Becoming Fred’s Pig Pt. 03

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“Strip down to your underwear for me” Fred ordered. Obediently I began to take off my clothes until I was in just my underwear and socks. Fred walked over and grabbed my hard dick through my underwear and started stroking me. “It seems you weren’t kidding when you said this was your ultimate fantasy. Enjoy the ride, Michael. I’ve already started mentally planning out what surgeries I will have done on you to help you assume your role as my fat little pig. But I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Plus, you can’t be a pig if you have a six pack like you do now.” He ran his hand up and down my abdomen, feeling my abs. “Say goodbye to your muscles, pig boy.”

The doorbell rang. I clambered to try and put my clothes back on but Fred shot me a disapproving glance. “Stay right there with your back to door. I’m going to give you a little taste of what I have in store for you.”

He opened the door and grabbed the food, taking it to the dining room before returning with his wallet to tip the driver. “I’m going to feed all this to that man over there until he gets as bloated as a balloon” Fred stated flatly to the delivery driver. I couldn’t believe my ears. My face had become a new shade of red with embarrassment.

“Uhh, okay. Thanks for the big tip though.” The delivery man quickly walked away and Fred shut the door. He sauntered back over to me to find that my erection was so firm that precum was leaking through my underwear.

“I knew that would turn you on, you dirty pervert. Thank god you didn’t turn around or he would’ve seen how aroused you are.” He then grabbed me by the dick and pulled me over to the dining room. I stood there while he pulled all the blinds down in my apartment and turned the kitchen lights on. He pulled out a chair at the dining room table and invited me to sit next to him.

As Fred started to arrange the food on the kitchen table, he spotted the cookies I snuck into the order. He smiled to himself as he opened the bag and pulled out a big chocolate chip cookie. “I always thought it was best to enjoy the cookies while they’re hot.” He split the cookie in half and gave one part to me. “Cheers, to the beginning of our erotic journey together.”

We each ate half of the cookie, taking care to savor the warm gooey goodness. After we both finished, I looked at the two medium pizzas in front of us. They were cut into 8 pieces each, and I imagined Fred would only be eating 3 or 4 pieces himself. That left 12 pieces of pizza for me to eat, as well as the two-liter, cookies, and breadsticks. “This is a lot of food” I dryly speculated.

“Well no shit Sherlock, why do you think I was so shocked when you ordered it all? Don’t worry, we have all night to finish it. I’m going to make sure you eat it all before the sun rises.” He stood up and grabbed a plate for himself, and put two slices of the plain pizza on his plate. Then he pulled off another slice and handed it to me.

“No plate for me?” I asked.

“Sows don’t eat off of plates. I would have you on the floor but I want you to enjoy one of your last times dining as a human.”

I held the pizza in my hand and grabbed the homemade ranch cup that came with it. I folded the pizza in half, dipped it in, and brought it to my mouth. Once I bit down, grease and ranch started to run down my face. bahis firmaları I reflexively reached over to grab a napkin but Fred swatted my hand away. “Part of being a pig is getting a little messy. I think you’d look adorable with food and grease all over your face, don’t you?”

A fresh surge of blood flowed through my penis. I didn’t realize that Fred would not only be willing to help me with my fantasy, but also be taking the initiative in pushing it further. Wiping off the ranch with the back of my hand, I licked it up greedily. I then proceeded to finish my first piece and Fred immediately handed me another. This continued, slice after slice, until I was handed the last piece of plain pizza. Dipping it in a generous portion of ranch, I took my time enjoying the overindulgence of fatty flavors mixing in my mouth.

I pushed my chair back from the table and washed the meal down with some Dr. Pepper. Looking down at my body, there were a couple splotches of marinara and ranch on my stomach. I glanced over at Fred and he chuckled. “The only way that’s getting cleaned up is if you eat it yourself.”

I took my finger and ran it over the food on my chest, but some of it got caught in my chest hair. I licked up my mess and slouched down in my chair, feeling entirely full from the flood of food I just ate. I ran my hand over my stomach, but it was still flat as can be.

“Once we get back to Vermont I’m going to have you get all your hair dyed pink. We want to really embrace this new side of you don’t we?”

“Can I keep the hair on my head brown?” I enquired.

Fred looked away as he thought about my request, and turned back to me with a stern expression on his face. “Pigs don’t have brown hair on their head so we will have to dye it. But I won’t let your hair grow too long. I’ll just have to buzz it every once in a while myself.”

I grew hard for the third or fourth time that night. Fred asserting himself as my dom was turning me on more than I could’ve imagined. The transformation was beginning before my very eyes, and I couldn’t be happier. “That sounds good to me.”

“That’s just the beginning for what I have planned for you Mike. But I won’t get ahead of myself or spoil the surprises for you. Let’s just enjoy the journey. Starting with the second pizza you haven’t touched yet.” Fred then grabbed a slice of the Buffalo chicken pizza and brought it over to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took a huge bite. As I chewed, he left the pizza in front of my face, clearly wanting me to pick up the pace. I took another bite and chewed quicker this time.

Fred fed me half of the second pizza before I tapped out. I was now 9 pieces deep, well over double my normal intake. My stomach felt rock hard and as I glanced down at it, it was bulging barely a quarter of an inch further than it normally would. Groaning, I turned to Fred and told him I couldn’t eat any more. “That’s okay piggy, it’s still only 8pm. We have all night to finish this. Go get comfortable on the couch, I’m going to find your weed stash.”

I laid down on the coach and belched loudly. I rubbed my hand on my stomach and hoped that as it grew, it would start to hurt less. I burped again, feeling relief as I depressurized my body. I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I felt kaçak iddaa was Fred shaking me awake and telling me to move my head. I sat up slightly as he sat down where my head was, and then lowered my head onto his lap. Relentless as ever, I moved my hand over and placed it on his crotch. Even though his dick must have been soft, I tried to roughly feel for the size of it. I started at his pelvis and ran my hand along its length. It felt near as thick as a can of soda, and as I searched for the end of it I felt it get warmer and harder under my touch.

Finally finding the head of his dick almost halfway down his leg, I looked up at him from his lap. “You can keep rubbing it if you want, but I won’t let you see it tonight. We’ll save that for later.” I absent mindedly stroked his massive member through his clothes and he lit up the spliff that he rolled. After hitting it, he passed it to me and I took a long drag. Exhaling, I closed my eyes and handed it back. We sat there smoking and watching a basketball game until the joint was kicked. I felt so sated having the meal processing in my stomach, my head on my new masters lap. It felt good to think of him as that. While most people might fear ever having to call another human being their master, it appeared the opposite for me. It was exhilarating. Scratching my face, I could feel some of the dried up pizza sauce on my chin.

“So how often will I be allowed to take showers?” I queried.

“I’ve been pondering on that question myself. Once a week would probably suffice to keep you from smelling too bad, even though a real pig hardly ever bathes. However, we also have to worry about your personal hygiene. I’m sure I’ll find a creative solution, but for now let’s just say once a week.

“I will have to take off tomorrow morning to visit my family for Easter. I don’t think I’ll be able to visit you again before I leave. Submit your two weeks notice tomorrow. I’ll finish paying your lease. My Ivy League connections have led me into some good business partnerships and investing advice. My ranch in the woods of Vermont did feel awfully lonely this past Winter, it will be nice to live with someone again.” He looked down at me with a giant smile plastered on his face. My heart felt full. “We do need to get back to work on finishing all the food you ordered. Luckily I grabbed the five cookies before I sat down. Your weed has given me a major couch lock.”

“Same here” I replied, struggling to sit up a little more.

“Hey you don’t have to move, settle down piggy.” He put his hand on my shoulder and I lowered my head back onto his lap. “There we go, I’ll just hand feed them to you like the Greek Goddess that you are.”

“Hahahaha” I chortled back, “So what other procedures are you going to have done to me? You don’t have to spill all the beans. Just a little teaser to get me excited.”

Fred raised the first cookie to my mouth and I obediently took a bite. While they were no longer warm and moist like when they arrived, they were still sweet and melting in my mouth. “I have been racking my brain as to the different ways we could make your body become more akin to a swine. One of the more creative ideas I thought up was having your entire body tattooed a shade of pink. That way you would have pink hair from head to toe and kaçak bahis have the pink complexion of a cute little hog.”

The thought of becoming a fat pink man was incredibly arousing to me. Part of the turn on for body modification is the finality of it. Once you go about surgically changing your body, it’s for life. You can no longer walk around society and blend in as another normal human. You are, for the rest of your life, a changed person. As Fred fed me the third cookie, a crooked grin started to grow on his face.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of my ideas though. Once you’re all pink and fattening up, I will have an extensive surgery done on your nose. They will remove the bridge of your nose and pull the tip of your nose upwards, expanding your nostrils. Then they will artificially add a round ring of cartilage that will become your new snout.” He looked down at me and pulled the tip of my nose upwards. “Kind of like this, but then they will stretch your nostrils and build it outwards. After that, you won’t be able to return to a normal life as a human. From that point on you will have come too far in your transformation into my prize hog to turn back. And that’s still just the beginning. As one last teaser to leave you on, let’s just say I don’t know any pigs that can stand up straight, do you?”

Imagining in my head what I would look like after all these changes had me borderline creaming my underwear without any physical stimulation. A fat bald pig man, with a snout and pink skin. I wouldn’t be recognizable as a human anymore. But whatever he was planning to stop me from standing up felt like I’d really be leaving any chance of doing human activities behind me. While it turns me on even more, I don’t think I am ready to think about going that far yet. “I kind of like standing though.”

“I said I would never do something to you that is against your wishes, and I meant it. But you never know. As you become more submissive you may find your mind opening up to the idea. Before I have any procedure done on you, I will obviously consult you and get your consent. Living in your dream fantasy will have you in an endless sea of lust. You may be surprised how far you let me change you.” Despite the ominous overtones of his last sentence, I continued eating. We were on the second to last cookie at this point, and I could feel the pressure in my stomach beginning to rise again. Reaching down, I began to rub it to try and soothe the pain. “One more cookie after this one, then we can take another break. If you have some lotion I can rub it on your tummy if you want. I’ll have to buy some of that anti-stretch mark cream that pregnant women use.”

After I had finished off the half dozen cookies, I think I had fallen back into a food coma. When Fred eventually stirred me awake, I glanced over at the clock in the kitchen and saw it was midnight. Rubbing my eyes, I looked down at my stomach and saw that it had a shiny glow to it. I could still barely make out my abs, but I could see the fat starting to swarm around it. “Did you find the lotion?”

“Yeah, I took the liberty of using it to massage your stomach while you napped. You were out cold.”

“Yeah no wonder, I just ate a ton of food and drank half the two liter. It feels so good to take naps when you’re stuffed. There’s a very distinctive pleasure to dozing off with a full belly.”

“Well we still have to finish half of a pizza and the breadsticks big man. Let’s get back to the table and finish what we started!”

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