilty in this rivalry. However I don’t care, because it will stop, now.” Both girls remained silent for several moments before Adelina spoke.

“Does this mean we can avoid getting suspended?” Shiyani nodded.

“Yes, if we can settle this, here and now, we will say no more about it. Although if I see a repeat of this, suspension will be automatic.” They nodded slowly, although Adelina was quick to speak.

“Settle things? How?” Shiyani smiled.

“I don’t expect you to like each other, but maybe less antagonistic. Look at each other, make eye contact.” The two turned to look at one another, but slowly and with sidelong glances. Lyra finally spoke.

“Okay, but how long do I have to stare at little miss hates the sun?” Adelina hissed, but before she could speak Shiyani continued.

“Now I want to hear a sincere attempt to compliment one another.” They both turned to her, but when they saw the look on her face they turned back to each other. Adelina spoke first.

“Well, your nose isn’t too big.” Lyra tensed and a hand clenched, but again Shiyani spoke, more sharply this time.

“No, a sincere compliment, nothing back-handed, remember you are trying to avoid suspension.” Lyra inhaled slowly and tensed before opening her mouth to speak.

“Your skin looks like rich cream.” Adelina’s mouth dropped open. After a moment she made several attempts to speak, but closed her mouth when no words came out. However she eventually spoke.

“I’m…jealous of your hair.” This time it was Lyra’s turn to be speechless. Shiyani sat back to observe as Lyra finally continued.

“I didn’t know you had such amazing eyes.” Adelina gasped and inhaled sharply before speaking.

“I…uh…like your breasts.” Both girls blushed furiously and turned away, unable to maintain eye contact.

“Eye contact, girls. In fact turn your chairs to face one another.” The girls turned their chairs, but struggled to meet their eyes. “I think we’re ready to take this to the next level. Kiss.” They quickly turned to look at her, but as quickly turned back to each other. They stared at each other’s lips, but made no effort to move closer. Shiyani rose to walk over to them, where she pushed their heads closer together till they were about an inch from each other.

At this point she released their heads and stood up straight. Slowly they leaned closer until their lips met. Almost immediately they pulled back as if shocked. They stared at one another for several moments before they leaned into kiss one another again. This time they held the kiss for a short time before slowly pulling back. With less hesitation they leaned back into kiss bahis firmaları once more, this time they held the kiss for some time and even opened their mouths to use their tongues. When they broke the kiss they sat back and tried to catch their breaths. Shiyani smiled and spoke.

“Lyra, how about you take this one step further? Kiss her neck.” Lyra looked briefly at Shiyani, eyes wide, before turning back to Adelina. She slowly leaned forward as if to kiss the other girl’s lips, but kept going and after momentarily hesitating pressed her lips to Adelina’s neck. A quiet moan escaped Adelina’s lips and a hand tentatively went to Lyra’s hair. Lyra continued and Adelina’s hand tightened on her head. After several moments Lyra sat back, Adelina’s eyes remained closed and her breathing was a touch fast. When at last her eyes opened Shiyani spoke.

“Would you like to try that, Adelina?” Adelina suddenly looked to Shiyani, turned back to Lyra before returning her gaze to Shiyani, slowly nodding. Shiyani gestured for Adelina to continue. Adelina slowly nodded and leaned forward with somewhat more hesitation than Lyra had shown. However Lyra’s moans were if anything louder when Adelina’s lips made contact with her neck. Lyra’s hands went to Adelina’s head and ran her fingers through the other girl’s hair. Shiyani watched with an index finger to her chin, beginning to wonder how long Adelina would kiss her rival’s neck. However in time she pulled back, blushing. Shiyani smiled.

“Do you want more, Lyra?” A nod. “Remove your shirt and bra.” Lyra turned suddenly to Shiyani, eyes wide and struggling to speak. But when no words came out she quickly unbuttoned and removed her shirt to reveal a green half bra that showed off her breasts. Adelina gasped and she began breathing harder when the bra followed the shirt. Adelina leaned forward to get a better look. Lyra stared unspeaking as the other took both breasts in hand, hefting them to feel their weight and squeezing to feel their firmness.

She gasped when the other girl’s fingers found her nipples. This soon turned to moaning when the other girl’s lips closed around a nipple. Her hands closed on Adelina’s head and pulled her in tightly. Lyra moaned and briefly loosened her grip, so Adelina took the opportunity to switch to the other nipple. Lyra moaned once more and Shiyani felt her own breasts, but was blocked by the suit jacket, so she removed it. Shiyani felt her breasts through the shirt as she watched Adelina’s efforts. Soon Lyra gently pushed Adelina away.

As before Shiyani watched as Lyra sat with her eyes closed, breathing heavily. Shiyani gestured for Adelina to remove her own shirt. The young woman nodded and pulled off the t-shirt advertising a goth-metal group, that Shiyani was also a fan of, which clung to her breasts. She had a red bra that wasn’t nearly as exciting as Lyra’s, but still sexy. The bra quickly followed the shirt. A short time later Lyra opened her eyes and when she saw Adelina’s breasts she licked her lips.

Without prompting she leaned forward and took both in her hands, feeling their weight. The smile indicated that she didn’t care that they were somewhat smaller than her own. After a few experimental hefts she leaned into take one nipple in her mouth, while still holding onto the other girl’s breasts. Adelina moaned and a hand went to the other girl’s head to stroke her hair. Shiyani smiled approvingly as she removed her shirt and quickly put her bra on the pile that included her jacket. Her hands returned to her breasts and she squeezed lightly. Lyra switched to Adelina’s other nipple, causing fresh moans from the other girl. Adelina’s voice went higher as Lyra tightened her lips to suck harder. It was ultimately Adelina who pushed Lyra away. Lyra sat back, once more licking her lips. Shiyani stepped to the side of the desk and both turned to her.

“Alright, who wants to be next?” They both raised their hands, but Adelina lowered hers to gesture to Lyra. “Good. Lyra, finish stripping and climb up onto the desk.” Lyra blinked, but didn’t object as she stood. With a little effort she lowered her tight jeans, removing her shoes as she did so, followed by her tiny panties that matched her bra. Once naked she sat on the desk and shifted into position.

“Spread your legs, Adelina go to it.” Lyra spread her legs and Adelina looked blankly for a moment before kaçak iddaa dropping to her knees between Lyra’s spread legs. She looked up at Lyra, who stroked her hair reassuringly. Adelina lowered her head and after a tentative lick began kissing all over Lyra’s pussy. Lyra moaned and rested her legs on Adelina’s shoulders with her hands on the other girl’s head. Adelina was clearly inexperienced going down on other girls, but as she licked rapidly it was equally apparent that she didn’t lack for enthusiasm.

Lyra moaned loudly and gripped Adelina’s head tightly. Shiyani removed her skirt and slowly rubbed her pussy through her panties as she watched these two lovely girls in the throes of young lust. Lyra’s eyes rolled back in her head as she closed her legs around Adelina’s head. She was on the verge of falling back on the desk, so Shiyani placed her hands on Lyra’s shoulders and slowly lowered her to the desk. Lyra writhed under Adelina’s tongue, her moaning becoming louder as the other began thrusting a finger inside her.

Shiyani slowly closed a hand around one of Lyra’s breasts, causing the younger woman to suddenly tense up, practically rising off the desk before collapsing once more. Adelina slowly stood as she looked down at Lyra, who was breathing hard, but otherwise seemed asleep. Shiyani pointed to the desk next to Lyra. Adelina nodded and climbed onto the desk to lie down next to the other girl. When Lyra’s eyes slowly opened she turned to see Adelina, who moved her head forward to kiss the dark skinned girl next to her. After a moment they broke the kiss and Adelina moaned softly.

“Hmm, you taste really good, Lyra.” Lyra licked her lips.

“I guess I do. But now I want to taste you.” Lyra wasted no time in climbing to the floor and lowering her head between Adelina’s legs. Lyra kissed Adelina’s thighs before making one long lick from the bottom to the top of the other girl’s pussy. She stopped briefly to stick two fingers in her mouth to coat them with saliva. Once her fingers were thoroughly coated she slowly thrust them inside Adelina, who moaned and writhed on the desk. As she continued her thrusting Lyra lowered her head to take Adelina’s clit in her mouth and sucked hard. Adelina cried out and wrapped her legs around Lyra’s head. She soon collapsed onto the desk. As she recovered Lyra climbed up onto the desk to kiss her. When they broke the kiss Adelina spoke.

“You’ve done that before, haven’t you?” Lyra smiled.

“A couple times. You weren’t bad though.” They looked up as Shiyani approached.

“You two got me so worked up, care to get some more practice?” They looked at each other before nodding and climbing off the desk. They knelt before her, with Adelina pulled into her pussy and Lyra her ass. Lyra briefly struggled, but soon both girls were licking enthusiastically with Adelina using a finger thrust between Shiyani’s lips. With the enthusiasm of both girls she was soon moaning and writhing on top of them, struggling to remain standing as well as maintaining her grip on them. Lyra had never licked anyone’s ass and so had been initially resistant, but once it became clear that she couldn’t get out of Shiyani’s grip she focused on the task at hand. She soon found enthusiasm for fulfilling Shiyani’s desire.

As Shiyani’s grip pressed both of them in tighter, both sought to penetrate deeper and further explore her depths. Adelina was on her knees exploring the second pussy of her life and considered how the two pussies differed in taste as well as in areas of sensitivity. Whereas Lyra had been fairly passive, beyond a hand on her head, Shiyani was actively pulling her in tighter as well as grinding against her face. Shiyani spread her feet further apart in an effort to remain standing, the result being that she was further opened to the efforts of the two young women whose faces she rode. She moaned louder, but ultimately stopped them before she could cum. They both looked up in surprise, but it took her a moment to catch her breath.

“Just…a moment…girls.” She turned around and pulled them in, Lyra now to her pussy and Adelina to her ass. Lyra returned to licking with enthusiasm, while Adelina remained unmoving, even more reluctant than Lyra had been. “Come on Adelina, just go with it.” Adelina hesitantly stuck out her tongue and made a quick jab, retracting it immediately.

However her kaçak bahis face was held in place. In time Adelina tried an experimental lick, followed by another. Her licks were still hesitant, but now they were more consistent. Lyra was now sucking on Shiyani’s clit as hard as she could and thrusting between the lips with two fingers. Adelina held Shiyani’s cheeks apart and pushed her tongue between trying to penetrate as deep as possible. Shiyani’s moaning grew louder and she ground into both of them.

Suddenly Lyra began feeling the lips tighten around her fingers and Shiyani thrust her hips into Lyra’s face harder than ever. Adelina felt herself released, but continued to attempt to thrust as deep as possible. Shiyani cried out before making a series of shallow thrusts. At last Lyra’s was released and Shiyani nearly collapsed onto the desk, breathing hard. The two girls stared at each other for a short time.

Adelina leaned forward to lick Shiyani’s juices from Lyra’s face. The other girl was surprised, but allowed her face to be cleaned. When Adelina was satisfied that Lyra’s face was clean she gently held the other girl’s face while she leaned in for a kiss. Adelina eagerly explored Lyra’s mouth with her tongue and Lyra was so surprised by the other girl’s aggression that she allowed it. Lyra was starting to feel turned on from the kiss when she heard a soft laugh. Both girls broke the kiss and looked up. Shiyani was coming around the desk toward them. Both girls’ mouths dropped open when they saw that she was wearing a strap-on.

“Alright ladies, how about you give this a try?” Both nodded eagerly and with the dildo between them they took to licking both sides and her thrusting between their mouths. They moaned around the dildo and she ran a hand through their hair. After several moments she pulled back and pointed to the desk. Both quickly climbed up onto the desk and lay down side by side.

Shiyani lined up her dildo with Lyra’s pussy, finding easy entrance she readily plunged in, eliciting moans from Lyra. As she got up to speed Shiyani saw the girls turn to each other and kiss. As she thrust into the younger woman Shiyani could see that their tongues were dancing back and forth between their mouths. Shiyani reached down to pinch a nipple, eliciting louder cries of pleasure from Lyra. After short time she shifted to rubbing Lyra’s clit while she began thrusting a finger into Adelina. Now Adelina’s moaning joined Lyra’s, even if both were somewhat muffled by the other’s mouth. Lyra writhed on the desk and she added a second finger to Adelina’s pussy, causing her to become even louder.

Suddenly Lyra broke the kiss and cried out as she began shuddering. Shiyani continued her thrusting and Adelina endeavored to hang onto the other girl. At last Lyra lay still, although Shiyani continued to thrust for a short time. Shiyani slowed and pulled out, she came around the desk to Adelina. Adelina needed little prompting to take the dildo in her mouth, soon to take it all in. Shiyani thrust in and out for a short time before pulling out to return to the other side of the desk.

As she lined up with Adelina’s pussy Shiyani noted the younger woman was licking her lips and sighing contentedly. Shiyani grinned as she thrust into Adelina’s pussy. The younger woman’s contented sighing suddenly turning to a cry of pleasure. Shiyani gripped Adelina’s hips and began to increase speed and force. Adelina’s moans grew louder, almost with each thrust. Shiyani shifted her grip to Adelina’s ass and squeezed, eliciting further cries of pleasure from the younger woman. As her thrusting continued Shiyani lifted Adelina’s rear to thrust even harder. Adelina’s hands went to her breasts as her whole body tensed and her cries became almost too high to hear. At last she stilled, but Shiyani prevented her from slamming into the desk. Shiyani carefully laid Adelina on the desk.

By the time the two girls stirred Shiyani was dressed and seated once more at her desk. The girls sat up and turned to face her.

“Okay girls, this took a little longer than I would have preferred, but I think this was a positive step forward. We’ll have to do this again sometime. For now goodbye.” The girls dressed and walked out of her office. Shiyani smiled as she noted that they were holding hands. As they left her office Lyra turned to Adelina.

“That was…intense.” Adelina nodded.

“Yeah it was. Want to do it again?” Lyra grinned and the two skipped to a nearby bathroom. It was a struggle to keep quiet, but soon they were past caring.

The End

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